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Papa Netter edition.

Old thread >>10897943

We discuss research, offer advice (the best one is to see your family physician), make fun of premeds and shitpost.

Do not engage the clamp poster (https://pastebin.com/aYNv0zFc).

Don't start discussing pro- and anti-vax shit because it degenerates and takes a lot of replies.

>What's the best spec for research?
Path, onc, anesthesia, etc.
>Best spec lifestyle wise?
Psych, ophtho, derm, rad onc, family medicine

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>be 27 week premature babby
>will never make it because my body is fucked up in a hundred minor and major ways without actually being legally disabled
>mental health is fucked from the resulting insecurity
Why do parents allow their 3 month premature kids to live? Why do doctors?

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I have a colleague that was born 3 months earlier and she's one of the best students, you have no excuse.

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Are you the hyperhidrotic hypochondriac?

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>tfw grade 3 internal haemorrhoids
>proctologist said the only option left is a haemorrhoidectomy

I don't want my anus resected dammit, but it's got to the point where it's become an unbearable debilitating hindrance on my life. I've been reading some post-op recovery horror stories, and I'm seriously considering just ordering some veterinary nembutal from Mexico and ending it all. Sometimes I'm convinced that this is all some hellish nightmare that I'll eventually wake up from.

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How did it get this bad?

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Yep, also the poster with Raynaud's, the one with the fractured spine, the asthmatic poster coughing up phlegm, the hypermobile one and the one who got the neck MRI for scapula paraesthesia

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It all started in late 2017, I had completely normal BMs before then. Constipation started getting progressively worse, and I delayed going to the doctor. I strained like a madman when on the toilet, not knowing It'll only make the problem worse. Finally went to the doctor after a year and got a colonoscopy done. Apparently, my large intestine is fine, but I have very pronounced internal roids.

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Can we discuss herbal medicine in this thread? Good.

I have found turmeric quite useful in combatting inflamation of the joints. I enjoy this root prepared as a tea with other complimentary herbs like cinnamon and ginger. Of course I also add a pinch of black pepper to enhance bioabsorbtion.

Does anybody else here take magic mushrooms?

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>herbal medicine
Gtfo, Facebook mom.

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Do you have any literature you could share on the active phytochemical components of turmeric? Has there been any studies on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of these active ingredients?

I'm curious as to how black pepper improves absorption, too.

I understand that a lot of modern pharmaceuticals are derived from natural products or are analogs of those compounds, but why don't you just take some fucking NSAIDs or whatevs?

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pastebin doesn't work, senpai.

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Nani? It works fine for me, anon.

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Oh, yeah. My bad. I made the links clickable and apparently, the pastebin took the paranthesis with it so it would appear broken.

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Lol why not just use clamps?

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Who why no cure for rabies?
Because when virus gets to brain it's difficult to stop the spread in brain is it?

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>tfw no evidence based gf

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there has been only one succesfull documented case of curing it look up the milwaukee protocol

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Not him but, it's the curcuminoids in turmeric

There are plenty of others

One of the main issues with curcumin is there is plenty of evidence that it works but the bioavilability if very low. Black pepper has been implicated in increasing bioavailability of other supplements taken at the same time, I don't know if it works for everything, but it works for some other antioxidants I found, and also coQ10

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What can I do to be more empathetic to patients? I've found that when they lay some heavy shit on me I just don't know what the fuck to say. For example I asked a patient how he was and he pretty much said 'not good' and that he had a bunch of shit on his liver and was in his late 40's. I didn't know how the fuck to respond and just muttered something about being sorry before doing what I needed to do. I really wish I could've shown more empathy to the poor bastard but I just didn't know what to say. I'm mostly used to dealing with fat boomers complaining that their legs hurt for some mysterious reason and displaying fake empathy to that.

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Don't display fake empathy. You're part of the problem, helping them doublethink.

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The fuck does that even mean? I'm still a student so I sort of have to display the whole empathy thing even though it's their own fucking fault they need knee replacements or can't stand upright for more than 20 seconds.

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Give them their money back

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empathy is the nurses job

but you can learn, some of it is actual listening, body language, communication skills, patience, and most of all, experience

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i suspected hyperhidrosis, hence the question

moisture-wicking socks, absorbent soles, wearing non-occlusive footwear (avoid boots and sports shoes, leather shoes are good) are good measures that aren't pharmacological

like the other anon said, there's aluminium-based antiperspirants, and anti-cholinergics are available but bad side effects (dry mouth, urinary retention, blurred vision, constipation)

other specialist treatments like iontophoresis, botulinum A toxin and eta (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy) are all viable options but the side effects are numerous, and are undesirable. before going down these routes, I would suggest starting with changing your socks and shoes, and then on drugs if need be. i will also post this reply in the new thread, in case you're active in that thread. best of luck anon

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Thanks anon

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Will my dick get bigger with a penile traction device

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What's the medically best way to whiten yellow teeth that are otherwise in good condition? I've heard stories about hydrogen peroxide screwing people over

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Great thanks for filling in while I was away.

I have books with long words in them if that means anything to you. Pic related. Mostly I just flick through for the pretty pictures of snowflakes. I have no idea what I'm doing but I trust this book more than any doctor.

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>why don't you just take some fucking NSAIDs

Forgot to address this.

Do you have any evidence that ibuprofen for example offers any advantages over natural medicines beyond cost effectiveness?

Because lets all be honest. A lot of these drugs are only used because extractions are already being done on poppies to make morphine. It is very cost effective to use the other chemicals instead of just throwing them away even if there are better options.

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Sorry if I seemed argumentative in my first post but that's really not the intention. I'm trying my best to understand. Is that David Hoffmann's book? What makes it more credible than any other book written by an MD?

How are unrefined extracts any better than isolates?

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>be a normal baby
>immigrant doctor clamps my head so hard with forceps to pull me out that I become retarded
diversity is our uhhh

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Don't forget artificial breaking of the water which begins lung changeover before the child has even begun to leave the womb, followed by early clamping of the umbilical cord. Maybe all this happened after pitocin, which uses the child's head as a battering ram against a birth canal which is not prepared, net reduces total transplacental blood flow, and causes repeated cranial blood pressure spikes in the infant. Which causes the blood vessels to constrict, further reducing cerebral blood flow.

Then they clean out the eyes with vaseline and or silver nitrate, preventing the child from seeing its parents. They inject vitamin K. They inject hep B vaccination. They take the males and strap them into a circumstraint then amputate parts of their penis, putting its cortisol etc way up.

This is incompetence to the point of evil. Failure to acknowledge our barbarism means inevitable collapse. Birth trauma is quite real, and it's not the birth itself, it's the fucked up shit they do to us during and after. Perinatal period = ideal window for traumatizing an animal.

