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Thank goodness respected scientists and regulatory bodies can't be corporate and political ha-

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We can trust corporations, obviously if they kill us all they can't make any more money off us, so they can't go too far!

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everything is fucked anyway so youre better off voting for more freedom and trying to save yourself

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just trust the government anon.. they have your best interest at heart and they need more money and all our guns

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>the priesthood of science can never be compromised and definitely never lie for money

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I'm starting to grow numb to these black pills
Fuck em, I'm still going into academia bc I'm deluded and know it's probably the best place for someone with my temperament, despite its countless downsides

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It's pretty fucked mate. I'm training to be either a school teacher or a math academic, but fucking yikes at the heavy brainwashing we get in an education degree.
Ngl will probably homeschool my kids.

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It's almost like neoliberal capitalism incentivizes this kind of behavior.
And it looks like nobody is really capable offering a solution to this political problem.

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Wasn't the whole issue of gas lead because of retards drinking gasoline?

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Wait, that's bad...?

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Sure Anon, sure.

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Speaking of which, the obesity epidemic is also largely, if not completely, the fault of capitalist mucking with science. You know the famous USDA food pyramid? The one which didn't just set down US government health standards, but shaped the entire world's cultural habits regarding alimentation? The sugar lobby paid off the scientists in order to go easy on carbs, so they made fats the big villain. The end result: worldwide obesity epidemic. And that wasn't even the only influence of lobbying in the making of the pyramid.

And don't get me started on the pharmaceutical industry. That alone is reason enough to burn everything down to the ground. For starters, we already have extremely effective drugs for autism and depression, but tough shit because they're not profitable. Too cheap and effective, you see.

I can think of a few people who can.

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I would have thought a greater shift to sedentary and less physical lifestyles as well as access to higher calorie cheap foods played a larger part than just promoting one food group at the expense of another. People can lose weight on a diet of McDonalds if they are active enough.

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That's certainly a factor, but the bulk of this shift to sedentarism preceded these past 3 decades. As far as I can see, the only significant increase in sedentarism in that time frame would be the shift of jobs from industry to service sector, but that too precedes the obesity epidemic.

When it comes down to brass tacks, capitalists have a direct profit motive to get us to consume as much as possible, and that, obviously, includes food products. And, conveniently, it creates a new market, for weight loss. It would be a classic case of creating a problem to sell the solution, except the problem itself is also sold.

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schizo post.

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>needing drugs
its very scary that we simply drug people who are sad. It's almost like there are overlying problems. You're right on the food pyramid thing though

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I know, right? What kind of delusional moron thinks obesity even exists?

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Oh theres no doubt I will homeschool my kids if I have the choice. The only way I see myself having the time to do that though, is if my future wife is able to stay at home and teach my curriculum or if I make enough money to not have to work during the day. Both options seem like moonshots.

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you were right to begin with but this post makes you look stupid or you are purposefully missing his point. dont do this again, stick to your good arguments you began with

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Are you retarded? There's a reason we keep academics poor. So that they hunger and the only way for them ever even dream of a middle-class lifestyle is by taking our money.

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James Watson to me is the most obvious sign that current scientific community is fucked by political biases

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And I agree 100%. Fighting depression, however, requires an emergency measure of sorts. Even if a depressive person isn't a suicide risk, they're just plain not fully themselves, you know? Whatever might be the cause, they're wasting time and opportunities they wouldn't if only the depression wasn't there. They live life by half. And the nature of the disease is such that they lack the motivation to improve in the first place, let alone fix the root cause, and that's assuming it can be located. They just plain need to get kickstarted. You can't teach a man to fish if he would starve before he can complete the lesson.

That's not me, breh.

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James Watson is a senile old fart who hasn't done anything remotely useful since the 70s, he honestly deserved far worse, for being such an idiot.

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Based bootlicker mistaking cowardice and intelligence

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Name one thing remotely useful he's done in the past 40 years

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>For starters, we already have extremely effective drugs for autism and depression, but tough shit because they're not profitable.

care to say what those drugs might be?

i agree with you about food though. it's a travesty that has ruined countless lives.

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How does him not doing things = him deserving to be a leper for being honest?

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This is literally why boomers are so stupid.

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Nah, imho they're dumb because of tv. Imagine how much of a retard you'd be if your window on reality was CNN or Fox. Or even the NYT or the Economist for that matter.

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The scientists who studied lead poisoning, nutritional science, effects of smoking, etc. actually had piles of data and studies behind their claims
You can't compare that to Watson's handwaving "it's obvious if you just look at the facts". Let him produce a paper laying out his argument, like everyone else. Until then, nothing of value was lost

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>schizo post
I think he's talking to himself
best to just ignore him

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>one thing remotely useful he's done in the past 40 years
list your world famous achievements

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Exactly, Watson abandoned science a long time ago.

