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>you DON'T know quantum field theory????

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what's QFT even useful for again?

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>judges a field by its openness for economical exploitation.

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>science is like sex, It's best done when forced, but that's not why we do it.

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Do you tons of math so you can make better predictions which my differ by 0.00001% from more inferior theories.

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my chemist friend told me that it's barely has any predictive power. Is this not true?

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it's not true. the LHC experiments have published thousands of particle physics papers and all of them are predicted very accurately by the standard model -- typically what they use to calculate their predictions are simulation software like Pythia or Madgraph, and you can download those and try them out. they give you super accurate numbers for basically every process in particle physics (the only exceptions being very obscure parts of the SM like e.g. sphalerons)

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Why would you bother learning QFT when you could work on making TOE.

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every string theorist needs to know QFT very well as foundational material, same thing with brainlet quantum gravity like LQG. it’s analogous to how you need to know mechanics before quantum mechanics and you need to know quantum mechanics before QFT

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