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>make a genuine question
>first reply: "your mom"
nice board guys

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your mom

>> No.11168710

was your question dogshit stupid? i mean, you are a frog, afterall

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>Make retarded question
>Get shit reply
>Why don't people reply properly?
If you had made an genuinely good question, you would have received no replies.

>> No.11168715

The thing is, every board is like that, you thought /sci/ is some magical exception?
It is just a board, like any other. And in the end you still get at least somewhat satisfying answers.

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almost as nice as your mom

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your face

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you're mom

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my mom

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no u

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>being genuine on 4chinz

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Me: How come?

Them: Helene!

Me: You know she's a woman right?

Them: Yeah...

Me: Then what the fuck does her opinion have to do with anything?

Them: Um...

Me: Kill all of these people and their children.

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and then everyone clapped

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tooker please never leave /sci/

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It's been flooded by literal highschoolers and poos for a while now. Better get used to it. Our board has been culturally enriched.

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scientifically speaking, your gay

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>this thread isn't entirely just people repkying your mom with literally no variation and saging
Fucking /sci/. I was really looking up to joining in.

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Ok doomer.

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