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Is this caused by technology?

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Yes. Technology has enabled women to express their sexuality anonymously. This prevents them from being stigmatised as individuals. When they are experiencing lustful need there is only one male archetype they seek out. Like animals.

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>have never even kissed a girl because I spend all time learning things on the internet
feels good man. I dislike constant human interaction so I'll probably never have a relationship.

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No, it's caused by politics. Men won't even say who they had sex with anymore because any woman can claim it was rape whenever they want. You could literally be at a party with someone, they're not even drunk, you are, they come on to you, take you back, do the succ, you both wake up and go your separate ways completely cordially, a couple days pass, and she wakes up and decides, "You know what? I have no reason to consent to this. Better call it rape and see how I feel afterward." Then the legal system goes apeshit because I made this post AGAIN.

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Caused by tinder

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Here's an article that explains something
It says incels are sexless because they want to be. This might be true, but it doesn't explain why girls have a lower rate of sexlessness even though girls have a lower sex drive than boys.
It's like they focused on breaking down the data and then focusing why sexlessness in general is happening instead of focusing on the discrepancy.

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What does that mean? Human society breaks down just because of a dating app?

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It was released in 2012. Look at the graph. 2012 is the point of no return.

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That's true. But women seem to be affected by that as well. I wonder why.

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Tinder doesn't work for some women due to 1) paradox of choice 2)internal concerns over safety 3) wanting long term commitment but using and only, unconsciously, swiping on the dudes looking for a quick-time bang. Also keep in mind less attractive, fat women do end up with more attention from the less desirable, yet thirsty enough group of men.

In general, tinder takes the worst, most bloated and distorted aspects of a person and micropackages it to be consumed in less than a second long impression--if that's not the worst way to judge someone i don't know what is. Too bad tinder dominates current young people dating market and drives the entire problem deeper into the abyss.

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Mostly yes, and a highly competitive as well as conformistic culture.

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Shitting economy + shitty tech like facebook + dating sites killing men's confidence + new sjw ultra sex-negative feminist view + microaggressions + victim mentality where every cis/white/male is a rapist

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It's almost like they went in determined to prove incels wrong instead of trying to reach an objective truth free from bias.

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>prove incels wrong
This only occurs when a SJW *really* wants sex.

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>oversexed but underfucked
Yes, men prefer masturbating to getting sued for not explicitly asking if they can put it in.

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>girls have lower Sex drive than boys
In what world are you living in which that is true?

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Porn and videogames made jimmy a lonely boy.

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yes due to contraception and sexual liberation along with the shaming of male sexuality. The end will no justify the means as these women will be used and discarded by top shelf men only to become bitter old hags while the rest of men become mentally ill recluses. Welcome the present.

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Yes. Multiple dating apps.

I would say their matching function is entirely to blame, it's unnatural and ridiculous. Dating apps used to be that you could just message whoever, no pay to win ridiculousness or other kiked algorithms. I think with the popularity of apps like tinder, it's probable that there is a causation effect.

It is. Though you genuinely have more chances in current day to just approach a woman in real life and ask her out. Or even through other social media like instagram. Though not a dating app it's more natural since you can message whoever. I know actually more people who met up with each other through those means than tinder. Nobody I know speaks positively of tinder or similar dating apps.

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the dating apps are just going to get better and more ingrained. we're going to circle back to algorithmically derived arranged marriages.

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Arranged marriages? So that means Islam was right all along?

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I know I have very little sex because I am not looking for any. For me, sex always seems to come at a hefty price. I don't want to stay with these girls and every one of them has gone batshit insane and sabotaged every part of my life they could.

Maybe a better question is why does sex cost men so much and women so little.

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beginning of obama administration and the rise of SJW feminists.

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>Though you genuinely have more chances in current day to just approach a woman in real life and ask her out.

The problem is apps like tinder have made this taboo for women. They expect you to meet them via some gay app.

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Emancipation. Let's be real: Who wants to come home and get bossed around by an overconfident female? Most men seek a feminine partner, yet women becomes more and more like men by the hour. Their attitude shifted, which can be extremely unattractive. People's priorities shifted anyway. In the past they valued families. Now that divorce rates are skyrocketing and many first world countries have 30-50% of their marriages annulled, what's the point in entering a relationship? Do you really wanna roll the dice on a marriage? Do you really wanna pray your mentally handicapped partner doesn't destroy your family because of some midlife crisis and her urge to fuck the Tango instructor? Many men have grown up being children of divorced parents themselves. They remember what was done to them and likely are afraid of doing the same to their own children, so they never have any. Add the dogshit financial situation most young people find themselves in and there's no reason to HAVE SEX anymore.

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that's why traps are rising. Traps are feminine but men. The perfect combination.

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Exactly. Asking people out irl is boomer shit anyways.

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Girls have sex to prove they are desirable to themselves and to flex on other women. Not for pleasure.

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I think some of it comes from both spouses working all the time. Too tired to fuck.

