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Can any anthropologist and biologist refute this meme for me? Dunk on it.

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We've been through this.

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Wow this is such a humorous comic.

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political cartoons don't need refuting

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toddler tier
clown meme was not organic
you are low IQ for not figuring that out
but um you could just be a poor excuse for a shill
>inb4 schizo
takes a two sided defense to stop two front assaults
wrote that just in case

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Gonna give you a serious answer even though you probably don't want it
The biologist answer would probably be that all races are still the same species and you're a retard
The anthropologist answer would be that, due to having their culture erased and being literal slaves with very little ability to "catch up" to the standard of living for the average American, black people are in worse conditions from birth and develop accordingly.
Also anyone who refers to themselves as a race realist is a bitch who's afraid of being called a white supremacist

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well at least it's somewhat self-aware.

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>race realist is a bitch who's afraid of being called a white supremacist
untrue arabs japanese and indians on this board make fun of blacks too in fact the specific white supremacy movement was always meant to be a tool against white people specifically not to propel or motivate them just to demonize and alienate from the rest of humanity by putting us in proximity of the literal worst humans

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Redpill-style academics is the future. Can't wait for millennials to die off.

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/pol/fags absolutely BTFO
How will they ever recover?

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>managing to make /pol/ look good

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>The biologist answer would probably be that all races are still the same species
right, but there are still groupable variations within this species. now are these groups significant? depends, the variation within these groups far exceeds the variation between them. i'd rather spend time with a smart black fella than a dipshit white fella. now who am i more likely to encounter? a smart ashkenazi fella.

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Race-deniers arguments

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These weird self congratulation rituals are such a female cope

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>"Scientific proof of my argument is a meme with all of the wit that your average seven year old child can muster"

With progressive allies like you OP who needs the alt-right.

Try making actual counterarguments to the claims made by race "realists" next time.

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I wish they would just stop calling themselves academics. I don't care that they pursue this ignorance but the idea it will lead to greater control of environment and opportunities for prosperity is patently false. Thus it serves no purpose outside literature and art.

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I'd rather non-experts appeal to authority.

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>dat screencap
>"rbf is just my default"
lol. just when you say "i'm fine" in an obviously irritable tone when i ask you "what's wrong?" too, right? why can't females just be fucking honest for once? things would be so much simpler. instead they unnecessarily over-complicate everything to validate their crippling insecurities.

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When you try to ban a subject, that doesn't prove that you're right. That just makes it look like you got something to hide and that you're up to no good

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honestly i think its the haircut too
kinda screams "I mean I'm a woman but like not that woman kind of woman" kind of just leaves you thinking what is this persons sense of identity?

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OP here. i actually agree with the comic. i just wanted some in-depth explanations by baiting

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baiting is to get a response your base would dislike from an opposing viewpoint
our only explanation is that your group is eschewing logic to reach its conclusions and also characterizing race science as being binary and simple when it is clearly more detailed and intelligently argued than that. Per instance the IQ curve and the findings by scientists which suggest that certain IQs are prereqs for being able to do certain jobs just because they don't find anyone less than a certain amount smart in each type of job. Try and go against this and you'll need government measures to ensure your employment. People don't like that because its bad for achievement. Still I'm in the ubi crowd and the ban regulation and to each their own crowd. So I admit the truth is a bit prickly but govs only support these things to make people more docile and remove their leverage is really the important point. You're shooting yourselves in the foot with this stuff and us in the knee.

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Wait a minute. The clown people are the ones /pol/ hates. Someone is doing a switcheroo.

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Appeal to ridicule. They're disputing the claim by mockery. While it will work on some people, it will backfire once the race "realists" present evidence for their claims no matter how questionable that evidence is. It's better to present their actual arguments and then show why it's bullshit than simply dismiss or, worse, silence them since that makes you look like you got something to hide.

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>Can any anthropologist and biologist refute this meme for me?
No, eat shit /pol/tard.

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>appeal to authority
The irony

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>old people are on average physically weaker than young adults
In what way is this the result of a broken system?

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Wouldn't you have to ban some subjects by necessity?
The baseline one would be banning intolerance, as allowing it threatens the existence of all other subjects. That can be expanded to subjects that you deem significantly negative to discuss, although that gets more subjective. You do fear the subject, but that doesn't make the fear unjustified.

