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is it possible to self teach o chem? i’m looking to get ahead in my classes for the fall. i have some textbooks available

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Probably if you're dedicated yeah. Start with khan academy.

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Yeah. If you got books start with Solomons and work your way to Clayden.

Also plenty of good youtube videos to watch.

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You can self teach most undergraduate courses. Orgo, biochem, p-chem, gen chem are extremely easy classes to begin with I don’t see why it should take you longer than a month or two to cover most of the material. Klein is a good text for Orgo. Obviously make sure you really understand the material from each chapter and can do some exercises without notes from the back of every section. But, there’s really nothing to chemistry its much easier than Physics or Math.

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yea chem isn't too bad, my whole chem one course was just the dickhead prof telling us vague stuff so we can learn by ourselves, and yea reading the textbook was easy

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klein is shit, clayden is far superior

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Yes OP you can!

I did that a few years ago and I loved every last bit of it. I got a 1000+ pages textbook on OC and read the first few chapters to get a solid basis, solved all the problems, discussed with people online the parts I didn't get and then selectively read the later chapters on topics I was currently enthusiastic about.

What is your motivation for doing so btw?

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Clayden blows

For me it's Wade

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>But, there’s really nothing to chemistry its much easier than Physics or Math.

spoken like a true first year undergrad

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