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>The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet,
>and after the hottest June ever recorded on Earth, the region is literally on fire.

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>the region is literally on fire
>literally on fire

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>Warming is very uneven
>Large regions show clear and strong warming signals
>When it comes to the Northeast, the winter season has been transformed
>Some of the fastest-warming regions have very few people living in them.
>Others, though, are highly populated
>These changes are already having major impacts, which vary depending on the location

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humans are adaptable, who cares. we need less undesirables anyway. keeping the weak alive is the reason the west is dying

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>the west is dying
[citation needed]

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>>10890525 Siberia as well

These are the feedback loops people were and are warning about.

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nice blog

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Well, in that case you must be a blithering homosexing ass spelunking hobo, because clear observations made my nobody but myself establishes that as fact

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>you must be
no U

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>i only believe things if a man in a white coat with a magic piece of paper tells it to me
and science isn't a religion ?

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>believe things
science is not a matter of belief, religifag

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>what are axioms

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LOL this is even worse, then. You don't just have faith that what you're told is true, you blindly accept it as fact. Because a man in a white coat with a magic piece of paper said it. Do you even know what the scientific method is?

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>what is Philosophy 101

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>You don't just have faith
>you blindly accept it
>Do you even know
no U

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>still can't disprove that axioms are a matter of belief, not proven fact

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>summer of 2019 has seen the worst Arctic wildfires on record,
>and climate scientists predict that it will only get worse in the years to come

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formulate a sentence autismo nobody knows what you're trying to communicate

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>can't disprove
>not proven fact
not in science, philosophag

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>you're trying
no U

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>a man in a white coat with a magic piece of paper
Why do you superstitious fifteenth-century Peasants infest the /sci/ence board??

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>resorting to a semantics argument
game set match

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semantics are what distinguish you from the other apes

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fifteenth century peasants had more respect for the scientific method than modern credentialists

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>*the* scientific method
News Flash for the Scientific Illiterati: there are *many* scientific methods,
each of which are used by actual /sci/entists around the world daily.

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I'm not talking about the methods which involve sacrificing babies to Moloch, I'm talking about THE scientific method. There is only one.

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I have a higher standard for determining what's human and what's not

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>THE scientific method. There is only one.
the Scientific Illiterati: there are *many* left over from the fifteenth century

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>I have a higher standard
...but you can't explain it?

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>please explain to me i have autism

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maybe your semantics just aren't good enough

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it's spelled 'your' you retard

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>There is only one.

Come with a hypotheses (i.e., your fantasy of how something works)
Find evidence or create reproducible experiment to prove hypotheses

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which method involves simply taking the word of a man in a white coat with a magic piece of paper?

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Nobody denies the climate changes. It has always changed. CO2 being the main cause is funny though. Same with the idea that the world will end in 10 years because of cow farts or whatever the fuck. A bunch of groupthink bullshit peddled by jewy corporations and governments. You're a naïve retard if you buy into the alarmism of it.

Why don't you post actual sources? Trendy leftist corporate media articles are not worth reading.

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You're arguing with an NPC.

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>omg the arctic is literally on fire because evil whites release co2 into the atmosphere!!
>look! Dr. Goldberg says the earth will be under water in 10 years if we dont establish a world government!
Why are here, uneducated faggot?

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Way to skirt around the issue

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That would be the superstitious fifteenth-century Peasant method.

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Now you see the flaw in your argument, I hope

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What issue? The planet has experienced global cooling and global warming periods. Even if we assume global war- sorry, climate change is man made, there's nothing we can realistically do about it to fix it besides establishing a totalitarian world government. Its a scam anyways, but keep believing in it because you're a good little citizen who holds all the fashionable opinions.

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>Why don't you spoon-feed me actual sources?
here you go, Floormonkey:

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Which is the method used by most people today. The idea that climate change may be due to other phenomenon like sun spots isn't even mentioned in the mainstream, much less debated. All the good little goy swine believe what CNN and Vox tell them to because of "Science!".

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>blithering homosexing ass spelunking hobo
not an argument

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No. I believe it because I have a degree in Earth science and have seen and understood the evidence myself. But keep believing the fat orange clown in the White House.

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>redditor doesnt know what a source is
Your memes are fucking gay too. Even your own shitty "source" admits modern climate trends may not even be manmade. You're such a fucking pseudointellectual, why are you on this board? Take your pop science back to r3ddit and stay there to degenerate in your groupthink idiocy.

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The "issue" is that the planet is in immediate danger of mass extinction and eradication of civilization, probably more of an inevitability.

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>sun spots
see Climate Myth numbers 2, 90, 118, 143, 158

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>it because I have a degree in Earth science
Cool, you have a worthless meme undergrad degree which doesnt even teach you enough to actually understand the underlying phenomenon behind the hypothesis of manmade climate change.
As if it weren't already painfully obvious that you are a low IQ Vox subscriber.

