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I want to know more about why people think and act the way they do.

Which field of study that best address this matter, And for the casual observer, what books would you recommend one to pick up?

just asking out the psychoanalysis and/or economics majors out there.

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behavioral economics

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any recommended books?

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>psychoanalysis majors


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phrasing error.

now shoo.

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neuroscience is the answer, young jedi

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From what I can tell, it's a massive field full of controversy.
Neuroscience, behavioral economics, biology, psychology, evolution.

Personally, I think a good introductory author is Stephen Pinker. His linguistics is solid. His theories blend evolutionary psychology with the computational theory of the mind, but he's not an "Evolutionary Psychologist" (big E big P), so he doesn't overdo the role of evolution. He states that evolution gave us highly adaptable brains, which I like because a lot of Evolutionary Psychologists (big E big P) get tripped up on genetic determinism. Try his book "How the Mind Works", or "The Stuff of Thought" if you're into psycholinguistics.

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You could start with something like "Predictably Irrational" to get a taste.

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Neuroscience or get the fuck out

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> implying neuroscience is anywhere near explaining behavior

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more pop-cultury, but still offers good articles from time to time


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Ah, so you want to study a BS subject like psychology because neuro is too hard for you? faggot

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>hard = rewarding

enjoy sucking on a million hard dicks, homo.

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liberal arts major DETECTED

hint: that BS does NOT stand for bachelor of science! :hint

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Since everything is made of particles might as well just study physics, then. AKA: you're derping pretty hard.

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check out daniel kahneman and amos tversky

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Nope. You wouldn't be able to do shit if they put a brain in front of you and you were a physics major. Don't get me wrong, neuroscience requires quite a bit of physics, just nowhere near a straight up physics major. Same would happen if you try to put a mathematician in a medical enviorment, he will look like a fucking idiot.

Psychology is a bullshit field and psychologists are not real doctors. HTH.

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almost every tendency or disposition humans have is a product of evolution's influence on us.

Wiki is a nice start I think

follow the links, sources, ideas, etc.

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arent there already enough tier-threads on this board why cant you leave innocent threads alone with your dick-measuring.

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please don't make me post this again.

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wtf, I dont wear a goatee

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I want to say Endowment Effect is in play here, but I hardly think any of you are neuroscientists.

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>Obama toast
God damn, people are stupid. It's a face with a shaved head of hair. Big fucking deal, it's not a picture of Obama.

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Psychoanalysis is bullshit, invented by Freud who's theories are all 100% bullshit.

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>implying you know modern psychoanalysis

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Is that Mary Poppins burned on toast?

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more like pareidolia

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Really? an XKCD comic strip? a comic specifically made for math majors to feel better about themselves? Hahaha.

Math majors = code monkeys and actuaries.

Sorry timmy, differential algebra isn't going to relieve that patient on the SICU of the Hamartoma in his lungs :(

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right, but subset of apophenia

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i'm seeing princess leia. i dunno where they got obama from

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you're all wrong

it's jesus.

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I see a bald DJ

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the inverse is arranged by relevance

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