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Unironically: Is math universal or a social construct?

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>Unironically: Is math universal or a social construct?

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applied math is universal, everything else is obsessive autistic puzzles

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Math is universal. Things like race are a social construct.

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but what is the theoretical difference between race and math?

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there is a sameness between | | and • •, a sameness betweeen ### and @@@, and a difference between the first superset and second, a difference thats defined by being quantifiable, a difference thats different from the difference between ## and ####.

So we symbolize these apparent and obvious differences, label them numbers, and get on. 1+1=2.

but what if 1 were a bucket of water, and 1 were another bucket. pour one into another and you still have one bucket of water, volume being an irrelevant quantity here.

so is math a social construct? no, it exists. but the axiomatic systems we chose to focus on certainly depend on whats most common, consistent, and useful in the animal world.

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Math is a tool we developed to solve practical problems. Some people find math so interesting that they study it on its own right. The logical relations between theorems arise naturally, but the symbolic schema that is "math" is a construct.

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Something can be both.

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Math is such a large field, you cannot have a direct answer, black and white answer. >>11123197
Your reply is quality anon. Please continue to exist <3

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that was very sweet of you :3
i fully expected some autist to get butt-enraged by it

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maths is *the* universal

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An alien race could derive at math independently of humans. While race as we use it would be very arbitrary for them without understanding our social situation. They could as easily say that blond people is a race as going by skin colour.

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>comparing finding social contructs is like playing minesweeper
Is this suggesting that SJW are logical?

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Society: The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.

Mathematics: The analysis & order of operations applicable to a collection of objects/elements.

Society therefor is what you get because of mathematics.


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If math is too large a field to receive a direct answer, or to ever know your initial starting point and vector initialization unless someone else tells you it, then isn't it just a free-for-all language buffer for those that 'really' don't like how everyone else treats infinity?

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this pic is cringe

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Fixed for accuracy.

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You're retarded

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PhilosophyChad here. Math is not real.
ur welcome.

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Math is both a social construct and a quantitative representation of the universe. Due to differences in language math may present itself with different words but functionally they are attempting to verbalize actual values that are observable.

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IMO math is something that we developed to explain the observations of the outside world. It was not there from the beginning, Sure 1 space rock + another space rock = two space rocks but mathematics is just a system we use to explain these observations of how the physical world interacts.

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All reduces to {Lang, N}

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fixed for insight

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/his/ and /lit are the some of the stupidest boards on the site, it's entirely pseuds
at least some on /sci/ actually went to college

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Math is not a social construct.

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The nature blessed everything with math. Universe laws and etc, animals can make high level math calculus instinctively.

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Universal construct. Math is a way to make sense of our perception.

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/medgen/ crossover

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That's a doozy.

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fixed to better model reality.

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i dated a schizophrenic girl once and she was always jealous of my intellect. she always thought i was condescending towards her even though i wasn't.

t. on the spectrum

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This. /lit/ likes to think of themselves as the smartest board, but literally the opposite is true.

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>Things like race are a social construct
Ah yes, the delusional mathrat who denies scientific evidence when it suits him.

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Based but Portman is MY waifu

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Fuck off with your faggotry somewhere else (*eddit)
But yes you are right

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well OP if you're like one of those faggots who think that 1+1 equals 11 or 3 and other retarded answers, no it isn't
top kek

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Both and neither. It's a universal of culture. The term "social construct" is just a meaningless political dog-whistle.

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>genetics is a social construct

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>so is math a social construct? no, it exists. but the axiomatic systems we chose
fucked yourself up right there

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>implying /r9k/ and /fit/ are happy

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not the anon you're responding to but the categorization of different specimens is a blatant human practice that is arbitrary at it's core, not to say that it's unfounded but it doesn't work on pure logic

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Tell me why I'm wrong then.

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ok boomer

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Math itself is a social construct, those phenomena which math describes are not, thus it becomes technically universal by correct math being forced to conform to things which are not subjectively determined.

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Mathematical axioms are predicated on law of middle exclusion, identity and non-contradiction which aren't fundamental. Holes, shadows, nothingness and other non-existent objects break the classical orthodoxy of what can be considered true. paraconsistant logic is a thing as well as fuzzy logic. We can't even ever know for sure if rationality is ultimately true because there's no alternative method of evaluation which is why epistemologists go oh shit i guess it's circular but the good kind of circular which doesn't need to be justified inferentially. All well and good until the critique of reason is justified by reason itself. Almost like you can justify anything if your foundation is circular. idk what to think anymore.

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Economy is real. Statistics are not.

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Aren't you confusing things that are taught using language and social constructs though?

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Math is a tool that helps us understand the universe. It is neither universal nor a social construct, but a construct or lens through which can view things and make sense of it.

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You are taught using predicate trust bind operators and successor functions. The language ultimately decompiles itself and dereferences the source in order to establish a dominant position.

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No, math is a social language to describe our universal surroundings

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"Gods language" or "cosmic language"
Fuck off with your weak wording

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>It is neither universal
Spotted the brainlet

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try dating an autistic schizophrenic LOL

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Universal. And God keeps for himself the most elegant proofs in a Book.

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/b/ is literally just porn these days.

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Every so often there's a retard who will break one of his fingers if you get trips.

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This is more accurate. I'm loath to even lurk /pol/ anymore. That board is incredibly saturated with brainlets now.

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Our math only makes sense in our universe. Different universe operate by different rules.

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Social construct designed to study universal truths.

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>Math is universal
>Numbers is a social construct

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Can confirm. I am only attracted to intellectual pursuits, but I am too dumb to do well or contribute whatsoever there, so i am sad.

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It's a socially constructed way to investigate facts about nature.
It is socially constructed at several levels.
The language is socially constructed. The notion of proof has also evolved quite a bit over time. The problems which are deemed interesting are also subject to fads: for some reason, everyone was all about incidence geometry and general topology in the 40s and 50s and now these fields have literally died out. Probability theory was considered non-mathematics by French mathematicians of the time and now it is becoming increasingly fashionable.
In other words, once a framework is fixed, mathematical facts are universal, but the mathematical framework and community, just like any community of humans, is subject to social dynamics and evolves with time.

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And there was light once a gain...

Maybe those dimmable lightbulbs was better.

Term universal is social construct.

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>but what if 1 were a bucket of water, and 1 were another bucket. pour one into another and you still have one bucket of water, volume being an irrelevant quantity here.
But you just said you get one 'bucket of water' from one 'bucket of water' and one 'bucket'. No shit, you only started with one 'bucket of water'.
You just said it yourself, the volume of water is irrelevant.

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>Knows absolutely that they're right about something, but can't identify what it is
The average poster

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Math Platonist here!

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