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>fucking gay
>shitty "source"
>such a fucking pseudointellectual
>your groupthink idiocy
no U

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>The "issue" is that the planet is in immediate danger of mass extinction and eradication of civilization, probably more of an inevitability
According to AOC. Sorry, but you're part of a doomsday cult. Weak minds fall for that sort of thing.

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Nice pop science website. Blow it out your ass, faggot.

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Are you going to cite bill nye next?

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God damnit, this is actually what half of America believes. We're screwed, game over.

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>I know the method used by most people today
No, you do not.

>> No.10890864

Are you going to cite anything but your own ill-informed unfounded opinion?

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Oh, so you are saying that the average goy swine who believes in climate change digs into the hundreds or thousands of complex studies regarding global warm- i mean climat change? No, of course not. They're low info, gullible and trusting, like this goy >>10890853

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Sorry for being skeptical of pop science, maybe you would be too if you stopped paying attention to Vox or steven colbert like an NPC.

>> No.10890894

>so you are saying «some fiction about the average goy swine»

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popsci is garbage, but denialism is worse

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Nice, i would love some warmer climate.

>> No.10890901

Your corporate media sensationalist pop science would be more at home in a /pol/ bait thread.

>> No.10890906

>a doomsday cult
It's way more credible than Christianity

>> No.10890910

«you» seem to know a lot about /pol/ bait threads

>> No.10890915

What is "denialism"? Not blindly agreeing with the mainstream narrative for fear of being called names? Good, then I'm a denialist. Fuck you if you believe something because multinational billionaire elitist think tanks and corporations promote it. If you've actually delved into the hard science on both sides of the debate then I can respect you, but most people who talk about global warmi- sorry, climate change, are unironic vox subsribers who support AOC.

>> No.10890921

>1 thing = knowing a lot
No wonder you think the world will end in 12 years because of cow farts, you incredible retard.

Also pol is living in your head rent free.

>> No.10890927

And judaisme and other organized religions. But you didnt mention those because that would be politically incorrect.

>> No.10890928

>the debate
...is a non-existent smoke screen provided by the coal, gas, and
oil companies who call their business "Energy" because it sounds cleaner

>> No.10890934

>cow farts
...is a source of methane seized upon by denialists as some sort of triumphal discovery

>> No.10890935

This man is right Cigarettes are safe and don't cause cancer.

>> No.10890943

>Fuck you if you believe something I don't

>> No.10890949

I didn't mention them because I assumed that was your belief system. Religions are all equally wrong.

>> No.10890952

You have poor reading comprehension. I believe cigs are bad and can increase chance of health problems but not because it is the maindtream narrative.

I don't believe vaping is healthier though, which is the mainstream narrative. Haven't seen any sources on this.

>> No.10890957

Oh wow, cow farts have CH4 in them? Dude, science is EPIC!

It's also what AOC's doomsday cult followers believe.

>> No.10890961

>I didn't mention them because I assumed that was your belief system.
Well you're pretty prejudice. You must be far right.

>> No.10890962

I literally don't care. I want the world to end.

I hope the icecaps melt and everyone dies.

>> No.10890963


Are you esl or do you just not read books?

>> No.10890970

>I hope the icecaps melt and everyone dies.
This will happen but not cuz of muh co2 or muh cow farts

>> No.10890972

>I know what AOC's doomsday cult followers believe
No, you do not.

>> No.10890978

Yes I do, they believe the world will end in 12 years because bad white people are putting co2 into the atmosphere and are eating too much meat and not enough soyy. They also believe socialism would work because they are mostly children.

>> No.10890979

No, just statistically minded. Brohammy said AOC which means he's in the US, which means he's probably Christian, and implied his opposition to AOC and global warming, which means he's probably right wing which is a demographic comprised of mostly Christians. Git gud, anon

>> No.10890985

We should honestly accelerate white genocide.

>> No.10890986

see Climate Myth numbers 30, 34, 42, 47, 59, 94, 101, 140, 146, 167, 181

>> No.10890987

>Yes I do, because Fox News says what they believe

>> No.10890994

>which means he's in the US, which means he's probably Christian
Both wrong.
>and implied his opposition to AOC and global warming, which means he's probably right wing which is a demographic comprised of mostly Christians
Also totally wrong and you're not even statistically accurate. You are just prejudice, as I said. AOC is a far left judtice dem, many "left wingers" also agree shes a buffoon.

You probably did badly in stats and are a millenial who reads corporate media. It isnt 2001 anymore, you are stuck in the past. Being skeptical of the mainstream neo-liberal narrative is analogous to being skeptical of the Bush neo-cons when you were still young and hip. The paradigm has shifted and in your prejudice it left you behind.

