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"I banged your Mom" - edition
Old threads
We discuss research, offer advice (the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and shitpost.

Do not engage the clamp poster (https://pastebin.com/aYNv0zFc).

Don't start discussing pro- and anti-vax shit because it degenerates and takes a lot of replies.

>What's the best spec for research?
Path, onc, anesthesia, etc.
>Best spec lifestyle wise?
Psych, ophtho, derm, rad onc, family medicine

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You're gonna be obsolete within a decade, still with 300kj memical school student loans, when singularity strikes and we're all in robot anime bodies.

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I would assume that the shrink would disclose the matter if he thought it would be a risk to the docs patients (legally obliged to do so here). Only case would be where the psych doesn't know that the patient is a doctor. I'd propably just ask from the colleague and if that doesn't clear it up, I would talk with psych to find out if they know that the patient is a doctor.

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>student loans

Imagine being an American.

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Am a vet, why am I less respected and paid than you when learning about different animal species is harder than just humans?

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Because if you are shitty, animals die, if I'm shitty people die.

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How can I improve my focus and work more efficiently?

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Sleep properly, eat properly, exercise. Understanding things is gold, spaced repetition a good second.

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I do all those things and my method involves spaced repetition. I also try to understand the things I learn.
However I have trouble focusing and even though I study for long periods of time (five or six hours, often more) I tend to space out a lot which results in me not taking breaks because I feel like "spacing out" already wastes enough time... Sometimes I end up rereading the same paragraph four times because I just lack focus. So I end up studying for six hours but I feel like I haven’t been very productive. How do I fix this?
Other than that I’m highly organized, but I struggle because I take too long to study due to my lack of focus.

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do you guys also offer psychiatric advice

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Does any one else think that transitive disease cells and bacteria do not exist?

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Had the same issue. Doc told me I had ADHD. Thought it was bullshit but once I started treatment it was like flipping a switch.

As long as you don't chase the euphoria and keep your dose low it's like turning off the static in your head.

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Oh fuck I hope not, I don’t need this shit. What treatment are/were you on? What were the side effects?

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Imagine thinking you are this important. Just lol.

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does pooping stimulate the prostate?

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How did you guys memorize stuff for anatomy, including anatomical descriptions, any tips?

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What are you on about? I literally could kill people daily with incompetence.

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Looking at models and illustrations and working with the cadavers. It's easier to remember shit when you know what it looks like and where it is.

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Sometimes I get a spontaneous feeling of sexual arousal. Then like 10 minutes later I find out I need to have a bowel movement. Based on my observation, yes.
>No homo

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Patient has chest pains that have lasted for 90 minutes.

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62 year-old otherwise healthy patient with palpitations that begun 20 minutes ago.

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50 year-old male without pre-existing conditions complains about palpitations and dizziness.

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24 year-old female complains about shortness of breath.

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have you inspected the benis? :D

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partially censor her face and post a photo of her, possibly showing her arms sleeveless, maybe I got an idea. Will answer tomorrow. (8-10 hours from now)

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If you think I am trolling asking a picture to masturbate to then post a picture of this guy.

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>new medical students’ ball tonight
>everyone’s there, dressed in their smartest clothes
>mfw rotting in the dark at home

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Perfectly solvable without any pics.

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...have you never made e. Coli in a dish? That's undergrad stuff.

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But people are animals. Son where exactly did you get your education?

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Just because amphetamines made you focus doesn't mean you have adhd

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Stop using outdated longwinded textbooks and use shorthand shit like first aid. You will get like 80%of it and the 20% you don't understand you can look up the explanation on your book or whatever

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Go see one - that's my advice, scizo
BRS anatomy and Netters. Also take the lead in dissection

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Based benis inspector

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Garbagio, guille

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I've been to 5 different psychiatrists in the past 5 years and they're all worthless

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Typical schizo opinion

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lmao doctor shopping because he couldn't find one to feed his delusions

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yeah whatever, guess I'm just fucked

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>the same words mean different things depending on the discourse

Welcome to being human. Got any other questions?

shoot schizo

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You are a speciest abelist and should be removed from your position and imprisoned for thought crimes.

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How the hell am I supposed to shadow and volunteer and research when I'm barely able to handle cramming these exams? I already don't sleep, don't have weekends, and have to plan shit weeks in advance. I don't even have time for clubs.
The only thing I can think of is trying to cram it into winter break and spring. That, or getting so good at this that I just have the time anyway.

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Stop doing the retarded recommended readings, mongo

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People do it. It's your choice.
Either work like an animal for several years just to earn money or relax do what you want and make slightly less.

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I’m already using condensed notes and stuff that’s supposed to facilitate learning

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>depending on the discourse
If you're going to use these words to try and sound smart, at least learn to use them properly

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How close are we to eradicating HIV/AIDS brehs? have to get tested next week and am nervous

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The good news is if you're +ve, you get to use the pool.

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Once after 3 weeks of nofap I had a huge shit and it accidentally milked my prostate so hard that it spat a huge load of seminal liquid.

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Some day ago I had a friend whose blue irides changed to greyer, slightly golden, unfortunately as it was very late I did not take any photographic evidence, now unless the four of us who noticed (no formal exam or anything) fucked up, what can change the nature of the iris?

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Anki + image occluzion + using different ressources.
3D models help a lot too these days

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Because you picked the easy path, animals are naive and compliant, also they can't sue you and if it's too difficult you can just end their sufferings with a shot.

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Hey medical dudes, how the fuck do I get this white shit out of my tonsils?

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scrape it off

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Whenever I try that I just end up gagging a bunch and not getting much out anyway

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Focusing 5-6 hours a day on studying is the maximum you can do, our brains didn't evolve to sit on a chair and memorize abstract facts all day.

The best you can do is keep trying, ultimately you will adapt and be more efficient.
Also don't watch your phones during breaks, the best you can do is take a walk outside for 10 minutes and let your mind wander.

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What kind of white shit? Tonsil-stones you should massage out. If ir's the white gunk from an infection or mononucleosis or something, cleaning it off won't help, you just have to get better

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Yeah that's the thing. Is it just a matter of habit then? Sometimes I'll have a biochem or anatomy course I need to review and it takes four hours instead of the two it should take at most for the aforementioned reasons. I don't think my peers have the same problem, not those I've talked to at least.
>don't watch your phones during breaks
Does this have a negative effect on attention?
What's the optimal work/break ratio, does it depend on the person?

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Stop overthinking shit.

I don't get how you get this far and still think a person can focus 6 hours reading some mundane shit like anatomy. Smart people only read 2 hours max and make sure they remember it.

Stop being a weak mind and be a strong mind. It's that simple.

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Yes, phones and browsing breaks have a bad effect on productivity.

When you take a break to read some shit on internet you stay in focused mode and aren't actually recovering, you just excite your brain with new stimulis.
A good break should be boring and introspective, not about binging informations.

