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Would it be scientifically worthwhile to clone Neanderthals to study (if it were possible of course)?

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not cloning them would be murder since you're snuffing out their right to exist

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Problem is they are ugly, and its all about appearances, cloning ugly people will not win the project and the scientists any support from the public. And if public dont care or dont like it then funding such project becomes very difficult.

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We're smarter than them despite having a smaller brain. It would be great to see how we differ neurologically

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If I was a mad scientist with infinite resources I'd try to back breed them from modern humans as opposed to cloning.

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You can't. Humans only contain 20% of their genome collectively.

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Nope. Because then we would learn of Neanderthal supremacy.

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how big are neanderthal tits?

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so what if you just concentrated all of that 20% in one person?

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You are too late, its been done already.

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>200 genes differ between neanderthal and human brains
>put 1 neadner gene in a human neuron
>it differs by only 1 SNP
>they grow lumpy, as opposed to the smooth human neural clumps, because some neurons multiplied faster than others
>they have less synaptic connections than the human ones


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parts of the neanderthal genome are still being purged for superior variant supposedly we inherited an inbreeding load from them.

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Would be interesting, but the tissues where we differ the most in terms of genetic expression are in the brain and testicles. This hybrid would be far from a real neanderthal.

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jews are living neanderthals. White people are cromagnon.

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Body built like a fridge.

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It's Homo Sapien.

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>Problem is they are ugly,
They also sounded like retards.

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Europeans are hybrids of H. sapiens and h.Neanderthal, possibly with some other admixtures. The only real H. sapiens left are south of Sahara.

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Nope. Sub-Saharans are mixed with another Hominid as well. Possibly multiple.

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Probably Homo Erectus

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No evidence of that.

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What areas of the genome have been conserved and possibly selected for in modern non africans?

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based hot fuzz poster

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A bunch of uninteresting shit like metabolism, skin and hair composition, susceptibility to depression, immune system

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these seem like environmental adaptations directly affected by the conditions, I assume fat deposition is another trait?

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>Would it be scientifically worthwhile to clone Neanderthals to study (if it were possible of course)?
Why don't you try it and find out?

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Yes. That gene is most common in native americans. 50% of them have it. That's why tribal brazilians never look shreded, but australian abos do. It also contributes to why mexicans are prone to diabetes.

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Neanderthals aren't real, so no.

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>tfw you’re murdering thousands of sentient beings by not having sex and impregnating someone literally every second

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>SLC16A11 may be involved in the transport of an unknown metabolite that affects fat levels in cells and thereby increases risk of type 2 diabetes.


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so my random speculation about cold climate adaptations proved to be right...

I have never seen a shredded abo before

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Absolutely, you bet. The only problem is the ethical side though.

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They are only recobstructed to look ugly, we only have little idea what they looked like, I have personally no idea why the restorations use such horrible skin.

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Could be poor handling of some nutrient, such as magnesium.

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Neanderthals live among humans. Most of them are in Russia though.

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I dislike how they are given modern facial features. No doubt because most people don't know what the flesh of a primitive person looked like. But I'm sure they would have look a lot more like this.

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Yes, acromegaly, text book example. Not restricted to Neanderthals.

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That skull morphology is not a characteristic of acromegaly.

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They can't possibly be uglier than Aussie Abos m8.

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Sup you at Sydney mate?

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wanna bet on it?

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I wouldn't be so sure; in fact it seems quite probable the aquilian nose was inherited from the neanderthals.

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Even abos have forward facing nostrils. It seems to be a primitive trait.

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Interesting, thanks anon

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abos aren't primitive

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Look like models compared to Abos so no they aint ugly.

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>We're smarter than them despite having a smaller brain.
[citation needed]

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The sapes are afraid to face their superior brethren.

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Far too tall to be a neanderthal.

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could someone read these and find a decent image
It's quite interesting research and they think they've found 3 other admixture populations in asia not just the denisovans ands neanderthals
also they've found a 160,000 year old triple rooted tooth that is still common in asians

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*image to make a thread with?

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Looking More attractive than many women so far I have met.
But then again, it's a woman, so she might be a neandercunt.

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One of many reasons to believe we didn't evolve from either of those two.

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Then who did we evolve from?

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H. naledi seems like the likely closest known ancestor.

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>in 2017 the fossils were dated close to 250,000 years ago,[4] and thus contemporary with larger-brained anatomically modern humans, Neanderthals, and Denisovans.[1] The research team therefore thinks that H. naledi is not a direct ancestor of modern humans, but probably an offshoot within the genus Homo.[5]

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Has someone done a genetic study of this guy?

He's got to be at least 50% Neanderthaal...

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but which race of human is it? some are closer some are more different.

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Neanderthals diverged from us 800,000 years ago. Eurasians diverged from africans 70,000 years ago

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supposedly the bushmen diverged 200,000 years ago

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