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There was life on Mars. The sooner you accept it, the sooner NASA can stop lying about it.

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OK tell me more because the pic you posted does not seem relevant to your point. I live by the sea and no sea shells look like that.

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>be NASA
>barely had enough budget and support to carry on after Apollo
>send a small probe to Mars
>should've been a manned mission, but oh well, no one cares about space anymore
>probe finds signs of life on Mars
>not just microbes but signs of complex multi-cellular life
>this is literally world-view altering
>everyone would be ecstatic
>support for us would skyrocket, maybe even higher than during Apollo
>might make Americans actually care about space again
>decide to hide all evidence because lol
Yeah, makes perfect sense that NASA would hide that.

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Hollow, thin walls with a spiral. That ain't a rock

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Not sure what incentive NASA would have to hide extraterrestrial life.

If they had a confirmed find of life outside Earth it would likely spawn a massive public interest in space exploration, resulting in unthinkable increases to NASA funding

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>Hollow, thin walls with a spiral.
How can you possibly say that this is true when the image doesn't have the resolution to support your claims?

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>massive increase in funding

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This sums up the thread. The reason we haven't found evidence of past or current life on mars is because we sent some retarded robots instead of a crew of hoomans.

There is microbiota that survives in lava ffs. You simply cannot expect me to believe that none of it ever made it onto bodies other than the earth.

Retarded robots aren't going to find anything.

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When we send humans to mars we will find out the only life on mars came with the humans.

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I don't subscribe to the belief that life originated on earth. I think it is much more likely to have been created in exotic conditions on a moon or comet and has then spread from there. Probably not even in this solar system.

I expect cellular life to be common. Complex life should be much less common. There are still places where we could expect to find it though.

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If some other country ever gets a lander to the moon, they should land it right where Niel Armstrong supposedly landed to see if there's footprints out there.

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Why? Moon hoaxers would just claim that the new landing is a part of the conspiracy too.

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Just curious. Do you hear yourself when you say shit like that? Or are you blissfully unaware of your own stupidity?

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Maybe they never went to Mars. Maybe the pics are from Earth.

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Very convincing argument. I have noticed your opinion. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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what would be the point of that? kind of hard to fake transmissions from mars

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>I don't subscribe to the belief that life originated on earth.
This is peak pseudo-scientific hipsterism.

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That actually looks more like pottery with pieces broken out of it.

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WOW you must really fucking love science.
honestly brainlets don't deserve to know science.

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I could claim the same of the opinion that life originated on earth.

Sometimes I wonder if you people even know what tholins are. Please pipe down unless you understand what you are talking about.

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Kill yourself

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>I could claim the same of the opinion that life originated on earth.
It just makes more sense that a thing started where it's at and not across the vast nothingness that is space.

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I disagree. My opinion is that the current understanding is a guided thought process stemming from christianity.

Not sure why as tholin essentially means mud. Which is biblically what we were supposedly made from.

I could see precursors to life arriving here and then making the final combinations once exposed to the environment of early earth.

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>My opinion
>I could see
I'm starting to hate you.

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Whatever man. All the evidence you "life originated on earth" people have is bible passages.

At least I'm honest that this is all nothing but speculation and theory right now.

You pretentious twat.

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>All the evidence you "life originated on earth" people have is bible passages.
Is this some sort of sick joke?

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By my pop sci understanding, we have yet to determine how the primordial goo actually became life. The question for me though is what is more plausible -
That life came about here on its own or that whatever spark was needed originated somewhere else. The former implies life is common. The latter implies the universe isn't so big. In my opinion it seems more plausible, given that we have found organic material, and given that there is a full universe of planets and billions of years, or at least almost as plausible that part of us is alien. If that were the case it'd certainly be interesting to wonder where we really came from. Ultimately it's really not an idea I've invested more than a moment's thoughts on so call me retarded if you'd like but it seems your only reason to believe is we are here so we are from here and that's pretty weak

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Okay. There is life on earth. So far we have not found any elsewhere. Occams razor blah blah.

I don't buy it. Not without proof. It also seems that most of the required ingredients could be sourced more easily in space.

With exposure to:
Temperature variation
Liquid water (at times)

If anything earth conditions were too stable for life to form. They were however ideal for life to thrive.

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>half the schizos say, "NASA lies! Mars photos are all fakes!"
>other half of schizos say, "NASA lies! There's alien life in Mars photos and NASA is covering it up!"

Which is it schizos?

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The government's function is not to insight panic or disorder, nor throw religious institutions into chaos.

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Here's what could be some busted up statues


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There are people who believe the earth is flat because of religion. There's people who believe UFO's and grays are demons. Releasing proof of a second genesis would cause major disruptions, something the government does not do on purpose.

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The Russians watched and monitored the trip. Back then, they wouldn't be shy to point out fraud.

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>inb4 the Soviets didn't want to cause any drama
>look at pic related
If anything, the Soviets were drama queens internationally.

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Then there's this

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wind + sand = erosion

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You know it's serious when Israel leaves the room.

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This is such a fucking meme lol

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The idea that the discovery of non-intelligent life would cause any sort of great religious disruption is just silly; most major religious leaders in the first world would just tell their followers "well, God must have put some life on Mars too; He can create life wherever He wants too" and people would be fine. You would get some fringe believers calling them fake & gay, but they would no worse than the people who claim dinosaur fossils are a trick by the devil; some Muslims might claim they are fakes that further prove that the US is the Great Satan, but it is not lot they don't do that anyways.

Now, the discovery of another intelligent species, with its own religious (or lack thereof) beliefs, would have dramatic impact on people's religious beliefs - it would cause some people to question their own beliefs, some people would try to convert the aliens to our beliefs, some people would want to convert to the alien religion, and so on.

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Statues of what? Tentacle monsters?

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So the latter. It seemed so. Thank you, anon.

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I pity you. Your life must be a real struggle. The cognitive dissonance created by the conflict between your religious beliefs and hard science must be causing you a great deal of distress.

So much so that you haven't even read or considered any of the numerous posts supporting my opinion. While your argument is just "your stoopid". Which honestly just makes you look stupid.

I hear the psalms are a good book to find solace and comfort. Please go there and don't come back. This is a science board.

>>>\x\ is that way

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>Tentacle monsters?
I found that too

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>There is microbiota that survives in lava ffs.

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I watched a doco on the telly in the nineties you know. This guy tied his geology hammer to a piece of wire, threw it down into a stream of flowing lava and pulled it up. Once it cooled he was looking through the pieces for these extremophiles. This is old, old news.

Do your own research. I linked a wikipedia page. Did you even fucking try google?

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There are reasons why we encourage others to seek answers themselves without using links.

You do not need to understand why it is this way. It is another thing you can find yourself.

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I would be more surprised if there arent (living) bacteria on Mars. I also wouldnt be surprised that there have been primitive multicellular lifeforms on Mars when it still had sizeable oceans, relatively thick atmosphere and a still working magnetosphere. Fossils of such creatures should still be present in former wet area's (ocean/lake/riverbeds).

But for this complex undertaking of searching for these fossils, you'd need a manned expedition.

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