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How should births be overseen?

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C-section should be required by law, vaccines should only be given starting at 3 weeks.

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>"i'm really sorry to hear that" with the proper tone of voice
>maybe an appropriate follow-up question that'll have a short answer, after which you do whatever the fuck you came to do
wala, empathy

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Sorry meant "wallah"
it means "trust me this is the truth"

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Soulless automatons. If you're this autistic and bad at human contact just shut up and send a nurse over jesus christ.

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Unfortunately I know a bit too much about the history of human organizational and control structures to delude myself into thinking there's a single clear solution, especially when you have centralized formulation and enforcement of some system. In an ideal world, with legitimate and rational human beings free from corruption and personal hangups, a massive review of every step of the birthing process and the associated literature would be conducted and evaluated against common sense, historical practices and documents (dating back to ancient Greece, which say eg not to clamp early), and knowledge of neonatal anatomy and physiology. Multiple guidelines branches would be formulated for common aberrations.

The penalty for failing to do your job would be loss of ability to practice and a wide open door for state subsidized criminal prosecution. The issue is systems like these are always corrupted and weaponized over time, so in actual practice I have to fall back on my earliest idea, which is increasing the awareness and intelligence of the general population and crafting a culture of disgust over tolerance. Where certain functional standards not being met will evoke pity and disgust. We don't have that now, we have pretense and blanket acceptance of mediocrity.

Your actual question I think refers to how a birth should be done, and you've used the correct term "overseen" as the only one delivering a child is the mother and to an extent the father. Subject is too broad to go into deeply and it can only devolve into "yeah but what if X?" and indirectly justifying existing practices instead of a focus on creating or refining methods and mindsets.

Cesarean section has its own issues. You avoid compressing the skull and creating vascular microhemmorages etc, but there's a tendency to use epidurals which do often make it into the child, and proceed to suppress breathing and heart rate. Therefore they will immediately clamp the cord.

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I mean actually state the source of their issues is their weight and whatever else. Don't pretend it's some natural thing that they have good reason for and a handle on, they don't.

Hello /ck/.

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But we do have recommendations and guidelines that get put out by the World Health Organization and various societies run by OB-GYNs.

"Individualized, supportive care key to positive childbirth experience" is literally the headline of one of their press releases.


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Look at the vague and distancing language used in the press release. It says it all.

>Delayed umbilical cord clamping appears to be beneficial
"Delayed" (veruses what, "done correctly"?)

>which may have a favorable effect on developmental outcomes
could, may, might. (Does)

>There is a small increase in jaundice that requires phototherapy in this group of infants.
This is false. Refer to the cochrane review I've linked before, or do some reading. The aspects measured and reported in those studies are inadequate to determine causes. Here's some other things associated with neonatal jaundice.
-Lack of colostrum consumption
-Trauma such as that of circumcision
-Hepatitis B vaccination.

>The ability to provide delayed umbilical cord clamping may vary among institutions and settings;
More justifying. Not clamping the umbilical cord involves not clamping the umbilical cord, like we did for our entire history.

They've essentially said "well you shouldn't, but you can..." Let's get real, they had their way with us and fucked up, and continue to do so to the very instant. They don't want liability or being found out, so they're in a fix. We have among the highest maternal and infant MORTALITY in the developed world. We're like 37th or something.

This shit is a serious, and you're a lunatic if you think we don't have a problem. These institutions have failed in their purported purposes.

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It is. Honestly it's a bit heavy for me and I would be lost without wikipedia. I just can't remember all this stuff.

I got this book for a deeper understanding of herbal medicine because I can do it myself. I have found med staff to be disinterested narcissists. I prefer to just do the research myself. If I had cancer or diabetes I would probably see a MD. I am not qualified to determine credibility but I can say that the text has helped me.

I do use modern isolates as well. Such as ibuprofen. To be perfectly honest self experimentation is a pretty big deal.

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Have you seen a rheumatologist for your joint inflammation, anon?

>> No.10912089

>"Delayed" (veruses what, "done correctly"?)
They go into the definition of early and delayed clamping in the introduction.

They also reference the Cochrane review in the article.

Anon, did you just read the abstract? :(

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Yeah, like not kicking me out of the school of physics immediately after I write up my theory, before the academic nutrition can go into it? Or like not kicking me out of college altogether like a few weeks after i do the improved re-write before the academic nutrition can go into it.

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people who spend 10 hours a day on 4chanel(by frank ocean) don't have good attention sp- what was i talking about

>> No.10912105

Yes, I only read the abstract for now. I'll read the whole thing later.

I'm pointing out what's implied by their use of language. Embedded meaning.

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So apparently, vaping bad.
Acute Effects of Electronic Cigarette Aerosol Inhalation on Vascular Function Detected at Quantitative MRI

Chanel is a banger.

>> No.10912195

>Reading beyond the abstract
Unreasonably optimistic

>> No.10912203

>So apparently, vaping bad.
Who could ever have foreseen that inhaling the decomposition products of a chemical cocktail in glycerin would harm your health. How could this be possible.

>> No.10912228

*Bad in a way that it affects endothelial integrity too and not just the respiratory bits.

>> No.10912234

Wait so vaping is worse than smoking? Based I'm so glad I kept smoking.

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It was acute not chronic.

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Any recommendations for a good anatomy coloring book?

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Anyone know of any courses with similar content to MBBS/MD which I could do part-time?
I've got a BMedSci in chemistry and work as a research scientist in a healthcare company. They encourage further education, so I can do flexible hours to study part-time and if they judge the course as relevant they'll cover 50% of the cost.
I'm not looking to become a medical doctor but I enjoyed anatomy and physiology and would like to learn a lot more about these things.

>> No.10912718

>similar content to MBBS/MD
>part time
You have to be dedicated in medschool but can work as a doctor part time. Closest that comes to it is PA school AFAIK. (Not from US, just assuming)

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I'm in Australia not the US fwiw.

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My surgical rotation has ended. I have 1 week until the final exam. I'm scared.

Because current technology allows us to keep them alive and they turn out functioning members of society. No one is allowed to play God.
Dude, never read post-op stories. They're aggravated and you're only hearing about the bad cases. Go get the operation.
Obvioulsy there are herbal extracts that work as well as there are toxic ones, but I have a feeling a large portion of the herbal medicine is not evidence based and as >>10910227 said mom medicine.
Dental clinics do that shit don't they? But in a controled environment and by a professional. Don't do dumb shit.

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I'm on 5th year. Still feel like a fraud and extremely lacking in knowledge

Is this something common? Can it be overcome?

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Fix up before foundation where you’ll be actually at work. Start now

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How many of you are really passionate about your medical studies or work?

