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Is going into STEM the smart thing to do nowadays?

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I suppose he had some sort of mental condition/weird behavior that kept him from landing a job and were not informed of.

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It's his fault. He should've thought twice about being a white male

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Not really. Just a victim of misinformation. People hype the STEM job market like no one's business, but the fact is these companies just want 30 engineers with 60 years experience at the cost of a fresh graduate. If you are trying to get in as a new guy with little to no work experience it's going to be an uphill battle, and need to work a ton of connections and applications.

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>encounters real world for the first time
>immediately kills himself.
Once again, the STEM chad proves themselves smarter than everyone else.

Sometimes the only winning move is not to play.

>I suppose he had some sort of mental condition/weird behavior
It's called 'being a white male with anything less than a first class degree from an elite university'. He got a doctorate in physics, but he got it at Reading University. Do you think the English lit and Women's Studies graduates in HR know the first fucking difference between a meson and a quark? Not a fucking chance - the factors they look for are only tangentially related to the skills needed. Their thought process - and I use the term loosely - goes like this:

- First look for Oxbridge graduates. If there aren't any of these, the Russel group universities will do.
- Next, look for applications from women and minorities.
- If you have a brown person or a woman from a prestigious university, hire them. If not, hire a white man from a prestigious university. If you still can't find someone, hire literally any woman or minority that has the bare minimum qualifications.
- If you still don't have a single woman or minority with anything close to the requirements applying, then and ONLY then do you start looking at white males from outside the Oxbridge/Russel Group circle.

The poor bastard was probably getting auto-filtered out 90% of the time before he even made it to an interview, where he might finally get to talk to another STEM graduate. Maybe he did give shit interviews, or maybe it was just that every position he went for had twenty other applicants that made it past HR too.

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I think you are way more mentally ill than the poor chap in the OP. I wish he were alive instead of you.


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Everything I've said is the truth and you know it.

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Nikola Tesla ended up digging ditches to survive after he got zuckerburged by Edison and he didn't kill himself over it.

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What you're saying is basically true, but things are a bit different for a physics phd. If he was good enough he could get a physics postdoc position. Your research decides that. You aren't dealing with Stacy in hr.

But chances are if you didn't go to a top university you weren't don't the most cutting edge research. And there are race and gender biases in grad school admissions and also in giving out research grants.

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Tesla lived out the remainder of his life in semi-poverty, and died a lonely old virgin at the age of 86. He could have blown his brains out forty years earlier and lost absolutely nothing.

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if you're not smart don't bother with STEM
it's shit unless you're in the top 1%

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I think this pretty much sums it up. As >>11153543 and >>11153591 say, if you get into a top school you have your choice of work; otherwise the only way you're going to get anywhere is if you either have social connections that can get you a job, or belong to some sort of "oppressed" class.

If you're a white male and you can't get into a first-rate college (be it due to average grades or lack of money), don't bother going into STEM. You'll spend your life fighting with your fellow STEMcels for the scraps everyone else didn't want, while the job you actually aspired to goes to someone with half your ability because society feels political pandering is more important than things like functioning infrastructure and technological advancement.

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Everyone always says white male, but I honestly think asian males have it even worse as far as reverse racism in stem goes. Show them some love too

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Fuck you. I'll try anyway.
I refuse to be told I can't do it.

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Even worse? No. But they do run into problems due to the informal quota system - they produce so many more STEM graduates relative to their population that anyone trying to make their student body/workforce representative of the general population ends up having to discard a large number of qualified Asian applicants. If the proportion of Asian applicants is low, people stop caring, whereas there are a lot of people actively committed to persecuting white men out of the field no matter how few of them there are in a given area.

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I'm white American for what it's worth but yes, I think they have it even worse. I don't know about in industry, but in academia being east or south asian doesn't give you any diversity points. On the contrary, Americans get a leg up on getting into grad school compared to foreigners especially Chinese.

Beyond this, there is a stereotype that Asians have no creativity that they have to deal with. And as silly and trivial as it sounds people do not remember their names compared to European names. If they collaborate in a group people are less likely to remember their contribution

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Not worth it. Do an easy degree instead as you will just get the same jobs anyway. All the classmates i knew now work in jobs that have no relation to their studies.

Either do that, or find what you are naturally good at and work at it. Even if you aren't passionate about it. It's very rare to be passionate about something you have a natural talent for.

I guess that's just life.

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Do you people moaning about race actually know have insider info on this HR garbage your spewing? Because it just sounds like /pol/ talking points coming from incels who think a degree is enough to get a job. It isn't. It is the base requirement. You aren't losing to the nigger with a 2.0 GPA. You are losing to the guy who has 4 internships and a connection to the company.

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Imagine going into theoretical physics without knowing how much dick you need to suck to get published in the right papers for tenure.

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This is why you don't study things with the expectation of getting money. You study things because you like them, with the expectation of getting pleasure for having studied and understood them. The purpose of an education has never been, is not now, and never will be, because it can never possibiliy be, to get money. This is incidental, a sort of confounding along the lines of Smith's claim for the confounding of rent and profit etc by gentlemen farmers. No, the proper purpose of education is to get the joke.

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>And as silly and trivial as it sounds people do not remember their names compared to European names.
it's kind of hard to remember the difference between Wang, Chang, Yang, Lang, Sang, Zhang...

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The unfortunate truth is that there would be far less people at University if they didn't think they needed it to advance a career. Many boomers tell their kids they need college for a good paying job.

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>You study things because you like them, with the expectation of getting pleasure for having studied and understood them.
Only if you're an autist. Research is the only reason universities should exist, just fit all of the shit they teach in undergrad into highschool and make universities only for people who want a career in research or academia.

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Careers in SM (not T or E) don't exist. Or rather, the amount of such careers that exist is not significant and they should thus not be actively pursued by anyone who isn't either extremely well connected or somehow one of the top ten people in their field globally by age 30. Wanting a decent position in a national lab or tenure at a good university that isn't a million miles away is like trying to win the lottery or join the NBA.

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why would you give a shit about where the university is located

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Daily reminder that less than 5% of PhDs ever get tenure. Most work seventy hours a week as miserable adjuncts for shit pay until they're too old to be considered for new contracts and desperately try to explain to business majors who got straight Cs in college why they deserve a job in industry despite being over 40 with no job experience outside of academia

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Happily, literally every claim, clause, wish and conceit in this post is either philosophically or factually wrong in a definite sense.

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It's indicative of an oversaturated job market. If you have absolutely no choice in where you want to work and need to gobble up any offer thrown your way because it's the only one you'll get in the next ten years, you are not valuable to the market. Whether the location is shit or not isn't relevant; your lack of choice in the matter is.

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>YouTube recruiter sues Google for allegedly refusing to hire white and Asian men

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>when the base requirement is that you're not a white male.

