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Why haven't we cloned neanderthals yet?

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For some reason it's considered unethical to knock up some woman with a neanderthal baby.

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That didn't stop your dad!

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we'd need higher quality DNA
mammoths are going to be difficult enough and they're comparatively recent with plenty of deep frozen dna

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We managed to exterminate the bastards 70 000 years ago, we don't need to bring them back now

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ethics aka homosexual jew shit

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because they'd come out looking strikingly similar to shlomo and baruch

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please that's unfair to neanderthals

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I wonder what a handsome neanderthal looked like?

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For what purpose? What would we do with them?

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Neanderthals are well and alive right now. Europeans are neanderthals, while africans are homo-sapien.

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this desu

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Whatever helps you sleep.

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It's already locked in most people's genome, it's only a matter of extracting enough data from the populace.

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George Church will be too busy dealing with his Epstein connections for it to happen any time soon

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They would be too stupid to function in modern society

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they're probably a 90

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This. They don't want people to know that we're different species as it destroys their one world out of africa narrative.

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your point?
we have millions of people like that already

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Would we tag it interracial or interspecies porn?

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They are alive in Australia but we call them Abos.

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There are already more then enough Neanderthals. All "white" people got at least some Neanderthal DNA.

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Not just white people have neanderthal admixture - East Asians & Native Americans actually have slightly higher levels of neanderthal DNA than Europeans or Middle Easterners.

Australian Abos can fairly low amounts of neanderthal ancestry, but are something like 4-5% Denisovian. And smaller amounts crops up in some other places in Asia, and oddly, possibly in a small group of natives in Brazil.

DNA testing has shown that Africans also intermixed with some other yet undiscovered hominids as well.

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>Not just white people have neanderthal admixture - East Asians & Native Americans actually have slightly higher levels of neanderthal DNA than Europeans or Middle Easterners.
No, the white race is 100% neanderthal, perhaps some populations have some homo-sapien admixture but the genetic core of the white race is neanderthal. Basically there's two human species, whites are neanderthals and africans are homo sapien.

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This pretty much. There's a conspiracy to falsify genetic results and/or missunderstanding the data.

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you're illiterate

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10/10 post

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Interspecies. We’d have to change interracial as well, it would be a good demonstration of the underlying principle

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