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What can I do to better my eyesight anons? If it's not possible, what can I do to prevent my children in the future from getting bad eyesight. I have a number of approximately -5 in both eyes. Went to camping trip last week and broke my glasses somehow. Couldn't help out with most of the stuff. I felt disabled for the first time in my life.
Also how effective is LASIK?

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LASIK can easily improve your vision above normal, but there's some controversy with the cheapest stuff. Basic laser eye surgery can reduce night vision, and cause "starry" after effects, probably where tissue isn't smooth and disperses light. There's 2-3 different kinds, and the higher tiers have much less risk of permanent visual effects.

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I guess this is true.My father has extremely thick rimmed glasses when he was young (don't know the exact power). But at 24 he got a high tier LASIK surgery and he hasn't needed glasses ever since.

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Skull posture.

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There must be a way, since it is a recent phenomenon, but nobody's interested in knowing, because with all likehood there would be no money to be made in the knwoledge and it would ruin a billion dollar industry.

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It's not a recent phenomenon: seamstresses, jewelers, watchmakers, welders, etc. apparentely tend to have externally induces eye problems. Now it's just magnified apparently by the number of people using cellphones.

I don't think it's easy to change because eyes are fragile. For prevention doing things outside like sports for your kids, eye drops for lubrication and appropriate rest probably help

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>much less risk of permanent visual effects
Much less is not zero. Only a retard would risk permanent eye damage to modify vision that isn't impaired. No reputable surgeon would do the procedure either.

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It is. It used to be rare and mild. And become widespread and often severe within just a few generations. It started before smartphones.

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LASIK is controversial but heavily shilled online.
Be careful.
Lots of people have had lasting problems after LASIK and it's very common.

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Do eye excercises. Basically put two pencils in front of eachother at eye level. And change focus from front to back front to back. If you focus on the one in the front you see two in the back. If you focus on the back you see two in the front. Cut a potato in two half’s and cover it with a wet towel and put it over your eye like a masacara.

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Just read up on lasik. Lots of stressed out doctors with too many bills. It’s like spackling dry wall without a reverse. Several people I know have had it and they say they see too well. More than they’d like. Makes them very light sensitive. I heard instead of scraping they are putting new artificial lenses that’s going to be big business.

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Consider spending more time outdoors, in nature, and reduce or completely stop watching tv and limit computer time as much as possible, same thing for your kids especially when they are very young, no computer, no tv, no phones/tablets. Go out, spend time together playing sports, hiking etc
Also make sure they take (multi)vitamins, food today is bad that many deficiences when growing are caused by lack of vitamins/minerals

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how would you rank lasik and all the other types of surgeries in tiers?
in other words: what is the best one out of all of them? dont care about the price, but I would like to know which has a better chance of giving me eyesight better than normal( cant find that info just by googling for some reason)

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The best way to reduce risk of high myopia in children is to ensure they play outside every day.

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>wouldn't take $1,000,000,000 on the condition there's a .00001% chance of dying doing so
I guess if there's any chance of anything bad happening it's not worth it
Get off Facebook, grandma

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