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Feels goog to be a hunter gatherer.

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>small muscles
it's already a public health crisis, 25% of people can't build any

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>25% of people can't build any
citation needed

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feels good to be a perfect human specimen.
women will be lining up around the block for mine and Tookers sperm

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/pol/ is always right

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Look out a window faggot.

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I can't build muscles
Did you find a solution?
Pls respond

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Has /pol/ ever been wrong?

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They can. It's just not needed since we let machines do the heavy lifting in our modern sedentary world.

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Pol isn’t wrong but you can’t fix this without surgery if it’s fucked by the time you’re 13

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Tfw my 3rd molars are partially impacted. I almost made it guys. Almost.

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There is no reason to believe it's evolution and not nutrient deficiencies.

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Smaller jaw muscles mean your skull can expand more during development. Smaller jaw muscles literally coincide directly to larger brains. There is always a trade off in evolution. /pol/ is never right about anything.

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>Implying /pol/ is the only one to reach this conclusion

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left, african skull
right, civilized skull.
makes you think

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Its from a diet of soft food mainly and poor oral posture. We dont chew nearly as much as we used to so the muscles dont grow the same. Less strength in our jaws and tongues can lead to poor oral posture and mouth-breathing, which in turn exacerbates the negatives and creates crooked/crowded teeth along with further degeneration in posture.

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>/pol/ is never right about anything.

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tl;dr - Feed young children a steady supplemental diet of Big League Chew and taffy.

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>makes you think
makes me think about printing out a hard copy of the human genome and slapping some idiots over the head with it. i see an article talking about symptoms without even understanding and addressing the cause. i'll try to dumb it down to for you bro, homo sapiens all have the same skulls even in africa, the human skull is far more complex then the authors or scientists even suggest or seem to be aware of. don't you just love departmentalized scientific expertise of looking at one small peace of a picture and then getting the information filtered and tinted with a little bit of racism by moron white mutts on an internet forum, but hay i digress.

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>makes you think
you may have heard about something called DNA it's really really small ant its really important.
not only is DNA the Genome and the information encoded on it important, whats just as important is what encoded information on the genome is turned off, like turning off a little computer program or macro.
now you may have heard primates are a close ancestor to homo sapiens. forget about the missing chromosomes and our triune brain model and the 100 other various anomalies that will go way over your head lets just focus on the skull and bone.
because human brains are much bigger than primates humen woman needed wider hips to give birth so a gene was turned on to make womens hips bigger to give birth to a bigger brain but that wasn't enough. humans had to be born much more underdeveloped then any primate. practically still a fetus in primate terms. also the primate jaw bone growth maker had to be turned off in homo sapiens thats why technically we have too many teeth comparable to the size of our jaws unlike other primates. infant primates have a similar gene turned on as babys which helps with learning and brain development, that gene in humans is turned on and never turns off. basically homo sapiens have the facial structure of a infant primate. i could go on about the brainstem and recessive dna and gene splicing but i think i made my fucking point.
this science is trash

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>functional 3rd molars

Kek, reminded me of how my wisdoms came in with zero pain whatsoever. Didn't even know until my dentist took notice of it.

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but its good text didn't you learn something or is your infant primate genome malfunctioning

mine is killing time downloading and flexing on racists, shills, trolls and socalled scientists waiting for the japan rugby world cup to start.

you blowing my mind with your insight

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so much for the master race

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>tfw 3rd molars are just fine.
Based 56%

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they are not evolving, they are deforming

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Humans should have chew toys.

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>tfw modern industrial male
>tfw more advanced evolutionary and higher IQ than the Chad hunter-gatherers

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Does not explain manjaws

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Don't forget the brow ridge part.

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a lot of it is also because we are letting more people stay alive now than would stay alive back then. so our low infant mortaility means a bunch of maladaptive traits get passed on

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/pol/ is not going to like this one

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>what are chewing gums

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I see a bunch of gymfags, I personally don't build that gay looking bulky muscle, mine just gets denser and strength goes up. I curl 65lb and can bench 130 (using the same free weights, no bar) and I look the same before I started working out but my muscles are over twice the strength. I think you're just a faggot that doesn't want to put any effort.

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How the fuck can you curl 65 lbs or bench 130 lbs without building muscle? I'm assuming you're mentioning the weight of a single dumbbell... Even for a 1rm it would be crazy. That's like the pinnacle of manliness (being strong without looking like a fag)

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Goes along with the theory that the US military is only around to place a physical health bar, and not a very high one at that, then pays you enough money to have 5 kids and a pony car.
It might be unbelievable, but the majority of people in the age range of 18-35 are not in good enough health, or have hereditary conditions that disqualify them. If we let those persons struggle in the world and bankrupt them with health care bills, they can't afford to breed.

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meant for >>11012454

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there's a perfect refutation to this: look at modern day africa

niggers are forever stupid, cope NIGGER

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I'm pretty sure he meant kg. 130lbs isnt something you can even put on the bar unless you use tiny 2.5lb plates that no one ever owns. 135lb is two 45lb plates on each side. Its also what a new kid starting to lift weights would get to in a week or two.
He's benching 285lbs. As for dense or bulky muscle, I'm fairly certain its all genetic. I've been around dudes doing similar routines and weights and yet looked physically dissimilar.

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>have hereditary conditions that disqualify them
I know. Due to my inability to build muscle I think I'd literally be unable to join the army if I wanted to. Even if I spent 10 years at the gym with coaching actors get and eating only poultry. I still wouldn't get past the exams requiring strength. I'd probably get past the stamina thing which is important, but not the strength requirements

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looks like whites get cucked again, by lower birthrates, fucked up genetics, and being genetically inferior in respect to fitness.

