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What is the scientific reasoning and justification for my still being a virgin at 26 and never having had a gf?

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Low self esteem probably, or maybe you are just too ugly. Maybe both

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You should have been born assexual.

Seethe, unsuccessful breeder, seethe.

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I am probably decent looking. I have low self esteem too, which also stems from lack of a job or a car, which in term gives me low self esteem. Although honestly, I've always had low self esteem.

Have there always been people like me? Does that make me less pathetic?

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>Have there always been people like me?
Yes, no doubt about that.

>Does that make me less pathetic?
Anon, you, as any human absorb values from the society around you and internalize them.
Am I a loser for not doing something I don't feel the need to do? Maybe, to others around me but not to myself. What do your personal objectives tell you about this matter?

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>What do your personal objectives tell you about this matter?
My personal objectives are to get laid and get a gf. Obviously I have others but I still feel that natural drive for sex and romance.

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don't worry, fren. it's not a big deal. relationships are nothing but a perpetual shit test to see if you're "worthy" of sticking your peepee in her overvalued meathole. honestly i wish i was born an asexual. sexuality is just a mental illness that prevents men from living life to the fullest, instead they are chained to the machinations of females. i chose to fight it and quite frankly i've never been happier. females are just a drag. only good for making babbies, if only they were good at raising them.

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Anon, don't you think that maybe you should start trying, no matter what problem you may have, to get a gf?
Try leaving your house, and socializing, going to psychiatrist( I do that and it's doing wonders for my anxiety) to get some treatment or whatever. Try your earnest to improve of even change your defeatist mentality( specially if you're on the incel movement) because, after all, there's nothing for you to lose. If everything fails you can just come back to where you are now.
Just start trying now!

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You're probably right but I'm a pretty sexual person. I want to give in to my biological impulses so fucking badly.

That's all worth considering, anon. Thanks!

My issue is, I feel like everything going against me is an automatic rejection. I guess I shouldn't see things that way.

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>You're probably right but I'm a pretty sexual person. I want to give in to my biological impulses so fucking badly.
fair enough, try it but keep in mind these points. i've been through several gfs and it's all the same. nothing got me to hate them than actually being with them. the thing i realized is either you can love women or understand them, i chose the latter.

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>My issue is, I feel like everything going against me is an automatic rejection.
This may not be your case but I'm a very emotional and sensible person since when I was a child. I used to see any slight disagreement as a death threat and had to respond to it at the same level or just run from it.
Again, try getting some medicine from a psychiatrist(if you had this condition since early childhood its cause could be biological), raising your levels of dopamine by working out and adhering to a hobby. Cognitive therapy is hit or miss but I think you should try it as well.

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stop watching porn

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Firsting, why a woman is something important to you?

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You probably dont understand context or what is appropriate, this puts women off, i can tell because you're complaining about being a loser on a board about science and math.

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"sexuality is just a mental illness that prevents men from living life to the fullest, instead they are chained to the machinations of females."

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Lack of socialization, atomizing culture, low amount of attempts, a failed system of gender roles that is out of step with current socio-economic dynamics, negligent parenting for boys on social skills (which we used to have, a long time ago), the need to use money to go out and party and how women are aggressively shamed if they are outgoing sexually to men, so even if you're a cute shy guy she still will at most give hints.

Whether you blame it on feminism or patriarchy, there is certainly a big sociological fuck up this past decade and i'm not sure how it can be addressed if ever.

Could be we become a crazy gender segregated society where artificial wombs and sex bots obsolete ever needing relationships. And despite MRA claims, feminists and women would have their own version of sex bots. They're already playing around with male versions and you have stuff like those dildo kits.

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as weird as that sounds, it does hold quite a great deal of truth to it

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>This put women off

Cannot account for the problems. There's a wide gradient of personalities and expectations, attrition based approaches can work since atomization also means social blacklisting is hard. At least until AR dystopia rating systems.

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Ultimately I view it also as the current society being a low EQ society, which is why it'll probably be addressed with artificial replacements as the want for other people to be as you demand they be overrides any attempt at mutual relationships. That's what happened when you have generations of overgrown kids who lack theory of mind. Thankfully the VR sexbot age will address that and artificial wombs will replace even the biological needs for reproduction since you can make eggs from your skin cells, get a sperm from the sperm bank and in an artificial womb grow yourself a baby yeed.

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I will say despite how I seem a bit on the feminist side, that the self-overvaluation many women have is a byproduct of feminists refusing to drop the privileges of the gilded cages while wanting to be freed of it.

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If you want to remove the problems of western gender roles, you have to abandon all of it. You can't expect to still be given and gifted stuff from men unconditionally if you view favors and domestic life as oppressive and instead want to have a working life as well. Situations where the man and women have high financial autonomy can work, but they rely on a higher degree of EQ for both people and a degree of actual, unconditional love which is hard to find in soulless, technocratic hell societies.

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Note you have arrangements like power marriages (think the clintons), but that isn’t common either.

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Anon, I would advise to think also about getting a job. Having financial independece is a great step to self esteem. If you do not like yourself why should a girl?
There are plenty of people with the same problems as you and they too think they are losers, pathethic, etc... I say: to hell with that. Get a job, find a hobby that you really enjoy, possibly something that would let you know new people. If you start to think you have a purpose, that you are doing something with your life, you will like yourself more and grow self esteem. This will not guarantee a girlfriend but it will increase the probability a lot.

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>What is the scientific reasoning
read this


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Like the holiday called Purim where autists celebrate killing the competing tribes.

Anyway, I'm 24 and a kissless virgin too.
I guess it's because not everyone has an impulse for sex. Some people are warriors, some people are innovators, some people are from sexually obsessed predator tribes.

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