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Can scientists explain fainting goats? Is there an evolutionary advantage / reason ?

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i don't fucking know man did you try google before bringing this shit here?

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fainting makes no evolutionary sense in a world with velocities velociraptors.

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These animals have ben genetically selected by humans, not naturally. They have messed up brains. Goats are not bred for brains.

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Others can run while that poor goat gets fucked

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>Goats are not bred for brains.
goat brain is delicious fried in olive oil

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What's the scientific explanation of you posting this same thread every week?

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>evolutionary advantage
there are random genes that appear that can be
>not benifical
it probably was just a random gene that got passed down

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Predators shun them since they seem sick and predators don't want to get sick.

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> involuntarily gives up
> eww...thanks but no thanks

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What is the explanation/evolutionary advantage behind OP's retardedness?

Genetically bred for retard? Or random mutation in the family line?

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What's the scientific explanation why he's so CUTE!

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Maybe it helps them avoid breaking limbs if they fall.

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In nature the ones with defected genes will be eaten by predators. And the defected gene will vanish.
But humans allow breed every goat even those which have defected genes. So there will be more goats with defected genes.

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Try again

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0.04 seconds on Google. Sage.

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Their existence is a direct consequence by the myotone convergence theorem

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predators will gorge themselves on the young and the old goats will run far away. then the predators run out of food because the goats wont return. then the goats return to mock the predators a year later as the last of them has trouble finding a mate and they know the end is near

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plz stop posting those pics anon
they get really boring over the years

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he ded

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I Googled it but all I found was this PBS shit

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It was observed, that predators do not eat prey displaying signs of sickness. That's to make sure they stay healthy. OP asked for the evolutionary advantage, not for the reason. Stay mad.