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What would you decide to do? What would you use your intelligence for if you were born with a high IQ?

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don't most people with extraordinarily high IQ's do nothing, wallow in despair, etc.?

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I wouldn't know, I already do this and I'm no genius.

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>Another iq bread
Let her retake the test at 20 and see if she still scores that high. At 11, her peers are pretty much retarded.
Also basing your life choices off a number is indicative of low intelligence. Always strive for the path you regard as the most noble, whether that is solving mathematical riddles or finding more efficient ways to farm coca plants.

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just answer the question, retard.

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>answer the question
I'd do precisely what I am doing right now, i.e. posting on a yakutian reindeer herding forum.

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we're not talking about anyone boasting.
>reading comprehension

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Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein never took an IQ test. How do they know she has a higher IQ than them?

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They derived their IQ by their scientific sucess

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How would we know? Your intellect is tied into your personality, more or less, so how could we predict what we would do if we could see, understand and affect things we can't even imagine right now.

My IQ is already in the 99.8:th percentile (IIRC). By no means a genius, but considerably above average at any rate. And while it's obvious that it's given me perspective I find lacking in most others, all it's done otherwise is give me a good background in academia and a nice career. But when people study and work hard, they usually end up just as far as their potential, or motivation, will take them. In my case it means that even with an IQ of 143, I ended up in a job where I'm surrounded by people just as intelligent as I am. In my own bubble of colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, I'm barely above average.

The world has had many true geniuses. Most of them people have never really even heard of though, because what they use it for, and how much it pays off in the end, is largely down to personality and luck.

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>They derived their IQ by their scientific sucess
They should do that for every Mensa members, that would be pretty savaged.

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Albert Einstein was a brainlet patent thief.

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Now how exactly would you do this?

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How would I know. My IQ is 89, dont expect me to know that shit lol

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I use it to take advantage of my NEETdom
also in my experience Mensa doesn't give you a score when you write the test? They just let you know whether you pass.

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IQ test "statistics" are so much bullshit. There has never been good, quality scientific studies about IQ. That's one example of it.

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only men

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just one step away from bio. how much you wanna bet this guy does organic chem too?

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No idea since intelligence doesn't solve laziness.

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Einstein and Hawking aren't known to have taken IQ tests. That article is clickbait bullshit.

Do you want to know what's even more of a fucking meme than articles like that? IQ.

I fucking kid you not, I took a test at 8 that suggested my verbal IQ (164) was about 60 points higher than my nonverbal IQ. Now I'm taking a course in stochastic differential equations in high school but can't write worth a damn.

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Maybe if you'd instead taken a few elementary courses in statistics, you'd understand why your personal experience counts for shit all. This is not a matter of opinion, it's well studied and documented that IQ correlates strongly with mental acuity, which in turn correlates with one's likely position in the society. You can deny it like any flat-earther or anti-vaccination idiot all you like. That doesn't change the facts.

Yes, this doesn't mean that every person with a low or a high measured IQ is stupid or intelligent, respectively, but the outliers are surprisingly rare. Take 5 random people with an IQ of 100 and another 5 with an IQ of 140, and make them compete in any intellectual subject. Even at such small group sizes, the odds are already astronomically in favor of the 140 IQ people beating the ever living shit out of the other 5 in almost any subject.

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I would post on 4channel

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Maybe if you had interpreted the first post correctly, you'd understand why I phrased my response this way. I understand the extremely limited value of anecdotal "evidence." My point is simply that IQ is more robust when comparing populations than for predicting individual outcomes. If one has a high IQ, one should not necessarily have any more rosy an opinion of one's potential in STEM after considering more germane factors (like actual STEM performance).

The average person with IQ 120 may be more successful than the average person with IQ 80, but most STEM majors are above that point to begin with. Whatever you consider to be an "astronomical" IQ probably has shit-for-all incremental validity for predicting STEM success. Gibson and Light found the average Cambridge physics professor to have a Wechsler IQ of 127.7. Please don't cite that study from 1952 to "refute" this. The test Roe used wasn't thoroughly validated.

"Mental acuity" isn't even well defined. Do we use Wechsler's definition or Cattell's? Somebody else's? It's a reified construct that always goes back to IQ. Circular argument is circular.

