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ITT: we all pretend we're schizo
extra points for tookerposting

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>optimum theory

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>infinity is a number in a neighbourhood

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Donald Trump is a good president and a reasonable intelligent man with decent ethical values.

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>orange man bad

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We use real numbers to measure lengths because the real line is an ordered metric field, you retard. The complex plane is a metric field, but it has no intrinsic order on it, hence why you end up with shit like that when the absolute value of both sides is one. If this were on the real line (and both numbers were positive since negative lengths are meaningless (vectors don't count. They have positive length, but a negative orientation/scalar multiplier)), you could say that the sum of two sides is greater than the length of the other side, which is a necessary requirement for being a triangle (HINT HINT). You can't here because you can't compare i+1 to 0 with "<" or ">", just that with "!=" and "=" (of which it's clearly the former),you're too autistic to realize how dumb this picture is and how a length of 0 just be a fucking point, not a line segment.

TL;DR: You are a fucking stupid autist for pushing this mathematically impossible "imaginary triangle" meme and you should kill yourself for it

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Best schizopost so far, nice emulation anon

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>b-but muh worthless education

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string theory will answer what happened before the beginning of the universe

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this was painful to read though necessary to put undergrads in their place

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My name is Jonathan W. Tooker

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why does this board so attract many of these types? every other board has its share of attention seeking spastics but they're different. is it because mathematics gives them "evidence" to support their delusions, whereas on other boards all they can do is make unfounded claims that are hardly distinguishable from normal posts?

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Yes. Basic weak human association leads to people thinking anything within radius of a scientist carries with it an air of legitimacy. Think of it like a buff radius in an mmo. Effective range depends on your IQ level.


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best itt

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I think we should try using infinity-hat to solve it.

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Clamped, VACCINATED...

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The scientific community reels at the though that there could be a simple universal locally invariant model that unifies all 4 forces in a clear and simple formula, Einstein realized part of this when he used geometry to describe space, but he never got the whole picture, the unified approach simply introduces universe into the relationship between space and energy. Physicist got stuck in a loop where they chase highly advanced models and their egos wouldn't allow them to think that such a beautiful and simple solution to the unification of forces exists, and truly it does and is beautiful, through the gift of our lord the Jesus Christ.
nevermind I'm actually a fucking retard that can't even raise his own children and thinks that making a blur tool in excel has anything to do physics

kill yourself Gary you fucking retard

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Optimum af

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Circumclamped and VAXXED.

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[math] \hat{\infty} [/math]

Verily, I say upon thee, the saviour bestowed me of a genius to solve even the most potent of hypothae.

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Praised be the excel automaton

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Einstein plagiarized my work.

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>Mod confirmed virgin pseud brainlet.

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anyone who believes in that whole "Jew Conspiracy" thing is an absolute fucking brainlet. anyone with half a brain would know that the Jew conspiracy got absolutely REKT when the CERN portal opened in 2007.

remember when (((Stephen Hawking))) was shilling about how CERN was going to destroy the world? ever look at his pictures closely? Clearly not a real person. the chair was a realtime 3D holographic printer, that's why the Jew hologram wasn't able to stay consistent. the only reason he was shilling that shit was because the jews reptilian overlords knew they would be absolutely KEKED once the CERN satanist cabal was able to supply red mercury to the BASED cnidarian overlords.

the Reptilian (((economy))) was able to hang on OK until the LHC luminosity upgrade to 13 TeV in 2015, and especially with the 2016 increase to 40 MHz bunch crossing frequency, the red mercury was just getting pumped into the reptilian economy like crazy. it was like fucking ZIMBABWE with the inflation they had. hence the whole Trump campaign.

based Cnidarian overlords now run everything, that's why ISIS is gone and now there is the "8ch" boogeyman. they're coming for us too, and they're much smarter than the reptilitards

only way for us to make it bros, is to go Kaczynski math monk mode. Grothendieck tried to redpill us on this but his 60k pages of results were suppressed.

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T-This could actually be true...

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You're stupid. You can't use [math]i[/math] as length because when you square it, it makes a negative length which is obviously impossible else a square constructed by that side must have -1 area. Dumb retard. Also your triangle must divide by zero to produce its trigonometric functions. Stupid idiot. I fucking hate you for spamming this inane trash every fucking day.

