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math is literally easy as fuck. what makes it hard is it's mundanity

Engineering is much cooler.you can manifest the machines in your mind into physical machines in the real world.

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>forgot about physics

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If math is so easy for you then you should get a Phd in applied math from Harvard then start a quant hedge fund and you'll be a billionaire.

or you could go the academic route and solve all of these problems


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Fine art>Engineering>Math

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This is only halfway true. Some math concepts take a certain type of person to solve. See: proofs

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Engineers don't do math

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You can't have fine art without Math and engineering

Chemical Engineers make the paper/canvas for your art

Electrical engineers make camera's and projectors and video recorders

material engineers might make some of the metals to make sculptures with

Nuclear engineers provide the world with power

Without math there would be no engineering

Without STEM fine arts would still only be cave paintings

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Math>Engineering=Physical sciences>Life Science>social Science>humanities>fine arts

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I seriously doubt you have done any sort of real higher level maths

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Math is complex because it builds up in abstractions, and becomes even more difficult due to the notation schemes which are often very nuanced and layered.
In short, if you think math is easy, you only ever did easy math. If you think only applied mathematics is worthwhile, then you only confirm my argument that you haven't explored abstract and higher level mathematics.

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>I seriously doubt you have done any sort of real higher level maths

I haven't but i know i have the capability to do so.
It's saying i couldn't dig a 20 foot hole with a spoon. I could but it would be extremely repetitive and boring.

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math is only boring and unsatisfying if you don't understand it. Memorising does not count as understanding

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or you're doing something at to low of a level

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Memorising does not count as understanding

lol understanding is literally just a set of memories associated in a certain way.

you can "understand" something and forget that "understanding"

You can "understand" a language and understand sentences formed from words in that language then forget that language and no longer be able to understand it.

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t. undergrad who barely passed Calc and Linear Algebra last semester

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most math is useless.

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Needing physical toys at the end of the day to validate the intellectual work you're doing is a sign of a childish, low IQ mind. By definition, higher IQ individuals have a higher tolerance for isolated abstraction.

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toys are just reminescent of things that entertain

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I art with mud and sticks

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>quant hedge fund and you'll be a billionaire.
actually believing that, kek

hedge funds and all that wall street is largely criminality. you really think super duper math geniuses are getting the edge based on there trading "models"? Lmfao, no, i was an auditor and can tell you that almost of that stuff amounts to insider trading and deal making with regulators on what will and wont be allowed or approved. Those hudge fund quant models are basically a smoke screen that give jobs and provide plausible deniability.

Warren buffet before any computers essentially traded on intuition and wisdom and is the most successful ever, second is ichan who more of the shmoozer type. Investing and finance at best is an art.

All that stock shit is voodoo science and completely laughable when its presented as some real thing like weather modeling. ITS NOT, almost no one ever has been able to devise any model on any topic in the financial world that even resembles anything scientific, like say a model for predicting the likelihood of a tornadoes or hurricane.

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>Take a platonic abstraction and manifest it in the real world
So just like 90% of all professions.

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Look up jim simons of renaissance technologies hes worth 20 billion + he has a Phd and has made many contributions to math and physics.


Mathematical finance is a science it utilizes probability heavily. it uses stochastics processes to describe stock prices. Time series analysis, Stochastic analysis, SPDE, SDE, optimization and many other areas of math are used heavily
You are seriously ignorant.

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Rentec is literally a bunch of criminals though?

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Nothing illegal but they do charge investors a lot
5 and 44
5% assets under management fee
44% of profits

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Why haven't you gotten your free US$1 million prize from solving a millennium problem yet then?

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>math is literally easy as fuck
found the virgin

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>lol understanding is literally just a set of memories associated in a certain way.
Understanding a subject allows you to derive truths you've never experienced or interacted with before.
>you can "understand" something and forget that "understanding"
This does not happen when you truly understand something. Math is like riding a bike or playing an instrument. You can get rusty and lose speed, but you can't really 'unlearn' math after understanding something in it.

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Underatanding is something contained in your brain. Understanding isn't some magical thing that exists outside your brain that you tap into.

If i wipe your memory clean will you still contain understanding? No.

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>You are seriously ignorant.
im really not, and really was an auditor in the financial industry.