I am considering study medicine and becoming a part time GP to be close-knit to my community, help others and learn valuable medical skills. But my spare time I'd rather spent selfishly pursuing my true passion which is metaphysics and theology. Maybe I'd do some related job to that on the side.

/med/ do you think studying medicine is worth it when it's not your true passion but nonethless it interests you a lot and would allow you to pursue your true passion? Seeing that it takes care of your altruistic, social and financial needs.

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It's definitely doable if you're interested enough. GPs are always in demand and it's pretty chill if you want to work part time. (Read: You'll have plenty of time to study your other areas of interest too)

>> No.10913074

You sound like my kind of lad. My undergraduate degree is in philosophy and I’m a med student now. Hoping I fall in love with GP for dat dere flexibility.

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I inhaled large amounts of ammonia gas and it's been difficult to breathe these last 3 days I also cough all the time but luckily no blood.
Am I going to die?
Keep in mind I have no insurance.

>> No.10913124

Older doctors call it continuous education.
To me sound like an insult because it was said to me in one such situation and i took it to heart.
But its the truth none the less,if you dont encounter something often enough you will forget it.
Thats just the nature of the human brain so you have to re read material form time to time.

>> No.10913150

You need to tone down your hot takes and stop provoking clamped poster.
Humanity has survived at least two millennia without hospitals and C sections, and there should be studies done what happens to babies that receive vaccines at such early stage in their development.

>> No.10913277

A study done in mice showed, essentially, brain damage and long term neuroinflammatory factor upregulation.


>> No.10913282

Medicine itself is an ongoing shitpost on the face of this planet.

>> No.10913291

Also, rfeer to section 13 of every vaccine insert.
"[Vaccine] has not been tested for mutagenic potential, carcinogenic potential, or impairment of fertility."

They were also given blanket legal immunity 30 years ago because the amount of damage they were doing was bankrupting them. Now, you go to vaccine kangaroo court, go up against DOJ lawyers, for the ability to essentially pay yourself for damages.

Vaccines are fraud. This will be looked back on as evil.

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>umm sweaty electronic cigarettes are 99% safer than cigarettes
>t. british college of cardiology
>meanwhile, kids in their late teens and 20s are being hospitalized and even dying from vaping-related pulmonary disorders

How old were you when you realized that physicians absolutely love making sweeping generalizations based on weak or lacking evidence?

>> No.10913883

What books do English-speaking peeps use for General Surgery, preop, postop care and complications?

>> No.10914073

Schwartz's Manual of Surgery

>> No.10914335

>Because current technology allows us to keep them alive and they turn out functioning members of society. No one is allowed to play God.
Based well-adjusted surgeon anon.
Thank you for all that you do.

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/med/ BTFO

>> No.10914677

anyone want to study step 1 with me?

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You cannot deny that they clamp.

>> No.10914801

You cannot deny that they vaxx.

>> No.10914805

You cannot deny that they circumcise.

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>a haemorrhoidectomy

>> No.10915900

Psychiatrist told me a rumor about supplementing stimulant medication with magnesium and potassium. Is there any semblance of truth to this statement? 21/M/Cali

>> No.10915960

Any DO friends around. Thooughts on how we'll fare after the ACGME merger?

>> No.10915966

>Because current technology allows us to keep them alive and they turn out functioning members of society. No one is allowed to play God.
if they had nukes than nobody would stop them
see: china

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>Any DO friends around. Thooughts on how we'll fare after the ACGME merger?

Fine for most things. I am a DO who matched an MD radiology spot this past match.

DO's will likely continue to have issues with the highly specialized stuff like rad/onc, and possible things like ortho where there were a lot of DO born residencies.

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>tfw going into the lab at 3 am, so you don’t have to wake up at 8am and can sleep through the day.

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Ok, this is very important for me, I was waiting for this thread. Since 6 months ago, I've got a thoracic disk herniation pressing on my spinal cord and both dorsal roots at the site of the herniation. My MRI is almost exactly as the one show in the picture. I've tried all sort of treatments with the exception of surgery, that I'm saving to the very end, as a unfavorable outcome would probably be permanent.
Any ideas about what I can try? I'll welcome any suggestions

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File: 212 KB, 624x826, rusty_thoracicmri_disc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, this is very important for me, I was waiting for this thread. Since 6 months ago, I've got a thoracic disk herniation pressing on my spinal cord and both dorsal roots at the site of the herniation. My MRI is almost exactly as the one show in the picture. I've tried all sort of treatments with the exception of surgery, that I'm saving to the very end, as a unfavorable outcome would probably be permanent.
Any ideas about what I can try? I'll welcome any suggestions

>> No.10917348

How old are you and what symptoms do you have?

>> No.10917560

35 years old. I've got pain at the site of the injury and also neurophatic pain radiating from the injury to my abdomen and also circling around my chest.
The neuropatic pain worsens considerably when I turn my head down and when I sit, and it is at is worst if I sit and simultaneusly turn my head down. If I lie on my back and I use a pillow, causing my neck to bend forward, the pain worsens too. Thank you for your attention, and sorry about my english, it's not my primary language

>> No.10917565

>sleeping in your office every night and just taking your clothes to the dry cleaners
>everyone wonders how you get to work so early

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File: 147 KB, 1199x924, lääkeapustaja29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>going to the morning lecture after pulling an all nighter
>anon why are you wearing a lab coat and gloves

>> No.10917910

Do deadhangs make pain worse or lighten it? Have you tried water therapies for pain? I think you can only go without surgery as long as you find stuff that easens the pain, don’t think anything else will fix it.

>> No.10917914

>mfw 1 hour left till 24hour shift ends

>> No.10917975

they seem to worsen it, but I get the idea of doing them. Actually, decompressing the disc by hanging completly upside down while at the same time pulling my head away of my body with my arms and the help of a towel actually produces very noticeable short term relief

>> No.10918253

I'm graduating in the upcoming months. I still feel this way. I'll probably still do even after I get a specialty.
Not a surgeon, just a last year with clinical rotations. If I get this exam, I'll be a graduated doctor.
Disk hernias are shitty. From what I've heard conservative treatment is mainly symptomatic. Surgery is advised only when everything fails.

>> No.10918571

I would take some ibuprofen (or meloxicam if you can get it since it's once daily) and do yoga and see if it helps. If you find that your symptoms do not get better, talk surgical options, they may be able to simply remove the part of the disk that's herniated and leave some intact sparing you the shittiness of having a fusion.

If you find that the pain at the site gets better after stretches and taking NSAIDS, you may be able to simply have them destroy the nerves that handle cutaneous sensation to your chest and not have to worry about the nerve pain anymore. Fortunately dorsal roots only handle sensation.

>> No.10918829

>tfw undergrad medical scribe in love with the doctor
So, what's my prognosis?