One good way to improve focus is meditation too, try 10-15 minutes a day, a good time is first thing in the morning.

Try 50min/10min, do the hardest shit first thing in the morning, I can personally go for a 1h30 stint in the morning and then decrease to 50 minutes stints and then 25 by mid afternoon and I do one or two 10 minutes stints around dinner.

I have struggled most of my med school years with the workload too, I used to be a complete slacker in school and cruised easily through it, I only began working in first year of med school (there is a ranked exam with 200 places for around 1200 students) but it was more like a sprint, the following years are increasingly harder and you have to find a balance and make efficiency gains.

I had to cut video games, youtube and other shits. I still go on the chans during the weekend to laugh a bit but ultimately I must be quite strict with myself as I'm the addictive/procrastinator type and easily fall into binging.
It gets easier with time if you keep working but it never becomes easy.

Some people in med schools are freaks and have close to edietic memory, other are shameless cheaters, I wouldn't waste my time comparing myself to them.

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Hey medfags,

How could I relax my sphincter and rectum nerves/muscles so I could take an inflatable buttplug enema without desperately wanting to get it out of my ass due to the pain and spasms?

Muscle relaxant or something? Painkillers? Morphine?

Asking unironically for myself.

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>> No.11036202

>just memorize things quicker bro
What? If I only studied two hours per day I’d fail.
Thanks for the advice man. I always tell myself I’ll try to meditate but end up not doing it.

>> No.11036204

I'm actually asking.
Believe it or not, it's not for sexual reasons.

>> No.11036209

If you have an ass problem serious enough that you think an inflatable buttplug enema might help, then yes, it's worth just asking a real doctor. Fucking perv

>> No.11036211

LBBB, probably masking a coronary
Who the hell uses 50 ms/s? Paroxysmal supraventricular tachy?
AV block 3rd degree
Is this noise? P and T waves look weird.

>> No.11036239

I'm in first year, please explain more. I thought the standard was 25 mm/s?

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I want to get sick just to fuck a female doctor or a nurse. But I can't afford a private room. Is it possible to pick up doctors and nurses at a walk-in clinic and take them out/home from there? Has anyone here tried that?

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Why is onc so hard? Medication, types of tumors, immunology markers, tumoral markers, it's all made out of fucking acronyms. I usually make charts but I can't memorize acronyms for fucks sake. All I know that PSA is for prostate, CA125 for ovaries. The rest is foggy for me and can't remember shit.

>> No.11036416

I study approx 2 to 4 hours/day and I'm doing just fine. It won't help you that much, most of the stuff you'll truly learn and engrave in your memory is during residency.

>> No.11036592

I'm trying to do retention enemas.

What drugs could I take to not want to shit out the water immediately, I'm having a hard time keeping it in

Muscle relaxants?

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Get an escort in a costume

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Anons, what did they mean by this?

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Hey so I'm going to be taking Poppers and I've never taken them before.
Not for any sexual reason but for experimental health reasons.

These nitrates relax smooth muscle correct? This includes the intestine and anus?

Would I be able to take an 4 quart enema without getting any colon spasms and wanting to shit it out?

I am gay but that's unrelated.

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If you have money you can keep it in remission for your whole life.

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What should I do if I have this very specific headache that implies digestive issues (2nd pic)? I have it almost constantly, all day every day. Even if I get a good night's sleep I'm already tired when I wake up. I suspect that I have fructose malabsorption at least, but possibly also SIBO, although I'm not sure if that's a real condition and not just a meme like "leaky gut". Can SIBO in itself manifest in fructose malabsorption?

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Also around 3 months ago I had a very bad case of diarrhea for a few days (I literally had to shit every 30 minutes for an entire night), but what was very strange about it was that I had burps that tasted like eggs, even when I didn't even eat eggs. Now leading up to that night I've eaten some food that I perhaps shouldn't mix, namely: lots of peach, beans and goat milk. It was my first time drinking goat milk. And when these things mixed in my intestines they wrecked havoc.

When I google these symptoms I get pic related.

Also I can't go to my doctor because whenever I mention a symptom I have he always dismisses it with random shit and just tells me to take some multivitamin and drink some wine.

>> No.11036955

Nevermind, I just took bought and sniffed a bunch of it with this plug in my ass and it seems to work decently.

The effects dont last as long as I like though

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>less and less doctors graduating in the US
>while doctors in Europe are numerous and flourishing because of few financial restrictions
>the European doctors then go work in the U:s to fill in the void that is left by the student debt crisis preventing brilliant minds from entering medicine
My face when. Jesus Christ, you guys really fucked up by not voting Bernie Sanders.

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Forgot to attach my image

>> No.11036971

Get a tool
Eventually you get used to it and have much fresher breath

>> No.11036974

what the fuck would he do?
he would only make taxpayers pay for the problem

we should have voted for ron paul
he would have gotten the government out of education entirely so the price would fall to the floor
education is only expensive because the government hands out student loans like candy so colleges just raise their prices infinitely

>> No.11036980


>I might get sued

don't be shit then retard

>> No.11037018

What do you guys think of applying to Med School after getting an Electrical Engineering Degree with a medical track?
Not 100% sure if i should head that way. But sometimes i do think about a career in the medical field more deeply

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>Do no harm

>> No.11037161

Euro docs go to the US? Why? I thought it was extremely tedious to move there as a foreign MD and that you pretty much needed to complete residency all over again.

>> No.11037165

>giving a shit about the Hippocratic oath
They barely even make it mandatory nowadays, it’s a formality. I don’t think you even need to recite it in order to get your degree.

>> No.11037279

What do you want to do?
Be a doctor or do something else with the degree?

>> No.11037299

Don't know where you heard that, here in France they are importing romanians (with a formation straight up from the 90s) because they were too stingy during 20 years to increase the numerus clausus.

Also it only works because our colleges are publicly funded, which mean there is no budget and we do 4 years of clinical as slave labor.

>> No.11037310

Fast a day or two and try probiotics for a month (if you live in Europe probio forte is good).

>> No.11037367

Only become a doctor if you can’t see yourself doing anything else. It’s not worth the cost, the stress, or the insane amount of bullshit that goes along with getting that MD and residency.

>> No.11037368

Not math not science
fuck off

>> No.11037369

Fuck off faggot, there's no other board for this.

>> No.11037371

Hey medfags how does it feel that you all will be replaced by machines in 10 years?

>> No.11037372

Ferment some probiotics like L reuteri or mutaflor in large quantities, mix it with milk and molasses then insert it FAR FAR into your ass with an enema

complicated procedure but it works

>> No.11037376


>> No.11037386

>Believe it or not, it's not for sexual reasons.

Doctors hear excuses like this all the time, you're fooling no one

>> No.11037394

Feels good man. Give me my comfy UBI.