>> No.10891000

>pop science chart

Gotta laugh at the ironic site name though.

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So in 10 years when there is record breaking cold are you going to say THAT too proves man made climate change?

>> No.10891006

I don't watch any corporate media, unlike you. I've communicated with her followers and read her proposals and heard her low iq followers talk. It's absolutely what she believes, she mentions it at her events and her fans start screaming. It isn't up fkr debate.

>> No.10891013

Why? "White" people are the only one's stopping the West from becoming another 3rd world shithole.

>> No.10891014

it's a sincere effort to condense scientific information for the general population

>> No.10891016

It's a joke and you fell for it because you're a moron who watches colbert.

>> No.10891021

>I read her proposals and heard her low iq followers talk, so I know what they believe

>> No.10891022

You can look up the statistics if you'd like, but I think the point of this is more to distract from the rest of this thread and to attempt to demonize me and thereby whatever demographic you think I represent

>> No.10891025

>you're a moron
no U

>> No.10891038

I'm not demonizing you, just humiliating you by exposing your prejudice and educating you on how out of touch youve become.

>> No.10891040

They already did that. In 2009 they said man made climate change was reason for the record colds and that we will enter a new ice age.

>> No.10891043

Correct. Her followers believe the world will end in 12 years because of cow farts and co2.

>> No.10891053

see Climate Myths numbers 55 and 151

>> No.10891060

Well, you're wrong on all accounts and you chose to "humiliate" me for making assumptions by making a bunch of assumptions. I don't think you've quite earned a gold star.

>> No.10891073

Thanks for backing up his valid point, shill.

>> No.10891084

>Well, you're wrong on all accounts
Saying this is merely a coping mechanism. I am accurate in saying you are out of touch and living in the past. You are the mainstream now.

>> No.10891087

It looks like she was engaging in some kind of hyperbole:
>"Millennials and Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up,
>and we're like, 'The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address
>climate change, and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?' " she said.

>> No.10891088

>present day
>actually 100 years ago
Nice graph retard.

>> No.10891092

>backing up his valid point

>> No.10891097

Yes, I can see why you might think that. It can be difficult to tell if she's joking or not. She is a parody of herself.

>> No.10891101

Libcucks fucking BTFO

>> No.10891102

Do you have literal retard reading comprehension? It's not me who is using the 2009 cold as an argument against global warming, it's climate "scientists" who used the 2009 cold as an argument against global warming, they claimed we're about to hit an ice age back then. Now it's the very same climate "scientists" that say we're about to enter some desert armaggedon, the very same who claimed we will enter an ice age just a decade ago.

Your prophets are flip flopping and making shit up on the fly whenever some climate extreme supports their narrative.

>> No.10891106

Nope, you're wrong about that one too. Try projecting less next time.

>> No.10891113

Is the reason you put scientists in quotes because you actually mean journalists and politicians?

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Wild fires???? Wild frickin fires? This is unacceptable. We must put them out. They are LITTERALLY gonna destroy peoples homes, and like we frickin started it so unless we put a stop to it, it will destroy nature. MAN STARTED IT. MAN CAN STOP THE PROBLEM. How? we need to douse them with bajillions of tons of diammonium phosphate and corrosion inhibitors. epic science! people's frickin houses are going to burn down. man > nature. forest fires are like fucking unnatural too. They never happened before freakin humans ruined everything. Like I always tell my bros, 1 lives lost is too many lost. I wanted to shoutout, thank you, thank you good firing fighting sirs for putting up the good fight because without you like, wildfires would spread to the suburbs (suburbia represent), and guess fucking what? they would all catch fire. woooosshhhhhh. burn to a crisp. I FUCKING HATE FOREST FIRES. they must be stopped. they must. they remind me of the hell I don't believe in.

>> No.10891116

No scientist has ever made that claim. You're probably confusing something you heard about global cooling.

>> No.10891122

Your opinion is irrelevant. The idea that only right wing christards are against far leftism and are skeptical of climate alarmism is incorrect. It would have been accurate 20 years ago though, when you were still young and hip. Most of the hippy leftists of that era sold out though.

>> No.10891130

I never made that assertion, my boy. Like I said try projecting less next time.

>> No.10891133

This, also I apolohise on behalf of white people for the mass extinctions and climate catastrophes which scientific theories have LITERALLY PROVEN are going to happen.

>> No.10891136

see Climate Myth number 14

>> No.10891142

>I never made that assertion
Correct, you were just prejudice on that basis. Armchair psychology and pop science? You are a pseudointellectual, my boy (or girl, i can tell youre female).

>> No.10891152

• Skeptical Science is not backing him up
• his point is invalid

>> No.10891164

Wew, lad. Wrong on all counts again. When I say less projection don't double down instead. That's just going to be embarrassing for you.