I never said that quant firms dont exist, i know they do.
They serve as a smoke screen so when the corrupt firms make a billion dollars in a recession they can be like " oh well, were super duper geniuses who can see into the future with our super duper financial models, waymore advanced than your stupid ratios in excel, that how we were able to profit while everyone else lost".

When in reality it's all sorts of insider trading, political connections that help people avoid prosecution or allow a merger to go through. Intel at the patent office or a common one was people with knowledge on the FDA approval of drugs in the pipeline at pharmaceutical industry.

Remember when everyone for years defended Bernie Madoff and just said he was a math wizard and thats how he was able to produce those returns. When anyone with an ounce of skepticism and critical thinking skills knew it was complete fraud.

Same thing except not all fraud is ponzi schemes. These places are basically criminal enterprises, and at best highly unethical business that operate in a way not consistent with their outward appearances.

Im no ignorant, you are just naive, and possibly smart and hopeful that you can use your smart skills to make money. You will soon realize that the smart skills that matter for making money in the financial industry are the skills of being cunning, shrewd, and unscrupulous.

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found the retard

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Math boi here. To be honest I have no respect for the brainlets that call themselves engineers in undergrad, but I do have a lot of respect for the people that are actually out there being engineers. I look at any big project and think that I’d shit my pants if my job was to ensure it didn’t blow up. Even if I know more math and physics than every engineer in that company combined, it’s more about the balls than anything. And when the balls aren’t there, we’ve seen the bridge collapse and kill people. Then that’s on you. No thank you. I think I’m happy with my contribution to engineering being gatekeeping the more retarded ones by failing them in my calc 3 or differential equations course. Thank me later gaybois.

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you’re a huge faggot

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>renaissance technologies
dude i just looked into them for a while, they are totally fucking criminals.

They have had countless investigations by the FBI and private settlements with the IRS.

straight from their site it says the majority of renissane technologies wealth is owned by its own employees with much of the profit making funds being restricted to employees of the company. there is less than 300 employees.

lmfao, are you seriously that naive, this is so blattantly a boys club that is engaged in criminal activity condoned by insiders at various agencies.

If you really could just model all this stuff dont you think every computer science department and every math department would spend time creating their own models so their school could have a huge endowment? seriously, ask yourself why math departments at every good university dont have amazing financial investment models if it really is deducible to a science.

Because meterorlogy is a science and univseritys have great weather stations. Medicine is a science and universities provide great health care. and so on.

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Sorry I failed you anon. You should really know your trig identities by now though.

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im actually really good at trig and wasn’t calling you a fag because of the delusional rant about enginiggers.

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Maybe I am naive but you are not 100% right either. look into Volatility arbitrage, statistical arbitrage and other quant strategies.

University endowments invest in hedge funds.
It take many skilled people who demand high salaries and it takes a lot of expensive technology to utilize theses strategies on a large scale. why would they utilize expensive quant strategies when they can just invest in proven hedge funds.
Quant strategies aren't a sure thing many fail.
quant strategies seek to find small pricing inefficiencies in the market. It's not easy to utilize theses strategies because there are no free lunches in the financial markets. once these inefficiencies are exploited there gone. it's a competition.

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In one of the videos below jim simons said why medallion is closed to outside investors. I don't remember which one because i watched it over a year ago. But I think it's because inefficiencies can only be exploited so much and the amount of money they have under management is already saturating those inefficiencies.
These are Jim Simons Videos on Numberphile

(60 min full vid)

(20 min part vid)

Ted Talk with Jim simons


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>it's mundanity
>it is mundanity
how does a failure at grammar master math?

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>it requires a use
OH wow, what a hilarious notion. This is just another MUH APPLICATIONS retard trying to ruin a fine field such as maths.

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it doesn't require a use. just that if it doesn't have a use then by definition it's useless

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They get tiny edges that don't last long and need to be executed by the fastest most expensive machines parked next to exchanges
Also most of the quant funds besides Rentech don't outperform and the founders got rich from fees
Universities do have the resources to compete but it would have to be the full time occupation of their brightest faculty which is impossible

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Basically this. Its all about iq

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Unless you have Alzheimer's/Dementia or are severely retarded/physically brain damaged you should remember practically everything even if you can't recall it.

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Only applies if you have 130+ IQ, I already forgot calculus I took last semester. Youre in a tiny, entitled minority of smart people

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Well if you're younger than 40 just hope that your brain can be made better before you go senile.

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