>> No.10918836

Severe. Need a miracle to happen, depends on the doctor. You're a male and she's a female or vice-versa?

>> No.10918839

Im male and she's female. She might be 15 years older than me. She's short, attractive, kind-hearted and sharp-minded.

>> No.10919247

How do i fuck a main nurse as a volunteering student shes so hot bros

>> No.10919273

Jesus fuck man, start taking two teaspoons of metamucil a day and eat some fucking veggies.

>> No.10919285

You don't, senpai.

>> No.10919454

This is one of the few things I didn't researched. How is the procedure to destroy the nerves called? I would loose part of my sense of touch along them, right?

>> No.10919583

Any tips on palmar hyperhidrosis if aluminium based stuff makes the skin on my hands extremely dry but somehow still sweaty?
It's not a huge handicap (my hands don't drip, they're just clammy)

>> No.10920267
File: 143 KB, 1389x1732, 1540963311379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I may have damaged my rotator cuff. I'm getting an ultrasound to check my shoulder in 2 (TWO) weeks. What should I do or not do until then?

>> No.10920960

Anon, I've been on Isotretinoin for 2 months now. At the beginning of the treatment, I got a big cystic pimple, which to this day hasn't gone away. It's gotten smaller, a little bit of shit has come out of it, but it's fucking still there despite my face getting pretty much clear now.
Dermatologists over here in my shithole suck, it's my fifth one, and literally none of them even mentioned Isotretinoin, so I had to google and read about it myself and then ask the doctor to prescribe it to me.
I'm honestly getting depressed at this point (no, I don't think it's one of Isotretinoin's side affects in this case) because I'm so over this. Can I apply benzoyl peroxide? Will it do anything? My skin isn't super dry, so I think I should be fine. I'm actually considering going to someone to remove it surgically since facials were the only thing that would remove those big underskin zits form my face.

>> No.10921289

How do I become a doctor in the US?

>> No.10921294


expect 7-10 years before you start making money

>> No.10921430

I want to visit a doctor in an hour but I won’t if it’s unnecessary, basically I hit my stomach accidentally with this heavy bag while carrying it and that was 2 days ago. There’s no bruises or anything but right on the classic area where the appendix gets infected it hurts like a bitch. Was it the bag or is this all a coincidence?

>> No.10921506

go to the doctor even if you're an americlap without insurance it's only like $100

>> No.10921523

For the surgery?!
That’s not it btw, I just don’t want to waste his time if it’s nothing. Anyways I should almost go so I can’t cancel it anyways.

>> No.10921529

You're paying for the consultation. It's literally what doctors are paid to do, dw. It's good that you're seeking advice early.

>> No.10921532

>I just don’t want to waste his time if it’s nothing
Unless you're in a country with socialized medicine he won't care. You're literally paying him money for his time.

>> No.10921609

>Unless you're in a country with socialized medicine
You do know even in pinko european countries doctors still get paid, right?

>> No.10921629

If it's a cyst it won't go away on it's own. You can drain it from time to time, but it will come back because there's a capsule that keeps inflaming. The capsule needs to be excised.

>> No.10922067

I'm a bit afraid to have it excised since I'm taking Isotretinoin, but I don't think there's any other way. I feel like there's most likely going to be a scar there anyway, so I might as well get rid of the cyst.

>> No.10922100

How much will you actually damage your eyes long-term if you spend 8+ hours a day in front of a computer? We've got to use them for basically anything important these days and since any job I get has to be an office job I'm a bit worried, how do you minimise damage?

>> No.10922126

Why do I get headaches whenever I have sex or jerk it?

>> No.10922134

What would a good speciality be for someone interested in pharmacology?

>> No.10922138

Google it, random doctors/students aren’t going to have anything other than a pat answer to that.

>> No.10922144

I just learned that sex headaches are a real thing in class the other day. Primary headache associated with sexual activity.

>> No.10922147

So just a headache caused by physical exertion?

>> No.10922160

I mean, usually. It's probably just benign if the pain isn't severe.

>> No.10922161

Is there an explanation why they happen?

>> No.10922352
File: 108 KB, 207x408, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a 34 yrs old male. Starting when I was 22 years old until I had 34 I suffered the following injuries approximately every 1.5 years:
-hip coxo-femoral impingement
-broken ribs from a mild fall
-frozen elbow from a mild fall
-cervical disk herniation with pain and weakness in my right arm
-two lumbar disk herniations with lumbalgya due to lifting a 3kg object
-symptomatic thoracic disk disk herniation due to stretching my back (the occurrence of such injury in the general population is one in a million)

What's the likehood of this being just a coincidence? should a common causality be suspected?

>> No.10922384

Some individuals are lucky, some are not. I've seen a 93y/o that never came to an ortho before for a leg he broke riding a bicycle. Then, I've seen people that come in frequently because 1.They do stupid shit or 2.They work somewhere where they're prone to injuries.

>> No.10922408

Ever heard of that trope where the crazy guy was onto something? They call it "The Cuckoolander Was Right"
After all, the line between insanity and genius is oh so fine, and who hasn't heard that one?

With that said, I concur, clamp ya kids, clamp ya wife, because they vaxxin' er'ryone out der.

>> No.10922415

Yesterday I vaxxed 7 kids. I thought more people were anti vaxx but they're actually scarce. And not only that, they're retarded too. (See your post)

>> No.10922421

Actually, I had found a possible underlying cause, despite apparently not manifesting any symptoms, two blood serum tests taken 5 yrs apart from each one, showed a vitamin C deficiency. My result in both cases where a value of 1 mg/L, the normal result being 4 - 20 mg/L. Supplementation with 2000 mb of vitamin C raised the value to 8mg/L but didn't help my two active herniations heal, still. Vitamin C is used as a co-factor for the synthesis of collagen, which is why scurvy damages tissues composed of it

>> No.10922424
File: 55 KB, 220x201, ceplm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blaming vit C mild deficiency for being an idiot that falls badly every year


>> No.10922425

I hope you will vax your own kids, because if you don't, I will find you and give them an extra large helping of vax.

>> No.10922427
File: 1.16 MB, 200x200, Pepe3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, I need advice, posit if you please, the way in one might acquire musculature if, per se, a person was incapable of obtaining it?

>> No.10922431

only two of my injuries are due to falling, and you must know that I was an aparently healthy 24-26 yrs old male and didn't fall with much force

>> No.10922436

Do dentists get any love here. I wanna be a surgeon when i grow up

>> No.10922437

I doesn't matter with how much force you fall, it matters how bad is your position when you do so. I've seen a man come in the ER with a badly broken collarbone from falling due to a syncope. Other guy was working as a courier and fell while getting a small box out of the back of the truck and needed surgery for fucking up his Achilles tendon.

