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is UW the best public uni in existence?

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literally who?

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Not when better public universities like the UC system, or even CUNY or UMD exist.

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Yes, it is empirically the best public university in the country and one of the top 20 best on the planet for STEM
Have fun competing with an ocean of tiger mom reared asian autists.

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whats UW lmfao unironically

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I'm not competing with them, I'm already beating them

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Fuck you, seattle's full of smelly homeless plebs GO COUGS

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HS fag here,
>not underage pls no ban
My dream schools have always been big boys like MIT, Stanford, Ivy leagues, etc, but honestly I think the culture would be alien to me. I hear people are competitive in a snobby cuntish way that they want to you to fail so they can advance their Tech startup.

Considering my state schools, A&M and UT (Texanon), where I could probably stand out.

What do /sci/?

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Based, someone finally giving my alma mater the respect it deserves. JK undergrad was a fucking mess, but at least they do have a good amount of distinguished professors, particularly in physics.

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Are you talking about Warwick, or what?

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More like UwU

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University of Washington

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I wish i was gay too OP

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You’ll have much better connections graduating from an ivy/mit/etc but you’ll have about 10% of the fun as you would going to a big state school

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I was gay once

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Free zionist progaganda for (((free minds)))

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Just go to a decent public university and learn how to read up on various subjects on your own. That's the ticket to being successful in college in general.

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Are NC schools any good?

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What do people think of Rice?

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le 80% acceptance rate hellscape pullman roach

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lmao imagine coping THIS hard

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I thought it was one of the following:
UC Berkley

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top 4 in the country are generally

UC Berkeley
UT Austin

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it's not "one of" those, it's just berkeley.

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Why do people from the Northwest think they are all magically blessed in every way?
Dilate you fucking lumberjack tranny.

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Eh, I'd say UT and UCLA are higher up than Berkeley or UMich.
Rice is probably on par with UW
Depends on what you want to do. UT is kind of a clusterfuck on all levels, so be warned. Though, if your family makes less than 65,000 you get free tuition, so there's that. A&M is not all it's cracked up to be, even if you want to be an engineer. Rice has an amazing program, but it's expensive as fuck. UH is cheap as fuck, but overcrowded.
>is UW the best public uni in existence?
While it is certainly a top 10 public uni, I wouldn't say it's the best. UCLA is probably the best, UT is an administrative nightmare coupled to a try hard student population that creates huge amounts of congestion in the heart of a city invaded by fucking californians.

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>tfw go to an average university so I don't care about "muh prestige"

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I'm a current wsu student. Literally the only reason why I go here is because I didn't have the grades to get into UW's chemE program and unless I want to go into massive amounts of debt to pay for out of state tuition, wsu is my only option.

Talking with all the other engineering students here, like 80% of them are at wsu because they couldn't get past the stupidly high requirements for eng at UW. Students with 3.7's being turned away from various eng majors is retarded.

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You don’t have a chance of getting in

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tfw euro university

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seething incel UT cuck who has never achieved anything. UT is a fucking shithole compared to Berkeley. jump in a fucking ditch.

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definitely do so. private "good" schools are a scam if your instate school is also good. it doesnt matter how hard introductory calculus is when you can just take graduate level coursework.

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