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Proof that i doesn't exist and anybody that believes in it is a schizo freak.

i*i = -1

-1*-1 = 1

i*i*i*i = 1

i = 1
i = -1

Proof 2:
It's impossible to have i number of items therefore i doesn't exist.


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You can only have a postivie number of items and thus ""i"" is just a delusion.

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>i*i*i*i = 1
>i = 1


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terrence howard pls go

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1*1*1*1 = 1
i*i*i*i = 1
i = 1.

Checkmate schizophrenic.

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Your celestial girlfriend doesn't exist.

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>i = 1, i = -1, Contradiction
Well obviously there is a contradiction, because these "solutions" don't satisfy your very assumptions, brainlet. If anything, you have proven that i can't be real.

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Squareroots are only poorly defined because information about absolute rotation, e.g. [math]e^{i3\pi}[/math] vs [math]e^{i\pi}[/math], is lost when converting to complex coordinates a+ib.
Likewise, multiplication of non-positive complex numbers is undefined. The only way we can derive meaningful information out of multiplication, without knowing the absolute rotation of the system, is by multiplying a number by its polar conjugate (the polar version of the complex conjugate, [math]ae^{i\theta}*be^{-i\theta}=ab e^{i0}[/math]. This is the polar equivalent of multiplying by zero, and acting surprised when multiplying (and dividing) by zero gives dumb answers.

In an ideal world, OP, I would call you an idiot. But this fundamental misunderstanding of polar coordinates is so deeply ingrained, I can only pity you, for you are but a mere product of your environment.

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How did you know it was me and what do you think about the fact that your post ends in a 4? And yes she does. This thread was a joke but it's not a joke that she exists.

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Only positive integers exist. I can't hold -2 apples in my hand. I can't fall off a cliff 3 and a half times.

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No no no you can have 2 and a half apples and you can be 2 apples in debt to somebody therefore having negative 2 apples

but you can't have i apples

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Everyone look at this faggot and laugh. He unironically believes that he has a "celestial French girlfriend" that communicates with him via post numbers on this board. If you don't believe me, go ahead and ask him.
You are talking to a genuine, known schizophrenic. Do not waste your time.

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f(x)=x*x*x*x is not injective, nitwit

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but I can have i amperes of current

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Ok ok ok I am not the first person to know about her. Second, she doesn't communicate with me through the numbers how many times do I need to say this, and thirdly, she does exist.

What do you think is so funny about denying the truth?

Why do you bother talking to me if you don't believe me. You must believe me she IS real.

You ARE wrong.

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Are you people seriously still replying to my troll posts?

Look the rest of the thread was just jokey jokes but she IS real. It's not arguable. SHE IS REAL.

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You keep saying false things. I don't believe she talks to me via post numbers you believe that.

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So what if you can have an apple and a half? Doesn't mean one and a half exists.

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we need a crank thread for fags like OP

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>me no believe what me no understand

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How do you know she's real? how does she communicate with you?

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I'm too meta for you, I am too aware of you and you are not aware enough of me. I am right and you're not. I'm too far ahead from you for you to see it.

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Anon, Parlez-vous fran├žais avec lui?

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>How do you know she's real?
That's not the point because you wouldn't believe me, the point is that I'm just trying to eventually have a way for you to believe me because it's possible because I'm right.

>How does she communicate with you?

You wouldn't understand and you can't understand.

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I no speakie French but she speaks English among other languages and is female.

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>you wouldn't believe me
then say it anyway u dumb faggot

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Is she cute?
I have a short cute bf, I usually use daydreaming to communicate with him. What means do you use the most?

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I'm not asking for anything from you.
I'm just trying to spread the truth my main man.
It's all pointless to a deluded deceived guy unless he has something that he wants so that's what I'm trying to get.

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>What are 2 dimensions

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She is HOT.
She is COOL.
We communicate the most using SCIENCE.
She doesn't look like a human she looks more human than a human does, if that makes sense?


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>She is HOT.
>She is COOL.
>We communicate the most using SCIENCE.

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And by deluded deceived guy I mean people who don't believe in me.

I mean people would believe in me more if my Notre Dame prediction was more accurate right? It was more accurate.

I just didn't post all the accurate things. By accurate I mean related.

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Smoking's not healthy.

