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I plan on majoring in Computer Science, however I need to decide between a minor in math or in physics. So which one should I choose, I want to know the pros and cons of each major.

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math + physics

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I suppose it depends on what kinda CS you're into. There is CS that works with physics and C's that works with math. Pick whichever is gonna be more useful/more interesting to you.

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CS + Math. Also, please don't fall for the anti-CS circlejerk on this board.

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physics + cs
you learn the underpinnings of engineering
people value you for knowing how to program
you get enough math to bootstrap yourself in rigorous math
t. physics + cs ugrad doing ee phd

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cs is a good minor if your uni will let you pick the better classes à la carte. i would not have chosen it as a major knowing what i know now. out of the question.

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cs is a meme

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do what you think is the most fun. while you may have potential jobs/careers on your mind you should also genuinely enjoy what you are learning

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Both are great combinations. Math has more direct relevance but physics is great too.

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I find both Math and Physics fun
What do you mean by as it is now? Is it not as mathy as I thought it was going to be?
I really like math and physics, that's why I'm having such a difficult time choosing. What's the difference between CS with math vs CS with Physics?

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>What do you mean by as it is now? Is it not as mathy as I thought it was going to be?

the culture of compsci has been on a sharp downturn. java is not worth your time. there are a few really good compsci courses at my uni but i can count them all on two hands.

it's just my own personal experience. take it with a grain of salt. i'm just saying i wouldn't do it again.

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CS and math is a good combination but it really matter what you want to do.
You'll obviously do very different work in each

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If you want to set yourself apart, get a non-stem minor. Graphic design would be good for CS.

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Ideally I hear we're supposed to do math minor or EE minor

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