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My undergrad chem department hired two female assistant professors in a row after having mostly male professors up to then. I was suspicious and then saw one of the male professors (who would've been involved in hiring) unironically talk about being a cis white male being a bad thing.

It seems like errtime I load up linkedin and scroll through my grad school cohort I see women having gotten hired as professors or scientists in big companies

in grad school there were certain girls getting fellowships thrown at them for being female and a minority; one of them became an assistant professor at a research university with ONE paper. That's right.

A female colleague was recently hired as a assistant professor -- it was one of 4 offers from about 50 applications. I was honestly surprised at the time knowing how hard it is to get hired as a prof, and she was frankly unremarkable (decent, but nothing special -- not what you'd expect to get hired as a prof). Back then I wasn't as aware of the ridiculous gender discrimination happening in STEM now.

I could go on.

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This is what you get when you do one autistic thing and no related fields

If he had a brain he would have been looking for careers along the way and seeing what other skills he would need to learn like coding etc
>in bongland
no, go to america then come back with your winnings dumb dumb

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Going into literally anything with a union is the smart thing nowadays. If you want a nice paycheck, you simply can't trust your boss to pay you what you're worth. They'll pay what they can get away with.

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I go to a non-Russell school for mechanical engineering. Invariably, everyone who actually tries and studies ends up finding an engineering job. People who are lazy and fuck about don't, they finish with a 2:2 or don't finish at all. My school is like rank 40 or some shit, and we have people every year getting jobs at Mclarren, BAE, and many other companies. Many people also go to Asia, Middle east, Europe, and other places.
I think this pessimism is unwarranted.

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Oh, so your card killed himself after getting a job at a call center? I raise you Tooker.

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>Is going into STEM the smart thing to do nowadays?
Ideally, a stem degree is a good thing as long as it doesn't depend of a university to get a job.

If you can only work in a university, it's as good as a humanities degree.

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Damn, he couldn't even get a job as a high school teacher?

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He would have had to do teacher training, which would have taken 9 months, and the government would have paid for it. Definetely could have got a job teaching in a high school. We have a 3000 job shortage for high school math teacher alone.

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He probably could have, but you are not getting the point. You need to study for more than 8 years to become a doctor. What should be the reward for that? A teacher's wage? And then there's the issue of HR people knowing that someone with a Ph.D. will definitely be looking for something else, so he will be classified as overqualified and turned away unless he is the only candidate. It just wouldn't work out. The only high schools that actively hire Ph.D.'s are elite high schools for the wealthy, but those look for really accomplished people with long academic and professional careers. Something he lacked. Basically, academia has the following problems:

>too few jobs
>the jobs that exist pay less than industry
>if you graduate but can't get one of the few jobs that exist, industry knows that you are a liability as you'll be trying to leave on the first opportunity you have

It's just such a badly designed system. I really urge people to understand the economics of universities and I say this as someone who for 3 years during undergrad thought that 100% I was going to go to grad school and be a doctor, until I understood the economics and realized how stupid everything is.

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Yep. So long as you graduate from an engineering program that's accredited, you can get a job in your field, regardless of your uni, it might just take a few months and you won't be making 120k starting. Your local govt or electric company or chemical/manufacturing plant won't give a shit if you went to your local uni over MIT . Natsci and math majors should pretending we're in the same predicament but maybe it's different in Yurop.

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>He probably could have, but you are not getting the point. You need to study for more than 8 years to become a doctor. What should be the reward for that? A teacher's wage? And then there's the issue of HR people knowing that someone with a Ph.D. will definitely be looking for something else, so he will be classified as overqualified and turned away unless he is the only candidate.
No, no, no.
Mathematics teachers in high school are extremely in demand, we have a massive shortage.
Teaching math in school isn't a bad gig, either.
£44, 000 per year on average and lots of opportunity to move into management, especially if you are a man. There is reverse diversity hiring going on in teaching, they want more men because the field is oversaturated with women.

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>Mathematics teachers in high school are extremely in demand, we have a massive shortage.
Well, I know this to be true so maybe the overqualified question is not as relevant but stll, the compensation and prestige of such a position is not enough to capture the interest of someone who has a PhD.

>Teaching math in school isn't a bad gig, either. £44, 000 per year on average and lots of opportunity to move into management

It is a bad gig, I know it is. Regardless of the number, I know that my peers who graduated with me but went for education make half the money I make. Of course, we are not equal candidates, but do they really deserve half as me? I doubt it. They all hate their job, and they tell me disgusting stories of abuse from management. Education fucking sucks as an industry. What a shitty system that is too. Again:

>low pay
>low prestige

No thank you.

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The pay isn't low, though.
44k is more than most jobs and quite similar to someone working in a university. If you move into management, you can easily make 60k-100k, depending on where you go. And since many people don't want to do it, there is a lot of opportunity for the right person.
Also, in the UK, when you become a maths teacher, the government gives you 30k tax free.

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Well, I'm not from the UK so the experience is not universal. I take my friend's comments to be more representative of where I live, and there is probably some generality to that. Regardless, I just looked for the median income in the UK and 44k is indeed not too bad, being close to double that. But still, you must assume that if there is a shortages of talent in your industry, there is a good reason. And I think we all know why. Finance will always be the highest bidder for mathematics talent. Tech is right now in a boom before they inevitably fall, so they can even surpass finance in compensation. Jim Simons knows it. Anyone who is not absolute shit at math will go to finance. It is a given. Hence why he has started donating to math teachers, to try to make it more economically viable.

44k isn't low against the median, but it is low against the average compensation from finance companies. Then there is the talk about benefits, no one beats finance in benefits. Etc.

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Finance is literally the lowest, soul destroying, shit you can do.
It's for non-entities.

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Is it really? I can't speak for more routine jobs like accounting or compliance, but analyst positions (of which there are infinite variants) are a mathematician's dream. Using your intelligence to extract value out of the markets is what mathematicians should be doing. I personally enjoy it very much.

My interest was piqued on an introductory mathematical finance course, and I would recommend any mathematician to at least understand option valuation in theory. In the real world, you won't be doing stochastic calculus all day, but once it clicks for you, it will feel like you are doing stochastic calculus all day.

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I also want to get into finance. Any tips? What do you do in your work?

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Lesrn to sit in a cubicles for 12+ hours per day while staring at computer screens and making the Jews richer

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Jews are overrepresented in finance and usary, this is a fact, not a /pol/ conspiracy. You will be working hard to make some Jew pedos like Epstein richer.

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tbf it was christcucks that b& everyone other than jews from banking while b&ing jews from doing most other kinds of work that forced jews into finance in the first place.

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>Any tips?
Well, my tips would be to first get a degree in either STEM or finance/economics. The people I work with are a mixed bag of engineers and economists. I am the sole mathematician but you get the idea. After that (or during your education) you should focus on picking up some technical skills that can allow you to perform analysis. This means programming, databases, a strong understanding of statistics and a basic understanding of finance. I say basic but that depends, some roles do need a higher understanding of finance jargon, while some roles just need you to know why money even moves in the first place. You should research your sector, finance jobs are really diverse.