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Because racial differences have been used as a excuse for genocide in the past they think the solution is to pretend there are no differences rather than, you know, saying genocide is bad.

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I'm won't tolerate authoritarians, change my mind.

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The fact that that's even necessary just proves how stupid people are. Race realism should have 100% support.

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yup. it's quite remarkable they cannot seem to see the big leap one has to go from "look at these differences" to "lets kill off these other differences". and they seem to not see that someone can conclude "cool, there are differences so lets see how we can make the most of them" or just "cool, there are differences".

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>now are these groups significant? depends, the variation within these groups far exceeds the variation between them.
Depends on the phenotype you're looking at. There's numerous examples of significant differences along racial lines that are important in fields like pharmacology.

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The paradox of opposing authority is that you require some authority to prevent those with the means from forcibly imposing their authority on you.
So your position is self contradictory.

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that too. like with the duffy antigen system.

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Crime rates correlate with economic factors as well
Is there a breakdown of crime rate vs tax bracket?

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Authority =/= Authoritarian
Being intolerant simply means "not tolerant of views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one's own."
Now I have no problem with 99.9% of opinions different from my own but there are some I won't tolerate "allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one dislikes or disagrees with) without interference".

I will always attempt to frustrate the efforts of people with certain beliefes and practices, for example I don't like corruption, I don't like government overreach, I don't like authoritarian rule.... I am by definition intolerant of these positions.
Explain why this intolerance should be banned and why this ban wouldn't be authoritarian.

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What about this redpill, race realists?


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That supports our argument, you have pointed out a racial difference in intelligence.

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Unfortunately, crime correlates with race even stronger than with income bracket.

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real difference isn't intellect its that you jews lie and don't have a moral code
which in all honesty does point out our flaw of not patching that exploit responsibly

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There's a lot of confusing stuff in that image.
>we just changed the numbers, but it's okay
>median income... in a community?
Use links, not image files.

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ashkenazi jews are smarter on average, /pol/.

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>pretend to care about race, crime, and income statistics
>don't know any studies, pretend you can't read an image
>actually just want to nitpick to reinforce comforting worldview
We both know this isn't going anywhere

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whites outnumber js so much we would beat you by 10 points on average if you got matched up by the smartest among us but yeah thats why youve let indians and chinese into america

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>want actual evidence
>still gets images from the redpill folder
Could you not? I'm not even arguing your claims dude.

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in a race to the top (ceo) every little bit of advantage counts. think of it like the 100m sprint, the guy who is that little tiny bit faster gets gold.

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>Jews are only 0.006% of global population
>67% of people with an IQ higher than 170 are Jewish
>54% of current PhD holders are Jewish
>42% of scientific nobel prices have been awarded to Jewish scientists

If it weren't for Jewish people white people would still be living in stone castles and wooden shacks somewhere in europe hacking each other with swords.

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While CEOs are generally over 100 they aren't the smartest people avaliable. The path to CEO has way more to do with social intelligence and moral flexability than IQ.

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Idk why whitey opposes us so much, we make life 1000x better for them.

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aren't jews in particular verbally sharp?

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>If it weren't for Jewish people white people would still be living in stone castles and wooden shacks somewhere in europe hacking each other with swords.
implying that isn't preferable
>67% of people with an IQ higher than 170 are Jewish
doubt sauce plz
>54% of current PhD holders are Jewish
>42% of scientific nobel prices have been awarded to Jewish scientists
don't doubt
suspect foul play
>moral flexibility
also why j's get there

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Considering that evo-bio is the closest anthropology ever came to being a science, I wouldn't laugh too much at race realists..

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I think the bigger factor would be nepotism which is engrained into jewish culture more than most.

