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How can people still say that there is no life out there?

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>Europe has larger ocean than earth

lol nice bait

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Entire solar system has 50x more water than Earth.

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water = life

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Because once Earth had water and right temperatures it appeared almost instantly.

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>Earth had water
so the question should be "how can people still say that there is no life ON EARTH?"

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We have zero data on which to base even a guess as to whether life is "out there" or not. Anybody who says there is life out there is as clueless as somebody who says there is not.


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I imagine that the quoted water here is not liquid water, but ice water for most of thee, correct?

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Deep oceans are bad for life, dumbass. It's why most marine life is located into the shallows instead of the open ocean.

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>people still say
[citation needed]

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This. Even if Ganymede has more water (and even if said water was all in liquid form), the Earth has a much larger surface, and because 99,9% of organisms live where the sunlight still reaches, the Earth has a greater chance -and volume- of life. That's all assuming that life needs liquid water to form... we only have one sample, but for all we know, life could be formed in methane oceans

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>all that pristine deuterium for powering future space colonies


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The real issue is that all of those moons are mostly frozen and what liquid water there is doesn't get any sunlight.

Titan is the only one of those pictured that has any real possibility of life and it would be extremely exotic and barely life by our standards, considering how cold Titan is.

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> he doesnt appreciate thermophilic life forms
tragic, really

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Yes, that's water. And? The probabilities involved in the processes that take place in this water and by which life emerges are still astronomically low. By Eugene Koonin's calculations, so low in fact there is no other life causally connected with us. How can people still say that we are not alone?

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Why not? We're a joke. We dont even have the equipment neccessary to rule out life on these worlds. We simply lack the capability. Imagine believing in the fermi paradox when we dont even have the equipment to rule out life in our own solar system.

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The informations in this picture seem so wrong. I can't believe it.

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A lot of it is liquid actually. Europa alone has over two times more water than Earth.

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Yes but on Earth you have life living even in the shittiest conditions on ocean floor. All we need is microbial life. If we have proof of life existing in more than one place in a single solar system it means universe is swarming with it.

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What the fuck are you even trying to say?

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