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why are blacks so genetically superior to whites? this isn’t a bait thread, I’m genuinely curious.

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>why is x so genetically superior to y
OP was cucked by a nigger

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Imagine having your genes diminish your intelligence so much at birth that even your bait threads are niggered beyond repair.

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superior how?
their ancestors likely spent a lot of time running due to the nature of african landscapes and their predators, but every environment had factors that would encourage physical fitness. I think contemporary blacks tend to grow up in conditions that encourage physical feats moreso than mental ones whereas whites and asians tend to be raised with an emphasis on mental things. the top athletes from any given country don't appear to be predominantly black despite the stereotypes. i think you got meme'd on buddy

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> this isn’t a bait thread

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fuck niggers

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Kenyan 5-year olds can't recognize their reflection in a mirror...



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I´m sure they aren´t.

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>Self-oriented behavior was defined as any mirror-guided action toward the mark and was classified as either removingortouchingthe mark(and leaving it on). It should be noted that self-oriented behavior refers only to touching or removing the mark and not verbal self-labeling.


> Coding of freezing behavior reveals that 80 of the 82 children (one-tailed binomial test, p < .001, with a .50 probability thresh-old) displayed such behavior, staring at their image in the mirror, without any attempt at either touching or removing the mark on their forehead.

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