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>Met in bar or restaurant increasing
The problem is if you seek people out at bars, you're not going to get a quality relationship.

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Then online it is

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It's mostly that, but also pleasure. I was really shocked by how much women need reassurance.

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but they only get "reassurance" from those perceived as lead males

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The problem is that manners and politeness aren't available on dating apps

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Im fucked arent i

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men used to lie a lot more in the past surveys because >muh fragile masculinity

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So there were male virgins all along

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It disintermediated organic social networks, geography and space.
Uncle Ted, Jacques Ellul and techno skeptics were prescient.
2/5 dates are internet arbited.

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remember those

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The future is rosy if you're a market worshipers. It always is to religious fanatics. Ignorance is bliss.

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It's caused by:

1.) An extended worldwide recession that slaughtered male post-undergrad job placement and starting salary that set them behind the 8-ball and has demonstrated to also set back lifetime earnings and career success. The "mancession" as it was referred to in 2008.

2.) Female hypergamy demanding a man both out-earn a woman AND have equal or greater academic success. The "where are all the good men gone?" Despite college not becoming worth the squeeze and women making up 60% of graduates for the past 15 years.

3.) Female social and economic mobility allowing them the ability to pursue the top 20% of males not limited by a local geographic area, and preferential hiring artificially pushing female socioeconomic value higher than an equally qualified male.

This is how you can have both young male incels AND 40 year old cat-moms and wine haunts with no nieces or nephews.

Women are unironically establishing the old patriarchal mating assortment of a young woman with an older established man without the old-time benefits of an actual married partner and children.

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I guess women want to get with older richer men. The logical way women can get a man that has a higher status than her is to get an older one who spent all his golden years grinding money and gym. Then by 35 he's more or less wealthy and at his sexual peak. I guess that's why 30 year old boomers are having an easy time.

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u jus jealous

t. dumb cunt

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Yes I am jealous.
Raising the absolute values to fix a relative problem is impossible. It works for individuals but not for the collective.
You can tell a guy to get fit and to get rich and then he might become average to girls in the current market and then get laid. But if everyone does it, then it won't work because girls will just raise their standards even more thus rendering all the hard work that those men have put in worthless. You have to bring down the standards of women so that it looks like a gaussian distribution

I also blame the male sex drive. Girls don't care about hooking up as much as guys do. Guys get horny alot more often.

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Yes because of dating apps it allows easier access for women to have sex. Men are also less picky when it comes to sex. So let's say there's 20 people 10 men and 10 women. In looks they each rank 1,2,3, and so forth respectively. We'll round up according to the data on the graph. So 2 women and 3 men don't have sex in this scenario. Long story short it's easier for women to get a partner better looking than them but harder for men to do the same and apps make it easier.

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The closer we come to closing the "wage gap" or more realistically the earnings gap, the more men will continue to become less economically attractive to women.

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More like old-style harems.

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Extremely based

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yes, by dating apps and social media

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What I've noticed about the "bar scene" is that everyone seems desperate to impress, it's almost pathetic once you learn to see right through it. Crabs building sand mounds and waving their claws, and it's not just the men.

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A promiscuous girl at uni took a guy home to her house then claimed rape a few days later when she regretted it. Ruined his life.

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Women are narcissists today. Do something they don't like or deny them and it's they who are the victim you are bad partner and are controlling if you don't let yourself be controlled. Women are as power hungry as the feminists proclaim men are. Except men don't make things like the way women sit about themselves feminists do. To feminists everything you do is some way of slighting them and attempting to gain control, they are sociopaths.

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>only one male archetype they seek out
so, chad?

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It's politics, stupid.

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It's the permacession plus increased economic inequality. To the victor, go the spoils, and as >>10977357 illustrates, the line between incel and volcel is usually a hazy one. Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that if all our needs and wants--except sex and procreation--were furnished by a fully automated megastructure owned by the public, the result would be even more of the same, with still more women sharing still more select chads, in a kind of informal polygamy.

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Where do people meet women online?

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>cost men so much and women so little

Male sexuality has zero intrinsic value, whereas female sexuality is arguably the ultimate currency that everyone wants.

As such, women are seen as suppliers of sex or sellers and men as consumers or buyers.

This is why there are thousands of strip clubs stacked with 30 year old single moms trying to lose the baby weight and there's a traveling troupe of Chad's out of vegas seen more as a show or circus.

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Nowhere if you are not in between the top 20 to 5%.

Unless you want a site where you can try and snag some chubby pussy 3000 horizontal miles away that uses only posts.

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>if you are not in between the top 20 to 5%
even if you are you have to know how to sell it. I suppose knowing how to sell yourself is a big part of what puts you in the top 20 to 5%

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I do not resent being the one who is required to pay. Nor do I resent the price. I am simply disapointed that there are so few females who are worth the fee. Pregnancy limits the number of males a prime female can service. Someday perhaps this will change.

In an ideal world there would be somebody for everybody and we could all live in monogamous harmony. In reality worthy mating partners of both sexes are few and in high demand.

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