>> No.10891165

>Skeptical Science is not backing him up
>his point is invalid
Your opinion is irrelevant.

>> No.10891169

Oh sorry, you just sound like a massive pussy who isn't in hard stem, so you were statistically likely to be female. I guess you're just a low t soyy boy.

>> No.10891172

>For the century ahead, however, a survey of the scientific literature from 1965 to 1979 found 7 articles predicting cooling and 44 predicting warming

This shit has been going on forever, "climate scientists" have claimed both and whatever hypothesis supports the current narrative is the one that will be used to propagate.

Kek, is this an image board A.I.? Is it just going through buzzwords and posts the relevant "argument.php"?

>> No.10891181

vast majority of "global warming" is from natural sources of methane, such as some species of ocean floor microbes that release it
t. climatologist

>> No.10891185

Again you couldn't be farther off. The soi boi meme in particular outs this tantrum as baseless projection. Are you just collecting (you)s now?

>> No.10891196

>from 1965 to 1979
scientists have learned a lot in the past forty years
>7 articles predicting cooling and 44 predicting warming
86% predicting warming -- forty years ago

>> No.10891206

>from 1965 to 1979
Oh, you mean when the oil companies were spending the most on climate research? Do you have anything more recent than half a century?

>> No.10891209

see Climate Myths numbers 56, 78, 177

>> No.10891218

The deniers are evolving

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>> No.10891230

I know you're just being contrarian for the memes, at least, I hope you are, but it's not funny. This issue is literally about the future of humanity.

>> No.10891247

typical climate thread, rational people are posting arguments with facts and sources while deniercucks autistically screech because even they don't believe the bullshit they've been fed glad to see some things never change

>> No.10891253

Climate scientists have learned absolutely nothing because they still can't accurately predict fucking anything just like 40 years ago. They're a bunch of shills that get paid to make up shit to rake in tree hugger bux and they've finally succeeded in their main gig with the Co2 tax.

Oil companies? It's climate nostradamus that's forcing me to pay taxes for some glorified hydromancy that's not beyond hypothetical stage, not oil companies. Not only is it my own choice if i want to buy oil or not, but if i buy oil at least i get from A to B. What do i get from climate faggots? Jackshit. And in 30 years when even the lowest IQ cucks like you have finally realized that humans didn't do shit to climate, the people who enriched themselves with Co2 taxes will be long dead or gone and they won't be held accountable, neither will the subhumans in India, China and Africa who recieve a chunk of that money for "development" purposes but will keep blasting Co2 anyways. How fucking convenient, might as well call it climate communism because of how amazingly similar this type of wealth distribution is.

>> No.10891274
File: 216 KB, 1024x939, Models-and-observations-annual-1970-2000-baseline-simple-1970-1024x939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't predict anything
models are looking spot on, where's your source for this?

>> No.10891312

Alright, today i will publish a dozen predictions that the climate will increase or decrease somewhere around 0°c-3°c in the next 30 years, and in the future i will pull out the one that overlaps the most with the actual change. Look i'm a scientist now!

>> No.10891339

>this is what denialtards actually believe
Well enjoy yourself.

>> No.10891343

we need the "optimal" carbon tax right now or this might affect our ecomonic/population growf and reduce our consumerism ohno no nooooes.

>> No.10891346

Not even close to the image so once again where is your source? Surely you aren't just talking out of your ass right?

>> No.10891398

Believe? That's how predictions work. Someone will always be right if there are enough predictions made.

Of course i am pulling shit out of my ass, that's the whole point, how else would i do a realistic impersonation of a climate scientist?

>> No.10891406

once again no source or anything else supporting your nonsense just like every denier cuck. Do you ever get tired of regurgitating lies?

>> No.10891410

Kek, i literally just admitted i am pulling shit out of my ass the same way climate scientists do, are you stupid?

>> No.10891415

glad we can agree you're a waste of oxygen.

>> No.10891435

Cool. But since we're at the topic of sources, how about you drop a source of a climate model that can accurately predict every single day from now on everywhere on earth? You know how weather forecasts can be, since climate scientists are so very accurate their model surely can help me out to tell me what exact climate i can expect tomorrow in my area? What exact temperature at what exact hour? Exact amount of humidity too. Also exact amount of rainfall and wind intensity. Every single aspect please and only accurate numbers.

>> No.10891443

>asks for climate model to predict weather
I already knew you were a complete fucking retard but could you turn it down just a little?

>> No.10891479

Yes? How can you accurately predict the climate if you can't predict every single aspect of it? Weather is a part of climate isn't it? At least temperature? You'd think they can at least accurately predict the temperature, the same value they use in every meme graph.

>> No.10891489

>How can you predict the distribution of many coin flips if you can't even predict one coin flip?
I honestly can't tell if you're retarded or trolling.

