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Is there any legitimate success stories of older adults (23+) going to University for the first time and becoming actually successful either in research in their field or attained a notable and prestigious work position in some company?

None of these made up or rare exception stories like George Green I need to know the real truth. I live in Canada if it matters.

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The success stories are like the replies, no existent. Become a wage slave.

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Who gives a shit just do what you want to do and youll be fine and find something. No point in trying to conflate your ego.

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What does he mean by this?

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Sure, why wouldn't there be. Just go to school and do your thing, age doesn't matter.

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It's impossible to get a degree after you turn 20. Just suck dicks for a living.

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Yes, a lot. twenties is still babby mode btw.

It's all about how motivated you are, I was something recently about some mid 30's musician who quit music to start studying something biomed related because his wife developed an eventually fatal condition. He works at a top US research institution now.

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>anon does that.
>pioneers a breakthrough study on male prostitution, male sex trafficking and it's various forms in multiple states.

That's one way to make your mark!

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What is it about the age 30 that success occurs?

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St. Ignatius of Loyola didn't even go to grammar school until he was 33.

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Because the people who "succeeded" at 30 were working towards the goal all through their 20s.

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What is success

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Weekend research is more fun, just have some willpower and a low intensity job op

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Weekend research?

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You won't find them on 4chan.
Many people go back to uni in their mid and late 20s.
Like most people, you won't become some kind of incredibly successful man, but you will get a good job, and you can become a researcher.

Also 23 is not even old. Get over yourself. I'm 26 and considering going back next year.

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>tfw 20 and over the hill

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>wage slave.
well we all end up some kind of slave, but it's true men can only be free of money if they have money.
sadly your vital youth is wasted you could never really be successful by your mind, but success is mostly by networks anyways.

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>sadly your vital youth is wasted you could never really be successful by your mind

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Not too old.
Pickup math or sciences like some people do suduko puzzles. Math is especially like a game. Same with programming.

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No there isn't. Even those graduating "on time" (21/22 for BSc/BEng) tend to have more failures than success stories on average. Most people who don't have family in good companies don't find decent jobs. Your chances of succeeding are so miniscule as to essentially be zero.

Another thing that no one will tell you is that there is a massive discrimination against people who graduate "late" (this includes people who graduated too old due to switching majors etc, not necessarilly failing anything) especially in physics, math and engi. It severly limits your options for postgrad and industry jobs. The best you can hope for is some tech role at a small company. A friend of mine graduated a year late and he was offered an internship of 1/4th the normal salary (we know what the normal is because another friend who graduated on time got a full salary) and in addition his contract wasn't full time. He worked his ass off while his parents subsidised his transport costs etc for him to get to work, they just told him to fuckoff after a year anyway. He got another job in the same industry, but for similar pay. If you think it isn't that bad you should know I earned double what he did just off my postgrad stipend alone. STEM careers are fucked, very few people make it, so you're not gonna beat a younger graduate with a top 10% GPA for that rare job interview at a top company and definitely not get a good, funded project at a gradschool

>Ok faggot, but give me hope
Here's what you do. Find any friend or family that works for a big company and beg them to give you a referal. You start earning a full time salary and gain experience. If you're at a technical company apply for sponsored training programmes. The longer you're in the company the more likely you are to get it. In 4-10 years you might get the chance to do your engineering bachelors and you'll be in a better position than most grads. If you're at a non technical company just study any BA/IT degree part time.

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Fuck you. I'm getting tired of cunts like you. Always making threads asking about starting undergrad in your middle twenties or early thirties. Yes, fucker, your younger peers have an advantage, but you can make it nonetheless. Search the archives before making such threads again.

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This. The Brain Bull himself is one such case.

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>and you can become a researcher.
>Also 23 is not even old. Get over yourself. I'm 26 and considering going back next year.

You can always predict that the people posting "it's not too late" bullshit are fellow failures who desperately want it all to be true.

It's too late you morons. You should be working to save for retirement, in average salary joba you need to work a full 40 years towards this and you can't afford early gaps due to the time value of that savings. You should not be trying your luck at something you were never any good at to begin with.