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being the languages guy, but with other thing to spend my high caliber autismo into

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A super low IQ score is probably accurate or intentional most of the time.
If you were in a room talking to people with 130 up to max score you probably couldn’t figure out who was who without cheating or being told/given hints.
I agree you can generally tell from a 95 IQ to a 130 though.
If you get 120+ on an IQ test it means you’re less likely to have stunted brain development or inherited brain damage, at least with regards to the things IQ tests try and cover.
If you can’t visualize which rotated shapes fit together you have damage to or lack that aspect of your spatial intelligence, for instance. Another guy might be able to do that, but be less capable at other tasks within the IQ test than you. At the end, it’s a dude with a degree who decides what your IQ is regardless of the outcomes of his tests and even if you give non standard answers in the parts where you are questioned verbally or where you physically manipulate a puzzle; he can still arbitrarily place you based on his (or a panel’s) personal judgement.
I scored super super high as a kid and rather high as an adult, probably because the administer when I was a kid overinflated my score due to being exceptional for my age group at the time.

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Yes, after 120ish, the difference in score is less meaningful. If some guy has an absurd 222 IQ and another guy has a 145 IQ, it’s at best the same difference in intelligence as a someone with 105 IQ vs. someone with 110.
If the guy with the 222 score takes another test with a new administer who does not know his former score, he could easily only score 145. If the 145 does the same; he might score 200.
Someone who scores (in earnest and not as a protest, prank, etc) 75 will probably never be able to score 130 and vice versa though, suggesting that up to the 130 range of IQ, the test is a useful measure.

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>set a standard for herself
>will be held to that standard the rest of her life

Watch the one day she has a "dumb" day and someone teases her. Gonna find the worlds smartest noose.

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IQ is logarithmic. It works just like the dB. An increase in 3 IQ points is 2x the intelligence capacity, 6 points 4x, 10 points 10x, 20 points 100x, 30 points 1000x, 40 points 10000x, etc.

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IQ tests were a mistake
Checked and based

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drop out of college, become neet, and masturbate all day for more than a decade

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>It’s a “IQ isnt real except when a brown person scores highly” episode
Fucking delusional

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Realize that my influence in this shithole of a planet is worth literally nothing and spend the rest of my days jacking off to cute anime girls till the day I decide to hang myself.

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Assuming IQ is a valid measurement of fluid intelligence, by how much would you change your IQ if a magical genie offered you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

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I would increase it to the highest possible

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I'd push it down to the lowest it could possibly go while still being able to function as a normal, healthy human being.

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>everyone I don’t like is a hive mind with the exact same opinions on every topic

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Go straight to 0. It would kill me.

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>Intentionally get every answer wrong
>IQ is 30
>Get sent to institution for the mentally handicapped
>Become king of the retards
>Kys when you realize this wasnt a good idea after all

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load of shit. if you are a midwit and know that no matter how hard you try you will never amount to anything is soul crushing and anything else is cope

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>another IQ thread

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>if you are a midwit and know that no matter how hard you try you will never amount to anything is soul crushing and anything else is cope
The truth about being "smart" is that the only thing that scales up faster than the things you can achieve is the expectations put on you for what you need to/should achieve. It doesn't matter in the end if you can technically and practically do more if what is expected from you will always be breathing down your neck and constantly smothering you. The only difference between a midwit and a smarter person is that one thinks that they could have escaped their problems had they had "better" luck, while the other finally gets to realize that there isn't really a way out. If your personality at least makes you mentally strong enough to help you pull out of that struggle and keep on doing whatever you feel like then that's good for you, you don't really need to be a top percentile genius to have that and you'll probably live more happily and healthily than someone that is. Otherwise they both just come to the same conclusion, that they just want out of their misery once and for all.

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that would mean that the entire universe would transform into your brain.
is that really what you'd want?

So you'll be a poor person, working shitty jobs, and getting taken advantage of by less dumb people at every step in your life.


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The way to go is to leave your answer sheet blank, so they can't say you're a retard and get a hint that you have a mind of your own.

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There's a few problems with this line of thinking. Besides the obvious grass is greener issue, where you don't even realize all the issues, increased expectations (see >>11084301 ) put in intelligent people, there's also a rather high chance that what you just said is just an excuse.