>> No.10891490

at least he knows the climate and weather models are more or less the same models...
you're a fucking idiot. that is all

>> No.10891497

Why do you post about scientific topics you have not even a basic understanding of?


>> No.10891500

if he had a basic understanding of climate science he wouldn't be a denier-cuck.

>> No.10891503

I wish people would stop posting links to this, not because its innacurate, but because the guy who runs the site is a massive faggot

>> No.10891526

Did he fuck your ass?

>> No.10891530

no but he fucked yours
he made you his little bitch
that's why you always shill his site

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File: 18 KB, 300x168, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>the region is literally on fire

>> No.10891537

Are you the retarded one is my question. If you can't predict even a single coin flip of all the future coin flips correctly then your prediction model is not exact, because exact means 100% probability. What else do you think do words like exact or accurate mean?

>> No.10891540

Do you have a better option?

>> No.10891556

you're not smart enough to understand the concept of "models".

>> No.10891557

>If you can't predict even a single coin flip of all the future coin flips correctly then your prediction model is not exact
No empirical predictions are exact, so your argument is just a pointless red herring. As usual, retarded deniers have nothing but fallacious reasoning and misrepresentations.

>> No.10891565

It might be better to just paraphrase or know your shit well enough to go directly to the original sources
its a shame the defacto internet compendium for persuading denialtards has to be run by such a massive twat.

>> No.10891580

Anyone you would be arguing with is not capable of the mental faculties for reading the original sources.

>> No.10891590

I hate nerds

>> No.10891607

But you love getting fucked in the ass

>> No.10891631

I surely understand the concept of models which is why i know that no climate model is exact, therefore none of my previous statements have ever been incorrect, because that's all i've been claiming.

My only argument was that climate models are not exact. Where is the fallacy? Either something is exact or it is not.

Fuck man, why does it take 5 posts to make you understand that my whole point is that climate science is not exact. Man it's hard to discuss things with low IQ subhumans.

>> No.10891642

models are not exact. that's why they are fucking MODELS.

Which concept are you having trouble understanding here:

You are fucking retarded. I fucking hate you.

>> No.10891660

Exactly. Climate models, just like all models, are not exact. That's what i've been telling you. Thank god you got it now.

>> No.10891665

> Climate models, just like all models, are not exact.


>> No.10891698
File: 50 KB, 645x729, 1515194851321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10891709

Could have spread clean cheap nuclear fission to the entire world. We don't because nuclear proliferation would undo the nuclear imperialism of the cold war. Peace would break out across the world. As no cou try can be attacked for fear of effective retaliation.

>> No.10891712

It means climate models just like the rest of climate sciences are near useless, they're on the same level as a casino. What kind of probabilities do climate models even have? If it's below the probability of your IQ being below average you might as well kill yourself now for shilling this garbage.

>> No.10891716

Models are used to test structures in engineering as well (among many many other applications). Why aren't you crusading against those types of models as well? They're not exact either.

>> No.10891717

>What kind of probabilities do climate models even have?
Oh so you haven’t checked out any of the models yourself but claim to be an authority on their accuracy. Interesting.

>> No.10891718

>It's not perfect so it's garbage.
You do realize you are on a board for science and math right now correct?

>> No.10891743

I've seen the models graphs to know they're not 100%, i'm not going to waste my time to look up some casino climate models, now you can choose to tell me the probabilities, or you don't.

Because engineers aren't the ones coming for my tax money based on a probabilities. I pay them taxes for structures they've actually delivered, not for models of possible structures that might be or not be build thirty years in the future.

>> No.10891750
File: 296 KB, 213x160, fry_squinting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I pay them taxes for structures they've actually delivered, not for models of possible structures that might be or not be build thirty years in the future.
Can't tell if unbelievably stupid or hasn't payed taxes in years.

>> No.10891767

I don't know about you but i live in a place where hired companies who build things for the state need to deliver or get fucked. If that's not the case in your country, you get ripped off, in that case i would speak out against those engineers and also the politicians who support these kind of engineers just like i do against climate scientists.

>> No.10891770

>I'm stupid.
Say no more friend.

>> No.10891773

So you like paying for shit that's not delivered in the end? Why aren't you sitting in a casino now? What a good consumer pig.

>> No.10891778

>I'm also kindof an asshole.
We don't need your life story pal.

>> No.10891784

You can insult me, but you know i'm right. The climate industry is ripping you off and you defend them to top it off. What a sad existence.

>> No.10891787

You know there are also industries that profit off of climate denial right?

>> No.10891819

>The climate industry

>> No.10891884

When did i say i am against them making profit? I am not, the climate industry can make as much profit as they want, so can the oil industry, in fact i encourage their competition because competition is good for the economy, however the climate industry is the one that's forcefully trying to get into my pocket through arbitrary Co2 taxes

Yes. A pretty big one even at this point.

