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1 is the only number that has both odd and even properties. Here is proof.

To show that 1 has odd properties, all one must do is understand that you cannot divide 1 by 2 and get another whole 1.

HOWEVER.... 1 is the only number that when you divide it by 2 it does not create disproportionate pieces. For instance, if you do divide 3 by 2, you get two 1s. and two 0.5s. So in a way you get 4 pieces, but 2 of them are disproportionate to the other 2. This disproportion is what we called "remainders". With 1, when you divide it, you do NOT get a remainder. You get 2 perfectly proportionate and even pieces.

This proves that 1 is both an odd and even number, and it is the only number that possesses that capability.


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All even numbers are integer multiples of two.
No integer multiplies with two to make one.
One is not even. QED

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You're a fuckin moron, OP

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no rebuttals i see.

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popular opinion, 1 is not a prime number but it is a primal number

unpopular opinion, 1 is not even but it is evenical

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third post best post

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3 / 2 gives you 2 pieces though, with a length 1.5 each. So according to you, every number is even

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When you divide 1 by 2 you get two zeros and 2 one halfs. Next you will say that 0 doesn't count. But when you divide 0 by two you get zeros, so zero is odd and even. Also -1. So under your own definition of odd and even you are wrong. Under the conventional definition you are also wrong.

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OP is either high or retarded.

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highly retarded

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The absolute fucking state of /sci/, holy shit.

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delet pls

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lim x->o 1*2^x

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