Every single one of us is limited by our looks, abilities, color, background, physical and mental health... everything really. Those of us who work to the best of our abilities, whatever that may be, can become reasonably successful despite our limitations. Usually the ones who think like what you just said however, are just hiding behind the excuse and not even putting in the effort.

Even among the very intelligent, very few ever become millionaire level successful in anything, for instance. Since at that level your parents, background and subsequent networks, color, sex, and dumb luck plays a much larger role than plain intellect. So a more realistic goal line for what successful really means, is just being healthy, having at least some degree, and having a middle class income with a more or less stable job. Most average IQ people can accomplish that, with years and years of hard work. For us above average IQ people it takes a few less years and a little less work, but other than that it's not all that different.

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Here eyes are in shape of lizard. But no one questions this anymore because i will look like schizo.

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criminally underrated comment.

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Ah, yes. He stole the patents for relativity and the photoelectric effect. Makes perfect sense.

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no he was just a self taught physics genius that happened to work at the patent office and came up with a similar theory to another physicist (henri poincare). Just coincidence nothing to see here.

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It's something I honestly struggle with. Being brilliant is unironically a curse.
I am almost totally content to smoke pot, drive around, and listen to music all day. It makes me feel happy and comfortable. Of course money is an issue, but I know I can make enough to pay bills without really trying. Easily. If I just did that interspersed with spending time with my family, I'd be almost content. Just watch cartoons and be comfy and enjoy the company of the people I love.
But there's shit that keeps me awake at night. Shit I wake up at night screaming about.
Could you die contented and fulfilled knowing that you practically had superpowers and still watched everyone burn while you did nothing?
I know the assertion that I'm intelligent is probably taken as presumptuous and arrogant on its own, but what do you do when you know it's true and it shows whether you try to show off or not? Don't you have a responsibility to do something incredible if you have incredible potential for it? Doesn't it get frustrating to stand around with your limp dick in your hands and watch everybody flail through something when you know you have an idea that would help? It'd be like standing there watching everyone trying to lift something, knowing you're stronger than all of them combined, knowing everyone knows it, and then sitting down to jack off and eat froot loops while they struggled.

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I don't want to be that guy, but you sound like a pretentious fuck and a troll. As an extremely intelligent person myself, I know full well that even if you're in the top 99.9:th percentile, there's millions of us on this planet. And not one of them has accomplished a single thing comparable to super powers. Besides which, any smart person will tell you the brain is fucking useless unless you train and use it.

I mean seriously? Who actually believes this bullshit movie myth that a high IQ means you can just sit your ass down doing nothing for 20 years in a row and then suddenly pull magic out of your rectum? Yes, exceptionally intelligent people can learn things in a relative instant, that normal people will never be able to even understand. But you're not competing against normal people, you're competing against other exceptionally intelligent people. People who - while just as smart as, or even smarter than you - have already used decades of work including a massive amount of collaboration and funding on the same problem.

Super powers? Pfft.

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Yeah and look where he is now

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>intelligence capacity

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Few things piss me off like smart people who develop an ego, for being such fucking underachievers that they're stuck working with people far dumber than themselves. That's LITERALLY the same as a 30-yearold man going to a fucking kindergarten and thinking himself such a fucking alpha for being better than the kids there.

If you work worth a damn, you'll basically automatically end up as far up as your abilities can take you. As an intelligent person, I'm surrounded by more or less equally smart other people. Luckily enough though, the problem above isn't all that common. Because while I've known my share of people who think they're such fucking geniuses, the reason they never get anywhere at all is because they're actually dumb as fuck. They just don't realize it themselves. Dunning Kruger in action, I suppose.

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I mean, I agree to an extent. As you get further and further in life, you eventually find out that EVERYBODY around you is that talented and driven, that EVERYBODY around you was the smartest kid in their class, and that you're not that special. Like the anon above said, you wind up surrounded by people as smart as you are, and like you said, there's still millions of people in the top percentile. And you're right, it's competitive in these environments and there's always someone better, because the standard isn't the average dude, it's other really smart people. You're just a number, you're a dime a dozen, and there's hundreds or thohsands of people like you who can take your place. And that's perspective.
But you can't tell me you've never stepped out of that competitive environment for a while and just stood in awe of how slowly the average person thinks. Again, I know this is gonna come across as me being an asshole, but haven't you ever just stood back and been like, "Damn, people are TANGIBLY that dumb?"
Because they are. By the numbers, you really are the smartest person in the room relatively often outside of really unusual environments.
They're both true and they're both worth keeping in mind for perspective.

