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What if something moving at like, relative .1c just hit earth? Something big? Would we feel it? Can objects move fast enough to just collide with earth and kill us all instantly without providing a warning?

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depends how big but if its big enough and electromagnetically interactive or small enough and weakstrongly interactive, probably

neutrinos at 0.99999999.. hit us but theyre small, light hits us but its massless

a massive thing at 1c would have infinite energy, amt of KE increases asymptotically as you approach 1c

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Why the fuck does 1c work that way anyway? I know HOW it works, but why the fuck does the universe have a built in limiter?

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well lets start from the photons perspective. as you approach C, things slow down, and at C all timespace collapses too one instance - photon should experience itself everywhere at once, the universal wavefunction simply be-ing. Everything as a point is a pretty natural seeming limit to me!

why does this appear as 2.97x10^8 from all other perspectives?... idk lol, it probably makes more sense from a perspective i dont have, maybe something to do with keeping everybody coherent and the universe tied together

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It's because 1.57 isn't quite equal to 1.62.

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Why does it slow down?
>inb4 it just does

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it all follows from trying to preserve photon speed


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