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I never got this meme. Why would the jews willingly lower the quality of their workforce pre-AI?

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excel is the modern voice of prophecy

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Fuck off with the schizo meme. You people are fucking bullies you just want to put away anyone who thinks slightly differently from the norm. I told you a million times God is real and I have been to other dimensions in my dreams and you fuckers always say I'm as schizo. Seriously fuck off.

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there is no need to be upset

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Don't know. The why has nothing to do with the if.

It's fairly complicated. At its base you have a matter of organizational and control structures. I think essentially after the Cold War era they didn't want clever or competent people, they wanted stupid, lazy, degenerate cattle as padding for an apparatus they'd use to transform the world. At once they had the brain drain from places that didn't do this shit to their infants, and also they'd bootstrapped what was needed and could still make significant progress by brute force. Compartmentalization and incremental progress, anything relevant taken and shunted off funding-wise to black site research.

They clamp.
They vaxx.
They circumcise.

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>meditation and yoga really help with achieving spiritual enlightenment
>you need to focus and breathe to unlock your chakras
>the kundalini awakening is a mind-expanding experience
>it really brings you into contact with the qi
>western medicine is so misguided, they ignore the qigong balances of your energy vibrations
>we need to purify the mind to cure diseases like cancer. only balancing your qi will prevent cancer or viruses. vaccines against viruses are just the evil capitalist pharmaceutical companies trying to make you sick and unbalance your vibrational levels
>those doctors and scientists are so closed minded in their materialist worldview, they don't understand their own theories. consciousness creates your own reality, that's what quantum mechanics says
>if you visualize your future, you will cause it to happen
>obviously, this is measured scientifically, it's called the maharishi effect, but the scientific establishment is in a conspiracy to stop the truth from coming out, because of capitalist corruption
>psychic powers are real through meditation and qigong, once you unlock your chakras. scientists naiively describe this as "electricity"
>really the entire universe is completely electrical, and the galaxies and stars power themselves through consciousness. tesla had it right in 1880. look up "electric universe".
>drugs are good, LSD and psilocybin are pathways to spiritual awakening and perceiving the true reality of consciousness
>scientists deny this, but they don't understand infinity. we are all infinite beings that create our own infinite realities
>5G is bad, it disrupts the consciousness of the magnetic fields. atoms don't real. reductionism is antithetical to the infinite consciousness of buddha
>all religions are true. they are all manifestations of the infinite being of the universal consciousness that flow through the chi into our chakras
>visit my site and buy my book, $19.99 on kindle. also you owe $250 for this yoga instructional session

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Only those that truly understand are worthy of truly knowing things past the void of never return.
Wish I could wordsalad as well as the true Suiseiseki and I'd win all the /sci/zo points

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seriously though empricisms is a flawed belief systm it can't explain enoguh about reality. The truth is we live in a giant mind that sends us pictures of matter and substances but we are not in that world we are the spirit/consciousenss. You have eto let go of your attachment to the material I was almost torched by psychiatrists until I woke up to the reality of the cosnciousness. I am much hapier now even better than ever actually.

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Okay I think this anon is not pretending desu

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Serious question. Are those of us with higher IQs than the cattle personally chosen by the great state of Israel to serve as high ranking officials? I’d die for Israel my dude.

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Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

All your base are belong to us.

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fuck off reptilian (((shill))), this is a cnidarian board

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I don't think it's a matter of "IQ", it's some specifics of the brain's structure that cannot be clamped or vaccinated away. We may well be God's true chosen people, who are able to see through these illusions and act accordingly. Who don't sink into sloth and degeneracy. The basis of this is not known to me.

If it is genetic, it's either natural or unnatural. In the latter case it makes us a recent creation designed to alter this place. If the former, it means we failed in our purpose and our subjugation, and the absolute state of this shithole, is our fault and responsibility. Most people are simply followers, just like the macro state of most cells in the body is driven by a comparatively few cells of the nervous system.

Israel is evil. I don't really know about the whole Jew thing, but if the creator is a truly loving one, it necessitates that they are a false, failed people, or that the creator is flawed.

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OP here:
I'm really glad this thread gained such traction. It's fun to see the shitposters of this beautiful board converge onto my thread and fill it with their highly intellectual thoughts. Keep going you beautiful spastics.

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teslapilled and reified

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>ITT Reified your privations.

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ebin bread

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