>What do you do in your work?

I'm an analyst. In my current position, my job is really to be an expert regarding some instruments and clients but really that stuff comes and goes. The meat and potatoes of what I do is simple: whenever someone has a question about anything, I am one of the people they can ask to research whatever that is and present my analysis at a later date. When I say "anything" I, of course, don't mean literally anything, but even if I am asked to research an instrument I've never even seen before, I am supposed to be smart enough to pick up some basic knowledge on it and then build from that until I have something to show that answers whatever questions were directed at me.

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Nobody understands economics and if they say they do, they're lying.

>> No.11155422

Well, what does that really mean? There are some pretty basic principles that make sense and work wonders. But yeah, if someone tells you about their meme prediction of course they are just lying. But well, I'm not an economist and I read Taleb so I shit on economics as most as the next guy.

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You cannot reduce things to atoms in social sciences;

>> No.11155530

We reduced the economy of Venezuela to atoms though.

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I have a Master's in Physics. I refuse to work and continue to leech of the government until Women are removed from positions of power.

No I will not further my education
No I will never get married
No I will never lick corporate boot
Yes I will leech off diasbilities
Yes I will continue to make fun of wagies every monday on /biz/
Yes I do hate woman

If strong females want to wageslave for me, they are more than welcome to

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Why do you have issues with women? Sounds pretty weird bro

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>recently competed a degree

>career knock backs
>knock backs

The absolute state of education.

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dare I say it? Based and redpilled

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>they produce so many more STEM graduates relative to their population
Chinks are not a minority

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Perhaps there are more important things than money and not enslaving your fellow man to debt is more important than shekels.

>> No.11155630

Credit has a really important role in the economy though. Even if we hit a reset button right now which restarted the economy, eliminated all rich people, all poor people and gave everyone 10k bucks to start, in about 100 years you would see the same: some poor people with nothing and some rich people with billions. You can either let the billionaires just sit on their money forever, which they won't spend in generations, or you can let them lend their money out to the poor people so that the poor people can try their business ideas too.

>> No.11155642

Same is true in parts of the US. In the Northeast in places like New Jersey, Mass, rich parts of Pennsylvania, you can make equal to more than a college professor as a high school teacher with less pressure. You just need to find a good district. Not a bad gig at all. And STEM teachers are in high demand.

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probably for college admissions, probably not for employment

>> No.11155663

t. poor

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We aren't worthy of such high quality posts

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Yes, but don't go to a university, study at home for practically zero cost if you're actually interested and have some integrity

>inb4 u cant ask questions at home
>inb4 you won't have a degree
you're not doing it to get a job

>> No.11155808

Where are you going to get millions of dollars worth if equipment to do experiments? Some of the software I used costs 30k a year alone.

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Cringe and bluepilled

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You job description is awesome.
I want to be an an analyst when i grow up. I'm 33. What do ?

>> No.11157028

you need to preform anal lysis
you're going to need some lye

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In this market only a retard majors in physics, chemistry, math, or any other life science.

Mechanical engineer, civil engineer, computer engineering and computer science are the only safe majors. Comp eng and comp sci are by dar the safest choices though.

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>A fucking repost on /sci/

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Comp sci is outsourcing central though

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I have a degree in biomedical engineering that sits on my wall.

I make over 65k usd a year drawing furry porn and patreon. I live in Russia where the average salary is around 300-600 usd or lower (slightly higher in moscow/spb).

My mom is beyond proud of me and tells them I work in online biomed consulting IT stuff that she doesn't quite understanding, but my income sure makes it looks like it does.

I thought about moving to EU...

>> No.11157156

It isn't though. Or at least not the way you think.
Pajeets get jobs because there's a lot of demand. Its a last resort for a company and a company with a lot of H1B visas is often a dumpster fire.

>> No.11157158

What are the safest CS fields that don't require a PhD (so no data science or ML)?

>> No.11157361

what do you do with 10x the average salary?

>> No.11157376

Getting any kind of education instead of apprenticeship/an education which directly leads to work is completely retarded and a waste of time.

>> No.11157511

>I make over 65k usd a year drawing furry porn and patreon.

>> No.11157512

>Comp eng and comp sci are by dar the safest choices though.

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>only giving a shit about money
please kill yourself bugman kike.

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Studied physics, then PhD in engineering. Best of everything.

>> No.11158252

>reverse racism
Anon I...

>> No.11158253

>people do not remember their names compared to European names

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>On the contrary, Americans get a leg up on getting into grad school compared to foreigners especially Chinese.

not from where i'm standing. most grad students are chinese and indian at my uni. most of the faculty are too, and they tend to favor their own.

even if it were true that whites had an advantage in america, isn't that how it should be? asians certainly have home-field advantage in their own nations.

you're a delusional asshole.

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Is t-that d-dare I say a based and truly redpilled post on /sci

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Could be it. One will hear about these crazy situations and try to apply them to their own situation. However there is probably something we’re not hearing about. Maybe like you said he was a sperg. Maybe he had a criminal record or what lazy. Could be that he just wanted to live in academic fairy tale land and was jarred by the real world.

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Holy shit you're my role model now.

>> No.11158305

Can you really make money like that by appealing to degenerates? Interesting...

>> No.11158306

You're probably an education major ahahaha enjoy your 35000 starting salary cuck

>> No.11158312

I buy properties to remodel and rent out. I don't know long term how long this porn thing will last, if laws will change to make it too dangerous, or even if my arm gives out and i cant draw. This way I'll retire with money to spare (I mean i could retire now). The average retirement salary in Russia is like 11-15k rub a month (230 usd), and if you worked all your life or were in military or some crap its like 20-30k rub a month which is still a shit 500 a month. One of my apartments alone rents out for 60k rub so it's literally 2-5 times more than average retirement pension.

Beats working somewhere and getting up at 6am to force yourself to go.
Yep, check graphtreon adult games/images and see how many patreons rake in money.

>> No.11158355 [DELETED] 

Affirmative action is definitely a thing retard. Look it up.

>Because it just sounds like /pol/ talking points coming from incels
It is usually liberals that are the incels, as they reproduce the least. Fuck off back to whatever leftist shithole you came from

>> No.11158374

you do know that the fetish market is really high and the amount of degenerates is the west is ever increasing. PH is the number one site on the internet so go figure

>> No.11158406

>liberals are incels
might want to research into the actual demographic and the culture of incels

>> No.11158412


liberals have low sex drive, so are less likely to rage about it

>> No.11158426

yes but if we were talking about the incels as a fringe group, as most of those liberals dispose the term as, then you would see that it's entirely the opposite of what liberals hold for talking points. Nonetheless most liberals do fall in the incel category factually speaking but I presumed that liberals were more sex driven and had coitus a lot

>> No.11158470


just like how you dont hear about women incels, because women have low sex drive

>> No.11158531 [DELETED] 

he was probably impatient

>> No.11158549 [DELETED] 


i know i'm not supposed to think this way but if someone's so fed up with life that they'd throw themselves off a building then i can't blame them.

