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Which degree do I need to build a machine to go to parallel universe?

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you first need to understand the intricacies of life in order to know what a real parallel universe is, intricacies such as sideboob, grapesoda, and blue.

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Watch every episode of Rick and Morty at least 33 times.

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I remember watching Naruto, from the beginning. When I figured out there was such a thing as hentai, I quickly also realized the nature of rule 34. Now of course you assume any character that's existed, even in filter, with have some porn of it, but at the time there was a sense of searching and rarity. I remember finding this site with all these index Inuyasha Doujinshi.

I have to consider the role pornography has played in my life. I put porn on a floppy disk and it seemed like it was enough forever.

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Which degree do I need in order to build muscle?

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A phd in bazinga studies

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To think that Naruto is plowing that big titty blind grill
The answer is Physics

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unironically don't get a degree. it will detract you. a degree is simply certificate that filters the elective class from the scum class and shows employers you aren't all that fuckign retarded. Degrees are for jobs and employment. books are for studying, and books are free.
You'll need a lot of money for materials and tests, so study computational science because it'll be the most lucrative job for at least 40 years. you'll be able to afford your time and study, and if you have in you can probably get filthy rich and just spend your days studying maths, physics, etc.. You'll be able to have a good passive income while having all the time to spare into your study.

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the one you use to build muscle

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Gender studies. From the research I've read coming out of that field, looks like all it's researchers are from a different universe.

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I’d take a minor in gender studies if I was a tranny

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If you excel at theoretical physics you might be somewhat noticeable in a group of millions of scientists along 50 or even 100, 200 years that could prove or disprove if its even possible.

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You don't need a degree to kill yourself.

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Quantum Immortality is not real.

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just buy a spaceship and fly into a blackhole at exactly 42 degrees.

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Government gibs like those guys in CERN

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A knife. Use a knife to cut your body open and try to locate this "I." When you find it, I'll give you the power to send it to any universe you like.

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Learn how to message to a parallel universe first. Baby steps.

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A theoretical degree in physics

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Parallel universes presently are about as scientific as the divinity of christ

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>books are free

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Unironically, creative writing. But you have to use your imagination.

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She can see for miles and has near 360 vision, she can see her son jerking off wherever he is

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Seriously though, is quantum immortality real or just a meme?

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dont know. no one does until we can confirm the existence of parallel universes which derive from the split of truly natural chances

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kill yourself and find out, until then, is just a theory.

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Death isn't some binary quantum process.

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All I know is that I want to get all up in that!

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