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So what happens if by 2050 (((peak oil))), we haven't invented fusion power or any improvements to solar beyond what we have today?

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Then we can either use nuclear or scale up solar with more solar plants

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in 2027, if i make it there

ill release a manifesto

and then ill give you all 2 years

or ill release it sooner, whatever

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Peak Uranium, Peak Lithium

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First of all, these days the oil companies & states are getting worried about peak oil DEMAND hitting before 2050 - between the steady improvements in electric vehicles & slowing population growth, they are projecting that demand for oil will start declining before the supply does.

The Japanese have been doing some interesting work with extracting uranium from seawater. While not quite as cheap as regular mining, they have gotten it low enough that it would make nuclear power only hair more expensive (since fuel costs is such a small portion of the overall costs of a nuclear plant). And when you figure in continental erosion, that gives us enough uranium for tens of millions of years.

And for that matter, lithium is common enough in seawater as well - and there are some groups working on that now.

And of course, that nuclear power (or wind, solar, hydro, ect) can be used to create synthetic fuels from water & CO2 to power anything that isn't suited for batteries. There is this Canadian outfit, Carbon Engineering, that have a working test plant now, and is building a full sized plant; they claim it will be able to produce synthetic gasoline for $1 a liter; sure that is about double the current pre-tax price, but isn't ruin the world economy high.

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Is thorium a meme then? or will we actually see it implemented?

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We'll never see it implemented until the former Greenpeace beatniks die off.

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>using nuclear power to generate electricity to power gasoline manufacture to burn for electricity generation

I hate you.

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generally something that's been hailed as a silver bullet for 60 years but has never ever turned a profit is a total meme

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It's turned a profit.

The only thing keeping us from adopting a full nuclear baseload is scientific ignorance and the lack of political will.

The fact that nuclear is almost externality free keeps it from being adopted while the public readily allows 7,000,000 people to die from air pollution every year.

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Oil usage will heavily diminish in the near future because of climate change.

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Gasoline is just a liquid battery that you can use where regular batteries would be less effective

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Except you lose energy each time it changes form. And using a minimal carbon energy source to make a carbon energy source only keeps that carbon in the atmosphere plus the energy to change form.

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Maybe Indians will build some, given they are sitting on the largest deposits.

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The only triple-brackets here is whoever drew that map


There's still the Protactinium challenge, a design and a process need to be developed that get around it.

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You wouldn't burn the synthetic gasoline (or other hydrocarbon fuels) to generate electricity, outside of niche cases like emergency generators. You would use it for stuff that batteries won't work well for, like making synthetic jet-fuel for long-haul airliners, or fuel for long-haul towing and the like. And it would be nice to have a carbon-neutral fuel for people wanting drive their classic cars around on sunny weekend days.

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Peak uranium will take a whole fucking long time to reach.

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>talking about fusion without developing implosion
Laughing at you larpers rtn

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You can always breed more nuclear fuel.
Also there's plenty of uranium in the solar system.
The only reliable source of extraterrestial hydrocarbons is titan.
You'll never get away from petrochemicals though, they're just too ubiquitous not to.

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Fuck off /pol/

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>Russia is a multi-ethnic federation where various ethnic groups can live in their own ancestral homelands and retain a high degree of autonomy.
>The U.S is an artificial and newborn country attempting to bring different races, let alone ethnic groups, together under a more centralized political system
>OP posts image of Russia fracturing into various different states
kek, enjoy going down in flames

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more like multi AIDS federation lmao

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Otoh yes but otoh China will definitely aim to take land to the north in the future

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>If you already put the phrase "peak oil" in parenthesis and know that it's bullshit, why are you even asking this question?

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The US is older than most countries. Most of rhe world has been a constant string of conquests and reconquests, empires born and dying, revolutions and derevolutions. The current borders of western Europe didn't stablize until after WWII, or after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. Russia sure as fuck isn't a good example of the continuity of government or a unified nation.

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this reminds me of cloverfield movies.
what if all these buzzwords are real? hmmm

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Peak oil has been coming since the 90s. It's a meme.

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Sounds like a good way to catch a nuke.
Frankly, the whole 'Chinese are going to take over Siberia!' is an utter meme, there are literally five times as many Chinks in Canada with a fifth of the population, and the ones that have moved to Russia live in Moscow and Petersburg. If they haven't bothered taking Mongolia yet there's no way they're taking a nuclear power's richest land.
Also, China's population is going to crash hard by the mid century, they're already trying to encourage the diaspora to return.

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>implying places like Russia and China aren't just going to give up and start mass cloning loyal super soldier citizens by the millions when the tech is there

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Why can't we just continue using coal/oil but instead of just pumping all the nasty shit into the air we just direct it underground instead? Or into storage containers that can be shipped off to a disposal site?

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Unironically because renewables are a scam. We could replace 50% of our emissions with nuclear within a few years but climate science is being held hostage by anti-nuke Boomers from the 80s.
Instead we have to by shit arse PV from China that'll be at the dump in a decade.

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Because unlike nuclear, the waste from coal/oil/gas is not dense and solid.

There's no way to even begin to contain it, so we don't and just live with all the negative externalities. Especially since we've powered all our economies on cheap fossil fuels for the last 100 years.

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>The US is older than most countries
Of course an american with no sense of nationhood (blood & soil) would write something as completely retarded as this.
Only if they don't collapse, which they will due to their massive unsustainable population and pollution

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