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Imagine this, government gives you footage of aliens firing a plasma based weapon, youre asking to either replicate it or explain how something similar could be achieved how would you go about this?

my idea would essentially be a projectile based thermite bullet.

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like literal plasma?

maybe a fast rotating ring of super heated plasma.
see pic
How fast and stable could we get these things?

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Particle beam weapons can be either of the plasma or neutral variety. How important is the plasma aspect for you?


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DPF fusion gun that blasts high energy Xrays at the target

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that jelly fish got fucked up

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Did he died?

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Damn that's some wild shit. 10 000km/s energy of 5 pounds of tnt. With emp and other shit coming off it.

I'm guessing it would be used to knock ICBM's out?

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>classified since 1995
those absolute madmen got it working didn't they?

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