I'll vaxx them bro. Even if I don't want to, then my mother will vaxx them by force, kek.

Well, that's a shitty start. But hey, at least we're not in the 50s anymore, it was a long way but it was worth it.

Yeah, dentists get some love here. Dentists aren't surgeons, max fax are proper surgeons.

>> No.10922439


>> No.10922442

Im planning on gunning for maxfax or oral surgery, which are apparently 2 sepperate things here

>> No.10922447

>2 separate things here
Not from US, UK, actually I'm from a 3rd world shithole and here it's called Oral and Maxilo-Facial Surgery - that's the entire spec.

>> No.10922458

Its apparently like that in my shithole of serbia. But im considering moving out of here, if the chance arises

>> No.10922460
File: 159 KB, 850x378, vaccine-scam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10922466

I want surgery to increase penis size. Should I only go for width? I heard length decreases sensation

>> No.10922478
File: 93 KB, 850x400, medical scam kalokerinos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Modern medicine is great.


>> No.10922480

The main reason you want a big dick is for the psychological stimulation of a woman. So, don’t miss out on length.

>> No.10922487

>not staying in your shithole to help the community and get a decent amount of money instead

Pretty unbased but redpilled, brother. I'm your neighbor, the country in the shape of a fish.

>> No.10922538


>> No.10922544

Because blood pressure rises during coitus and masturbation

>> No.10922548

h-haha yeah it sure does

>> No.10922563
File: 26 KB, 850x453, brainVolume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am I a big wasted potential, I have a neurodegenerative illness

last year in fall I finished my biochemistry class in college with an A and I could see that my grades were the best because the professor posted our student ID next to our grades. I have returned to college this fall despite great difficulty with my painful fatigue and heat intolerance.

If I stay outside too long in college i will get extremely sick from fatigue, insomnia, and heat intolerance. I have been unable to hold my weight and also have shortness of breath, my body is failing all over, the only thing that isn't failing is my grades not yet it seems.

most of the time I am unaware of how happy everyone else is in life I'm not emo but I feel indifferent to my existence after getting brain damage this is typical of brain disease, it is called apathy and it makes me suicidal.

tI must have had a huge potential for science, that was robbed from me by the horrible disease, I assume it is almost like a child prodigy who is smarter than all the teachers despite being handicapped by their young age, I am a good student despite the massive handicaps imposed by the aphasia and the dementia from the disease.

It might be true that I had amazing potential for science that was never found because the disease struck at a very young age of 16 and destroyed the genius or any potential for success that existed.

I have measured my corpus callosum and it is extremely large it must have some meaning or effect on my cognition for my brain to be so much differently shaped

>> No.10922579

In UK and Canada they get a fixed annual salary which is on average around $70-80K USD. They have a tremendous rate of suicide. Sad.

>> No.10922581

What the fuck is that about, are you only talking about hospital docs? Private practice should still exist in those countries

>> No.10922585

>Even if I don't want to, then my mother will vaxx them by force
This is legitimately the most pathetic non-ironic post I have read online for a long time. Bravo.

>> No.10922587

>I have measured my corpus callosum and it is extremely large it must have some meaning or effect on my cognition for my brain to be so much differently shaped
I totally get you... I was some sort of a child genius until the age of 13, then extreme (100% disability) OCD kicked in...

>> No.10922592

You have to be really good to have a private practice in those countries though since only a small amount of the population can afford private care.

>> No.10922593

It was a joke you fucking retard.


>> No.10922594

Sounds like a problem exclusive to those particular shitholes. My country has socialized healthcare and about half of all physicians are in private practice

>> No.10922595

This happened to me. Then I got CLAMPED, VAXXED, INDOCTRINATED in my 20's and now I'm leading a happy life making six figures.

>> No.10922635
File: 2.00 MB, 4032x2268, 20190826_185312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hi /sci/ i need some advice please, i recently noticed this weird mole in my back and im afraid it might be a melanoma, it looks brighter on the picture but the dark part is actually almost black and the pink part is red and looks like a rash, it doesnt hurt except when i touch it and even then, it only slightly hurts
im a very white guy with fair skin and a lot of moles and i get sunburnt every summer, especially this summer cause i daily drove a mazda mx5 2 hours a day with the top down during the whole summer
>go to the doctor
i want to but where i live (france) doctors and hospitals are filled with boomers so its impossible to get an appointment before a month
wat do?

>> No.10922642

Cut it off then go to the hospital because you are retarded

>> No.10922645

also I bought CBD oil in switzerland should i use it on the mole?

>> No.10922647

i can't cut it off its in my back nigger

>> No.10922669


>> No.10922675

>its impossible to get an appointment before a month
Then go see a private practitioner instead of booking an appointment at the hospital dumbass

>> No.10922685

its the same for private practitioners, i managed to get an appointment at a dermatologist but its in two weeks

>> No.10922720

Nobody can hear you, nobody cares about you. Nothing will come of this.

>> No.10922723

that should be fine, it won't kill you before that

>> No.10922752

Is this b8?

>> No.10922771

What were you diagnosed with?

>> No.10922779

Long list of signs

Elevated hemoglobin
POTS dysautonomia
Elevated autoimmune markers in blood
Erectile dysfunction despite elevated testosterone

Lung and heart abnormality on imaging

>> No.10922785

Sinus tachycardia for the past year,
I have severe depression and apathy from brain damage as well as learning disabilities

>> No.10922805

Are you in your late 20s?

>> No.10922865

>illogical seething
Did you really think I expected the average medfag to have any semblance of morality or concern for anything but their salary?

It's a warning for anyone who doesn't already know what they're getting into.

>> No.10922884

I turn 21 soon

>> No.10924127

>should be studying for the FACEM entrance exam
>haven't done any study in 5(!) months

Why am I such a piece of shit

>> No.10924244

Start studying, reee >:(

>> No.10924490

I spilled around half of a 3.5mL bottle of Condyiine over my thigh. How fucked am I /med/?

>> No.10924499

If it was a 0.5% concentration just wipe it off you're fine. If it was 100% drive to the ER immediately.

>> No.10924506

5mg/mL is 0.5% one, right?

>> No.10924581

Guys, a buddy of mine got diagnosed with AML. He's also a medanon. What the fuck do I say to him? Usually you can say all kinds of possitive shit to patients, but he's aware that it's a shitty diagnosis and he'll just get mad if I bulshit him. Fuck cancer.

Yeah, that doesn't look that great, definitely get it checked out. If you don't want to wait that long, try a doctor in a smaller town to where you live or in the worst case scenario wait for a month. It's better than doing nothing at all.
CBD won't do shit.