>> No.11158558

i do wish someone would have talked them out of it though. it's hard to bear hopelessness for so long.

>> No.11158577

>be schizo
>get tons of scholarships for being functional
>pretty much unemployable
>last 2 days at every white collar job
>NEET for a few years
>somehow get accepted to a master's program
>everything paid for again
>still going to be unemployable

>> No.11159149

Thanks OP now I'm sad.

>> No.11159785

>not caring about money
>thinking research will amount to anything
I'd tell you to kill yourself but you'll eventually end up like the guy in the OP so there's no point in telling you.
Just make sure to make your final moments painful.

Meanwhile I'll be enjoying a happy life raking in the cash.

>> No.11159922

I mean if I had to work at a call center I'd kill myself too

>> No.11160104

>Will amount to anything
?? The journey is the reward idiot. Have fun with your cash, really hope it buys you fulfillment.

>> No.11160110

>Reading University
Yeah that's why.... if he got it from Cambridge he would be either a professor or an algorithmic quant right now.

>> No.11160209

Define your conditions, please. Are we talking BS, MS, or PhD level here? Are we talking math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, or engineering? What do you want to be in life? etc. etc. To decide if its the right move you need to be more specific.

>> No.11160243

good luck journeying from bridge to bridge while the coppers keep telling you you cant sleep there.

>> No.11160303

STEM is hyped because companies want to lower wages, the same reason why there's a huge push to teach programming even to toddlers.

>> No.11160378

Furry oligarch

>> No.11160499

Current undergrad in physics. How does one do this?

>> No.11160507

give me one solid argument in favour of doing a physical experiment for educational purposes (and don't say muh visuals, that's for retarded people), as for the software; if it isn't open source it probably sucks

>> No.11160508

Based, could not agree more!

>> No.11160527

>have rich parents
>Do double degree math/music
>Music grad school
>0 debt because parents
>Teach lessons and play one or two 4 figure gigs a month, parents help fill in the rest of my expenses
>Guaranteed 8 figure inheritance for ez retirement likely in my 50s
Infinitely thankful I will never have to wagecuck.

>> No.11160538

Glad that apple didn't land on my head

>> No.11160597

>have rich parents
You could have ended your story there anon, the rest of what you did is pretty much irrelevant

>> No.11160706
File: 10 KB, 350x200, FB_IMG_1566483531134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is so depressing, I just want to make enough to be middle class, afford an apartment In a medium sized city, or maybe in the countryside, own a car, afford decent food, a bit of spare money for my hobbies...
I just want to be payed for doing research, I don't care about prestige, being a professor or getting rich... I'm not a genius, I doubt I will cure cancer or make groundbreaking discoveries, I doubt I'll publish on Nature, I won't graduate in a top tier uni, I won't have a perfect GPA, I'll only have a couple of recommendation letters and hopefully a few publications In mid tier journals... Can't all this be enough? I'm already willing to move out of my europoor country.
It's seriously sad, I'm already highly pessimistic and I'm not even out of undergrad yet.
Post proof that you aren't lying please, some cropped sfw drawing, a pic of something with a timestamp would work.
I keep hearing of people making big money off of furries and i want to make sure if it's true and how good of an artist you have to be to make it, you know, maybe I'll pick up drawing as a back up plan since I doubt I'll make it as a researcher.

>> No.11160832

It's simple really, don't expect doing relativity, qft or strings and actually get paid. Everything else in physics is literally beyond fine

>> No.11160870

Oh, also don't be an autist. That's probably the biggest skill check in academia.

>> No.11160879
File: 109 KB, 699x699, 1422920233427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I wish I could justify getting a degree in history

>> No.11160895

The fact is that a shitload of people get a degree in that shit, but literally only 1% cares about it. I know one girl who really liked it her whole college career and then started doing research and is working in some national archive n shiet

>> No.11160957

Or just say fuck off to academia and go straight to the private sector once you have your Masters/PhD, don't waste fucking time in a postdoc or trying to get an academic position.

>> No.11160965

Thing is, I don't really want to teach high schoolers and everything else is a bit too risky. I'm going for geology right now and definitely don't regret the choice.

>> No.11160991

The thing is no matter how equal we think today's society is there's still a hard divide in education. We didn't move from feudalism it just changed its name.

>> No.11161135

I'm a gay spic with autism and no stem degree, would you hire me?

>> No.11162025


>> No.11162094

Redpill me on this lad

>> No.11162110

Inner city schools have plenty of job openings

>> No.11162118

The new meme is remote pentesting. Study for a couple months, get some certs, then you can get a 150k a year job hacking shit from your toilet

>> No.11162135
File: 541 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.45.50 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yep, A computer major with an Economic/Business minor is the true fucking redpill. You're completely independent and work on your own hours from home and not have to deal with any normies or niggers. You can masturbate in the ofiice. Go to your home gym in the garage and workout for 50 minutes then collapse into your chair going straight back to fuckin work. Yes you're going into a class room full of cucks but after that, you have a choice to work from home.

Fuck ME/EE, Yes they make money but you're still working for someone, with a bunch a fuckin normies.

>> No.11162157
File: 44 KB, 640x457, 1572538312046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw been in a research lab for 3 years (unpaid)
>tfw will be graduating with a BS in molecular biology
>tfw not even qualified to become a sandwich artist

I didn't choose the NEET life.

>> No.11162169

dont even have to get a degree bro. Just work on the OSCP and join some hacker groups. A lot of really helpful people. I'd still probably go to uni for the social side though if its not too much of a burden. Problem is a lot of people end up getting depressed cause they feel like they have to go to school instead of going because they want to be there

>> No.11162473


>> No.11162487

>even if it were true that whites had an advantage in america, isn't that how it should be?


>whites are so discriminated against in academia in america!
>yes I agree and I think asians are discriminated against even more
>even if it were true that whites had an advantage in america, isn't that how it should be?

see the problem here? and I'm a delusional asshole...

>> No.11162489

This is true

>> No.11162813
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 1570827548172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what happens when you do a degree in physics at Reading University

>> No.11162814


>> No.11162820

>Reading University
literal third-tier hack institution
I'm very suspicious of what "a number of career knock-backs" might mean, but realistically this doesn't help

>> No.11162831


this sounds amazing. thanks anons. going to check it out

>> No.11162851
File: 178 KB, 1080x1024, Screenshot_2019-11-20-20-08-51-217_org.bromite.bromite~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based tesla

>> No.11162863

>The journey is the reward idiot.
Yeah you're definitely gonna end up like the guy in the OP lmao

Good luck wasting years of your life for some meaningless research that no one will care to read save a few individuals who are paid to read it. Good luck on the year's after when you end up penniless as it finally hits you that you wasted years of your life for absolutely nothing.
It's a shame I won't be able to witness your despair.