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Mathematically, spacially and verbally smart with a verbal IQ of 135 (compared to #2 white people being at 108)

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only for you really
Tesla would've had us getting energy straight
from the sky 2 centuries ago
you guys are bullshit and should fuck back off to mars with all your warmongering and profiteering off of religion

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Your argument is entirely circular. It is in essence, "I can't be an authoritarian because I won't tolerate authoritarians". Yet those same individuals who's actions you're frustrating could also state "I can't be an authoritarian because I won't tolerate authoritarians". Then your actions to frustrate them would be the actions of an authoritarian oppressor.
Because it works both ways. To impose that everyone is free requires the frustration of those that wish to own others. To impose that anyone may own another requires the frustration of those that wish everyone to be free. Either way you are acting as an authoritarian preventing others in doing as they wish. You can draw up some framework to decide which one is "more libertarian" but the choice of framework would be entirely subjective.
In essence, the acts of frustrations of a self proclaimed libertarian will look as the actions of an authoritarian to those that they are frustrating.

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>Tesla would've had us getting energy straight from the sky 2 centuries ago
Why does /sci/ have so many cross posters with no interest in science these days?

>> No.11160956

Forgot to actually respond to your comment.

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I have no interest in arguing the semantics of authoritarianism.

My point is that if there is any belief or practise that you oppose and make and active effort to frustrate (voting, protesting, recruiting people to your side ect.) you are by definition intolerant.
Being intolerant isn't a bad thing.

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Yeah essentially space has more energy in it than even atomic bonds
something about frequency and whatever
plus other electromagnetic phenomena at right angles to what our devices measure
= "free" energy but more like a cross dimensional short circuit
not sure if a good thing tbqh

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btw containment op or just some faggot idiot can't tell?
do advise

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I was criticizing the Chinese government a week or two ago right here on /sci/, and the guy I was talking to was convinced I just wanted Asian genocide. I'd call it a troll, but I've met these people in real life too. They're utterly incapable of splitting culture and nationality from race, which ironically makes them the actual racists.

>> No.11160987

Asians SHOULD be genocided though.

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>real difference isn't intellect its that you jews lie and don't have a moral code
Yeah and the real difference between blacks isn't intellect its the socioeconomic factors caused by a history of systemic racism.
Fucking have an iota of self awareness.

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I have had similar things IRL, I have lived in north Australia in aboriginal communities and know all too well the scope of their many social issues. When I told a friend I don't think aborigines are capible of solving these problems on their own he acted like I hate them or want them dead.

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ew stop being a faggot
genocide is still mostly bad
letting people die is sometimes justified but that's if they're recidivistly retarded

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saying you don't support their unsustainable growth is essentially a death sentence for them but given that I don't want to die I think it is appropriate that we stop caring

>> No.11161015

What group are you talking about? I agree China has unsustainable growth but don't see how pointing it out is a death sentence to them.

>> No.11161019

niggers aka blacks that still have unsustainable growth so not all
less and less each year of all blacks are being niggers so its not a terminal cancer just a really bad one

>> No.11161032

Aboriginals aren't seeing rapid population growth so that is a non-issue locally for me.
Also not all blacks are niggers and not even all bad blacks are niggers, a piece of shit aboriginal is a coon.

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>let's have a thread about the differences between races
>do you want to talk about physiological build differences, differences in disease susceptibility, cognitive ability, nature's influence through evolution or cultural influence resulting in patterns that guide trands?
>or post a shitty meme graphic and feel smug that you weren't born a nigger
>let me post crime statistics

>> No.11161060

I'd rather have a thread about the differences between a black a nigger and a coon
if we can get this down right even the blacks will appropriately label each other and society can begin to consider them a non issue
to start
drug lords- niggers
pimps- niggers
rapist/murderers- niggers
gang bangers- niggers
people who work- blacks
sjw fuck heads- coons
cock sucking rappers- coons
cucks- niggers
see you have to earn it or it doesn't mean anything

>> No.11161071

one more
pro isreal americans- niggers
wait that probably fits in the cuck category

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The concept of race has no anthropological support so it’s pretty accurate.

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>no anthropological support
yes but what about support from the zodiac calendar? have the modern hermetics weighed in yet?

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And the concept of heliocentrism has no biblical support. Galileo btfo.