>> No.11037395

central bank loving UBI cucks will eat shit in the future
can't wait for you to get btfo

>> No.11037397

It's actually not, I'm trying to do a massive probiotic enema but I'm having trouble keeping the liquid in.
Any advice?

>> No.11037399

The US healthcare system has to collapse soon, right? How can medical schools justify increasingly insane admission requirements while the country as a whole suffers a severe primary care shortage?

>> No.11037405

I won’t be getting btfo because I’m already rich. Stay mad.

>> No.11037409

then why do you want ubi?

I fucking hope it does and a free market system replaces it.

>> No.11037417

The recent change to the numerus clausus seems kind of useless though. It’s still the top 200 that gets in.
t. P1

>> No.11037419

Not happening. The ability of machines to replace what we do is grossly exaggerated.

>> No.11037423

And how could you know that medfag?

>> No.11037437

Let's be scientific about it. My hypothesis is that in 10 years when this hasn't happened your ilk will just repeat the same line. Now comes the observation phase.

>> No.11037445

I'm talking about the late late 80s and early 00s with a peak in 95 bizu, back then they would ditch even more people because they thought that if you had less doctors then healthcare would be cheaper (yes, boomer politics were that retarded).

>> No.11037467

I never heard of that, sounds fucking dumb. Aren’t measures currently being taken to prevent Romanian and such docs to come here though? Don’t they get shit scores at the ECN anyway, and end up doing occupational med in Brest or whatever?
What year are you in by the way?

>> No.11037470

Probably because anticipated progresses in tech are always grossly exaggerated and more often than not evolve in unexpected direction (see how people in the 60s thought their grandkids would have flying cars and live in space colonies by now, instead they have smartphones and spend their time lurking at thots on instagram and twitch).

ML will probably tremendously help with interpretation of imagery and biology though but I will still have to put my finger into your butthole when you have an asspain and decipher the gibberish coming out of the mouth of the average 80 yo who "felt bad" on his toilets.

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Somebody red pill me on quetiapine. If I take 200mg for sleep along with 15mg mirtazapine am I going to be fucked when I get older? The quetiapine really helps me sleep but I dont want to end up being a mental cripple when I get older.

>> No.11037747

There's one every thread. Ignore it.

>> No.11037777

I don’t understand, mirtazapine often helps people sleep. I doubt you need us to tell you it is foolish to take a potent mood stabilizer as a sleeping aid.

>> No.11037794

A better question is why you are prescribed quetiapine. Some insane psychiatrists have taken to prescribing it off label as a sleeping aid. If this is the case for you I’d recommend seeing a new doctor.

>> No.11037865

Yes my psychiatrist prescribes it to me. Whats wrong with using it as a sleep aid if it works really well? Is there bad long term side effects?

>> No.11038067

I would recommend you do your own research. Using any type of mood stabilizer is risky long term. Quetiapine in particular can lead to abuse and subsequent withdrawals along with many other negative outcomes. There have been countless studies and articles written on the perils of prescribing Seroquel for off label uses. It’s a very powerful drug that has some applications, but I personally would absolutely not use it solely for a sleeping aid. There are countless other solutions, many OTC or lifestyle changes, that have next to no risk.

And yes, long term use of quetiapine has been linked to suicidal thoughts, weight gain, cataracts, high blood sugar, and permanent tardive dyskinesia (involuntary muscle spasms).

200mg is on the low side dosage wise. But why on earth you would be taking it if you aren’t suffering from severe bipolar disorder or schizophrenia is totally beyond me.

>> No.11038087

>shaky hands
Lay off the amphetamines

>> No.11038091

>t. baby eater

>> No.11038099

thoughts on SSRIs?

>> No.11038449

how comfy are your guys lives? it seems like just telling someone you are a doctor automatically raises their perception you by a few levels and you guys get paid a fuck ton

yet i always see on these med threads that you guys never talk about salary or how good your lifestyles are, what is the catch?

>> No.11038518

Working hours are long, sometimes stressful, most patients are poor and stupid and you often wonder if you missed something dramatic on this kid last week.
You rarely have the feeling of "curing someone" because a large part of modern medicine is management of chronic conditions.

With internet some people are much more anxious or vindicative too and they see you as the paper pusher to get the imagery/biology they read on Webmd for their self diagnosis (teachers are the absolute worst at this).

Salary wise it's comfy (they make much more in the US than us in Europe though), the status impresses noone at the hospital unless you're really a big shot surgeon doing face transplant or equivalent in other fields.

I personally wish I had less patients and could do more in-depth follow up in my specialty, many patients don't need to simply pop up pills but need to have their lifestyle completely overhauled. Pipe dream in the current system though, gotta reach these quotas.

>> No.11038526

Hospital is not comfy. Why are so many docs reluctant to open a private practice? In Europe most young MDs choose that route.

>> No.11038536

They don’t work as well as people think they do but if it’s prescribed take it

>> No.11038545

I'm bored and stalking clampguy again
I thought you all might enjoy this

>> No.11038552

Because if you want to do interesting stuff it's almost always at the hospital.
Big private practices (where you can do the same stuff) work just like hospitals, if you do less numbers your associates will ask what's up.

There is no incentive to do quality over quantity and there is already not enough doctors to deal with the current demand timely.

>> No.11038554

Looks like a personal choice to make then. But in the long run, having your own practice seems like the better choice. You get less interesting cases, but a much more manageable lifestyle, less stress, fewer hours, and a better income.

>> No.11038555

More. I miss him. Do you think he an heroed?

>> No.11038889

Frens, my friend with AML might be in remission if his bone marrow biopsy is ok :3333 Also still haven't started volunteering yet, I'm anxious to start :/

It is. Pics are with 50 mm/s. First one we have a wide QRS with negative T waves in almost all leads and ST depression in precordial ones. This masks an eventual MI. Second one we have normal width QRSs without P waves, but this may be because of tachycardia. But the 50 mm/s make it look weird so I'm guessing a supraventricular tachycardia. Might be AVNRT too i think. Third pic we have random P waves and random QRSs which hints that the atria and ventricules follow a rhythm of their own - 3rd degree AV block. Fourth pic has a lot of noise and I don't know if its just a normal ECG with noise or atrial flutter/fibrilation. If it was fibrilation QRSs shouldn't be regular rhythm tho.
Cuz it's mainly memorisation without any logic. I mean there's logic, but you have to be a molecular biologist or biochemist to know the ins and outs.
Holy shit, lul

>> No.11038900

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain, anon. I really appreciate it. <3

>> No.11039209

Pretty damn comfy. My hours are shitty but the job is just right. Unironically in flow every day. The pay is a nice bonus, but not that important to me.

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tfw too stupid to ecg
this shit is painful

>> No.11039231

Put in enough time, it'll click eventually.