>> No.11162866

you know most people on the planet don't have those things. It's an uphill battle

>> No.11162868

I had luck I got to know a good engineering professor who took me to a new faculty where he applied for a higher position.

All engineering faculties like hiring physicists and mathematicians, you shouldn't have a problem finding something. You'll be the one-eyed among the blind.
The reason for this not regularly happening is that most physicists find (non-quantum) engineering boring or unfulfilling. You have to find a niche that is comfortable for you.

>> No.11162881

Most people who lives in first world country do though, I've already won the lottery for that

>> No.11162882

globalism is bringing reality to the first world. You were born just in time to compete with 6 billion people

>> No.11162908

Same here. When there are male and female profs applying for a position, they force everybody to take the woman by freezing funds otherwise.
We have a female professor here whose initial lecture about her last paper was completely wrong and reeked of misunderstanding basically everything.

I don't dislike female profs at all, my particle physics professor was excellent and based af. But this bullshit kills science.

>> No.11162921

>we have a massive shortage
Who are this "we"?

>> No.11162923

One, Jews weren't banned from labor positions. There has never been a compelling historical argument for this beyond just-so stories and we don't exactly have compelling evidence that Jews rapidly filtered into labor positions in countries where this wasn't the case. Two, that's completely irrelevant from the reality you live within. The people you make money for while masturbating your math skills are people who are genuinely working towards the death of your nation. This should give you pause regardless of their nationality, but especially given that they are a people who view themselves as separate from you.

>> No.11162956

We are 7 billions now, old man
Also I can always kill myself

>> No.11162982

business owners

>> No.11163133
File: 373 KB, 952x717, 1567956034751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder that these delicate flowers are the same morons spouting >we.wuz aryyanx and shitposting the same old race IQ garbage non-stop. It's like an Elliot Rodger mentality with supreme gentleman entitlement swapped for littlest white male entitlement.

>> No.11163171

Master in physics?
Hates women?
Unemployed leech with god complex?

Tooky! How thoughtful of you to, once again, share your insightful posts on anything regarding anything for any reason at all whatsoever at any and all times. I will look forward to your great next thread.

>> No.11163242


>having entitlement is bad

get fucked

>> No.11163247


>imply neets are not modern day aristocrats

>> No.11163496

>white men wanting a fair system is "entitlement"

>> No.11164656
File: 220 KB, 762x385, yotsuba_smile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no one will ever love you as much as Tesla loved a pigeon

>> No.11165421

you're not entitled to civilisation just because someone from your population did something

>> No.11165435

He could have done literally everything if he was smart and disciplined enough to get a PhD in physics.

The truth is that the vast majority of STEMfags are low test and absolutely unable to take risks and go the entrepreneur route. The ones who do however are often vastly more successful than their wageslaving equivalent.
Besides this guy had no family to take care of or anything, he was free to try and fail without consequences.

I'm in med school and have two side hustles already, takes me 20 minutes a day and I make 450 bucks a months out of it. The thing has absolutely NOTHING to do with the medical world but people with money will want to get you onboard of their projects or buy your services if they think you can contribute.

>> No.11165443
File: 245 KB, 960x720, 1569218613674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you're not entitled to civilisation just because your ancestors made that civilization
but niggers are, is that right?

>> No.11165497

Nope. And your ancestors didn't do shit and even if they did, it's pretty pathetic for their offspring to become a loser that posts on the internet along with other losers from different races.
Posting on the internet isn't a white thing to do because everyone can do it.
Try doing something only whites can do.
Oh wait you can't because everyone's catching up and whites aren't special anymore.
Pajeets and chinks can code and do the same thing for cheaper.

>> No.11165547

>first three lines
This is the science board. Refrain from emotional nonarguments with no basis in logic.
>Pajeets and chinks can code and do the same thing for cheaper.
Right, because Superpower-by-2020 and Hive Beijing are ideal societies. And because they do everything as well as we do, they definitely don't want to come over to our countries in droves. And of course, outsourced goods and services are renowned for their quality and value.
seethe and / or dilate

>> No.11165550

everything you said an opinion.
What I said was reality.
Get rekt.
You're not valuable in 2019.

>> No.11165561
File: 28 KB, 499x481, 1570722225167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more bravado nonarguments
>le current year

>> No.11165563
File: 8 KB, 244x206, 1568163438275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everything you said an opinion.
>What I said was reality.
>Get rekt.
>You're not valuable in 2019.

>> No.11165565
File: 59 KB, 540x540, 1558321151601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

talking to a white supremacist can't be called an "argument". There's a reason you guys hang out here in the asshole of the internet lmao. I doubt you ever spoke a sentence without swearing in your life.

go extinct white boy. You are finished.
You're going to watch your civilization collapse and it's going to lose dominance in your lifetime.
Every decade that passes, non-whites get more valuable and whites lose value.
That's why you're a white supremacist in the first place. You know you are finished.
Go sperg out and cause a race war if you can to delay your doom.

>> No.11165567

by the way not even a race war will save you.
China, India and pakistan and a bunch of other non-whites have nukes to defend themselves.
Ethnically cleansing the west won't change jack shit. Killing the 5% muslims in europe, 16% chinese+indians in canada and australia, and 44% blacks and hispanics in america, won't solve anything. It won't save you.
Being an ethnostate won't save you because it won't affect the rest of the world.
There's literally nothing you can do. Not a single scenario exists where the white race can remain in the position they are in today

>> No.11165568

No become a carer or nurse.

>> No.11165581
File: 60 KB, 1592x668, 1571926755323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talking to a white supremacist can't be called an "argument". There's a reason you guys hang out here in the asshole of the internet lmao.
you're here too, retard
>I doubt you ever spoke a sentence without swearing in your life.
I have, but not to the likes of you.

>the rest of this and your next post
I'm about 50% sure you're pic related

>> No.11165583

He dug the ditches BEFORE he invented AC. Unless you wish we lived in a fucking world filled with wires blocking out everything.

>> No.11165595

he could have blown out his brains by 30 and the world wouldn't have missed him anymore than they do.

>> No.11165596

He's admired by engineers and scientists who quickly figure out Edison was basically the Steve Jobs of his time
That's probably better since Tesla spent most of his life trying to get away from room temperature brainlets like in Eastern Europe

>> No.11165617
File: 26 KB, 282x177, F57F5428-7300-4A4D-81F5-43654A2C351B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw femanon wagie turned injured and not working, full of sadness but friend working on his IT/Business bachelors told me to go to college even though i’m about to be 26. i really liked and was good in advanced biology/other science classes back in HS. have any other anons started college later in life? this thread is depressing.

i’ve thought about doing this, the furry art market looks promising. so degenerate though.