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"Full nutrition" is such a rarity amongst diets (~some 1%) and scholarly articles that most physiological correlations are "barely relevant", especially because energy levels, personality, social interest and investment, skillfulness, appearance-features, and other aspects of genetic expression are basing on nutriments.

Is an example. The dietary omega 3 (evidenced benefiting telomere lengths, and thus of its utility in building up cellular environments, and youth) is simply usually not there – protein amounts, potency of antioxidants, all vitamins and minerals, nutrient availability and timing amongst digestion rates and insulinogenics, substrates of epinephrine, dopamine, melatonin, and serotonin (being available OTC).

Hungers are associated with energy homeostasis, cholinergic-dopaminergic rewards, neurotrophy, et al. (and are even required for rewards from alcohol or food) – productivity, motivation, energy, and awards. There are correlative optimizations for increased GH, decreased T, (even thus) greater amounts of T .. which, even in women, heightens sensation, libido, and orgasm. So, sensory and behavioral benefits are huge, including ~optimizations of hormonal responses for energy, fun, stimulation, intensity, and (thusly) happiness and intelligence. Propagation of cellular chemicals is simple. Humans are *very* proficient at A to B, and actually having metabolites is obviously of much more potential.

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>get MESA IQ score of 9
>draw two 9's to the right of the real 9
>make buzzfeed fake news headlines because you aren't white

Works every time infidels.

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cope more tyrone

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>The truth about being "smart" is that the only thing that scales up faster than the things you can achieve is the expectations put on you for what you need to/should achieve.
this is what I think partially explains depression in gifted people. except it's often not the expectations that are put on you by others, but by yourself. (not that that's something in your control)

most self-made millionaires are found at an IQ of ~120.

Being healthy also means having meaningful connections to people and pursuing meaningful goals. The smarter/more gifted/more different you are, the much more difficult those are to accomplish.

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>if you were born with a high IQ?
That's impossible. An IQ is not something you have, it's something you score. There are also no IQ tests intended for newborns.

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way to miss the point

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>way to miss the point

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I agree with what you say.
But having a superhuman level of intelligence would be akin to a superpower.

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I'd bet that many of those people you're talking about have a number of great difficulties in their life which they can't resolve on their own, and that their negative reaction is a negative coping mechanism. Don't be so quick to judge.

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except it doesn't matter how dumb other people are compared to you. you still can't get them to do what you want, or what you think is best for them.
most people are dumb, yes. politicians are a bit less dumb, but still dumb. so then go into politics and change the country for the better. oh, wait, it doesn't work like that.
imagine it's 2006 and you're smart enough to predict the banking crisis of 2008. does that mean that anyone would listen if you told them about the future devastating effects? no.

it doesn't matter how smart you, nobody can manipulate large groups of people into doing things that are good for them (and mankind).

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>her IQ is higher than people who never had their IQ measured.

So is mine, I suppose...

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>childhood IQ tests
they don't start becoming even remotely accurate until at least 16-18

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I don't know. But smart people work in some boring desk job for men who were trust fund babies.

If you aren't working in corporate, then you are working in academia or are researching something (usually for the rest of your life) that will have zero impact on humanity.

That's Capitalism for you.

Plus it's also odd. There are people with IQ's over 200 and yet made or make no contributions in the sciences and yet there are scientists who have or had lower IQ's who have made major contributions???

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well, there's a difference between giftedness/creative genius and pure intelligence.

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ah shit mine too

>> No.11086249

hawking and Einstein were notorious for not complying and taking IQ test, so that sounds pretty simple to beat their score given that there is no actual recorded score for the two.

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i'm like 120-130
probably to 170, it would be pretty nice pwning everyone on lichess.

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see >>11082983

>> No.11086331

hello mister "i don't know shit about statistics and distributions".

>> No.11087167

But who is testing the testers?

>> No.11087433

the tester testers

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the fucking reason i set a normal youth as my goal
still only partially working because of grand autismo lol

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She's got nothing on this big guy

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Graham's number

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why is Hawkings so fucking reddit.

>> No.11088371

Can you explain in simple turn, is iq genetic or not..

