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ITT post overrated mathematicians.

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I'll begin with the most hyped up one.

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literally mr. pointless abstraction

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Fun fact, a low iq wallstreet executive beat this guy in a math competition 2 times.

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IMO gold at 13 says otherwise. As well as a Fields medal, of course.

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The fields is the gayest canadian thing ever, and the point of him being overrated still stands.

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This limey, byfar.

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paul erdos, an absolutely brainlet who couldnt figure out the monty hall problem

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where can i read about it?

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> Paul Erdős, one of the most prolific mathematicians in history, remained unconvinced until he was shown a computer simulation demonstrating the predicted result (Vazsonyi 1999).
>mfw this is actually true

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I wouldn't call John Overdeck low IQ, he seems pretty smart to me

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lolwut, Overdeck was a mathematical prodigy and has an IMO silver.

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We're talking about Tao being mediocre, not Overdeck being competent at math. Also the IMO isn't that difficult with proper preparation. I tutored my brother for it and he got a silver and a bronze. Half the people he knows with gold medals arn't even in math anymore. It's just silly high school competition.

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If you're going to goof on Tao, let's come up with something substantial like his obsession with Non-Standard Analysis, not el oh el he got beat at a parlor game by literally Ozymandias

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This guy

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If you think about it. If you are great at moving numbers and you want to earn money, if you are not working on Wall Street you are a dumbass.

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qt 3.14159

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really? she looks pretty plain to me.

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she looks like a fucking guy to me (and i'm not gay, so that's a bad thing)

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the best female mathematicians tend to look like men
not big soup rice

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But was MM even that good? She was like the 3rd person to prove the witten conjecture, and her main contributions were generalizations of already known identities. *NOBODY* knew about her before the fields medal. MM feels more like a female, shy, less gay version of cedric villani. I don;t think you can compare her to noether.

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Also does anybody know why hairer got the fields in 2014? That was bizarre AF aswell.

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he looks like a bonehead too

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the only women you will find in math and physics (if any at all really) will be very masculine "women" bordering on pretty much men

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It was public that she was dying (or at least known by ivory tower folk) so they knew they had to rush to give her fields above all costs because she was their best shot at giving a woman a field medal and people not immediately knowing it was a diversity quota. But people noticed immediately, and the bitched died disgraced as the first diversity quota field medalist. Note how in 2018 we went back to normal. If they had more women to give diversity prizes for, in 2018 you would have seen some of that. But no, that bitch was the only one. I'm glad she is gone.

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I want a wife like her. That will do.

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Are you for real haha

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I hate this stupid fuck. Literally everything he has be lauded for is worthless and of absolutely no consequence. Modern mathematics at its finest.

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> pay bullshit taxes and licencing fees
> get free milk

goat is the only GOAT choice

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Who is Ozymandias? Do you mean the "Rationalist, utilitarian, intersectional feminist, fangirl, person with borderline personality disorder. "

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Well, it isn't very intuitive unless you think about it deeply.

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They literally gave it to a refugee lmao

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And his medal got stolen literally minutes after he got it.

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This fucking board, I can’t even

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El oh El you have a opinion on a mathematician that's not mainstream. Go to the totally irrelevant politics channel.

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True limey propaganda

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>no arguments
>no sources
>random slew of insults
>le ebin (((ivory tower)))
Yeah, I think you’ll fit right in

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I think they're talking about John?
not sure, but I'd like to know.
Anon, pls reply.

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1- I'm a different Anon
2- This is an overrated mathematician thread. Colorful languages is supposed to be expected.
3- Everybody in the committee know she had cancer. She told all her co-workers about it in 2013, including a 2010 fields recipient, who had close ties to multiple members of the committee.
4- Ivory Tower means high academia. Nobody said anything bad about that.

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wait who is the fangirl?

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This guy hasn't contributed to math whatsoever. He has always been trailing Demetrios Christodoulou.

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Whats so overrated about him? I thought he was the only one that unquestioningly deserved that gay Canadian medal in 2014.

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Why do you think people celebrate him?

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it clearly says he thought long and deeply about it, but still couldn't understand it

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Obviously not deep enough. I understand the monty hall problem and the proofs. But I am a complete brainlet compared to him. So the problem was only his attitude to it. He probably didn't take it seriously enough because it sounds like a ridiculous result. There is a reason why it is like the main intro example in probability today. Because it is not intuitive at all. It is absolutely preposterous, it almost looks like there is something wrong with math itself and that it cannot possibly be a result we see in real life. You are used to the problem, it is a normal result for us. But not when it was new.

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Brainlets can understand it if they think about it long enough. Replace 3 doors with a thousand and it becomes obvious. Erdos was clearly a overrated autist.

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Why is op's math guy overrated? Isn't he a prof at princeton

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Tao obviously is a great problem solved with a broad knowedge, but everytime he talks he sounds like a technician or engineer, not like a theorist or philosopher.

why do you like math?

> I like that it has a right answer and is not vague

this is undergrad tier understanding

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Yup, haha. Math is one of the most beautiful inventions of humanity, and anybody that degrades it's value to brute problem solving is a degenerate that ruins the field.

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Yes, the choice is obvious. You need to stick to your guns in order to maximize the probability of winning the goat.

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Lol no. Thats why Tao has a fields and yoy dont.

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God I wish that tumor was me

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>tool being used for its purpose makes me angry

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Well, then you'd be dead too.

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wow, bunch of brainlet faggots have the guts to call someone overrated who achieved what they could only dream about (maybe not even that)

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This thread is specifically about mathematicians who have undeserved praise for mediocre accomplishments. Nobody shitting on underrated guys like Hamilton or Birkhoff, who should have gotten the fields but didn't. Faggot.

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I legit feel bad for Mirzakhani's legacy. She was a competent mathematician and now she will be cannabalized for SJW causes. She's probably going to be as big of a meme as Curie is 10 years. People literally only remember her for the Fields instead of her amazing math. SAD!

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He basically is an administrative bitch now. Hasn't made any real contributions to math for 20 years. Just manages people and pushes paper like the Boomer he is.

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just imagine there are 1,000,000 doors instead of 3. it's so much more fucking obvious.

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Even 10 would suffice. I figured that problem out in like the fourth grade lmao. I still can't believe he couldn't understand it.