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How bad for you is second hand smoking?

At my university there’s always so many Chinese international students smoking outside and I have to walk through clouds of smoke upwards of 10 times a day.

How much will this affect my health?

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Second hand smoke became a thing when it was noticed that non-smoking bar waitresses had about the same lung cancer rate as smokers. Before smoking bans the air in bars was so thick you couldn't see twenty feet in front of you and freshly painted white walls turned yellow in a few months. Spending 40 hours a week in that isn't the same thing as walking past some smokers outdoors from time to time.

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I heard it can be bad, I would tell the university administration

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>Implying current year universities would choose their local student’s health over keeping those filthy rich high fee paying foreign students happy
[email protected]

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How do you even see them. About half of the grad students in my department are Chinese international, and I have never seen a single one of them in the year that I've been there outside of orientation.
They never interact with anyone outside their clique, and sighting them is rarer than finding bigfoot.

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I once went on a couple dates with a chink grad student. She was pretty cute but the most boring person imaginable. She didn't listen to any music, read books, watch movies, go out anywhere other than school/work/home, try any restaurants or eat anything other than her chink food, basically no personality. All she had to talk about was that she wanted to get a good job so she could help her family. Kinda sad. Fuck China

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outside you'll be fine, it's lack of air circulation and ventilation where it becomes an issue.

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Lol, in my country you can smoke everywhere, in restaurants, bars etc etc

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in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA some funding organizations won't give you funding if your campus allows smoking. I guess you don't go to a good unoversity. It's pretty great busting undergrads for vaping in the bathroom.

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absolute meme tier. that shit would be equavalent to less than one puff a day aka the smoke form cars is more likelly to kill you, faggot.

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anyone who has or had astma understands that it sucks. I hate that shit, every bar and nightclub allows smoking. after going out i choke the whole day after and i did nothing wrong. People are fine with destroying other people's bodies (inb4 just don't go anywhere, stay at home)

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Smoking doesn't cause lung cancer, only the belief that it does, does.

It is the placebo affect, but in reverse.

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Heheh, I guess live fast die young isn't exclusive to western culture

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Mind control is a hell of a drug.

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Sad but true

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Ha, Leaf here. Because of the recent legalization of weed my university's put a ban on all types of smoking on campus property - no cigs, no pot, no vaping. Feels fucking great

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>this place allows smoking and people are sure to be doing it there
>better take my defective asthmatic ass right on in there

Lmao at lungcels. Don't forget your inhaler and pocket protector.

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Where is this glorious country?

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