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Requesting the revised version w/ philosophy

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the mathematician didn't see the others because she's in the kitchen?

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xkcd is a terrible webcomic. What's there to discuss about that? It's a fact.

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Chemist here Keep your purity I make things burn stink and kaplode

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A woman mathematician? Lol

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Shut the fuck up, XKCD is good sometimes.

Op, who the fuck cares about purity? Its about learning what you enjoy.

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The 'purity' students are the most insufferable faggots in humanity.

Everytime I see a thread like this I can't help but immediately think of Lawrence Krauss. Balding, ugly as all fuck, cracking jokes as dry as his fucking skin every 2 minutes kind of faggot.

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XKCD is just shit that loves to scream LOOK HOW SMART WE ARE while at the same time forgetting that comics should be funny

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hi giuse wats goin on in dis tred

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Now I finally understand what an Aspie is.

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So, if I have a finite field, what is its purity?
pic unrelated

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They're not aspies, it probably even used to be a fun hobby for them. But randall just keeps making comics and there's only so many ways you can say "THIS IS NEITHER FUNNY, ORIGINAL, ARTISTIC OR INSIGHTFUL".

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Good questions remain unanswered on this board

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Someone make an Aspergers scale one.

Engineering should be on there somewhere

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What's purity supposed to mean in the context of galois fields?

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Can someone post the xkcd where the author gets a hefty fucking slap for being a pretentious cunt?

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