>> No.11039444

In order to study the effects of various compounds (research chemicals, psychoactive drugs like hypnotics, antipsychotics, dissociatives and whatnot) on the brain and mood/perception, is it better to go for an MD, a PharmD, or a PhD? What would be the best specialization in either case?

>> No.11039674

My internal optimist says he's taken 4chan's advice to heart and is rethinking his life. My internal realist says he's only taking a temporary break from spamming here

https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/56769608/#56769907 probably the funniest one

Here's what I found while waiting for lunch, the top link is a long thread where he rambles about being an incel who's the smartest man on /g/

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>family constantly posting shit to Facebook about how modern medicine is a scam
>family constantly posting shit to Facebook about how avocados and mangos are better than allopathic medicine
>family constantly posting shit to facebook about consuming copper and colloidal silver to cure diseases like cancer
>family constantly posting shit to Facebook about how doctors are just greedy quacks who collect money and deliberately avoid helping you
>meanwhile I'm busting my ass to earn this M.D.
>cyanide is not a vitamin

>> No.11039948
File: 122 KB, 1440x740, e7c0584255fa6f2981e510285a9e9e4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm going to be taking a 5 quart enema with milk/molasses and large quantities of fermented l. reuteri and e coli nissle 1917.

Ask me anything.

>> No.11039997

After researching toxoplasmosis thoroughly I've come to the conclusion that it's beneficial to have it in the modern society and I'm gonna attempt to infect myself with it under the assumption that I don't have it. Convince me otherwise.
>Research on the linkage between T. gondii infection and entrepreneurial behavior showed that students who tested positive for T. gondii exposure were 1.4 times more likely to major in business, and 1.7 times more likely to have an emphasis in "management and entrepreneurship". Among 197 participants of entrepreneurship events, T. gondii exposure was correlated with being 1.8 times more likely to have started their own business.
>T. gondii has two genes that code for a bifunctional phenylalanine and tyrosine hydroxylase, two important and rate-limiting steps of dopamine biosynthesis. One of the genes is constitutively expressed, while the other is only produced during cyst development.
>Toxoplasma is parasite of cats that uses any warm-blooded animals as intermediate hosts. It is known to induce shifts in behavior, physiology and even morphology of its intermediate hosts, including humans. The lower second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D ratio) in infected man and women, and higher height in infected man suggest that sex steroid hormones like testosterone could play a role in these shifts. Here, we searched for another indirect indication for a higher postnatal testosterone level, i.e. increased perceived dominance and masculinity in infected men. We showed portrait pictures of 89 male students of which 18 were Toxoplasma-infected to 109 female students. When we statistically corrected for age, men with latent toxoplasmosis were perceived as more dominant (p=0.009) and masculine (p=0.052). These results support the idea that the higher level of testosterone could be responsible for at least some of the toxoplasmosis-associated shifts in human and animal behavior.

>> No.11040003

corelation does not equal cock asian

>> No.11040008

Sure but given what we know about toxoplasmosis I think you'd be retarded to think this can be attributed to correlation. Shifts in behavior and risk taking happen universally to all animals infected with toxoplasma.

>> No.11040062

I have a machine that you hook it up to a guy and gives a general look in written form of their medical history, if they got ashma, cancer, broken bones, teeth problems, which vaccines they did and still remain in their blood stream.
When used by a human operator it can diagnose the rest, you could post a picture of someone and I could tell you if they are allergic to something and what, if they have parkinson, cancer, bone problems, calcium insufficiency, thyroid problems, etc.

>> No.11040072

show me this magical machine

the fda will never approve shit like this

they're the number one thing hindering medical technological advancement and it makes me sick

>> No.11040088

The maker makes various claims but they got no research to back it up in spite of having worked on it for over 30 years, I am part of a third party working with a couple of hospitals doing research, this first one is just 2 teams, us and the hospital doing the usual checkup on a certain class of hospital patients, once enough data will be gathered, the data will be confronted, thus the new machine against the tried and proven method. You will see then. Or give me a facebook picture of someone whose medical history you know.

>> No.11040123

whatever I'll just wait for it to become mainstream
which will take AGES due to the FDA so whatever

>> No.11040186

>give yourself toxoplasmosis
>kill yourself driving to work too aggressively
Best of luck. If you really want the “benefits” (read: heightened aggression, recklessness) just take testosterone.

>> No.11040199

It would have been done already but the makers were dumbfucks, I am not gonna go into muh conspiracy, it was simple idiocy, the data gathered does not require interpretation, it simply requires a human operator to read it.

Well back to the mainstream there is something that I wonder about the medicine world, it feels like there's a lack of "uniformity of knowledge", by which I mean, suppose you are diagnosed with cancer X, you might get a doctor giving you chemo or you might find someone who lets you have a treatment that still cures it but without exposing you to radiations.
It feels inefficient, like a gamble.

>> No.11040208

Chemotherapy is different from radiotherapy.

>> No.11040236

Medical question boys. I am 24, when i was about 7 or 8 i had a strange facination with my eyelids and would put shit under my top eyelids. One day i put a marble and the thing rolled back behind my eyeball and i was so scared i never told anyone. What happened to that marble? Is it still there?

>> No.11040240

More like just take adderall, right? Well that's expensive, but toxoplasmosis is free and permanent.
It's obvious you have no medical education and you have no idea what you're talking about so I don't know why you're replying to me.

>> No.11040308

Kek this has to be bait. Do it and report back.

>> No.11040369

godspeed anon

>> No.11040791

I had chuckle.

>> No.11040879

The other anon suggested test because the study that you quoted suggests that testosterone changes associated with T. gondii infection is possibly one of the ways by which it affects behavior. Go ahead and eat cat shit and report back if you turn into an alpha Chad.

>> No.11040885

How do you hook it up to the patient?

>> No.11040890

I read a /fit/ post the other day in which the OP was convinced that his flu-like symptoms were due to eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome. He had blood tests at two different hospitals, and neither showed elevated eosinophil levels.
OP noted that a study he read did not indicate whether patient with peripheral eosinophilia also had high eosinophil counts.

>> No.11040903

Anal probe. Got the idea after some aliens abducted me.

>> No.11040920
File: 1.75 MB, 259x259, F32456D5-CC97-4511-A5E4-FE9F5E5F437E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Legends have it, the marble still rolls around back there till this day. Rolling around like a compas ball.

>> No.11040931

In the sake of scientific curiosity, are you vegan by chance?

>> No.11040936

And now the wool over your eyes is pulled. Stay sharp friendo

>> No.11040943

I'm going to get a second CT scan of my head this week. Should I be concerned about radiation?

>> No.11040948

Yep, you're going to get cancer.

>> No.11040981

What's your job anon

>> No.11040992

>stubbed my toe
>half my nail fell off, nailbed exposed
>just put a band-aid over it
no doctor needed right, unless it starts to look infected?