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after 25 yo it's all steeply downhill
life is pretty much over and suicide is semi-warranted, and i'm not even joking

shit's fucked mayne

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don't say that, life is beautiful

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ive seen enough gore online and irl to know that that's false

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Depends entirely on IQ and nothing else.

I don't have to repeat myself, I am the medical engineering guy from Germany who cried in a few threads how he failed all the time despite working hard. Make sure your IQ is in the 120s before even considering going to college/uni/whateverthefuckitscalledintheus or else you end like me: a 26 year old loser that failed 100% of his exams despite PROBABLY the most hard working student in his entire subject. The only free time I had was 7 hours of sleep, I gave 1000% and failed because my IQ was not high enough. IQ isn't a meme, it's EVERYTHING.

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I always wonder how people that young have that amount of discipline. From 13-22 I was "Fuck studying", had depression and was overall lazy, it wasn't until mid 20s where I developed an ounce of discipline. So it always fascinates me hearing about really fucking young people not only having the discipline to go in stem, but to graduate in top 10% mark range.

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Good parenting

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If you are an insecure 18 year old in a 23 yrar olds body, which you sort of seem to be, it will be tough. If on the othet hand you have gained valuable life experience since last in school, you can REALLY use your age to your advantage.

I dropped out of business college at 18 and between then and 22 got hard into coke and coke dealing, lost my mind on methamphetamines, cofounded an insane secret society, and ended up in jail for conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

Through various lawyer battles my legal record was wiped clean on a psychotic break plea. I was hallucinating in a prison cell uncontrollably and despite having done every drug under the sun, saw the most fucked up shit and had the most insane thoughts completely naturally during a non induced psychosis. When I came out at 22 I was grounded, and felt 40 years old in a 22 year old body. During my time in prison I passed the hours creating an arbitrary system of units using the dimensions of a paint chip and realized the amazing nature of electromagnetism. I realized there I wanted to be an electrical engineer. As a kid I was never more than a B student. I am now 24 and havent received lower than an A in my engineering program. Ive been recruited from a course twice by professors to work at their firm and on their research due to how well I did on an exam. I am on the dean's list and lead every project in my courses because I use my maturity to my advantage

Tldr fuck you and im Canadian

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The only true answer itt, all else is brainlet memery with muh networking
Ed Witten started physics approaching mid twenties, so did Craig Venter with biology. You have to be smart and very hard-working though.

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Youre probably from a blue collar family. Nearly no one gets top grades in that age range unless their parents are equally educated or rich because they arent shown the ropes of how to apply discipline and thinking correctly. You learn it on your own later on, unfortunately, and then your kid can take after you boom there youve improved your lineage.

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I have a feeling that this thread is getting spammed every single week

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I want to read a book about your life and struggles

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can i still make it if i start now im 26

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Just do your thing and stop asking a board populated by double digit IQ incels about whether or not your lifechoices are appropriate.

There are people in this thread who claim for enslavement to be good parenting. They likely graduated high school without noteworthy teenage experiences, probably were virgins until 25. Then you have people who unironically tell other to live for retirement, despite the odds of them having died by the time they turned 70 being outrageously high. /sci/ consist first and foremost of people who not only hate life, but also lack noteworthy life experience and gladly sacrifice 65+ years of thier life to have an enjoyable 15 years of retirement, ignoring the fact that by the time they've turned 70 they'll likely dead or be stuck in a retirement home, getting up 4 times a night to take a piss.

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how do i study effectively study? i use to be able to grind when i was in school. im in my mid 20s but had what was diagnosed as major depression and went through a variety of pills before just stopping since i realised how garbage they were on me.
I would like to say im not depressed anymore after sorting through everything, but now when im trying to study i literally cannot focus for more than 20minutes at a time, before messing around for an hour or two. what can i do besides taking pills like adderall

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Meditate, exercise, get good sleep, follow a good diet

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Nope. By the time you get your undergrad, you'd be 27-28 year old, that's if you're doing part time job to support yourself. If you're doing full time, you'll be in your early 30s before you get undergrad. For research, you need masters and then phd. That's another 10-15 years. You'd be 40-45 by the time you complete your PhD. When you're starting research, kids in their late 20s/early 30s will take advantage of your slower response time.