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>I still wouldn't get past the exams requiring strength.
There are no exams requiring strength aside from pull-ups for marines, and even thats a joke. All the ones I've met always maxed out the physical exams. Everyone knows the max you can score on the test, not what the other grades are, if that gives you any indication.

If you're a good swimmer you can try navy diver. The physical portion of the test, PST, is a joke to be honest. Its the psychological aspect and getting your hoses disconnected and beat up underwater where everyone starts to fail.

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You mean one plate on each side? Yeah, I know he wasn't talking about a 130 lbs barbell bench. A 130lbs dumbbell bench is close enough to a 285 lbs barbell bench I think (don't know actually, I've never done dumbbell bench)
Yes it's 100% genetic, I can't build muscle and have never been able to curl more than 40 lbs for 10 reps or get past a bench 1rm in the low 200s

Also, dense muscle is a meme, strength is heavily correlated with cross-section. People with "dense" muscle just maxxed their mind-muscle connection.

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I can build most muscles.. just not my pecs, I developed 12yo girl tits when I was 14 and I cant build any chest muscle..

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>assuming chimps are less evolved than humans
Look up the cognitive trade-off hypothesis

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Doesn't matter, only arms and legs are important

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I wouldn't get too caught up in that kind of thing desu. Being able to bench 185lb, you're already far stronger than the vast majority of men. I don't get the powerlifting obsession people have.

I used to have that problem as well when I was younger. My pushups were 100% done with me using my arms and back only. I had a pretty big muscle imbalance. A few guys I hung out with at my first duty station started getting me to lift weights, because I was a 140lb 18 year old that could barely carry our double tanks. Nothing really worked until I got past 165 bench and started to feel my chest.

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Ahahaha you again. How pathetic and delusional do you have to be

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You have to be over 18 to post here

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Are you another disbeliever?

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>More evolved
That doesn't even make any sense, but I'll play, are people with blue eyes and blonde hair "more evolved" than people with brown/black hair and brown eyes because monkeys have black/brown hair? Either way your image has nothing to do with intelligence.

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It just Rebuttal using their oppsite side's logic

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>nutrient deficiencies
Kind of a moot point. You can't expect a population to stop growing just because it's bad for the population at large. It's how we adapt to those nutrient deficiencies that defines our forward evolution arc.

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Where you on risperidone?

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>intelligence is important

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No idea what you're talking about. We would likely be easily able to supply those nutrients if our food wasn't complete crap.

>> No.11013331

>if our food
The reason it takes the form it does is a function of the size of our population. If we had less mouths to feed, the economics would be subtly different, and we'd be able to make more foods that don't boil down to poison.

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I think it's just your routine/diet that stops you from lifting heavier. I reached 2pl8s in about 4 months without any prior training.

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We produce far more than we need by volume, it's just poor quality. I doubt producing higher quality food would be a problem technology wise.

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I think it's just your routine/diet that stops you from lifting heavier. I reached 50pl8s in about 4 months without any training right after birth. Genetics is a spook
t. grass-eating elephant

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I like that we're selecting for more attractive humans. Our ancestors will thank us.

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>than we need by volume
Technology isn't what runs the world, people are. We require food to operate. The fact that we're just going for bulk volume is precisely a problem of population size, not environment.

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No it isn't. It doesn't happen because we have trouble producing enough food. it happens because there is virtually no feedback for food quality, so most chains go with the cheapest option.

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No it isn't. It doesn't happen because we have trouble producing enough food. it happens because there is virtually no feedback for food quality, so most chains go with the cheapest option. Zero motivation to use complete fertilizers could also be a problem.

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you need a myostatin inhibitor

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>fucked up genetics

What are you talking about?

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130lbs bench should've been your starting point if you're an adult man

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Alexdre Dumas was black

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lol at the replies to this bait. Black people are called monkeys as a slur due to facial features (prognathism) and the proximity of their geographic origin and ancestral homeland.

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Building muscle is about aesthetics. How can you get a gf if you are a skinny pencil who can't grow any muscle? 25% doesn't lie.

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Which doesn't make sense because they have on average less archaic features than white people.

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Did people actually read the fucking article? This shit is about shrinking skulls in modern populations and the negative impact it has on sleep.

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humans will undergo pointless adaptations due to women only wanting chads

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Big Brian post

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>Dr Mew

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>Goes along with the theory that the US military is only around to

It's not just the US military though. It's society at large that is a modern eugenics program. (((We))) create systems to select for the traits we desire.

Genes associated with aggression -> prison
Genes associated with low intelligence -> low paying dead end job
Genes associated with poor health -> medical bills until you're poor

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if you don't understand why you're a brainlet

>> No.11016708

Genes associated with aggression -> seen as alpha -> women fuck you and get pregnant -> congratulations, you reproduced

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You wish, most criminals have a long successful fucking career before they get thier first long jail sentence, and when they get out they have another. They might have 2-4 bastards they never know and 2 kids they call their own, while “healthily successful “ people have 2 kids max

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Simplification I admit but if your in prison for life at 15 you are not out there fucking women.

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except that poor people have higher fertility rates

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...and higher mortality rates, also their offspring will be stuck in the same poor community with no power which those with wealth have.

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Id rather have a built chest than big ass arms that dont fit a tiny torso

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Great post anon!

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My third molars work just fine. Grant I only have the top two.

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so is it neoteny or aliens?

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