>> No.11161105

it has constitutional support as in being something that affects your life experience and constitutes your body also it matters on national scales so feel free to pretend various things can be defined as something irrelevant to remove their relevance

>> No.11161127

Go to fucking /pol/
Nothing you posted has anything to do with science or math. There is no data, no experiment, nothing but middleschool self-smug "he's BLACK but he's not a NIGGERRRR"

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>tfw you can't refute race realism science but you can rage at the troll who said nigger a dozen times

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well if /sci/ would back down on being anti race science we wouldn't complain its only natural you fuckin cuck

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If you want to talk nature vs nurture on the impact of IQs, just DO IT. AND DO IT WITHOUT THINLY VEILING IT. If you want to tell everyone that I HATE NIGGERS AND NIGGERS ARE STUPID, then DO IT.
OP looks like he basically said "confirm my racist viewpoint in this bait thread, or let me talk shit to you."
Make a discussion thread not a bait thread. Threads aren't gone in 15 minutes if they don't instantly take off. Damned shame, people should know better.

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woah buddy lets take the subtlety i had and just reinstate that
you're makin me look bad
I'm not that kind of guy

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/sci/ isn't "anti race science", /sci/ is anti bad science. If /sci/ keeps shitting on your "science" then maybe you should get the memo.

>> No.11161223

>sorry anon, but the leftypol discord tranny mob has spoken, there is no genetic disparity in intelligence

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According to Gaussian distribution, this meme looks more like this:

>> No.11161233

always comes back to band wagon
sorry but your wagon got derailed sometime after ww2 when "science" became a matter of nat sec sounds like nat soc now that i think about it
nazis sure are funny
you know a lot of their scientists came over after the war

>> No.11161236

How the fuck did you even conclude that from what I posted? I don't give a fuck if:
>there is no genetic disparity in intelligence
I just can't be fucked with people using bad science for their fucking confirmation bias.

If you hate niggers so much because you think they're the reason society is degrading then I hate you so much for exactly the same reason. Because you choose what you want to believe and then you google for some studies you've barely read.

Post some fucking science for us to discuss or fuck off back to /pol/. If you can't post science on the science board then why are you even here?

>> No.11161242

could say the same for OP
your bias is obvious schlomo bro
if you won't fight him fine but don't get in my way faggot

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>most murders and violent crimes are committed by males
>why dont we just get rid of most males?

>> No.11161251

I can't see you trought your mathematics

>> No.11161252


Happy now?

>> No.11161253

We are trying to make them girls... Psst.

>> No.11161254

>If you can't post science on the science board then why are you even here?
There's this fucking terrible, TERRIBLE mentality some of /pol/ has where EVERYONE on 4chan needs to be on team 1488 HEIL HITLER. Personally, I agree with /pol/ on a lot of things like the vitriol for Jews, but that's completely irrelevant as pertaining to discussion here. Now, the /pol/ crusader (DEUS VULT) is going to /sci/ or /lgbt/ or /v/ or /co/ and try to gauge their general sympathies with Hitler. If they're like /mu/ and disagree with /pol/ for whatever reason, then sometimes they give up. I guess they have a particular hard-on for /sci/ because their ideology, morally wrong or right, factually, wrong or right, covered up by elements of society or not, craves to be scientifically verified.
The absolute shame is when they go to /v/ to bitch about sheanigua in a videogame, they don't know dick shit about videogames, when they go to /co/ to bitch about womyn thor, they don't know dick shit about comics, and when they come here to beg and plead for a post-doctorate opinion to say "yes, people in the united states of african descent are on average fifteen points lower on the intelligence scale," they don't bring anything to the discussion other than the "lol u stupid" lower echelon of mud-slinging trash that clings to them from their home board.

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yes thank you

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>that image
your logic is shockingly similar to leftist logic
>niggers commit 50% of murders in the USA, we need to fix our nigger problem
>gun owners commit 100% of shootings in the USA, we need to fix our gun owner problem
>males commit 95% of the rapes in the USA, we need to fix our male problem

think carefully (if you can): where is the fallacy?

>> No.11161269

Nigger pass is quite expensive, and they got it all.

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dude fuck hitler this stuff is science you just don't admit it

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File: 59 KB, 513x510, smug hitler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>The absolute shame is when they go to /v/ to bitch about sheanigua in a videogame, they don't know dick shit about videogames, when they go to /co/ to bitch about womyn thor, they don't know dick shit about comics, and when they come here to beg and plead for a post-doctorate opinion
the worst part is when they come here and larp as scientists even though the only data they know is what's in their unsourced infopics
the day of the blackhole photo they swarmed /g/ and /sci/ , suddenly they're all programmers and astronomers

>> No.11161286

Where I live, skinheads are racist and racist hates black people.