>> No.11165623

I'm 24 and still have a year left to complete my bachelors. I have to do a masters afterwards so I'll end up 27 by the time I can work.
It's hard yeah. Everyone my age is graduated and has a job

>> No.11165640

Working 30 hours a week and taking a full EE courseload sucks. Probably won't graduate until I'm 27 or 28.

>> No.11165734
File: 120 KB, 750x839, 845C57C1-0657-4BDF-B70E-91DCDAA2D798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow yeah, i feel like, well i’m older than you two and would graduate with a bachelors by the time i’m 31. i had this certain drive and was very personable and able to connect with others easily in social/work settings, A’s and B’s. good luck on your studies anons!

i guess i feel stupid for being an older student if i go, it’s kind of embarrassing even if i do look younger than my age. i was so encouraged by my friend i bought some fluorescent gel pens, notebook, working on getting a calculator soon.. in the hopes of finding online material i could use to study before/if i apply for college in the fall of next year, what with the placement tests and all..

>> No.11165758

you can get an ipad with a pen for it as well.
Or a surface tablet. That's what the cool kids use these days hehe...
We're gonna try and make it. The economy keeps growing. Maybe there's gonna be a place for us in the world in the future.
I'd suggest taking some CS courses or something. Learning to code could be helpful.
It's good you have that drive. Try and hold on to it forever. It's important

>> No.11165787
File: 63 KB, 640x605, 1565405559461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm going to the exact same university as guy in pic
How fucked am I bros?

>> No.11165805

But then he never would have met the love of his life. I mean she was a pigeon but... okay maybe you have a point.
It's just sad that life has a tendency to wreck brilliant people.

>> No.11166124
File: 106 KB, 500x500, 1568044253138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better late than never, right? Particularly if you don't have to work at the same time

>> No.11166261

this is going to be me except i studied geology so i deserve it

>> No.11166571


>> No.11166573

check out the cybersecurit/cyberpunk general on /g/. it might help you along

>> No.11166592

I'm going to study until 37. If it's good enough for Aristotle it's good enough for me. There's no road map to life. Do whatever you want.

>> No.11166625
File: 112 KB, 640x730, 1561230896591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm going to study until 37. If it's good enough for Aristotle it's good enough for me. There's no road map to life. Do whatever you want.

>> No.11167277

poor bloomer
stop crying
do it

>> No.11168059

Do what exactly?

>> No.11168086

damn...depressing, i always wanted to be a physicist but recently decided to change major since im barely average and also my family really needs money right now :/ i feel like a pussy bitching out i really enjoy physics idk what to do

>> No.11168101

i can guarantee you have no experience in higher education in science...if you want to become an experimental solid state physicists you better have access to some advanced spectroscopy tools for example. and this is just one example. ANY sort of experimental field, you need experimental equipment, literally anybody that has come even remotely close to higher ed in science like legit college freshman would understand this and take it as obvious. even if your going into theory its BETTER to always have peers around you to discuss problem sets with and struggle together until you understand. you can bring up your ramanujans and faradays that didnt go to uni but for every one of those exceptions i have 1000 lined up that had to go to uni

>> No.11168330

same bro
>BS in biotechnology
>slave 1 year in a microbiology lab
>Do MSc on microbiology
>get nothing but shitty ass jobs
>pick one because the lack of money hurts
>End up spending most of the salary commuting 4 hours a day, working 10 hours from Mon-Sat, sometimes had to go on sundays.

I`m considering to go for a PhD but I fear I might end up like the guy in OP`s pic.

Many people dont know, but nature and Science have a job seeking section, considering all those years being a lab rat, you might find something good in there.
Good luck

>> No.11168357


>> No.11168363

You don't need to feel bad about it. Sure you don't ever fit in fully, but I'm largely in the same boat. Didn't go back to college until I was 23 (after I had an injury that made me unable to continue my labor career), took it a bit slow in the beginning and now I'm a 28 year old junior.

I think your friend is right in motivating you to try to go back to school, just don't expect it to be some magical and fun adventure with a guaranteed 300k/yr salary at the end and you'll be fine.

>> No.11168404

Please get some help anon. Schizophrenia is hard to deal with but you don't have to do it alone.

>> No.11168517

You know what's worse than a PhD? A shitty undergrad from a shitty school

>> No.11168537

was that really fucking worth it?
my dad has a story of a guy like that, always crunching numbers on his calculator at work, saying he always wanted something more his pace

it took a while but eventually he did end up at NASA. did everyone just forget the bumping around jobs meme or something? if i met someone who was literally
>phd in math
>300k starting
id think they specialized in some REALLY niche skill or they already had a spot thanks to nepotism

>> No.11169145
File: 199 KB, 496x493, Screenshot_20191111-165528.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My uni pays my way so I haven't been pressured to switch majors (physics pure math double). I too started out with the naive 1950s tier picture of the road to academia, but boomers and industry kikes ruined that and I didn't get the memo until I was halfway done with the degree. Now I'm gonna try to slave away in grad school for as long as I can until I muster up the balls to kill myself, because going from field theory and cohomology to codemonkeying ten hours a day so some lukewarm IQ jackass can buy a yacht is a fate worse than death.

If I had stayed in my lane and switched to engineering before getting into the good courses I might have been blissfully convinced that it's all drudgery either way, but seeing the stars and realizing you'll never have the IQ or connections to touch them is fucking painful.

>> No.11169342

jesus christ man...thats grim and im in experiment not theory but i cant lie sometimes i look at things this way too. ive heard some programming jobs arent that bad though, like its still possible to find enough fulfillment in them, ill see how it goes i guess

>> No.11169361

also most people arent as "lukewarm iq" as you think, and definitely dont display this attitude around them, people can sense what youre thinking about them better than you think

>> No.11169629


Most people aren't a "jackass," by default either, the phrasing was deliberately deragatory for rhetorical purposes. The situation is still bleak for anyone who ever even considered somrthing beyond the wageslave life.

>> No.11169641

ah i see what you mean. yeah idk, im in the same spot pretty much. kind of lost, dont know how to cope or if i even can/should

>> No.11170082

Lol I know a guy who is an astronomy PhD from Cambridge and he's teaching high school kids right now. Albeit it's at one of those posh English schools.

>> No.11170391

Started Lawschool this year. (Not a meme degree in EU) I am also 26, no one gives a fuck and its more about uni years, not your age.

>> No.11171302

>its more about uni years
what do you mean by this? like how long it takes to finish a degree?

>> No.11171561

>Pajeets and chinks can code.
Hohoh, oh boy... You've never worked with pajeets and chinks.

