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To convey the most data to advance humanity.

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The Konosuba movie and some random loli doujinshi.

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Book: feynman lectures of physics (volume one if u are strict)
Video: one of those documenteries that start with the brothers wright and ends with the moon landing. Or something explaining microchips

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>To convey the most data to advance humanity.
Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How for the book. You're retarded if you think advancing humanity is a good thing.

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Op picks

Book: How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler

Film: https://youtu.be/tbsdrHlLfVQ . Time Dilation; an experiment with mu-mesons

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How to Build a Time Machine (Paul Davies)

Alita Battle angel

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Empire strikes back. Smokey yunick's power secrets.

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There’s no way am reading that muh luddite brainlet book. Have a tweet quote: You have to be smart enough to avoid
-Industrial food
-Mindless entertainment
-Drug abuse

If so, modernity's awesome.

If not, society's basically decided to throw you to the wolves to become one of the human characters on Wall-E

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Yall homosecshuls best pick a book in a language he could read. Don't even waste time on the movie unless you can send him a power source, a projector, instructions on how to use it all (again in a language he could read) and all that.

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Book: Descartes' Geometry

Analytic geometry was the most important step in the development of modern science. Once you give that to Archimedes, he can figure out Calculus and Newtonian physics by himself.

Film: Kiki's Delivery Service

Because it's a beautiful anime and everybody should watch it.

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Just translate everything in Doric Greek and he will be fine. Also, add Greek subtitles to the films you send.

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Send him Spengler's Decline of the West and let him see what direction mathematics takes.

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Book on genetics and heredity

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the very hungry caterpillar and vid of me waking

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I’d just send a note saying “nigga don’t disrespect the romans. Also, start a prophecy that Caesar will be assasinated by the senate. Don’t mind who Caesar is, just popularize it”.

That should be enough to have us conquering other galaxies by now.

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Everyone here is forgetting that Archimedes couldn’t understand or read modern English or play the movie we sent him.

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>sends Archimedes a textbook from the future
>it has negative numbers
>"lmao this is all wrong"
>*into the trash it goes*

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Cheeky answer:
Book: a short booklet that explains how to use the movie display device
Film: a film that consist of all human knowledge as frames. Wikipedia, all books, patents, etc. We can get extra cheeky with the movie display device. In some of these frames we include blueprints for early machinery like steam engines in such a way that you can project or trace over them to make construction simple. If our movie display device is a projector we can include frames for masks for early CPUs and ROM for programs, meaning we can make get to the computer age very fast. If we have a projector we can also project spectra lines for comparison with diffraction data for all the elements to make identification faster. REALLY REALLY REALLY CHEEKY: using the movie display device to do stereolithography. Meaning you could have 3d printers before the transistor gets reinvented...

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A guide on how to receive messages from the future and for the film, a series of messages from his future self.

And you fools expected to let him die before he saw the singularity himself.

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Mein Kampf and Legally Blonde 2.

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He could figure that shit out. Especially a film reel.

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>Because it's a beautiful anime and everybody should watch it.
Genuinely laughed out loud

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Well played anon!

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50 Shades of Grey
Empire of Dust

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diary of a wimpy kid, mlp: equestria girls

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Rudin's Analysis.

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Ghost in the Shell. The Body Electric by Becker.

He would drop everything and cease to help in the advancement of man, immediately recognizing the futility of human progress and the inevitability of its collapse to incompetence.

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>avoid employment/specialization
so am i supposed to be a NEET?

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You really expect him to figure out analytical geometry and the difference architecture of calculus on his own?

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Screw the Movie
Usborne Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary and a Atlas of the world that shows down to local areas. Make sure there is a bookmark on the location of his home town(Syracuse,Italy). Write in Attic Greek and Latin on that atlas page the statement : "Archimedes was born here 2300 years ago" hopefully he can figure it out from that. He should be able to recognize the shape of Sicily. That should kick things off.

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Principia Mathematica
Video clip of "the Macarena"

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The Septuagint

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Mein Kampf and Boss Nigger

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Printed copy of Wikipedia.
Carl Sagan's "Cosmos".

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The novelization of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and a blu ray of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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