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My evolution professor told us that white people are "less human" than the rest of humanity and that they "have less feelings". He asked us to read about it but I can't find anything. Any guess what he meant?

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sounds like you're lying to incite an argument about race politics, which belongs on >>>/pol/ not here

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Homo erectus is the superior species of humans

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I guess he meant that white people are "less human" than the rest of humanity and that they "have less feelings".

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He was probably referring to the Homo Sapiens/Neanderthal distinction, using a disingenous and wrong rhetorical trick to make his political point. What is actually meant by "human" is what white people are; the neanderthal aberration seems to be what made this possible.


Race is a legitimate scientific concept. Be quiet.

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>taking a dumb frog shitpost this seriously

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race baiting is not science.
neither is evolution.

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less human maybe considering Neanderthal admixture
less feeling is false af, tell him to go look at africans slaughtering each other and ask who has more compassion, them or euros?

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I wish mods were harsher with these threads.

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Both statements are true. Whites have more extraterrestrial DNA than other races; they were created with rationality in mind, to rule over the lesser races.

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So jews are pure extraterrestrials?

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We were talking about human beings

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No they're a pile didn't you see the last pic

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Are you, also waiting for the Annunaki? I am marked for Enki.

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No, jews aren't even a little bit rational. Emotional intensity is one of their principal characteristics: every little problem or setback is a literal holocaust to them, caused by literal nazis.

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That’s not a holocaust pic dumb dumb, that’s after a British bombing raid on Dresden.
I hate when you brainwashed zog think Jews were the major victims of ww2 or the major victims of history in general

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Those are German bodies after a bombing in Dresden.

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Calmly suggest that black people have lower IQs and watch for his reaction

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Absolutely based

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