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>it's a lone crank when the conclusions tend away from my sacred cow belief

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Ok post his papers detailing the evidence for his conclusions, surely he didn't just prance around like an attention starved reality TV star without any rigorous evidence for his claims right? right?

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the obesity epidemic is due to amerimutts being fucking animals with no restraint.
ironically the meat eating mutts are the furthest thing away from following the prescriptions of the food pyramid

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the evidence is posted on these boards daily, there's no use. you're just a science denier like the climate change denying morons

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So he had none, that's what I thought.

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I didn't call him a crank anon. He's a great scientist. Please don't strawman, it's a bad look for you.
I'm saying he still has to write up his argument, just like everyone else does.
When his research team introduced us to DNA, they officially published their findings, they didn't just run around to TV shows and tabloids waving their hands about how the evidence is all around us.

>you're just a science denier
No, it's the opposite. You're the one denying the necessity of scientific rigor. I'm the one asking for it.
It's not some ridiculous, unprecedented order. Let him formally present his data and conclusions. Until then, he hasn't actually made an argument.

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same is happening right now if you refuse to deny human biodiversity, for example

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yeah he has none, that's not his field. his comments are based on the works of others which again are posted here daily.
just like the climate change deniers asking for al gore's papers and studies and declaring the science bunk on it.

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>care to say what those drugs might be?

Psychedelic microdosing.

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If you cared about your children homeschooling them would be priority number one, i.e. it's better to make less money and be able to homeschool them then let them be raised by these "people". Unless you don't care about losing your own children in exchange for monies, of course

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...and this justifies the stripping of his titles?

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Stop falling for memes

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If you have a wife and you barely make enough money to survive, theres a good chance that wife with leave and take the kids (and what little money you have). Obviously I'm not at a point in my life where I'm thinking of settling down, but when I know it's not going to be as easy as "drop everything and focus on your kid". You cant be a dad and not have a job, and it's very hard to have a job flexible enough or to have enough passive income to allow you the time to homeschool your kids for years.

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So if he can't provide any evidence, or even cite other credible research why is he running around like a Kardashian? The man is an absolute embarrassment the the scientific community.

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Please do this 99% of homeschool victims are utter fucking retards barely fit to work in a McDonalds. Less competition for my kids.

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but that 1% runs the world

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>voting for more "freedom" and trying to save yourself
So you mean voting to let corporations fuck people harder because you're a corporation. Well, at least there's one person who's brave enough to look at the guillotine on their way up.

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You seem to have mixed up elite private schools with homeschooling.

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>my living room can't be elite

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Yeah definitely not. You'll end up with some academically average kids, with 0 friends connections or social skills doomed to be wagecucks to the actual elite their entire lives

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My boss actually pulled this crap on me. I didn't know if I had to laugh or choke him

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>not a good look sweetie
You oversocialised bitch
I can see why the powers that be have done nothing about declining test

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>attacking corporate food industry GOOD
>attacking corporate drug industry BAD

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>another /pol/ thread

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>yeah he has none, that's not his field
Then why is he talking?
He's using his clout that he got from one field to spread falsehoods about another. What a fucking joke.

>which again are posted here daily
Of the studies I've seen, half are just invalid garbage, a quarter are inconclusive at best, and the last quarter contradict him.

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you should hang out with the climate change deniers you got a lot in common

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>refusing to provide any studies or data
no, i think that's you

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based russian BTFO climate change

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Monthly reminder than most scientists are poorfags working for the gov or for a private company and their boss is someone like Tesla

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I hope that humans destroy themselves. They don't deserve to survive as a species.

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>classics, history, law, philosophy, etc
>still part of humanities

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exposing how fake and gay (((academia))) is by stating a heresy

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if anything, he's done a great job of demonstrating that evidence is still king, regardless of how many awards you have. Act like an idiot, get treated like an idiot it's as simple as that.

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More like act based get lauded by based people while scum like you show your colours

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Same thing happened to the guy who wrote about sugar being the real killer, he got defamed by a celebrity (((nutritionist))) paid by the sugar corporations.

A couple of weeks ago a (((scientist))) was talking on CNN about how vaping is totally harmless and the poor corporation that manufacture such products are actually a force of good, that they are saving us from tobacco companies.

We should totally listen to the scientist, their integrity knows no bounds and they would never sell out to monetary interest.

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>you can trust us goyim

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cucking this hard, the cope is real

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climate change schizo spotted /x/

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>this picrel
it is called meritocracy

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