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What is the evolutionary purpose of myotonia e.g. in fainting goats?

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Perhaps the sudden contractions help build their muscles?

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Not everything needs to suit a purpose, if these creatures can survive long enough to propagate then their genes live on

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For human to kidnap and domesticate. It's easier to pick up a immobile goat than a rowdy one, in case you didn't know.

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How come they can build muscle but I can’t?

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What is the evolutionary purpose of being killed by an asteroid?

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easier to manage your livestock if you can catch them

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easy to rape

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Neat theory actually, but that doesn't work with other animals that do it.

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they are nihilists

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>fight or flight

It's fight, flight, or freeze.
Why do people always get this wrong?

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Predators will think they have a sickness or infection and shun them. Otherwise they'd become infected as well.

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nice cincs

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maybe they're playing dead, lots of animals do that, even some spiders which are predators

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>evolutionary purpose
Stop being retarded, you don’t understand evolution,
anyways I am not an expert but I think Myotonia congenita is rare enough to be easily understood as just a genetic “error”, random mutation

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Evolution isn't a sentient entity and doesn't have purpose.

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Evolution does not need to be a "sentient entity" for this question to make sense.
e.g. "what is the evolutionary advantage of monotony" or "why hasn't it been selected against".


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>what is the evolutionary advantage
Not the same as saying evolution has purposes.
>why hasn't it been selected against
Also not the same as saying evolution has purposes.

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They're domesticated animals you fat retard. That's like asking 'what's the evolutionary advantage of a clock radio'.

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I put a link at the bottom which explains why evolution having purposes makes sense. Even if you don't accept that argument it is pretty easy to come up with re-phrasings as above that make sense.

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Your second article does a good enough job explaining why you shouldn't talk about evolution as though it were purposeful:
>mentalistic (attributing the action of mind where there is none)
And aside from that the exact reason we keep getting threads like this one every day is because of this shit way of conceptualizing evolution. Once you stop thinking about evolution in terms of purpose and start thinking about it in terms of whatever happened to emerge and propagate into the future it no longer seems mysterious for seemingly "bad designs" to exist in nature. Because they aren't "designs" at all, and there's no reason to expect problems to not exist in biological processes given there wasn't anyone acting through nature to try to make problem-free machines in the first place.
A consistently bad enough problem could be enough to cause an organism to die out, but that's completely different from the assumption any detrimental trait is an unexpected anomaly. It would be way less plausible for perfect organisms that never suffer or lack in any scenario imaginable to come into existence since it would require a much greater number of conspiratorially convenient inexplicable happenstances to add all that superfluous extreme protection from harm when structures and processes requiring infinitesimally less to emerge and persist would have sufficed.
Do you also talk about gravity's purpose? Or the purpose of humidity? These are garbage perspectives to approach natural phenomena with that take you in the opposite direction of understanding what's going on.

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Like clockwork.

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Faiting goat farm is genetically picked by humans for easier time handling.

For the generic myotonia, there is no evolutionary purpose other than it being a defect in muscle regulation. Few percentage of animals suffer from it, including humans.

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Most ungulates actually.