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redpill me on nootropics brainlets?

Where do I send my money for a bigger brain?

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You should only get things with actual, noted physiological effects that can be beneficial. Examinedotcom is a good site to look certain things up

I used to have a shitload, but now for the most part I just keep them on hand to supplement my diet occasionally. Acetyl-l-carnitine and creatine come in handy when sleep-deprived or otherwise fatigued. Magnesium is a must since you're probably not getting enough. Many people swear by caffeine+L-theanine and I do too. I've dropped huperzine A and l-tyrosine, think maybe I should try going back to uridine, and don't get any psychological benefits from ashwaganda so I just take it every so often because it's healthy

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hook your brain up to a brain-computer-interface and use AI to augment your brain

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also, combination supplements like pic related are a scam and have doses too low of most of the stuff in there for them to be any decent

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what was your reasoning for dropping l-tyrosine?

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Go to sleep sober with no pills.
Most people who buy into nootropics aren't getting good sleep.

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>eat healthy
>now have too much energy to sleep before midnight


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I'm so sorry anon. Those aren't nootropics. They actively cause brain damage.

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^Its a collection of studies and research conducted on nearly every nootropic substance you may encounter.

Asking people a question like that will result in annecdotal reports like "I tried substance X and it works great annon". Look through the research, dont be stupid, and before you try anything, ALWAYS research "substance X side effects" or "substance X bad" to see the downsides.

Personally, I have found nootropics to be quite beneficial. Adrafinil, noopept and L-theanine is my grind. Magnesium L Threonate for the memory and Brocoli sprouts for the health.

Yes annon, broccoli sprouts. Thats probably your best bet to stop feeling shit.

Watch this nice 45-minute long video which summarizes dozens of studies on it and analyzes the various benefits.


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exercise, good sleep and diet will do 10x more than any nootropic, if you've already get that sorted phenylpiracetam is pretty good

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