>> No.10924809


>> No.10924942

Just sit next to them & listen. Don"t be afraid to hug patients. Most people aren't expecting you to solve all their problems, they just want to vent to somebody and they'll appreciate you listening. You can always reflect things back on them like "I can't imagine how hard that must be for you" or "it sounds like that would be really frustrating." Just keep trying and you'll get the hang of it friendo, I've been a nurse for a year and I still struggle sometimes.

>> No.10925341

>it's a shitty diagnosis

Is it though? Aren't remissions like 85% for first timers and as most patients are diagnosed after 60, his chances are even better.

>> No.10925421
File: 4 KB, 273x184, angrypepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking hate research

>> No.10925451

Brain disease guy checking in,
I am at uni now and I just woke up with limb weakness and abnormal gait, my arms are spaghetti and my feet feel like jello.

>> No.10925474

Pretty based desu. You're going to be a good doctor with your patients.

t. I hate research too.

>> No.10925483

Why is it very challenging or do you find it dull and uninteresting?

I always wanted to be a neurology researcher, and discover genes for intelligence, I am too sick now I won’t live past 24 doubt it with all my heart issues

>> No.10925487
File: 79 KB, 712x720, 19069447487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why am I suddenly pissing like an old man?
>before 26
>take a piss, job done
>after 26
>take a piss, last milliliter or two drips out
>leave bathroom and go back a minute later
>one more milliliter or two to squeeze out

>> No.10925543

Idk, I just feel like treating patients and practicing medicine >> research for me. I simply don't like it, I don't think there's a reason behind it, or at least a good reason. I think it's boring, just sitting in a place looking trough a microscope, waiting for a change or checking rats from hour to hour, etc.

My patience is horrible.

>> No.10925729

Eh, don't fall for the meme: it's actually a pretty harmless operation, I've seen a few and they were all with optimal recovery

>> No.10925734

Literally just grab a book and have loud beeping alarms set for whenever you need to do something.

>> No.10925965

Are there any other "lifestyle" specs aside from those mentioned in the OP?

>> No.10925983

PM&R, Peds, EM, and pathology

>> No.10925986

Isn't EM very stressful

>> No.10926073

Apparently he has a mutation that is associated with very low life expectancy. I think he's good for a bone marrow transplant tho. I'm open to suggestions for Europe.

>> No.10926117

>tfw just started med school
>still optimistic and idealistic about practicing medicine
Is it true that it sucks being a physician in the US? I want do an exchange semester at some point but from what I've heard it sounds kinda shitty

>> No.10926191

>considering clinical oncology as residency choice
>your country anounces only 1 (one) available place for inconresidency each year

>> No.10926241
File: 104 KB, 800x800, lääkeapustaja30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess it depends a lot on the person, I find it almost meditative.

But I wouldn't call it a "lifestyle" spec due to the hours.

>> No.10926246

I have trouble falling asleep and waking up, so I'm trying to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every night. Is it possible and if so how long would it take to condition myself to fall asleep and wake up easily?

>> No.10926252
File: 53 KB, 741x609, lääkeapustaja31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10926289
File: 53 KB, 657x580, lääkeapustaja32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10926298

Regular schedule, no electronic devices before sleeping, exercise in the mornings. If that doesn't do it you might want to look into melatonin and light therapy.

>> No.10926326

does a very strong athlete have a longer life expectancy with cardiovascular disease?

In high school I was a track and field runner and I could run a mile in 6 minutes, I could run 6 miles without breaks in mountainous terrain and 80-90 degree weather.

I was "running at the speed of dark" even black boys on sports teams were like damn... (the speed of dark is faster than light)

in the past year my heart disease has turned me into a shadow of myself I need doors to be held open for me because pushing open a door can exacerbate my breathing and heart condition, my resting heart rate was 113 today. and it has remained at around 100 for almost a year now.

>> No.10926344

This one speaks to me.

>> No.10926349

Thank you for the new frogs.

>> No.10926711

If semi-Fowler's and Trendelenburg exist, why isn't there a taco position?

>> No.10926913

Fractured spine anon here, what's going on when I flex that area of my back and then suddenly get a rush of fatigue/light headedness/dizziness?

>> No.10927251

Apparently, the terminology used now is properly timed cord clamping since early clamping causes anemia and late causes polycythemia.

I miss u clamper

>> No.10927256

Oh, and this is from the WHO WPRO Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care (EINC) Evidence-based Standard Practices.

>> No.10927273

Dafuq? Learn bulgarian and come here, there's an abundance of onco residencies.
What is your condition?
You're compressing the nerves and that's a reaction.

>> No.10927281
File: 18 KB, 600x485, circumstraint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doctors are good people who just want to help people!

>> No.10927295

I was wondering when you were going to show up :3

>> No.10927600
File: 33 KB, 640x671, 20-12-55-mOnvOJG_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any reliable medicine or treatment to cease trembling in your limbs when it's probably related to a mechanical spine issue? I've been feeling shaky and drained all the time for weeks now and whenever I pick something up it visibly trembles even though it's not heavy and I don't feel any sense of physical exertion, even my feet act the same if I lift a few toes off the ground or rest one leg on another

>> No.10927833

Where's the clamp poster?

>> No.10927835

Try beta blockers, and if that doesn't work move on to benzo's

>> No.10927906

Where the fuck can i find a high quality pic of duodenal mucosa with CD3 immunostaining?

>> No.10927961
File: 2.23 MB, 3264x2448, 20190829_111825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got diagnosed with eczema.
Here's a pic for anyone that wants it for their own comparison.

>> No.10928012

don't scratch it

>> No.10928015

just be yourself

>> No.10928172
File: 136 KB, 363x296, 1564600051846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still have flashbacks about that shit.

>> No.10928576
File: 122 KB, 640x571, lääkeapustaja33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck histology

>> No.10928585
File: 44 KB, 657x527, lääkeapustaja34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10928605
File: 106 KB, 656x526, lääkeapustaja35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10928639
File: 218 KB, 1280x711, clamp poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sick leave

>> No.10928680
File: 124 KB, 821x686, lääkeapustaja36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10928701
File: 56 KB, 850x659, lääkeapustaja37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think that does it. Good night frens.

>> No.10928743

Goodnight, EManon.

>> No.10928943

Pretty based post desu.

>> No.10928947

Good night and thanks for the frogs!

>> No.10928961
File: 17 KB, 543x565, 07-55-14-images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using asthma medication ten times a day

>> No.10929099

I've been at pharmacy school orientation last 2 days.

First Day
>everyone tries to meet everyone and talk to each other
>can find random people to talk to and they actually seem interested

Second Day
>everyone is either in a clique with people they know from undergrad classes, schools they attended that aren't this current school, or their orientation group
>approach a new person and they turn to their group and treat you like an outsider.

I guess this is how it will be for now then.

