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How can we stop or combat the increasing entropy in the universe as to prevent the universe from destroying or possibly resetting it self itself?

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How can we stop or combat this dull child spamming this same shit thread over and over again?

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Only person who might be able to reverse entropy is God, and you can only support him by making the world a better place

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Insufficient data for meaningful answer.

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>the increasing entropy in the universe

You are insane. Most of the stars in the universe are red dwarfs, no red dwarf star has died of old age in the entire history of the universe. Worrying about the universe "dying" is crazy. There will red dwarfs burning a TRILLION years from now.

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start by taking out the garbage

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you can start by having some sex, incel

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All actions lead to increase in entropy. The only way to slow down entropy enough to make a dent is to wipe out all life.

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>life increases entropy to a significant extent compared to stars

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a simple contract

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Hate to break it to you but entropy is a set piece as far as we know.

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Why should I care? I'll be dead.

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>There will red dwarfs burning a TRILLION years from now.
ok but THEN the universe will die, and that's bad

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somehow stopping all motion by canceling out every force i guess. though that wouldn't be a favorable solution for obvious reasons and is probably impossible anyways

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Use the compression energy of the dying Universe to create a new Big Rip and move into that Universe.

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define entropy for me

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literally impossible, and also this >>10799840

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You can't reverse entropy, but I have a theory that the rate at which entropy increases is constant for an isolated system or at least has a limit. If it is true then you could hypothetically slow down entropy locally by doing some kind of additional useless work that only produces a lot of excess heat on its own.

A way to test the validity of my theory could be using a computer to generate random number, multiple parallel threads of the same program running at the same time and at the same time running a different app that does useless work. If I'm correct, one or more random generator threads would become more predictable. In my mind it makes sense because the processor would be too busy dealing with excess heat, therefore fucking up the RNGs

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