>> No.10891895

>It's snowing early this year!
Climate is not weather.
>It's hotter than usual this summer
Climate is weather. Now enact all of these solutions that don't actually do any good by our own estimates.

The only thing being denied are the shitty arguments and shittier policy proposals.

>> No.10891901

Are you denying that people make feel good products, like electric cars that are charged by coal power plants, for subsidies?

>> No.10891908

Who cares, most policies to "fix it" are fucking retarded. I rather debate with someone who doesn't believe because I can atleast reason with them instead of hippies who think signing papers and singing kumbaya does anything. If we are serious we switch the grid over to gen 4 nuclear, curb the population in places like Africa and encourage a less consumerist lifestyle.

>> No.10891910

You can insult me, but you know i'm right. The fossil fuel industry is ripping you off and you defend them to top it off. What a sad existence.

>> No.10892191

i don't want to set the world on fiiiiiiiire
i just want to start a flame in your heart

>> No.10892193

the fuck happened here

>> No.10892229
File: 15 KB, 460x259, 180907100732-elon-musk-smokes-marijuana-podcast-1-large-169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because when the structure models fail, the consequences would be disastrous for many people. However, when climate models fail, they would just be written off as part of the research process. As long as funding is secured, the scientists won't experience any repercussions.

>> No.10892275

Hot chocolate

>> No.10892279

This guy is right

You're immature and not a rational thinker, which is no doubt why you passionately defend pop-science alarmism pushed by billionaires, corporations and governments.

>> No.10892286

The ideas that massive centralizations of power should be instituted and people should pay hard-earned money and governments should start strangulating economies based on some flimsy models is fucking retarded and you should stop using this board if you believe that.

>If it's below the probability of your IQ being below average you might as well kill yourself now for shilling this garbage.

>> No.10892619

>The ideas that massive centralizations of power should be instituted and people should pay hard-earned money
Taxes already exist. I guess you're not old enough to know that.

>and governments should start strangulating economies based on some flimsy models
The irony is that you're the one trying to damage the economy by letting global warming go unmitigated, based on nothing at all. Let's all ignore the massive amounts of scientific research and economics that tell us a carbon tax is necessary and trust this shitposting anon who can't even come up with a coherent argument.

>> No.10892628

>Because when the structure models fail, the consequences would be disastrous for many people.
How does that answer the question? Do you trust imperfect engineering models or not?

>they would just be written off as part of the research process.
LOL you just argued their failure would mean the destruction of the economy.

>> No.10892630

t. doesn't understand how averages work

>> No.10892638
File: 53 KB, 403x448, cvbbmwwe4rzz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blames carbon taxes on clean energy instead of the industry causing global warming and killing millions of people a year via air pollution
LOL you can't make this shit up.

>> No.10892649

>asphalt and concrete leads to huge increases in temperature in urban areas
>”must be global warming guise!!!”

>> No.10892660

>yet another long debunked denier meme

Can you answer my question here >>10891497

>> No.10892778
File: 89 KB, 800x455, 1565737075159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1.) there is no climate change <---
2.) there is climate change but it's not human-made <---
3.) human-made climate change is real but it only hits the shithole countries anyway, it's actually good for us
4.) it's real but we're fucked <--- anyway with all these assholes around, nothing you can do
5.) geo-engineering will fix it soon, no need to change anything now
6.) ok, geo-engineering made it worse but now we learned and can stop it(it's too late)
7.) fucking leftists destroyed the world, as expected

Is /sci/ seeing this? This is a very unique form of /pol/ stupidity. It's a type of cognitive dissonance only seen in the hardiest of mongs. Wow.

>> No.10892792

Get a job. Get friends. Leave the house and actually try to hold a conversation with mom.

>> No.10892865

EVs in coal based grids like West Virginia still produce less CO2 than an ICE. And in grids that utilize nuclear or renewables they're much much much better.

>> No.10893020
File: 59 KB, 766x559, the law of large numbers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The ideas that massive centralizations of power should be instituted and people should pay hard-earned money and governments should start strangulating economies based on some flimsy models is fucking retarded and you should stop using this board if you believe that.
>I can't believe my insurance company charges me so much just for riding a motorcycle even though they can't tell which exact motorcycle trip will kill me.

>> No.10893031

Debunk this >>10893015

>> No.10893071

I’m not reading your shill study faggot

>> No.10893118
File: 147 KB, 304x509, Unbenannt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Extreme Wildfire Fraud In The National Climate Assessment


>> No.10893121

>>The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet,
yeah but how is the south arctic warming??