>> No.11088374

Your "big guy" is nothing but a crank. All he ever wrote was meaningless garbage. Imagine thinking you're too smart to be understood by academia LMAO.

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>> No.11088403

>Another: an IQ thread

>> No.11088407

Grats on outing yourself as a complete moron.

>> No.11088454

420, because then I could dude weed constantly and still run my own business/casually learn how to program

>> No.11088481

IQ doesn't mean much at that age.

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>Can you explain in simple turn, is iq genetic or not..
"Sorta". Genetic similarity is listed as 99.5% – but is possibly 100%. It comes from nutrition and behavior, being defined by even repeats of looks / gestures. It's being actively switched around what's activated, and the status is passable to offspring.

The problems are ..
A). full nutrition, especially fundamental cellular building blocks, but also further substrates for ~optimizations (metabolites of energy; compounds producing specific effects; and supplements for neurochemical metabolites) ..
B). "health and behavior", deriving from hormones, which are further caused by eating habits (e.g., calorie distribution), musculature, and BF%. Also associated are appetites, flavors, sensations, libido, and orgasm.

Humanity has basically been malnutritioned for thousands of years ..


"Can you explain, in a simplicity, the relevance of ~IQ."

>> No.11089624

How to correct nutrition? Where so we typically fall short?

>> No.11089628


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>> No.11089741

So what is the scientific success of that Iranian girl then? That she clicks on a checkbox with weird circles and triangles slightly faster than other people?

>> No.11089746

Here's some redpill for you anons
Personal IQ means nothing since the noise from random factors affects it too much
On the other hand measuring the IQ of larger groups of people says a lot about those people

Therefore: IQ value of some random girl = worthless
Average IQ of some specific ethnic group = extremely valuable information that says a lot about those

>> No.11090046

She's cute, would smooch.

Hilarious. Einstein would have 300iq just from his creativity and versatility. Mensa is basically a circlejerk.

>> No.11090062

I believe this about as much as I believe china's reported average IQ.

>> No.11090130

Probably this since modern education catters only to women

>> No.11090164

Very glad to see underrepresented groups getting the coverage they deserve. Very cool brain, Mehmet, come to the Whitehouse? It's an honour to be in the presence of a future world leader.

>> No.11090176

>11 years old

>> No.11090201

>the most intelligent man who has ever lived is literally a self-hating /pol/ incarnate shitskin
life is so wonderful and also full of wonder

>> No.11090214

Almost every one of his "accomplishments" have been disprovened. If he didn't have the handicap gimmick he would be a completely forgotten academic whose level of fame would have been limited to the bounds of his university campus. No publisher would have been interested in his books without the disability gimmick.

>> No.11090222

>click the proper sequence of dots
>publish a lot of shit in readable format for normies
>have colleagues and fanboys in academia
>"Yeah bruh, his IQ had to be like, 160 or some shit. He was soooo smart!"

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>What would you use your intelligence for if you were born with a high IQ?

Sterilize the entire planet

>> No.11090619

>Sterilize the entire planet
t. incel

>> No.11090657

Recognizes the existence of =/= caters to

>> No.11090665

Kim Jong-un has the highest iq

>> No.11091136

>>Intentionally get every answer wrong
That actually takes effort.

>> No.11091177

you have no clue what you're talking about

there is a documented gender disparity in educational achievement in primary education. it becomes larger when you exclusively look at students of color.


>> No.11091221

I fell for the Mensa meme once, can confirm

>> No.11091325

more famous for his contributions to science than you ever will be.

>> No.11092146


>> No.11092147

Less so than normies. When they do though, it's because they are literally surrounded by retards.

>> No.11092174

I think that vos Savant lady wrote a book about math puzzles or something. No patents, never published a scientific paper in a peer reviewed journal, but she sure was good at trivial pursuit!

>> No.11092277

I wouldn't fall for this bait

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Probably what I'm trying to do right now, I'd just be better at it. The genetic lottery is not fair.

>> No.11092308

She'll be an underachiever like Sidis and all the super smart people. By 30 she'll be fully into an excentric hobby.

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Physicists don't patent their theories, you shekelbrained engie retard.

>> No.11092558


I just hope this doesn't put undue pressure on her. I was smart in school but had a mental breakdown in my mid-teens and I've been depressed for years since and went from one manual labour job to the other because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do nor did I think I deserved any better than I what I was doing at the time. I've since started uni and I'm doing quite well. I'm still depressed but I finally get some enjoyment out of what I'm doing.

