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BlackPenRedPen is the best math educator on YT, hands down. This Chinaman is more entertaining, works with less, and gives genuine understanding to viewers. No bullshit flowery language about how beautiful it is.

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why cant i watch both and enjoy both and learn from both?

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Calculus is shit tier.

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>le ebin discrete math fag

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-open video
30s in, can understand maybe half of the words thru the accent
-close video

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Im lust saying one you walk away understanding something the other you're still sitting there non rigorously learning while one verbally masturbates.

You receive what you want. I don't need anyone to 'mystify' math for me, and you should feel molested by shallow appeals to beauty that gloss over the details.

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that autistic eh?

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yup, video was dripping of it

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you must be pretty versed to pick that up with half the words, oh wait.

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major sign of autism is that you can't communicate

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