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all of them are artists or businessman
not a single scientist

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>masters and PhD
>10-15 years
Lmao what

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>it takes 20 years to get a phd but if you don't have your phd at 23 you're a failure

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We didn't have discipline. We snuck out to drink with our friends. We became addicted to starcraft even more than millenials played minecraft. Boys can't sit still in general.

Difference come in with fluid intelligence. Discipline helps, but it's not going to give you an easy way through a degree. This is why so many average IQ women get into STEM through sheer discipline, but then struggle to keep up with their peers in uni. It's stupid to put yourself through studying something twice as hard just to end up with a low GPA or even dropping out.

Better to invest your time in social skills, looking attractive etc. which will let ypu climb ladders coming into a company with any BA degree.

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I enjoy fiction as well.

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This site requires 18+ to post. Childless single male who masturbate to anime does not count.

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That's fucking depressing knowing that people like >>10980461 exist and will probably end up as alcoholics with dead end jobs, at best, because they used to dream and tried hard and then people like you exist who barely tried and succeeded with stuff entirely out of their control.

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wow what an argument you sure are a master of words

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When you're over 30+ you will see the apparent reason why it will take longer to complete a masters/phd than kids starting at 18.

Time takes toll on the body, on your family and on your social standings.

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>Youre probably from a blue collar family. Nearly no one gets top grades in that age range unless their parents are equally educated or rich because they arent shown the ropes of how to apply discipline and thinking correctly
Literally me. God I hate privilegefags

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This. I know a guy who works on an offshore oil rig as a petroleum engineer. He works for 2 weeks straight on the oil rig, but then gets 3 weeks off. He makes over 100k a year. He works, and then on his normal mini-vacation either travels or teaches himself various skills, like math and science, motorcycle mechanics, history, philosophy, etc. Many great people did their renowned work as a hobby. Maybe the stress less environment breeds insight? I dunno

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Do you know how low the probability of being outstanding in your field is even if you're a 180 IQ prodigy?

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>He hasnt taken the Bog Pill yet

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yea, no, the fuck man, what kind of person can make that kind of decision to fucking do a PhD or masters at 18, you barely know anything about the world, in all honestly, and im so serious, University education should start at 30, or people should go to school longer, I dont support the idea that you know everything you need to know to make life choices, even in your 20's, its all a scam to enslave humanity

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I've never understood why kids are told to go to school when they are young and stupid and have no idea what they want to do with their lives.

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You see im more in the view the only reason society conditions the social norm to pursue post-secondary education ASAP after high school is to socially compartmentalize awareness of future workers, maximizing social control of future citizens in society. What you study and your work is a commitment, I wager this isnt something appealing to most 18 year olds, and with good reason: to gain experience and knowledge about the world before making such long-term commitments.

I also lastly question the mental maturity of 18 year olds or even 20 year olds to make "good choices" in terms of what to study. I remember what I wanted to do when I was 18: Become a rapstar. Had I chosen an education program at that point, I might of chosen a program like sound engineering, instead of a more valuable program with greater probability of greater returns. Can you say its fair to force anyone under 30 to make choices that affect long-term conditions in terms of education programs ?

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Success is mainly luck, just study what you want. Don't make fame or fortune your primary goals. Find problems, set research goals, and start working. What differentiates true scientists from other tards is their desire to explore new frontiers regardless of their personal gain.

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There almost certainly is but the vast vast vast majority of working scientists aren't big public names with known histories. If you have the time and money then you definitely stand a chance of contributing something worthwhile

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If I told you the detailed version you'd probably think I was JRR Tolkien

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>tfw alreayd 27 and just finished my Master's and starting a PhD
Im so old

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>30 is late

Do most people really "succeed" in their 20s?

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I know people who went to Uni in their late 20's to start a fucking humanity degree. do what the fuck you want.

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I second this. OP don't be a faggot trying to find reassurance for your choices in dead people's lives. Nobody did it? You be the first. You dumb bitch.

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Most people succeed in their 40s

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>tfw I'm going to start my bsc at 27 still feel young as fuck boy

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