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Why is it that the most scientific theory is that somsething from nothing is a lie and there are only illusions, nothing real

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It seems to me it must be 100%.

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There was a 2/3 chance of getting a box with gold since you picked it, it is one of those 2. The odds of picking gold next would be 1/2 since you may pic gold next or you may pic grey. 1/2 or [(1/2)*(2/3)]= 1/3 is my answer.

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Either you do or you don't

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Getting something from nothing breaks the laws of thermodynamics the only way to not break the law, would means there was no Big Bang only a galactic rebound on sorts. Image the universe being 6 light years in diameter then 4 then 1 then reaching an exponential small number just above 0 then expanding again to 1 then to 4 then to 6 and up and up and up from there. The smallest point couldn’t be 0 because we can’t permit for the creation of 3-axis of space since that would break the law. However, if we track back the expansion of time and space we see it needed to come from a single point but we have established that if it does come from a single point one of the laws of thermodynamics would be broken. So circa 13.8 billion years ago the universe had to just be bigger than 0 but not 0... easy and infinitesimal. There we go The shape of the universe before and after the last expansion was a hourglass shape with its narrowest point being an infinitesimal in diameter.BUT... infinitesimals don’t exist demonstrated here by this simple equation.

S=1 But S is also equal to 0.9999 as we originally established.
And if we do...
Thus proving all infinitesimals are equal to 0.
But if it’s equal to 0 then the universe emerged from a single point and there would be no evidence of a past and creating a universe from nothing breaks the laws of thermodynamics. Therefor there must be an external force that prompted the Big Bang. Whether it be god or our future selves someone must have done it.

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happen/didn't happen

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Probability of picrel is approximately 1. The selection method gives every dust speck an equal probability of being selected. As an example, if we assume each box has 1 000 000 specks, there are 1 000 001 gold specks total. Out of those specks, 1 000 000 are in the gold box, and 1 is in the middle silver box. Thus the probability that the rest of the box is gold is [math]\frac{1 000 000}{1 000 001}[/math]

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