>> No.10929136

What the fuck did you go to pharmacy school for?
Take it from a pharmacuck, you ruined your life. You could have easily gotten into DO school or even fucking podiatry.
Your future is either a shitty floater at a chain that just verifies all day or a staff somewhere and despite knowing more about drugs than any other medical profession you’re stuck in your literal cuckshed unable to do anything more mentally stimulating than leaving a message with some retarded receptionist for an alt.

>> No.10929166

I've never seen so many buzzwords and such hostility in a /med/ thread before.

>> No.10929168

Enjoy hating life brah

>> No.10929171


>> No.10929173

I'm not even the one you replied to. Stop projecting.

>> No.10929187

Tell me where the fucking buzzwords are. Go ahead and prove me wrong about this most cucked of careers.

>> No.10929198 [DELETED] 



someone needs a checkubb

>> No.10929199


"control" LOL

getsa checckubb pls

>> No.10929245


>> No.10929283

I've always greatly enjoyed doctors taking a "cool operator" get 'er done mentality. Clearly laying out a roadmap, just stating the shitty things that are gonna happen without emotion. As a teenager that always made me feel like a tough son-of-a-bitch.
Not a doctor and never a patient with really, really bad diseases.

>> No.10929287

What aneroid sphygmomanometer should I cop for class?

>> No.10929381

How do we get more women doctors training in surgery?

>> No.10929402

Riester or welch allyn. I had both but it really depends how you use it. WA has a great variety of cuffs and are cheaper than Riester's but Riester is more durable imo.

Find women that don't want to have children or want a marriage.

>> No.10929407

>Find women that don't want to have children or want a marriage.

Yikes. Why should women have to make that choice?

>> No.10929633

Some women are men in disguise. It's fine if those don't reproduce and they make fine collegues.

>> No.10929772

Swollow HD camera with macro lens

>> No.10929941

what do you guys think about the possibility of spirochetes living in the space between gums and teeth of apparently healthy mouths and their implications on systemic health?

>> No.10930192

Out of curiosity, what is the physiological reason I temporarily lost my hearing, sense of touch and whited out after I fell and twisted my ankle not long ago? I have never experienced that all other times I get injured

>> No.10930497

How do I find out which method of memorization and studying works best for me?
I never had to study one day in my life and now I'm going to have to cram, so I'm kind of lost. I think I have a visual memory if that's important at all.

>> No.10930536
File: 170 KB, 339x1024, gettyimages-89164016-1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What parts of the body could you randomly inject a shallow needle into and reliably hit a vein? Could you do this in the neck or wrist? Obviously you're supposed to hit a big vein but would it still work with a smaller one?

>> No.10930938

Trying to kill someone, anon?

>> No.10931243

MS1, just matched with a pharmacy student thats on my campus, help me think of a pick up line

>> No.10931372

Wait until she's alone then bring her a coffee and strike up a conversation about rohypnol.

>> No.10931643


why don't you come over later and we can see who is a competitive or non-competitive antagonist?

(i get dibs on the marriage invitation).

>> No.10931741

>need an expensive medication to not go blind
>have to get it through my insurance's specialty pharmacy
>the pharmacy exclusively hires people with literal Down's Syndrome to work in their call center
>the retards completely fucked up my prescription renewal
>don't have my medication
>am now going blind
someone please help

>> No.10931771

If they fucked it up, they have to fix it. You can't go blind because of a fucking pharmacist mistake.

>> No.10931811

For about a month I have been feeling some abdominal pain in my right area. My doctor recommended an ultrasound and the results came back as saying that i did not have any appendicitis however I had peristalsis bowel in my right lower quadrant. The doctor said everything was fine and to just go on with life however lately I have noticed that it is starting to come up again and I feel as if something is inflamed.

Do you guys have any tips? My family doctor will probably just tell me the same thing if I go back to him again

>> No.10931817

Why are doctors clamping people's umbilical cords? Is it possible that this may cause brain damage?

>> No.10931869

So you can cut the cord after.

>> No.10931957

>tfw it's Saturday and I want to work
>hate research
>practice is closed
>not in the mood to read

Wat do?

>> No.10931977

Medicine was not my true passion either also, but studying my intrests was stupid(history, philosphy etc.) for a wortless degree. So I choose med and it became my number one passion over time. I love it

>> No.10932179

How long before an eyelash stuck in eye becomes a serious problem? I have one stuck for about a week now, but I'm too busy to go to the doctor

>> No.10932197
File: 168 KB, 912x788, asdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>'murican medfags will defend this

>> No.10932277

Get a life

>> No.10932555

They're refusing to fix it. They want my doctor to re-send the prior authorization paperwork after the pharmacy lost it. My doctor is a professor that only has clinic two days a week though. I've been on the phone with them for at least two hours a day for the last week and a half. Everyone I speak to has some kind of mental disability.

>> No.10932597

Sounds like your class if full of Asians lmao. There should at least be a few other outsiders you can shoot the shit with occasionally, or at least a more welcoming clique of autists.

>> No.10932640

Learn to use Anki or some other form of spaced repetition. Saved my ass many times, particularly in anatomy.

>> No.10932647

>forced to take stats because 'muh keeping current' even though only about 3 people in the cohort actually want to research
>even though 99% of medical professionals just flick through some abstracts occasionally to keep current
>even though your practice is often still bound by departmental policy so won't be subscribing to breaking literature
Yep, stats can get FUCKED.

>> No.10932662


>> No.10932667

Sorry I didn't spend 4x the amount of time making girl notes and doing worse on my exams.

>> No.10932672

Not that guy, but do you use Anki for everything?

>> No.10932680

So I'm too lazy to get into the really autistic functions of anki (see the med school anki subreddit for this). I do use anki for most of my subjects, because I just make my own cards out of the brief notes I take during lectures. Basically, if a subject just requires you to memorize a large amount of information that requires little critical thought then it can be learnt quickly with anki. So shit like math you should probably still grind out on paper.

>> No.10932736

Not American but that's pretty based.

>> No.10932884

>Using anki in clinical

>> No.10933310

Hey /sci/, I feel in a pickle, see I am the assistant to someone who works at a University who is doing research with these medical machines, they are in a way experimental, in the sense that while they got all the certifications such that anyone, regardless of any degree could take it home and use it there still isnt' any research done with them.

Bottom line is, I am not a doctor, I can legally use these and there is no danger whatsoever for the person being analized but I still want to understand more about what I am doing, so what kind of textbooks should I read to get into Medicine? Is Khan academy a good starting point?

>> No.10933326

>to get into medicine
Start with the basics. Anatomy + Biochem -> Physiology + Pharmacology -> Pathology + Pathophysiology -> Clinical/Surgical specs

There are tons of textbooks, for physiology I recommend Guyton, for biochem and anatomy you can get any textbook/atlas. Pharma - Katzung, Pathology - Robbins and you should look for the rest.