>> No.11040998

That happened to me just keep an eye on it and if it starts to look funny go to the doctor
t. not a doctor

>> No.11041436

Take a footbath twice a day with epsom salt, if the nail doesn't grow properly go see someone.

>> No.11041595


>> No.11041597


>> No.11041612

MD+PhD is the optimal combo if you have it in you. Psych or neuro for spec obviously.

>> No.11041625

is TOF with MAPCA dangerous? I have TOF and MAPCAs suddenly appeared in my recent 2D echo. What do?

>> No.11041678

I know it would be ideal but what's the next best thing? Pharmacy is out then, either way?

>> No.11041682

I would blow my brain out if I had to go for Pharmacy

>> No.11041741

That's not what I asked, anon.
Pharma seems conducive to research in neuro/psychopharmacology, it's in the name. I assume it'd make it more difficult to take part in clinical studies (trials) but the knowledge and skills you would acquire with a doctorate in pharmacy seem directly relevant to what I'm asking about.

>> No.11041831

bumping for a response to this

>> No.11042095

>knowledge and skills you would acquire
Degrees prepare you to jack shit research wise.

>> No.11042099

Pharma is good for drug development. That's it.

>> No.11042122

Ok it's not only in my country and family.
>dad this is bulshit why are you drinking this gunk
>you're a doctor you should read more than your jew textbooks
Did he take tryptophan? Also the key feature of it is peripheral eosinophilia. How does he have a desease where the key feature is missing?

>> No.11042331

Can the long term effects of marijuana be reversed?

>> No.11042408

Sadly no. Neurons do not regenerate.

>> No.11042555

Is it possible to be a psych but not have to deal with depressed soccer moms and all the other boring shit? Serious mental illnesses seem interesting but the typical SAD, ADHD, teens acting out, etc seems exhausting.

>> No.11042592

Yes. You'll have to deal with that while in residency but after that you can pretty much choose what you want do. Inpatient, forensic, pediatric, very specialized private practice etc.

>> No.11042610

That's pretty cool.
Why do very few students want psych, again?

>> No.11042656

>very few
??? There are plenty of people that want psych, my man.

>> No.11042678

It takes a certain kind of person. You'll have to be able to deal with a kind of ambiguity in the treatment. You can't really rely on simple heuristics in most cases unlike in somatic medicine. Clear-cut cases where you diagnose, do an intervention and the contact ends there are fairly rare.

You have to be able to deal with heavy shit, it ain't no dermatology. The patient population can be a bit "difficult" too depending on your exact position and personal preference. For example, I work with addicts and they don't bother me at all but I know that even most shrinks don't like them. In general it takes a certain kind of temperament.

>> No.11042750

Depends on the country I guess. Nobody wants to do it here.
That honestly sounds interesting. Which kind of patient is usually the most difficult to deal with in your opinion? Which is the easiest or more pleasant?

>> No.11042759

>Nobody wants do to it here

Even in my gypsy shithole it's picked among the first specs. I can't imagine why you wouldn't pick it, honestly. It's kind of cool if you're into mental problems, especially addiction as the other anon practices, those seem particularly interesting.

>> No.11042830

It's pretty unpopular in Western Europe in general.

>> No.11042919

>Which kind of patient is usually the most difficult to deal with in your opinion? Which is the easiest or more pleasant?

Borderlines and eating disorders are my pet peeves. "Depressed" young adults who are aggressively seeking disability status irk me too. I personally like addicts and prisoners.

This varies a lot depending on the shrink, I have some colleagues who wanted only the really intense shit and others who hated psychotics etc. and just wanted to focus on run of the mill depression. Everybody dislikes borderlines though.

>> No.11042934

>be 2nd year biofag
>decide to attend immunology conference because i plan to pick it as my specialization path in the future
>literally all participants have a medicine background
I'm afraid they'll make fun of me because i won't understand their anatomy / surgery / general hospital life memes

>> No.11042967

Not the anon you replied to but I'm assuming you see the prisoners in the prison right? Also, you have your own practice?

>> No.11043728



>> No.11043826

Bros, my right pinky and ring finger were numb for like 3 days now, please tell me this isn't carpal tunnel or some shit like that

>> No.11043971

>decide to go to peds presentation
>Most boring shit I've ever attended in my life

Yep, not doing that ever again, looks like I can take Wednesdays off.

>> No.11043998

How much did it costs? Also why did you choose immunology?

>> No.11044069

I know it sounds ridiculous but i actually did that guys. Kinda wonder what happened to the marble.

>> No.11044081

Just increase your test levels anon.

>> No.11044135

You might want to study the anatomy of the eye socket.

>> No.11044136

No one will care.

>> No.11044142

>you see the prisoners in the prison
Outpatient stuff in prisons, voluntary inpatient in prison hospitals and involuntary treatment usually in a separate facility.

Yes, I run a practice on side mainly for addicts who don't want to mix with the hoi polloi.

>> No.11044348

>Neurons do not regenerate.
This is a lie.

>> No.11044370

go back to /fit/
medfags this is a PHD board.
You are MDs

>> No.11044452

Are you stupid or something, my friend? Glial cells regenerate, neurons on the other hand do not.

>> No.11044455

renal denervation didn't work.
You medicine fags are retards. I'm a biochemistryfag. You don't know nothing

>> No.11044484

It's like 50 bucks for the general public but free for students of my university (is cheap because Russia)
Since the beginning i had an inclination towards medicine, but i decided to take a less orthodox way because i can't stand how they teach medicine in universities and i don't intend to study for like 10 years to get a license to treat people in a hospital or be the one to know how to perform resuscitation whenever my scientific director feels close to kicking the bucket, my role will be working behind the scenes in the development of new medications/vaccines/etc, i think a biology background considerably opens up your horizons as you are studying not only humans but living beings as a whole, so i will have an integral understanding of immunology

>> No.11045125

I respect you but in the end you don't deal with human lives.

>> No.11045130

Before you go to sleep at the end of the night memorize 30 minutes worth of stuff, slowly add on to the repertoire of what your memorizing. If you memorize directly before you fall asleep it sticks with you and consistency is always good.

This only works for rote memorization not anything involving conceptual critical thinking.

>> No.11045132
File: 74 KB, 698x375, fitposter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11045146

That's just axons.

>> No.11045167

Fucking based

>> No.11045175

I'm a fucking new grad nurse fresh out orientation I'll do my best
Idk, BBB? I'd assume angina but would just follow my MONA protocol
At a glance looks like SVT b/c I can't find my P waves but am I retarded or am I getting a HR of 88 off the aVL lead? Plus lead 1 looks fine.
If the p's and q's don't agree, it's an AV type 3. If they don't have a pace inform IM or Cardio and get them to cath lab. Otherwise plan for interrogation of pacemaker.
Artifact? Maybe the patient was moving but I wouldn't know why the V leads look so much better than my favorite leads, 2 and AVR

I gotta just keep doing more strips, had a strip the other day that my monitor tech told me was "a fib" but I just saw a bunch of pac's w/ a hr of 65. When I clocked in the next day noticed the new day's strip was exactly the same as the day before. After looking closer realized I missed a Wenckebach. Took me and my older nurse to convince the cardiac NP that it was a Wencke, not that it matters it's not like it was advancing.

