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If we cease to exist after we die, what is the point of trying to gain all this math/science knowledge? What’s the point of working hard and saving money? What’s the point of trying to look our best when looks will fade and decay? What’s the point of improving ourselves if we will simply cease to exist after so many years? I understand people may remember us after we die, but they will die, and eventually anyone who knew of you will die and unless you’re famous or something, it’ll be like you never even existed at all.
That’s why I’m a NEET. I refuse to work at McDonalds or Walmart to pay my bills. I refuse to try to go college and study “math” and “science”. It’s hard, it’s annoying, it’s tiring, and in the end, it holds no purpose. I refuse to “exercise” or “brush my teeth”. Again, there is no point. If I’m comfortable being what you’d call a “lazy fat piece of useless shit”, so be it. Who the fuck are you? You’re not superior to me. You’re going to fucking die too and no one will give half a shit about your stupid fucking graduate degree in STEM.
We aren’t much different from each other. Human beings. Our personalities can be broken up into categories and types. Maybe you’re smarter than me, but at the end of the fucking day, we’re not that different. We’re the same species. We use the same body parts to function. We all feel emotions. We are the same. If you choose to live your life trying to progress the world scientifically even though you won’t see the impact you’ve had after you died, be my fucking guest. Sounds stupid. I don’t care about future generations. Why should I? Not my problem. Not yours either. They can get fucked.
(continued in comments)

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Ultimately, we are all fucking stupid compared to how intelligent we’ll be after another 40 quadrillion years of evolution. We’ll be as stupid as rocks in comparison. We’re just animals. We’ll never be omnipotent or omniscient. And even if we did evolve to be, we won’t be around to see it. Our consciousness and identities aren’t special enough or different from each enough to warrant some sort of life after death.
Shit’s pointless, we’re insignificant. Even the most intelligent people are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Humans are nothing. You are nothing. I am nothing. We are nothing.
Thanks for listening.

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You need to be 18 to post here.

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I'm 23, but thanks for not actually replying to anything I said because you know I'm right.

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>we cease to exist after we die

prove this

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Why wouldn't we? Our minds can no longer function after brain death. We've seen this in patients in a vegetative state or those with traumatic brain injury. Even if they continue to function, parts of their personality are forever changed. Just look at people with down syndrome. How could they possibly live on after death?

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>If we cease to exist after we die, what is the point of trying to gain all this math/science knowledge?
You're right but we've got to pass the time somehow. What's the point of making this thread? If you believed in your own bullshit, you would fold your arms and do nothing all day, or you would off yourself. Yet here you are talking to us, even though there is no point. You think math is hard and annoying, but people smarter than you think it's fun so they do it. You're free to spend your time however you wish, and so are other people, so there is no point in asking these dumb questions.

>Who the fuck are you? You’re not superior to me.
The fact you felt the need to point this out seems to hint at a deep-rooted inferiority complex.

>We aren’t much different from each other.
I suppose you never heard about John von Neumann. Hungarian kikes are so much better than the average person that they might as well be a different species. That's why they are called "the Martians".

>We are the same.
Your life is a failure so you cling to pants-on-head retarded egalitarianism to feel better about yourself? Try to channel that hate into something that makes you happier instead of wasting your energies with such thoughts. You will die in the end but you might as well try to make your stay on Earth as enjoyable as possible while it lasts. You're an ant yet you're trying to look at the world from a giant's perspective so now you're getting vertigo.

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>Ultimately, we are all fucking stupid compared to how intelligent we’ll be after another 40 quadrillion years of evolution.
We might very well be already extinct by then. Why do you like to spout bold claims as if they were a fact? Also, if we all do nothing like you we'll surely go extinct before you can say "wowzers!"

>We’ll never be omnipotent or omniscient.
How do you know? Such defeatism. Mankind has managed to achieve some fairly unbelivable results so far, yet here you are, deciding on your own what is possible and what isn't.

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>The fact you felt the need to point this out seems to hint at a deep-rooted inferiority complex.
Nice selective reading.

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As for everything else you said, you clearly missed the point entirely. You are trash. Just because I am too doesn't mean you aren't. You are literal garbage. You are nothing. You are insignificant. Your accomplishments have no value in the grand scheme of things. You have a superiority complex but you don't see that once you die, your degree won't matter anymore. Nothing will matter. You're human. I'm human. And humans are nothing. We're equals whether you'd like to admit it or not.

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OP u need to go outside

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How do you know what comes after you die? How can you be a hundred percent certain you know that you will not retain any information you learned throughout your life? Maybe the only thing you take with you after you die is what you learned and your memories, do you want to float endlessly in space being ignorant as you where in your physical body? The truth is, no one can say for sure that they know what happens after you die, but at least for my sake I don't want to live a life of ignorance, what if after I die, I have to relive this life over and over again for infinity, I'd rather live a life of significance and fulfillment.

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>We’ll never be omnipotent or omniscient
You mean you'll never be omnipotence and omniscient, because you didn't do that math.

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have sex

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every possible fact about death is the same as before life

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You convinced me OP. I am going to cover myself in feces and wait to die in a ditch because why do I need shit like medicine or a roof over my head? Math is for faggots.

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It is a training. You learn HOW TO THINK. The treasure is the cognitive skills you develop

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Nothing has inherent value, therefore anything can be assigned any amount of value subjectively.

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You're clearly 15 and having your first existential crisis. Life if short. Do what you love.

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>cease to exist

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>If we cease to exist after we die, what is the point of trying to gain all this math/science knowledge?
Because I want to know it, why is this so hard for brainless to comprehend?
We live in an endlessly fascinating universe full of endlessly fascinating things, what kind of broken, soulless husk of a man do you need to be to have no interest in the universe around you?

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