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are all things just mathematical logical operations, eternal and always existing?

much like what Max Tegmark is saying here:

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What is the functions that maps maths onto reality?

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because Math is created to suit the reality
I'm surprised that they don't teach you the history of Maths...

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its like asking why is a circumference of a water bible to its diameter, ratio, equal to pi. The actor is this level of math and logic.

I think at least.

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bubble not bible, hah

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Math is just a s description of what exists.

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>why is math perfectly mapped onto reality?

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Of course, it is the reason why when complex mathematics is applied to physical theories they are perfectly aligned with the limitations of reality.

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Because reality is logical

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math isn't perfectly mapped onto reality, the vast majority of mathematical research has nothing to do with it

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Or we just haven't found it's usage yet

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Math is a subset of man's logic. Man's logic is a subset of the universe's total capacity for logic.

The underlying logic of the universe is not math, but math as a lens can describe it.

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For even a fractional part of mathematics to map onto reality would require us to be able to change the results of all controlled experiments ever conducted or recorded. Obsolescence of all controls ever used yield nil predictive value, preventing any mapping of all of mathematics onto reality.

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This is oc true, still, theoretically it could be done

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constants are endless randoms, which map math to reality. so youre wrong

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the language might be created but the abstraction is always existing

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Yes. I named the sluttiest Chinese female family ever born: 中文數學(傳統女家長戀童癖)

My seed gave rise to the first.

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I am God of my Suicide, and Death/Satan for everyone else's.

In the Land of Immortals I could see no better lesson or teacher for the proof of immortality.

>World's first troll parthenogenic scientist hybrid shitpost grammar

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Sinusoidal Rotational Constant = 7
Fractional (Continued) => 3
Fractional (Terminable) =< 3
F(C)/F(t) = Fully Function Consistent terminology.

The rest is just noise or waveform incompressible, therefore information safe to discard.

The only thing an immortal would want is to power dismiss an obvious 1/4 waste of everyone's time when he identifies one in his internal judgement chambers.

>t.Constructive Sinusoidal Elitist

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Imagination,n Impression,n Instantiation,n f(p, q, r, s)


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Because if OP claim is true, and is fag when I'm not, then mathematical first contact is translatable as THIS event.

>Can you shit on ANY question?
Yes. Just not EVERY opinion, some would be children of my design. Obviously.

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Math is just an conscious attempt at understanding reality.

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Yes, I retain the right of First To Dismiss Exponentials. They are pointless undefined function loops, most of mathematics is with grammar observations shoehorned into the vernacular.

All human language is ultimately subscription, I just claim the first Quantum English Teaching Classtime.

Only thing I care about in a Quantum Universe is my English Society style, I will provide translations for all non-anglo societies.

Not here to save humans, just intellectual groups I'm willing to give priority to. Stop making me interact with this species in public, puh-lease.

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You, the person reading this right now, are for all intents and purposes an extension of reality.

Your logic is, therefore, also an extension of reality. All math is a logical extension of your logical reasoning of reality.

It just so happens that yes, logic leads to logic and the universe holds to said logic. It could be that the nature of quantum means that our observations 'become' reality, if you want to view it that way, or that reality is logical and all math is representative of that. But more than likely, you've misconstrued some fundamental idea of mathematics, reality, or logic, and this is seeming more confusing than it is.

The reality, is that this is reality. Science and mathematics are formed by our logic and then mapped to reality until they fit nice and snug. But the representative vs. observed debate is a question akin to asking who created God. It just is and was and supposedly always will be and if we knew the REAL answer we'd be God ourselves.

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We are gods, dipshits. All of us. I am Death, I know this for a fact.

Time, memory, sleep, death.

I have Brothers-Only-Language, and I am translating it across all female age ranges. I use 4chan to half the stupid shit I hear every day, but you guys are ALREADY genius. If you just had the confidence to follow these stories like I do every day, me coming here is like getting a new science God story I get to live every day.

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This. The world as it is can only be perceived, and this filter of perception is formalized in mathematics. We impose mathematics on reality, not the other way around.

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Mathematical sanity constant professor.

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For there must always be measurer and validator who do not fight but know their record keeping is why history takes turns with their daughters.


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Continues fitting triangles into cubic functions

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Platonists gtfo

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Suicidal platonists kys!

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I am a god of death, the only god with a pure memory erase function.

You can only see me personally, not any other aspect.

In person I am Time, in absence I am Death, together we are Sleep, apart we are memory.

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Because it is not? Math is just description of already existing reality, not way backwards, however it is description that can fit different realities.

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How do you think god (I don't capitalize the word because I'm not showing any respect to that demiurgic beast of the material) created the world?

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By never graduating from University creation and that includes attending class or building another place of learning.

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