>> No.11161287
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i see, your phd is in anecdotal engineering?

>> No.11161291

Vague allusions to "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" isn't science.
Peer reviewed scientific research that performs IQ tests on different demographics with a detailed methodology including measures to control for external factors is science. Yes, even if that science shows that black people are 15 percentage points lower than white would it still be science. Post some fucking science.

>> No.11161296

Remember, they get rewards for getting better, not being the best possible.

>> No.11161299

>niggers commit 50% of murders in the USA, we need to fix our nigger problem
Where did I say we need to fix it? I like watching white liberals get savaged by their urban pets.

>> No.11161311

Now that I think about it, maybe you've the one that ought to be silenced for your wrong think. Oh did you think you'd be the one determining what is permitted and what isn't. And why the fuck should the people who you wanted to silence give any fucks about you being executed for a thought crime?

Fascism is all fun and games until you're not fascist in charge.

>> No.11161320
File: 1.73 MB, 640x360, 1569521985542 seen it myself. they use em to steal.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who is to say the reason the number isn't higher is the general separation of the races
but you are right that the logic is flawed and needs tweaking
dude even I would drop that kike faggot fake white
AinB=C therefore all A=C
ah cringe posting wait i have a good one

>> No.11161332
File: 2.87 MB, 1814x1020, 1569845599881.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was looking for the african kid sucking cow poop out of a herd animals anus but i think that file is corrupted
this ones funny anyway

>> No.11161335

>Where did I say we need to fix it? I like watching white liberals get savaged by their urban pets.
And I like watching the children of Texans get mowed down by their own precious guns.

>> No.11161339

>you are right that the logic is flawed and needs tweaking
The defining trait of the brainlet is that he gets bored and gives up when he meets a difficulty.

Don't shy away now. HOW is it flawed?

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File: 1.75 MB, 480x480, 1565833826418ermuhgerd lol.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and i like watching asteroids collide with eachother just outside our atmosphere by pure chance
last time anyone got mowed down was las vegas and that was pretty well determined to have been covered up by the 3 letter agencies
keep begging the kikes to blame us for their false flags
hell was just a joke after all

>> No.11161342

Biologist here, all races definitely not the same. Ex. Africans are generally more ancestral in sapiens characteristics, but also show a high degree of variations.
If people weren't racist, there wouldn't be an issue of labeling different races as seperate species. Also you can define a species as anything you want at this point.

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nothing better than watching a wh*toid get blacked

>> No.11161345

we can and should at least target violence itself but that would mostly be b4 using another of thte many potent talking points against blacks like their over consumption per capita of welfare

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File: 1.95 MB, 300x532, 1558278534550 niggers.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.02 MB, 1992x7208, 1521761427115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>Black people are below whites on the socio-economic totem pole because the white man kept them down
>White people are below Jews on the socio-economic totem pole because of Jews' natural talents and superior intelligence and not oppression.

White supremacist race "realists" and white-hating SJWs are just two sides of the same coin.

>Wanting to have your cake and eat it too

You can't shit all over black people who blame whitey for their fuck ups and blame the Jews for yours, you fucking hypocrite.

>> No.11161358

>we can and should at least target violence itself
Yes, but you're losing focus.
What's the issue with this statement?

>Gun owners are <40% of the population, but are responsible for 100% of shootings.

>> No.11161363

>tfw she would rather be with that guy in the orange jumpsuit than a white nationalist incel

>> No.11161384

>dangerously psychotic and unable to get laid with a women due to their own actions.
Fuck, white nationalists and niggers are similar than I thought.