>> No.11171736


>I'm going to to dedicate the best years of my life to being a cog in Me. Shekelstein's Shekel Grubbing Machine rather than improving myself and living my own life

Okay retard

>> No.11172283

Idk I imagine only a few who have a really nice artstyle make money off of it. I think you should expect to draw garbage that gets progressively better for a year before you can get people to comission you for artwork. Also expect to be drawing weird fetishes all the time.

>> No.11172302

they look at how long it takes for your to finish that specific degree, if you don't have a good excuse like serious illness it lowers your prospects for grad school. if you switch majors or took time off before doing law or medicine its a little different. Context matters, but undergraduate research, letters of rec, and gpa matter more. they do care how old you are though, you aren't as valuable if you graduate at 30 as they know your creativity and fluid processing is on the wane by then

>> No.11172304
File: 1.21 MB, 960x960, 1574461634714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm doing biology

but it is so hard and demaning to have a career on it, sometimes I wonder, wouldn't I be happier having a mediocre 9 hour job and blowing my money on games and shit instead of the suffering?

>> No.11172317

like being honest here, it came to the point where i'm scoring straight A's and I just don't even get happy anymore, it all feels like a lie, it feels like I am living a lie

>> No.11172322

If you aren't enjoying learning the material and cannot find a way to make it interesting for yourself by reading ahead, looking at research related to your studies, getting involved in research or if in grad school doing interesting research you should drop out.

>> No.11172377

that's not what I mean, I do and love everything you said, i'm 100% engaged in it but FOR WHAT?

I don't know if I will be able to sustain myself, I want to eventually have a house of my own you know, and all the fun I have studying, researching and doing lab work is perpetually tainted by this cloud of anxiety and fear of the future

I just feel like a kid playing in the park with my toys when I don't know, I should be in law school or whatever

>> No.11172380

If you do well and make good contributions to your field you will get a good salary and the money for your own house and a family if that's what you're worried about. People who leave Law and Med school are grinding for 100+ hours a week doing mostly slave work for their superiors for the first few years and law school is miserable, no better than grad school for bio.

>> No.11172450
File: 168 KB, 700x715, B81AFE83-60C1-4462-A34D-6F4C042A927C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i’ll have to apply for grants to help me along with that for sure. yeah, my friend i mentioned earlier is knowledgeable in computers and phones. it was interesting when he opened it up, i visualized the inside of it like that of a little village! i took a gaming simulation/animation intro class back in the day too, but yeah. :^)
maybe... but >>11166625 and >>11172302 have me feeling worried about even trying. i mean i was just a wagie and got hurt and diagnosed with some chronic pain and more due to it but my friend has me wanting to succeed more in life and i’m trying to crawl out of the depression that is taking away from my life. i could always try to churn out large paintings that are $1k+ but idk, i felt like trying to make a difference somehow in other ways, and found out people have to take a public speaking course which i think could help out some.
oh i don’t think i could ever imagine making that kind of money, but i’m trying to keep positive, just graduating in thirties seems a lot worse for opportunities like the above anons said though. but i’ll still appear to be in my 20’s well into my later years by the looks of it so maybe i can fool ‘em lol.
not the anon you responded to, but this is comforting.

i just want brain gains /sci/, i’ll be checking out the sticky in a few. kind of lost, but want to get into environmental and genetic biology type of courses. always was interested/good in history too like archaeology but i guess that’s more /his/? there’s so many different paths to take y’all.

>> No.11172716

>Or just say fuck off to academia and go straight to the private sector...

re: obscene rise in tuition at Universities

Or just say I'll forgo pay and benefits as a professor for 1% of the gross...

>> No.11172748

>People who leave Law and Med school are grinding for 100+ hours a week doing mostly slave work for their superiors for the first few years

The Truth About Becoming a Doctor Nowadays:

Newly-minted MDs have to complete their chosen residencies before truly earning their wings and commanding full, 6-fig. pay.

Until then, they are paid middle-class wages (i.e. ~60K USD/yr) The terms are between 2 and as many as 10 years /post/ med school. All this while starting to pay down their tuition debt, make payments on a house, fancy car, insurance, start a family, etc. etc.

It's enough to cause many to rethink choosing a career in medicine, when you find out just how long you are going to be sitting on a negative net worth before starting to see any daylight. As many as 40% have confided that they wished they had not gone down the path to begin with.

I looked at this and said, "No Thank You!"

>> No.11172754

Yeah this is pretty true.
HOWEVER. you don't have to stay in england lol if you just go to some country where
a. you're the minority class
b. your field is high demand
c. it's hiring season
then you can get a job in < 3 months easily.

>> No.11172766

Dude everyone knows academia is the poor house. If you go into academia actually wanting to be a Professor you are literally an autist who cannot take order from anyone and wants to do research in his tiny little autistic field. Academics aren't paid in money, they are paid in job satisfaction.

>> No.11172795

2nd year Math-Phys undergraduate here. I want to say to everyone who has posted so far, genuinely, thank you. This has really given me the motivation to get some internships under my belt. I don’t want to kill myself and although I love what I do right now, if it cannot last then there you go.

>> No.11172835

Honestly I'm glad some people are passionate about it and do continue. Else we'd be fucked

>> No.11172840

they offer bachelor degrees in molecular biology?
that's a good degree but get a masters or phd

>> No.11172845

>he thinks a neet would ever do unpaid research for years

>> No.11172851

>any other life science

>> No.11172908


Except there are no jobs in academia because of bloated shekel grubbing administrations realizing they can save shekels by hiring endless waves of sub minimum wage adjuncts

>> No.11173051
File: 971 KB, 1984x1256, 1567642280252_Copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You faggots are doing it all wrong. Let me tell you what I'm doing

>CS grad with three years of experience, 25 yold
>Love science and want to be researcher like parents
>Need to make money to support my lifestyle
>Got remote software engineer job paying 130k a year
>Become fluent enough with the system that I can push out tasks by focusing for 5 h a day
>Applies to CS masters at my university, a 10 minute walk away
>Can work my eng job at university cause it's remote
>2.5 credits over one year while working full time, thesis over one year while working
>Focus on statistics materials, try to become a quant (and probably fail at it)
>Get some research papers out

My uni is a no name Canadian one but I'm not doing post graduate studies for my career, that would be retarded. Your career should afford you the luxury of the participation in research, the honor of furthering human knowledge.

>Pic related, it's me working

>> No.11173059

I meant 5 courses worth of credits

>> No.11173071

If you ignore interests and only look at the job market, CS is the best choice.

>> No.11173115

This is so god damn funny

>> No.11173117

Any Economic major? Can somone share their experience?

>> No.11173153 [DELETED] 

>This has really given me the motivation to get some internships under my belt.