>> No.10893159

''This study investigates the role of the eleven-year solar cycle on the Arctic climate during 1979–2016. It reveals that during those years, when the winter solar sunspot number (SSN) falls below 1.35 standard deviations (or mean value), the Arctic warming extends from the lower troposphere to high up in the upper stratosphere and vice versa when SSN is above. The warming in the atmospheric column reflects an easterly zonal wind anomaly consistent with warm air and positive geopotential height anomalies for years with minimum SSN and vice versa for the maximum. Despite the inherent limitations of statistical techniques, three different methods – Compositing, Multiple Linear Regression and Correlation – all point to a similar modulating influence of the sun on winter Arctic climate via the pathway of Arctic Oscillation. Presenting schematics, it discusses the mechanisms of how solar cycle variability influences the Arctic climate involving the stratospheric route. Compositing also detects an opposite solar signature on Eurasian snow-cover, which is a cooling during Minimum years, while warming in maximum. It is hypothesized that the reduction of ice in the Arctic and a growth in Eurasia, in recent winters, may in part, be a result of the current weaker solar cycle.''




>> No.10893172


Scientists on climate change:


Scientists on racial differences in IQ scores:


>> No.10893247
File: 428 KB, 1024x768, ANOM2m_f00_equir (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're pretty fine.
Also antartica has been 1 degree below normal for the last 2-3 years.
What do you say warmists?

>> No.10893300

>deniercucks autistically screech

>> No.10893304

>What do you say «global» warmists?
Lrn2global fgt pls

>> No.10893646

Zoom out

>> No.10893664

From that first article you linked:
>Studies suggest that 50–60% of that ice loss is likely caused by externally forced anthropogenic emissions with the rest caused by natural climate variability.

>> No.10894837

That's from the introduction, has nothing to do with the conclusion of the study

>> No.10894983
File: 46 KB, 250x175, back-to-reddit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found the redditard

>> No.10895097


It'll be funny when the climate change guts the west's biosphere and your loved ones don't 'adapt' (stop needing water)

>> No.10895106

I would be more believing of climate change if I didn't get my face shoved in constant bullshit articles like

>Climate refugees fleeing their islands because of rising sea levels

Despite the fact there has been pretty much 0 measurable rise in sea levels.

>> No.10895134


Why do 56%ers always change try change the topic of any science thread to IQ

>> No.10895212

IQ is inherently linked to climate change. Billions of consumers in this world can't even feed themselves, if the west stopped sending food aid there would be a population crash of billions.

>> No.10895217

>loved ones

>> No.10895228

Yes, more black people who adapted to hot climates. Let's laugh at all the whities

>> No.10895240
File: 22 KB, 460x259, the pope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its called religion

>> No.10895248

Climate change will render Africa uninhabitable and Russians won't let niggers into the new Siberian paradise.

>> No.10895293
File: 51 KB, 600x467, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buttblasted deniertard.

>> No.10895308
File: 56 KB, 621x702, ce8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>durr forest management was insufficient in the 1930s therefore global warming ain't real hurr
Use your brain for one second you fucking moron.

>> No.10895311

> It is hypothesized that the reduction of ice in the Arctic and a growth in Eurasia, in recent winters, may in part, be a result of the current weaker solar cycle.''
So what is your point?

>> No.10895773
File: 60 KB, 1920x1360, Malthusian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The problem with Man Made Climate Change is that it assumes mankind's technology will not change. We are already at the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel age. Nuclear and renewable energy sources are the future, same with electric vehecles.

You guys are STRONG believers in a Malthusian energy. But just like the belief was with food production, they completely ignored human ingenuity and change.

Malthusianism is the idea that population growth is potentially exponential while the growth of the food supply is linear.

>> No.10895807
File: 296 KB, 456x400, consumer10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The CONSUUUUUUUMERS are basically going to conjure up whatever kind of delusion is the most convenient excuse and go on as usual.
Whether it be fusion, or mars colonization, carbon taxes, or electric cars - it's all basically a new religion they need to believe in to convince them selves that what they do is good and rational.

>> No.10896043

>The problem with Man Made Climate Change is that it assumes mankind's technology will not change.
Nothing about AGW assumes that.

>We are already at the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel age. Nuclear and renewable energy sources are the future, same with electric vehecles.
Great so I assume you support replacing fossil fuels. Please explain how you are going to do that.

>You guys are STRONG believers in a Malthusian energy.
What an idiotic comparison. The issue is not running out of energy, the issue is that the method of energy most economically incentivized has far reaching negative externalities. Increased food production was always economically incentivized by demand, avoiding global warming is not.

>> No.10896146
File: 87 KB, 1234x852, un_population_projections.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>The problem with Man Made Climate Change is that it assumes mankind's technology will not change.
>Nothing about AGW assumes that.

EVERYTHING you want to do WILL happen on its own, there is ZERO reason for economic suicide, when the economic market on its own is ending the fossil fuel age.

People are doing absolutely stupid things like passing up plane flight to take a train in some idiotis idea that this will "save" the world.