>> No.10933337

Let me be clear you helpful anon, it would be in the name of aiding my work, so basically the knowledge necessary to understand the connections, like say if there is symptom X that means I have to look at a Y problem in J part of the body.
Because right now, if someone has symptoms that could be to an ilness caused by an iron deficiency I can check for that on the go, but of course knowing that such deficiency could be a cause would help.

>> No.10933382

funny thing I was looking to download medical physiology by him, I don't remember how I came up with that book, must have been the wikipedia sources.
Shame I can't find a good download for the italian version, had to settle for version 12. Still thanks a lot, I'll try buying them once this job become stable enough.

>> No.10933401

If you want the basics of the basics regarding pathologies, go for a family med textbook, something like a pocket edition of Lange's. You have a shit ton of pathology and it's explained like you're retarded or something. I enjoyed reading it, but it wasn't of much help considering I'm 2 years away from becoming a resident. Maybe it will help you.

>> No.10933481

Thanks a lot.
Though, why did it not help you?

>> No.10933543

Is 25 too old to start uni?

>> No.10933558

I'm going to be 25 in the fall, is it too late for me to get into medical school? I'm a woman. Would I be better off going into tech/getting into programming?
Whenever I was a teen I was dead set on going into forensic pathology(I'm well aware of how it really is) but plans fell through due to uncontrollable events. I'm finally in a stable environment where I can start moving forward again and I can't decide between the medical field or tech.

>> No.10933671

Oldest med student I've seen was in his 60's and he was doing fine. If you can get in you can get in.

>> No.10933696

A bit too simplistic for me, tbqh. You might find it very informative but I knew most of the stuff in there. It doesn't go that much in depth and focuses much more on treatment and monitoring than pathophysiology or pathology.

Had occupational medicine classes with a student in his 50s. You can do it, anon.

>> No.10933712

That’s nothing. Go for it. We had many 25+ in my class.

>> No.10933713

No problem unless there's some specifici law that makes it harder. If you didn't study for many years and/or did a job that didn't require much thinking, be ready for a rough start.

>> No.10933717

How do you guys feel about the way you profit from making people sick?

>> No.10933726

How does somebody make an official complaint about a medical practitioner?

What are the different methods of holding medical practitioners accountable in different parts of the world?

How effective are these processes at ensuring medical practitioners are held to a high standard?

>> No.10933735

>How does somebody make an official complaint about a medical practitioner?
Contact the practitioner first. Then go to the medical board. If that doesn't work then hire a lawyer (a good one) if you want to file a malpractice suit and be prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

>> No.10933750

In my country because of my income bracket I am entitled to free legal support.

Who foots the bill for the doctor? Could I just take them to court first up?

>> No.10933756

>Who foots the bill for the doctor?
Depends. If he has a private practice he does. If he works for the public medical system of your country they 'might' foot the bill. It just depends how much proofs there are and how much ass he has kissed.

>> No.10933783

Okay. So it is best to undermine their support prior to legal action. It is probably best that I do not inform the medical practitioner of my intentions.


>> No.10933894

Speaking of depth I have one fear, let's say I start studying, as I am not doing so in a University, following a path, how will know how much I don't know? I am afraid that if I start studying medicine I might think I know more than I do or all there is to know on a subject.

>> No.10933902

not science nor math

>> No.10933910

Bloated egos mostly worthless
Bloated egos mostly worthless
>M.D. PhD

spoiler: most medical schools pay for your education fully in a MDPhD program

>> No.10934607
File: 1.00 MB, 771x807, 1566901706478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pre-Med student. Just started my third year. 3.6 gpa (hoping to get it up to a 3.75). EMT certified. Decent shadowing and volunteering hours. Studying for MCAT. What more can I do to improve my standings? What did you do?

>> No.10934611

Depends where you're trying to apply. If you can get into a legitimate research program do that. But with your GPA you'll need a perfect score on the MCAT to get into a top 10 med school.

>> No.10934614

fuck getting into a top 10, i just wanna get in anywhere.
Yeh gonna look into going into research.

>> No.10934647

>how will know how much I don't know?
You never know. That's why doctors read articles from time to time, to keep up with the news.



>> No.10934709

So I was readin ortho and under every fracture there's first aid for every fracture on the sight of the incident. For every fracture you have to do an approximate allignment to minimalise the bleeding and pain. My question is have any of you done that? Seems scarry as fuck. What if you damage a vessel or nerve? Or you just move the fragments and cause pain, but don't manage to do an allignment. And again this is approximate allignment, not a full one.

>> No.10934721

That's what malpractice insurance is for.

>> No.10934728

>med threads slowly go to shit
No surprise here. Can we have a discord? That way we can at least get rid of clampnigger

>> No.10934793

This please.

>> No.10934891
File: 131 KB, 700x740, emergency services slang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Discord is a bad choice of platform for a lot of reasons. There's a lot of other options to explore; my choice would be Matrix since it's open source and decentralized.

I've gone ahead and set up a room for us at https://halogen.chat/#/room/#med:halogen.city where we can shoot the shit.

>> No.10935006

Lower the wages.

>> No.10935037

Learn to love research.

Nothing better than a lazy Saturday in the lab.
>bike with your friend to the uni
>cool your beers with liquid hydrogen
>blast music in the empty lab
>shoot shit with your buddy and do labwork
>try out all kinds of wacky experimental shit
>watch the sun setting from the 30th floor
>continue to a bar after you are finished

>> No.10935038

Kek at the picture. Lost at "paws up"

>> No.10935039

*liquid nitrogen

>> No.10935042

Won't happen. I need a bit of action going on and I can't associate free time with work. Even if I feel like some specs are super comfy, I'd rather see patients non stop for 8-12 hours than do research.

The whole process feels bland and stale to me.
>Come up with a question
>Answer the question
>Turns out it's not correct
>Start over


>Do random shit
>Something interesting pops out once in a while

Don't get me wrong, I'm very much into chronic diseases and like reading research that comes out on this topic but I simply dislike the idea of doing research.

>> No.10935149

After showering with hot water i get like bumps and rashes on my arms. Im afraid it might be some std that i got from oral but idk. It only happens when my body gets really hot, also happened to me in a hot summer day.

>> No.10935194

Well then never lookup how cancer research is done or you might go postal.

>> No.10935198

That was me with Psoriasis/Atopic Dermatitis for most of my life.

>> No.10935250

I just don't look up cancer research because it's mostly made of memes. Only a few are actually of some importance and those are rare.

>> No.10935367

new bread

>> No.10936303

Honestly just aim for a 510 or higher on the mcat and you'll get into at least one MD school, and probably multiple DO schools if you wanna spend the money on applying to a bunch of those

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