>> No.11161386
File: 226 KB, 1238x1462, nepotism and slavery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can't shit all over black people who blame whitey for their fuck ups and blame the Jews for yours, you fucking hypocrite.
its called being used
blacks are being used by jews to weaken white nations
it is that fucking simple
oh yeah i thought that fallacy was obvious of course 100% of shootings involve guns

>> No.11161389
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>tfw you realize people knew niggers were niggers since the moment they met them

>> No.11161393

>>You can't shit all over black people who blame whitey for their fuck ups and blame the Jews for yours, you fucking hypocrite.
>its called being used
>blacks are being used by jews to weaken white nations
>it is that fucking simple
*citation needed

>> No.11161394
File: 3.88 MB, 4500x4602, 1541803662813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

better reputation apparently

>> No.11161398
File: 475 KB, 628x1146, 1537292798659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll look

>> No.11161403
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>nigger is a scientist

>> No.11161406
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why is left wing humour always just a variation on this

>> No.11161407

I think a lot of people - maybe especially smart, rational people - tend to forget the fact that not every argument is intended to be reasonable. /pol/spam is propaganda. Exposure, muddying the waters, spreading falsehoods, irrational appeals etc are all perfectly viable ways of propagating your point of view in the public forum; it's not you personally they're trying to sway. Whether the individual in question is knowingly talking in bad faith or too stupid to know the difference is irrelevant.

In an environment like 4chan, it's more work for you to provide a rational counter-argument than for them to spout bullshit, and it's not likely to convince them any more than their idiocy will convince you. Unless you're deliberately speaking to the crowd, don't even bother, it's not a game worth playing.


>> No.11161431
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>oh yeah i thought that fallacy was obvious of course 100% of shootings involve guns
That's not a fallacy. It's a fact, and it's trivial to see that it's true.

Try again. I'll help you out a bit.
A: True fact: <40% of Americans are gun owners.
B: True fact: 100% of shootings are committed by gun owners.
C: Therefore, gun owners are the root of our shooting problem in America.

Why does C not follow from A and B?

Here's some food for thought.
Listen to some country music.
Where are all the songs about using drugs? Whites don't use drugs? Whites aren't facing an opioid epidemic?
Where are the songs about murder and promiscuous sex? Whites don't commit murder? Whites don't have promiscuous sex?

Why did murder, sex, and drugs become synonymous only with black culture in pop media?
And (((who))) was in charge of that? Nice image, btw, I'm borrowing that.

>> No.11161442

In 100% od shootings somebody got shot.
People that get shot is problem of your shooting problem.


What I want to say is that everybody can own a gun if you are not psychopats.

>> No.11161450

Yes, white rappers do pharmaceuticals so it's not a problem.

Solution: Heroine... HEROINE prescriptions.

>> No.11161463
File: 1.96 MB, 1351x1938, primitive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In an environment like 4chan, it's more work for you to provide a rational counter-argument than for them to spout bullshit
perhaps what we need is a set of infographics for each argument that can be quickly spammed.
something like pic related which I saw posted on sci a month ago. although I think it's a bit hard to follow, it's is on the right track.

with low effort debunking or at least reductio ad absurdum of the typical shitposts, /pol/tards might stop if their every post just turns into an excuse for someone to infodump them

>> No.11161476

I'm really glad you pposted that because here's the thing
were it not for the news playing up gun violence in particular we wouldn't even notice it because of how utterly rare it is compared to the population as a whole and to other life threatening issues. guns as a whole work as an effective deterrent making a life of crime much more dangerous and this in itself is the point of allowing guns to stay
this site lays it out excellently unlike more prominent ones pushed by orgs
basically 60% is suicide
most violent crime is black on black
60 % of violent crime is people who have a record already
the existence of handguns has reduced property crime consistently

>> No.11161486

Oh hey, look a webpage filled with references that references (among other things) what look to be actual scientific research.
Thanks for making this thread a bit less shit and posting some actual science.

>> No.11161489

>basically 60% is suicide
stated information not found on that page

>> No.11161546
File: 2.21 MB, 1438x2022, 7ph5ul22x5a01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get btfo so hard you want to make "less evolved" infographics
you should probably just go straight to posting blacked porn at that rate

>> No.11161561

Suicide itself is an argument on the side of restricting gun access, since reducing ease of access to fast and reliable methods can have a significant and demonstrable effect on the overall suicide rate. It's seen with pesticides, bridge barriers, coal gas, and drugs.

>> No.11161586

>reverse image search
But of course.

>> No.11161588

wrong page for that my bad
also I get the argument there

>> No.11161596

despite beeing only 13%...

>> No.11161645
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I am silly man

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