The scientist identified an actual problem, BUT doing NOTHING is the solution.

This is like the VERY real worry people had near the end of the 19th century about the horse manure crisis .

The "solution" to man made climate change is to do NOTHING!!!

If people REALLY cared about this problem they would be doing everything they could to stop the African population bomb.


>> No.10896167
File: 190 KB, 457x289, consumer17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This CONSUUUUUUMER convenient religious excuse happens to be "economics". He believes "the market" will solve ALL problems.

>> No.10896176

>EVERYTHING you want to do WILL happen on its own, there is ZERO reason for economic suicide, when the economic market on its own is ending the fossil fuel age.
Timing matters you fucking moron. Every day spent not mitigating global warming is more damage in the future. The only one advocating harming the economy is you, by demanding that nothing be done. If you actually cared about the economy instead of your political dogma you would listen to economists, who have found that a carbon tax is the optimal choice.

>This is like the VERY real worry people had near the end of the 19th century about the horse manure crisis .
It's more like you're standing in a pile of horse manure but you refuse to pick up a shovel because eventually technology is going to replace the horse. By your logic being proactive is never a solution, no matter how much shit you're covered in.

>> No.10896181

That's not what the article says. Maybe learn to read.

"Burn acreage was very carefully tracked and reported during the 1930s. People split the atom and built the Golden Gate Bridge during the 1930s. It is not surprising that they also knew how to do the basic mathematics which climate scientists seem to be incapable of."

>> No.10896193

>a carbon tax is the optimal choice
I love how right wing governments are being elected all over the world due to this kind of rhetoric...
I guess you people never really factored in just how truly unpopular the concept of taxing people's mobility (and really, just about everything else as well) would be, huh?

>> No.10896210

You haven't said anything substantial in your troll comments. You are a good example of a typical pseudosceptic who tries to rebut a claim of climate change by throwing insults to other person and meaningless terms, and actually not contributing anything valuable to the discussion. You are a disappointment

>> No.10896224

OK so what is the article saying? It's obvious intent is to downplay the recent increase in wildfire burn acreage by comparing it to burn acreage in the 1930s. This is a pointless comparison since forest management was not the same in the 1930s. It turns out that this is born out in the data itself. That chart was created by combining two different data sets, pre 1968 and post 1968.


>> No.10896241

>Trump got elected, therefore any policy which Trump is against is wrong
Truly this is a masterpiece of logical analysis. Never mind that polling shows Americans largely support a carbon tax, THIS was the reason Trump got elected.

>> No.10896253

not just talking about the us
there's now italy, among many other eu countries, and recently australia too. i think canada will be shifting to the right next election as well

>> No.10896257

>Americans largely support a carbon tax
So they support more expensive travel, goods, and services? Interesting.

>> No.10896280

Europe supports a carbon tax even more than the US. You have no argument.

So you support environmental and economic destruction? Interesting.

>> No.10896297

Ahh yes, and we can't forget the kind of slimy nastiness the carbon tax shills exude all over the net, either. Maybe this form of rhetoric really just turns peoples stomachs and they instinctively feel that maybe climate change isn't so bad if these are the types of people who are against it.

>> No.10896302

Who's holding the vote on the weather?

>> No.10896325

LOL look at your own rhetoric, retard. You're trying to turn a sensible, well supported policy position into the boogeyman.

>> No.10896344

>[citation needed]
How about you actually step outside of your moms basement and observe the world around. How about you start reading local, state, national and international news.
Idiot summerfag.

>> No.10896853

>Americans largely support a carbon tax

Yeah that's some bull fucking shit. France just about burnt their country to the ground over something similar and they are a lot more eager to be taxed than amerifats.

>> No.10896972

>a carbon tax

Did not France do this leading to riots for weeks?

There is ZERO need to worry about this problem, it literally will go away on its own.

If you REALLY care about climate change then you should be doing everything you can to stop the African population bomb.
THIS should be your number one concern the added THREE BILLION more people (pretty much ALL the population growth this century is in Africa)

>> No.10897482

>who cares
some butthurt keyboard warrior seems to care very deeply

>> No.10897492
File: 90 KB, 525x480, fingers-in-ears-denial.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10897500

>yeah but
>yahbut nobut
>yahbut nobut yahbut nobut
>yahbut nobut yahbut nobut yahbut nobut yahbut nobut
found the yahbut rabbit

>> No.10898242
File: 75 KB, 640x778, IMG_7567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP's pick is weather, mine is a sign of a global trend.

>> No.10898250

Brown pypo good
White pypo bad.
You raycist.

>> No.10898257

also, the planet would be better off if we let natural fires run there course.
retard practices like fire prevention just store up fuel and waste societies resources in the process, all while effectively stoking the fuels for the next big fire

>> No.10899258

somebody just launch the icbms already, tired of taking the slow way out

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