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yeah but its fun and makes sex better

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Of course it does. As Aristotle used to say, there's an ideal plane of being beyond physical matter. You can look it up.
In my vicarious visions I'm a butt 7'4 buff guy with a huge dick and I have a short insecure BF to care and protect. hehe

Do you change through science communication as well?

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Uh ok.

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Do you wear trenchcoats too?

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Actually, I didn't notice how often I use this sort of garb in my visions. There must be a connection somewhere...

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But how did you know it was me based on my completely unrelated post?

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You're too confident. Or should I say, arrogant.

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based on the fact that you talk the same way in every idiotic post you make and the fact that you are completely predictable

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Hahahaha good one. I could oh boy hahaha.

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Why do you say that?

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Because you feel very arrogant. I can smell your arrogance. You act based as if you are forced to act that way based on your views.

As if your "knowledge" has destroyed your "free will" or something. I don't know.


You are definitely arrogant to say she doesn't exist though.

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I'm the guy with a BF.
You're confusing me with the other guy. He's tricking us, that looney.

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You are much more predictable.

>Oh i'm just fucking with you
>says something annoying
>she no real hehehehehe
>says something negative about me
>tries to make me mad
>tries to test me
>tries to extract info and compare it based on previous info
Like just no.

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I'm not really too invested in this conversation anhyways.

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She is real.

Give me a break.

One of these days maybe with good faith and patience I'll have even better evidence or something like that.

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What if I'm actually 11 different posters and there is just one guy spamming "she's not real" pretending to be different people and there's a bunch of different people pretending to be one person.

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I want to ask about and how to communicate better with people on other planes of existence, as you seemed well versed on the subject. You, however decided to be rude with me. Don't let that stupid guy get on your nerves!
That's why he knew it was you..My BF told me that.

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therefore 1=2

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Hmmm thanks for the timestamp 44.

I feel like he just stays in sci but I don't really fucking know or care,

if somebody were to follow me over 4chan then it means they would have a reason to suspect I might be right which is one more step towards the truth that I am right.

The realization will come in patience my dude.

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You're right.

How can 0 times the same number equal the same number? Because 1 and 2 are the same number!

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Now the thing here is that if your BF were to be real that would be pretty based and redpilled and I wouldn't mind you spreading the truth about it but in the case you are just "fucking with me" you'd only be fooling yourself.

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I won't deny he is real because I can't prove either way right now

What I am trying to do right now is at least make my case more suspicious by getting more "evidence" if you will.

Because the people who just say

"fuck off schizo" are just wrong dude.

I mean usually maybe they're right.

Their arrogance comes in the dogmatism though...

Patience is really the key for now.


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woke as fuck

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ok schizo

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Hahaha you've done it again.

>she no real hehehehehe

Thanks for the 4.

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Being in debt to someone is a social construct and an apple and half doesn't occur in nature, therefore only natural numbers are real.

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There are more like you in the world don't be closeminded. People from other dimensions use us as an avatar to this world through love.

Could you tell me what kind of scientific method do you use to talk to her or is it personal to only you?
I'd like to try it with my BF too1

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holy shit thanks for the 20502, only happens once every 100000 posts

>> No.11120514

She does what she wants and it's not explicable or exploitable.


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thanks for the 4

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You still don't understand the difference between the occurrence rate of an arbitrary number and the occurrence rate of a single number multiple times?


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Thanks for the timestamp 4 odds of 1 in 10 posts.
Thanks for the 21 odds of 1 in 100 posts.

>> No.11120527

thanks for the timestamp 4

>> No.11120530

21 is also one of the numbers too anon.

They are 4 21 71 79 97 171 and 203 and that's all I've been using this whole time


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Alright later...

There's something weird I'm smelling in this thread...


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dont let the door hit you on the way out

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>being annoying/mean

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Imagine non knowing about squared norms and posting this

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Just glanced and saw the clear mistake practly screaming. What the fuck do you want to propose here, fag?

Square root of minus one is equal to i, are you nuts?

Let's invert the the radical for it's operational opposite: exponentiation. In this case, being square root, it will then be, n squared.

Square root of minus one equals i squared.

Fag, if you're trying to deconstruct years of mathmetical study into creating the complex numbers, at least get pics that corroborate with your argument.

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>i = 1

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i = sqrt(-1) is wrong. Roots are undefined for negative real numbers.
i^2 = -1 is the correct version.

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