>> No.11045183

How many pharma shills are there here? Let's try this: homeopathy has specific effets, beyond placebo.

>> No.11045195

Man I feel you, some of these patients aren't changing their fucking lifestyles. You don't know how many times I see a doctor give a thorough, in depth discussion using language a toddler can understand only for me to follow back in as a nurse and have the patient immediately do what the doctor told them not to or outright state "I have no clue what he said to me"

I know a lot of my job is to reinforce what y'all teach but when I come in to d/c my pt w/ a pulmonary embolism and say "Ok so let's talk about the eliquis" and they have no clue what it is or that they even needed blood thinners after both the doctors and me explained multiple times the need for long term anticoagulation as well as me going over all side effects, elementary explanations of mechanism of actions etc. etc. You just know some people have no hope and will be back months later for a larger PE.

But every now and then you run into the patient that says, "Ok the doctor told me I'll be on high dose steroids when I discharge and will be starting insulin please tell me signs of hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia and how I can best manage my blood sugar outside of the hospital" and you just suddenly remember why you do this job.

>> No.11045196

Non-physician fag here.

There's something that is gnawing me since a year ago, when my fiancee passed away.

She was battling breast cancer since two and a half years earlier and weeks before her departure day she went into carboplatinum chemoterapy, who derived into stomach and lower back pains, her skin turned yellowish and she felt weak. Her family tried to give her big amounts of liquids to help her kidneys to work.

When she entered E.R. on the vesper, she was experiencing acute pains, described by her as "8 or 9 out of 10" and she was prescribed with intravenous morphine first and intravenous hydromorphone later because the former didn't help. I gave her a methadone pill (she was taking 3 to 4 methadone pills daily) and after a excruciating blood test extraction and a x-ray imaging, doctors decided that nothing could be done for her, not even trying a dyalisis due to kidney failure.

They told us that they were going to prescribe her something to relieve her pains and warned us that there won't be any resuscitation if she entered into a cardio-respiratory arrest. Needless to say, all that left me in shambles and I can recall many details of that long, sad night.


It has been exactly one year since then. I hope I haven't bothered anyone, if you find my question dumb or hilarious please remember I'm the only one to be mocked, not her. Excuse my English, it isn't my native language and what I've learned of it, I've learned from the shitty public education system in my third world country. Thanks in advance for any answer. God bless you all.

>> No.11045206
File: 117 KB, 1280x960, homeoposter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11045215

I'll be honest the only thing I can think of is giving her morphine and ativan if she's actively dying since comfort is the most important part and we won't care if the respiration are less than 12 or BP is tanking since they are dying anyway. Of course if you live in a third world country they could have euthanized her.

My question for you is the "won't be any resuscitation" part. While I'm always in agreement with making dying patients or patients that aren't reaching treatment goals a do not resuscitate it should always be the patients and families decision. Did they fucking force you to make your wife a do not resuscitate?

>> No.11045216

Wow unless she had stage 4 cancer and it had already spread to her vital organs the medical system of your country is dog tier. Who dies of breast cancer in the first world? Nobody, that's who.

>> No.11045220

Answering to your question: Yes. They made the decision. They just plainly stated it to us.
After the comment before you and your comment, I'm starting to think that her case was an awful case of medical negligence. From the very start, with that failure of a chemo.

>> No.11045221

Typically stage 3/2/1 breast cancer doesn't even get chemo. Just radiation and surgery.

>> No.11045223

Some physicians are shitty and continue chemo instead of going for palliation. If it was stage 4 and nothing worked, palliative care should've been the answer, you can't just try to play "God" and give her chances until the end. I'm sorry for your loss, anon, I hope you're doing well.

>> No.11045228

Cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted remedies on breast cancer cells.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih gov/pubmed/20043074
Systematic Review of Plant-Based Homeopathic Basic Research: An Update
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih gov/pubmed/29621812
Histamine dilutions modulate basophil activation
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih gov/pubmed/15105967
Effect of Homeopathic Medicines and a Nosode on Larvae of Cochliomyia hominivorax (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih gov/pubmed/30836408
Statistical analysis of the effect of high dilutions of arsenic in a large dataset from a wheat germination model.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih gov/pubmed/10826444

>> No.11045234

She already went into surgery and radiotherapy. She received a first chemo schedule during 8 - 9 months, underwent left breast removal surgery (as well as ganglion removal) after that there was a radiotherapy schedule and after she underwent a passive chemo schedule (capecitabine pills) but after another tumor started to grow very quickly (no less than two months) she underwent another chemo schedule with carboplatine.

>> No.11045241

Yeah sounds like physicians in your country are just incompetent. Such cases are common outside developed countries with good education.

>> No.11045247

She was in palliative care also. They started with tramadol to go later with oral morphine. Not being enough, she started to receive oxycodone pills and even that wasn't enough. They implanted her a catheter near her neck and left arm and started a hydromorphone treatment, after that, they prescribed her methadone pills and some fentanyl patches for her lower back pains.

A few months after that showering with opiates, her passing away happened.

>> No.11045250

That's a sad thing to read. And to think that there are many women here that do not even receive basic care for those ailments.

>> No.11045265

Two things: First, your wife should have been a DNR, the goals of treatment should have been comfort. From the way you describe it she had poor prognosis and codes are absolutely brutal. They basically beat your wife back to death, break her ribs, give her some hardcore drugs, and then stick a tube down her throat. Have no qualms about her dying without running a cpr code, it was better that way

Second: That should have been your decision, never should they have been the ones deciding to make your wife a DNR.

>> No.11045276

I appreciate your answer, but there's a thing I need to get clearer: What you say is that in the end, the DNR was the best choice those physicians could have made, am I right?

>> No.11045287

Yes, from I've gathered from you she was palliative with a poor prognosis. DNR was the best choice possible.

However, while I believe strongly in DNR's, I also believe strongly in the patients right to choose. The moment your wife became a palliative case they should have discussed with her whether or not she wanted to be a DNR. A patient has the right to decide what death with dignity means to them.

>> No.11045292

So basically what I mean is that while DNR was the best choice, it should have been a choice you or your wife made not the doctor

>> No.11045297

Yet they imposed it to us.

That's what happen when medical schools are cheap and relaxed. Any butcher can end up deciding about your beloved ones' life.

>> No.11045299
File: 80 KB, 550x800, 365105ad8e63ed720bef725e551244de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made a thread about it but no one gives a fuck

How do people get diagnosed with terminal cancer?
Shouldn't you feel sick at the firsts stages of cancer? How can it be possible to get suddenly diagnosed with final phase cancer?