>> No.11092566

And to think that all her genius will be wasted on being another cocksucker for some stinky goat herder.

>> No.11092818

>the absolute state of journalism

>> No.11092831
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IQ testing is so flawed, that the irony is only stupid people take them seriously. For one, some of them require literal prior knowledge, but even if some don't, it's pretty clear that the more you practice on them the better you become at scoring, because you are simply trained for them. It's not a coincidence that any random Mathematician will score considerably higher than expected because simply their literal job is to practice on complex logic similar to that testing (PS. sure a literally clinically deficient may never score well, but it comes to show how flawed the entire thing is when simple training can supposedly make you "inherently smarter" (it doesn't)).

>> No.11094937

w...whats wrong with orgo chem

>> No.11094968

IQ is an inherently flawed and outdated method of recording intelligence.
So I would mostly brag about it to idiots who think it's impressive.

>> No.11095100

Would a better test of intelligence be how fast you improve on repetitions of these kinds of tests?

>> No.11095316

No because motivation is a factor

>> No.11095949

>don't most people with extraordinarily high IQ's do nothing, wallow in despair, etc.?
It depends. If you go out and create amazing things, people are going to say you have high IQ, but if you don't, they are going to say you have low IQ.
Apparently, IQ only matters after what you did(or didn't) and not before it.

>> No.11096017

You sound like one of those "i wanna change the world so it suits my biased notion of what an ideal, utopian world is" but fail to realize that their dumb retarded opinion has been highly influenced by media and society at large and that the only tru way of living is to please yourself. Most politicians are extremely high iq ans that's why they usually end up rich. Why would you want to prevent the 2008 banking crisis? What would you get out of it? It's not like you can't just take preventive measures (for yourself) so you don't lose all your money. What do you expect to get out of it? A blowboj? A monument in your honor? Would you effort be really worth it if the same people that would've been fucked by said crisis went on to lose it all in the next crisis or just spend it all on unnecesary consumer goods? Also if you ever had the possibility to be in a high political position what would you change? Would you try to help weak, disposable people in detriment of average or even smart people? Would you really care for the same retards that listen to Nicki Minaj and have absolutely no self control to the point where theyre all fat fucks? You're a pretentious cunt and every action that you think you may be doing for "humanity" is done only to boost your ego and give you an excuse for complaining about politicians, thinking theyre dumb when you couldnt do half the shit a politician pulls. Criticizing a politician is equivalent to what leftist retards do when they criticize non ugly, non mentally ill, strong people. Fuck you and your severely flawed logic, retard.

>> No.11096054

fucking lmao

>> No.11096178

she gonna kill her self before 30 because cant find success justifying those IQs and lack of higher high iq beta bux to marry

>> No.11096185

>do nothing, wallow in despair, etc.?
You mean come to 4ch?

>> No.11096326
File: 9 KB, 200x257, Kim_Peek,_diagnosed_with_Savant_syndrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would the IQ of a savant person be? Someone who can recite a piano peace by listening to it once by ear with no missed notes and perfect tempo, but needs help putting his pants on and posts regularly on 4chan?


What would a deaf/dumb/blind person who can only communicate by touching other people's IQ be?


What would a person from a completely different culture's IQ be? Maybe a veteran who has slayed countless foes in battle, but is completely illiterate?


What would someone with a fucked up brain who can't read the test correctly because they are dyslexic, have a mirrored, upside down, jumbled vision with constant non-stop hallucinations IQ be?

Are people from the past expected to have a worse IQ than people in the future? Is the cave man who dies because he ate a poison berry expected to have a lower IQ point than the future man who can consult his berry app to find out the berries are poisonous because a distant ancestor died eating them?

>> No.11096354
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People make drugs in organic chem, like meth and LSD and morphine. And Jesus doesn't like drugs, except for the time he turned water into drugs and told his followers to drink a drug as sacrement and encourages children to do a drug as holy communion.

>> No.11096367


I bet she did the same test 200 times and then took the same test again..

>> No.11096626

I've rarely seen such massive projection. damn.
and you obviously didn't get the point.
try to better yourself instead of just getting angry on the internet.

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