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Physics is the study of reality itself. This physical reality gave birth to a brain that created (discovered?) the field of mathematics--and the corresponding axioms and theorems that apply to all possible worlds that we can conceive using the same logic.
So which is higher in the pecking order? Which one is studying the purest and most fundamental truths of existence?

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>falling for the STEM meme

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physics = labslave job
math = no job

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Mathematics = studying change
Physics = studying reality, which involves change

Physical changes are a subset of all possible changes.

Practically, mathematics is used to study physics, so mathematicians make the tools and physicists use the tools.

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>Thinking everyone is as mediocre as you are yourself.

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what the actual fuck

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there is no physics as we know it without mathematics
there's plenty of mathematics without physics

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It's true, physics is a subset of maths

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what about that is confusing
That’s not what was stated in that post and physicists do things other than calculations and don’t prove mathematical theorems or study mathematical objects explicitly, they aren’t mathematicians.

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Unironically this, mathematics is just the application of philosophy and art.

>implying that chemistry cant also be applied biology respective to chemistry, and physics cannot be applied chemistry respective to physics.
-this is how we know most thread creators in sci are first year undergrads at best.

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I, too, speak English without knowledge of the alphabet.

It is possible, but not ideal.

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>Mathematics - exist in the uncreated logi
>Physics - only came about after the Fall
You tell me

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Physics is a weak area of maths. It is so to speak a certain area of applied math.

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Brainlet here,
Does abstract maths, higher maths etc have any real world application or is it a philosophical branch of mathematics?

Like if we solve the reinman-zeta thing what does that let us do with the information?

What has higher mathematics done and what is it used for?

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Nothing, it's just a bunch of 19-century-thinking formalists, unable to cope with constructivism, with proofs, based upon completely utterly absurd "standards of rigour", that topple if you as much as breathe on them, and, as such, have zero practical applicability of any kind.

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