>> No.11045344

Sometimes terminal ain't the end

>> No.11045346

judging by the title, that's an onion-like article, right?

>> No.11045375

No you feel alright then suddenly you have an acute kidney injury and abdominal pain, they take a look at your kidneys and see a nodule that could be benign and decide to do a CT of your abdomen and find a pancreatic mass indicative of cancer w/ another mass in your colon and suddenly that nodule in your kidney is probably cancer too. They biopsy it the next day and soon realize that this shits serious and they can't surgically remove it. Oh and the MRI of the brain they decided to run just incase, yeah cancer.

>> No.11045387

Not at all

>> No.11045412

shit, dude.

>> No.11045568

Cancer's debut is often insidious and has no specific signs, sadly. It can manifest as a simple cough and on the x-ray it can show a tumor in one of the lungs. It's pretty fucked up my man. My dad (RIP) was diagnosed with a hodgkin's lymphoma with lung metastases after he had a small but persisten fever. (39, didn't go down in three days and he decided to seek a specialist's opinion, he was a physician himself) No coughing, nothing else besides that slight fever.

Cancer sucks, we're far from finding a "cure" for many of them because many of them are aggressive after they develop for a bit and are discovered a tad too late.

>> No.11045591

That's disasatrous.

Even AIDS is way easier to control than cancer.

>> No.11045603

fuck I'm scared now. How can you blame health-anxiety people when shit like this can happens?

>> No.11045624

>even AIDS is way easier to control than cancer
Because there are tons of cancer types while we have only one type of AIDS, so intense research on one subject should be much easier than hundreds.

When it happens, it happens. I don't know what could've caused his disease, he was not a smoker, was in his 50s, exercised regularly but did work twice as much as my mom (besides the private practice, he worked in the pediatric ER too because we needed a bit more money for the house) - too bad he never saw the house completed.

I too get very anxious when I take a CAT scan or X-ray. I remember how much I refreshed my e-mail to see if the results came in and when they finally came and I was clean, it was a huge, huge relief.

>> No.11045632

2 days ago I found out a business partner of my father has an hereditary hodkin's lymphoma, today I find out a guy I know has alzheimer and he is still in his 20s.

I am worried all this stuff is going to pile up on me and stop me from working and makes feel guilty for not doing enough.

>> No.11045778


You just have to accept that death is a natural part of life and one day it will come to you one way or another. No points stressing over when and how.

The problem is people these days are so insulated from death that it's very frightening when they realize how close and real it really is. All we can do is relax and hope that we get the chance to die with dignity.

>> No.11045797
File: 543 KB, 735x708, 48F1B237-03AB-4807-9FF8-D57BE48A1550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw was a depressed as fuck good-for-nothing teenager and my grades were in the dumps combined with having generally unsupportive parents (busy with work)
>after a good few years of NEETdom found my calling, medicine but my grades are a dumpster fire so enrolled into nursing instead
How big of a mistake am I making? Currently a year into it

>> No.11045833

You are fine, nursing is good and if you can prove yourself while you are in the trenches and get back in to school you can go to NP or CRNA which make decent money. Also there are a lot of routes to go to get away from the bedside

>> No.11045905

You're fine, nursing is a good profession you'll start at 50k and can look at making 90-100 when it's all said in done. 110-150 w/ certain advanced practiced degrees.

But also, being a floor nurse fucking sucks ass, I'm a nurse and some days make you want to just walk out and never come back. There's plenty of good days and you get to do a lot of cool shit. For example codes are often handed entirely by nurses unless a doc manages to get to the code. Unofrunately you will do a lot of menial tasks such as pill pushing, lifting patients, wiping asses, bringing them drinks and coffee.
In the end you have a shit ton of job security and if you build your resume/get your masters you will have a lot of options beyond just being a floor nurse. Being a floor nurse is good fun, there's a certain pleasure in the chaos but at some point you'll leave the bedside b/c it gets to be too much.

Btw, in my experience ICU is easiest once you get the complicated machinery down +handling surgeon egos (fuck vascular surgeons) and you have a bunch of time to learn things, best [;ace to start. However the only way you're getting the job is if you either have connections in ICU or worked as a tech in an ICU. ER is funnest but chaotic and vacillates between easy as shit and insanely busy, Med-Surge sucks, it will steal your fucking soul but by god you will develop the greatest time management skills ever. I've done all three. PCU is cool too but I just floated there.

>> No.11045930

Because a lot of people with health anxiety are people that are unlikely to be seriously ill and usually present with symptoms consistent with a more common, less lethal explanation.

>> No.11045937

I would make an attempt to improve grades instead of making a compromise.

>> No.11045971


what does RN stand for?

t. former CEN

>> No.11045978

Resident Negro

>> No.11045998

Real Nigga

>> No.11046006

Real Nippon

>> No.11046022


Refreshments and Narcotics

>> No.11046025

Rapist Narcissist

>> No.11046027

Registered Necrophiliac

>> No.11046029
File: 55 KB, 720x720, fren_news.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take 200mg sertaline for 3ish months
>get fed up of it not doing anything
>when the nurse hands me the pill to swallow I now place it under my tongue and pretend to swallow
>stop taking it for two weeks before they find out and take me off the medication
>they said I would have terrible side effects but I had none I could notice
>start feeling really empty (cringe I know)
>can't feel sad or happy or anxious or scared or bored
it's been 8 months and things are still like this, recently I have started to feel a little anxious again and I fear I might return to the deep sad hole. Was it the medication that did this or was it purely coincidental? And why do I want to ruin my life and want not want to at the same time. Thank you for reading fren.

>> No.11046034

>can't feel sad or happy or anxious or scared or bored
If you really couldn't feel anything you wouldn't care that you don't feel anything. Checkmate.

>> No.11046035


Real Nutcase

>> No.11046045

Thank you for the insightful comment friend, I just don't know how to put the feeling or the lack of it, it is still very foreign to me and that is just the best way I can describe it in sorry.

>> No.11046049

>>take 200mg sertaline for 3ish months
>>get fed up of it not doing anything


>> No.11046057
File: 46 KB, 657x527, crying_apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11046061


jus a lil humor itsallgood

>> No.11046087

My understanding is that it is rare for puncture wounds to receive stitches. Can anyone describe a scenario in which stitches would be required for a puncture wound, and what the procedure for placing them would be?

Semi related, what is the lowest level of certification at which one would be allowed to place sutures in your country/state?

>> No.11046091

Let me rephrase that first question:
Can anyone describe a scenario in which stitches would be RECOMENDED for a puncture wound, and what the procedure for placing them would be?

>> No.11046092

hahahahaha yep

>> No.11046098

my brother stabbed me in the hand when I was a kid and they stitched my hand closed

>> No.11046119

It's just brainfog caused by going cold turkey.