If math isn't a problem for you, then learning to code will come naturally, as it is just an extension of that logical ability. Crack open a book and start reading. For absolute beginners, I recommend Herb Schildt's books, as he has a clarity and simplicity of style that keeps you motivated in the beginning, and makes you genuinely feel like you are learning something.

>> No.11173163

>This has really given me the motivation to get some internships under my belt.

If math isn't a problem for you, then learning to code will come naturally, as it is just an extension of that logical ability. Crack open a book and start reading. For absolute beginners, I recommend Herb Schildt's books, as he has a clarity and simplicity of style that makes you genuinely feel like you are learning something, and keeps you motivated from the start.

>> No.11173181

finally someone willing to take a stand

>> No.11173190

>Honestly I'm glad some people are passionate about it and do continue. Else we'd be fucked

The shortest residency, as you would imagine, is General Practice (~2 years), as it involves mostly initial screening and then referring out to specialists. But then they make the least, too.

The longest is Neurology (~10-12 years!), but it's not even the highest paying specialty (which is Orthopedic Surgery, coming in at about twice that of a GP).

So, yeah, good thing we have smart people passionate about neurons...

>> No.11174866

>Is going into STEM the smart thing to do nowadays?
No, and neither is working.

>> No.11174869


>> No.11175025

Your desires are rooted in a temporary historical circumstance. The easy, middle-class lifestyle that seems to be vanishing within our lifetimes is indeed only an unusual and short aberration in the whole duration of humanity. The whole existence of the middle class and even it's concept to the very core is unstable. The reality which everyone could aspire to a comfortable middle-class lifestyle was called the end of history, but now even the person who conceived of this particular end of history, francis fukuyama. is forced to admit that this is the end of "the end of history in face of recent and portentous events recent times.

I'm afraid that what's left for a better future lies in dramatic, radical, or maybe even violent changes in the political sphere. Working steadily and diligently, following the promised path which your parents and grandparents followed doesn't seem to be a viable path anymore.

>> No.11175036

You're going to spend your entire educational time studying the implicit justifications for the status quo, masked as empirical reality, while facing a high probability of being a jobless loser or a miserable wageslave under that same system.

>> No.11175087

>qualified individual can't find a job in his field
Nah but seriously, physics just happens to be one of those fields where there's very little work.

>> No.11175217
File: 32 KB, 633x758, 1539030409674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>attended 3 years of university under a physics major
>was kicked out for a year for low GPA and failing courses
>well CS is easier so I will do that
>return for a year and fuck up a course in first semester while on probation while doing pretty good/OK in other courses
>next semester take heavier load to compensate
>it gets overbearing and fuck up everything
>5 year suspension

well I always found CS kind of depressing anyway, at some level. I feel the sword of time bros. still no idea what the fuck to do or where to go. I have bad social skills, bad coping skills, anxiety, etc from being a NEET for too long. Do I go into a trade? Very blackpilled desu.

>> No.11175221

You need to understand that when they say STEM they mean computer science, (not even engineering)

>> No.11175226

Maybe you should have taken gender studies if you don't have the mental capacity for stem or something as brainlet-tier as CS?

>> No.11175229

Not Science or Math

>> No.11175239

What about EE?
I was thinking about getting my country's equivalent of an associate's degree in electrical engineering/electronics/industrial software eng and then go for the BS if I liked it.

>> No.11175267

These fields take a lot of discipline. You shoudlve taken a lighter load if you couldnt juggle 4 or 5 classes

>> No.11175286

Skilled trades are great if you just want to make a good living and acquire easily marketable skills.

>> No.11175391


>> No.11175423

I'm from a third world country and am planning to pursue a masters in computer science. Initially I had my sights set on University College London and Imperial College London, along with some other American universities (Cambridge and Oxford are above my power level).
But then I came across Copenhagen University. The country is good and the course is offered in English. Also the fees for this course are very less as compared to the other unis. This is very important to me. So I wanted to ask whether this course is good enough or not. Also what's the job situation like in Denmark and how easy will it be for me to land a job there. Also will I be eligible to apply for jobs in the UK? But most importantly, is this course good enough as compared to other unis.

Link : https://studies.ku.dk/masters/computer-science/admission-requirements/

Thanks in advance.

>> No.11175484
File: 694 KB, 837x878, 1570628577101-png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone points out discrimination in hiring system
>calls it "white male entitlement"
Ah yes not wanting race and gender to be the reason of hiring someone means you want "white male entitlements." You social justice brainlets always show your hypocrisy every time you speak

>> No.11175499

We are full. Fuck off

>> No.11175829

Just go and find out

Based and /pol/pilled

>> No.11176076

The fuck? How did he not find a job in finance or something like similar?

>> No.11176221
File: 96 KB, 960x960, 76938837_3082217945126920_7823466204508454912_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the rope fuel anon

>> No.11176330
File: 30 KB, 1514x1212, TIMESAND___2u22229f6g6efj96r3gdfgbjdggfedg333767698h46gr3gvg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was that you at the grocery store today?

>> No.11176438

He probably didn't want one.

>> No.11176529

What Ph.D. is getting paid 18k a year? Mine just got raised to 26k a year which is still shit but it's super livable in upstate NY

>> No.11176602


>> No.11176669

But he took a job a call center and killed himself... alrighty

>> No.11176705

>white guy can’t get job
>kills himself

>> No.11177073

>tfw decent STEM degree (not from a meme uni like reading)
>tfw now working nights in a warehouse
might try for an MSc and PhD and then kms

>> No.11177279

That's not what your birthrates are saying. Your economy screams for immigrants

>> No.11177906

No i havent left the house in months stupid

>> No.11177911

seems like he was too much a workaholic to remain unemployed and didn't have the stability to be unemployed

>> No.11177930

As far as academia goes, it's still probably one of the better moves. However, universities mostly seeking profits and giving in to gender bullshit ruined it to some degree and I'm not even sure what's worse. Some degrees like CS are given out to everybody, so they inflated a lot. Might as well learn to code yourself, though it may be difficult to know what to aim for without some guidance.

Got a bachelor's degree in math with compsci as a side subject. Kinda lost now, so I just applied for master's. Might just specialize in statistics and do more compsci/programming stuff to find some application like data science.

>> No.11180126

>muh unlimited growth economics theories

>> No.11180290

Everyone else is the racist when it comes to hiring in these threads anon

>> No.11180496


>> No.11181679

Pretty based

>> No.11181695

holy kek underrated

>> No.11183049
File: 500 KB, 728x640, 1546135078880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Once again, the STEM chad proves themselves smarter than everyone else.
>Sometimes the only winning move is not to play.

>> No.11183058

>University of Reading
This explains it

>> No.11183209

also great if you want to destroy your body from excess manual labor and end up an alcoholic or worse.

>> No.11184449

>completes 3 years of physics
>can't even complete 2 semesters of cs

kek is this where the inferiority complex from noncs fags comes in?

>> No.11185609

>>5 year suspension

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