>> No.11046144

Do you know how long it'll take to go away? It's almost been a year now.

>> No.11046215

>by going cold turkey.

that's why you should go SLOW turkey!
>Can anyone describe a scenario in which stitches would be RECOMENDED for a puncture wound, and what the procedure for placing them would be?

stab wounds man. animal bites or second intention healing. wound is pussy!! let that pus out

>> No.11046440

>one type of AIDS
uhhhh anon i...

>> No.11046519

Why do I feel jealous of child molesters?

>> No.11046539

>animals are naive and compliant
Have you ever taken a dog or cat to the vet before bro?

>> No.11046540

because you are a pedophile
please go to your nearest hospital and request chemical castration

>> No.11046580

>go to your nearest hospital and request chemical castration
Do they just give that shit out on request?

>> No.11046601

Yeah it's called HRT pills and all you have to do is say you're a tranny.

>> No.11046610

It’s known to cause homosexuality

>> No.11046612

Homosexuality is beneficial according to society. If you disagree you will be arrested and tried for hate speech crimes against humanity in international kangaroo court.

>> No.11046622

Modern hospitals are a scam, natural medicine is more effective. Why does the FDA have to ban alternative medicines/treatments from use in the hospital when they are proven to not only be more effective than modern treatments but also cheaper? Because foolish doctors need to make more money off the sickness and suffering of patients and hospitals have to make more money to keep the industry going. Modern doctors do not care about your health only a paycheck. Do your own research

>> No.11046629

But I’m not an effeminate faggot

>> No.11046644

Obviously. That's what the HRT pills are for. They make you an effeminate faggot who can't rape children. If you don't want to take the pills just drink a couple gallons of onions milk every day.

>> No.11046645

If by "natural medicine" you mean herbal remedies and such those are preventatives and DO's prescribe them all the time. MD's generally aren't there to prevent shit from being wrong with you they just try to fix what you fucked up.

>> No.11046650

What if I don’t want to be an effeminate faggot?

>> No.11046761

Male nurse do ok in 99% of the case I've seen, being a female nurse seems like hell though.

>> No.11046876
File: 212 KB, 1798x1200, perscriptions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's it like being a pharmacist or pharmacy technician /sci/?

>> No.11046897


Honestly if you're not completely autistic and can find a girlfriend or at least a cool fuck buddy get an erasable marker and start drawing and labeling all over her naked body

>> No.11046927

Went to onc today. We had rad onc classes and it was fucking amazing, guys. If you like physics and/or technology, that's the field for you.

>> No.11047000

I was about to ask the same, my boss is thinking of changing me to the pharmacy and I'm about to take on that deal.

If I have to work another christmas at the store side of my Walgreens I will kill myself no doubt.

>> No.11047013

haha yeah I'll definitely do that

>> No.11047086

There's plenty of experimental treatments for various diseases available online if you look hard enough. I know of many of them.

>> No.11047104

>t. Witch doctor

>> No.11047164

Thanks for the good wishes.

>> No.11047254

Is it possible to fall in love with Medicine later down the line? Are the first year subjects just really hard to love? I'm kind of doubting why I'm taking up Medicine just two months in, and I want to ask you guys: why did you take up Medicine? Did you fall in love with the field? If so, how? What made you accept a lifetime of studying?

>> No.11047276

Moreover, I think what I really want to ask is: How do you get the passion necessary to study in med school for years?

>> No.11047290

Because you want Tyrone's dick in a sweaty shower

>> No.11047296

Being raised by physicians, I ended up liking what they did. I think I posted in some threads the story that made me go into medicine. Short story: I watched my mom save a man with anaphylaxis and then after a few days he came back to thank her for saving his life. So...that satisfaction made me study it. I had no interest in the human body but I eventually did, slowly.

Hated a lot of the disciplines, I'm very hard to satisfy as a student, and I'm very picky. I usually like to study stuff that's on the "surface" and don't like to go deeper into the subjects because they bore me, depends on the student, anon. Passion comes and goes. I was very passionate about IM and once I finished my 3rd year and started surgical specs it got kind of stale because my profs focused on procedures more rather than pathologies.

>> No.11047335

I have to drop this physics course and take the W.
It's coming out of my sleep. It's coming out of my chem and bio grades. And I'm still not learning the material. If I studied half as hard or as long for chem and bio as I do for this one class I'd have hundreds in both. As it is, I don't study at all for bio and I have a B. That A should be a fucking gimme and I'm doing worse than I ought to because I spend every night past midnight doing the impossible amount of homework between physics and chem.
I would rather take the W and retake this class at a CC. Or even here, but later. Even over the summer. Fuck, I have so many physics credits already I'm not even sure I need this class.
I could have done anything with this time. I could have volunteered. I could have shadowed. I could have done research. I could have taken an EMT course and gotten certified. I should have. I could have killed myself just as hard in my other two subjects and actually excelled in them instead of doing okay in those two and banging my head against the wall in this one.
I stuck it out this far just to see if it was my study habits that were the problem. It probably still is that.
Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.
She died in my arms last December and I thought I could do all 3 courses while I was still waking up in the middle of the night screaming. I need to take the W and just do chem and bio for now.
I'm worried that'll be a red flag to the admissions committee, but a bad grade will definitely be even worse.

>> No.11047524

Why do you think that, I'm genuinely curious as a male nurse here.

>> No.11047624

Because I'm the one paid to save your, your parent's, your children's and your friend's life

>> No.11047639
File: 223 KB, 500x500, DB4EF999731B4BA1A65CECD7656E7537.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're hiv+ and not American than medical treatment gives you a (almost) normal life expectancy.
If you're hiv+, American and rich then medical treatment gives you a (almost) normal life expectancy.
If you're hiv+, American and poor then you have my condolences.

>> No.11047640

Which physics class?

>> No.11047644

Wilson disease

>> No.11047651

>many EU doctors are going to the US
No, we are not: it's tedious as fuck trying to get in and get your degree validated by their corrupt system, it's not really worth it

>> No.11047705

ophthalmology master race

>> No.11047740

Even FM is more exciting than that shit.

>> No.11047769
File: 264 KB, 657x669, lääkeapustaja55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw someone made really good coffee

>> No.11047848

>feeling like shit after reducing the dosage(lexapro)
>doctor tell me to take the old dosage again
Am I getting jewed? Is it a lifesaver or a happiness trap?

>> No.11047907

Why do I want to bang my psychiatrist

>> No.11047932

Humor me friend

>> No.11048057
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>> No.11048059


>> No.11048070


>> No.11048072

Walmart job.

>> No.11048074

Because you're fucked in the head.

>> No.11048078


>> No.11049615

>Is it a person with whom you share the most intimate detail?
>Is it someone who is meant to help you with them, that listens, gives advice, and is there for you?
>Is it someone who understands more than most people?
>Is it attractive and of a gender you like?

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