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What made Whitehead switch from mathematics to metaphysics? Why did he waste his talent on mathematics to work on something useless like metaphysics?

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> useless
Your logic and point of view already shows how much of a brainlet you are. Read a book or something

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If there's something more pure than mathematics, it's metaphysics.

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>implying epistemology isn't fundamental to mathematics and science

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he just wasn’t that great at math. he “diversified”

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Whitehead is unironically a sage. His work on process philosophy is astounding and should be more widely read in the West. It is nice that the Chinese at least recognize his genius.

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It isn't.

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because china is such a leader in math and philosophy, right. back to >>>/shenzhen/

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Taoism is based as fuck desu. The Western tradition originated from Plato is garbage.

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yeah, i’m sure china was wrong to wind down its “scientific research” on qigong. qigong > western medicine. totally based and redpilled. not.

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what the fuck does that have to do with philosophy

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not an argument

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>co-authors the principia mathematica
>"wasn't that great at math"

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what else did he do in math besides be russell’s proofreader?

he memed his way through math by doing only the most philosophical crap

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>What made Whitehead switch from mathematics to metaphysics? Why did he waste his talent on mathematics to work on something useless like metaphysics?
That protoge tard of his (Russell) could never measure up to him in philosophical ability, and was eternally assblasted when his own student Wittgenstein he was bad at philosophy.

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implying mathematicians in academia do useful work

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Metaphysics studies what there is and what it is like. That’s deeply related to mathematics, inseparable in fact.

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Algebraic topology.

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Before Principia Mathematica he designed Universal algebra, which is considered at the primitive form of model theory

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Is there an any proof that Whitehead was just proofreader of Russell?
If you look at the cover of Principia Mathematica, you can see that "Whitehead and Russell", not "Russell and Whitehead".

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(not the person you responded to). It actually is an argument. To engage in a refutation of metaphysics, as the logical positivists attempted and failed to do, or to even argue about something as elementary as what mathematics 'is', is to engage in metaphysics oneself. Case in point: an ensemble of the world's most brilliant minds, who have no clue what they 'are', in fact, doing. Don't be a brainlet.


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I'm pretty sure qigong has nothing to do with medicine

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you cant escape metaphysics

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Nor can you with mathematics frendo

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Hubris, its a shame. if he had spent his tenure at Cambridge studying the unpublished Peirce manuscripts at his disposal , and precisely working out phenomenology and epistemology instead of focusing on writing process & reality. He could have done something useful, especially with his mereological ideas.
unfortunately the Harvard philosophy department severely neglected the Peirce papers during and after whiteheads tenure, leaving much lost and disorganized until the mid20th century, worse still the neglect caused many pages to rot, now forever lost. What is it about mere mathematicians that makes them think they can jump strait into metaphysics and ontology? its no surprise that so many of them are Platonists.
Whiteheads process philosophy can only be salvaged when superimposed on Peirceian metaphysics. Without Peirce's relational categories, especially Thirdness, Whitehead's 'actual entities' are merely occasions of experience with no phenomenological ties to reality. Whitehead does not overcome the Cartesian schism, he only unites it in a process. Whitehead's process philosophy does not accommodate panpsychism and relies on a supernatural god to explain mind and life.. Whiteheads cosmos is inanimate.
the good bits of whiteheads process philosophy, the pluralistic, composite, and continuous nature of existence, need Peirce to be placed in a working--no, living, system.

Whitehead's reliance on aphorism makes his philosophy palatable to the same minds that enjoy eastern philosophy.
Just like process philosophy, Peirce had already anticipated much of Whiteheads contributions in mathematics in his 20's.

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>that video


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Whitehead did read Peirce

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They clamped your umbilical cord early.

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mathematics wouldn't exist without metaphysics

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>Hartshorne remembered how Whitehead “came up once at my request and I showed him an essay which had some rather abstruse things to say about geometry. I knew that Whitehead was a geometrician. Whitehead read it and said that it was interesting, but that some of it was too technical and, he thought, ought to be cut. So we did omit some passages. Whitehead read several pages in which Peirce sounded rather like Whitehead talking for instance about the 'irrevocable past' and the 'indeterminate future,' and Whitehead said to me, 'I hope you will testify that this is the first time I have seen this.' When I told him that I could find some of his characteristic ideas in Peirce he said, 'Then I say he's a great man. I'm bound to'” (Lieb 1970, 153)
lots of juicy takes in this one.
there are other examples of people trying to trick whitehead into reading Peirce's philosophical crap but i cant find them

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sorry for this testy shitpost
whiteheadians please tell me why I am wrong. Im not familiar with whitehead, and it seems that trolling is the easy way to get a useful response around here. I feel guilty about misrepresenting Peirce for shitposting
so; can Peirce's triad and scientific, architectonic approach to metaphysics be reconciled with whiteheads dipolar monism and ground level metaphysics? or do you have to choose one?
i really do think we'd be better off if whitehead engaged with Peirce.

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they're the fucking chicken and egg ok. even kant uses geometry to explain a priori synthetic judgments because he was aware that the geometric axioms are irreducible.

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I genuinely don't understand people who think philosophy "doesn't matter" or some similar sentiment. Are they simply stupid?

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It wasn't just Whitehead. Leibniz, Descartes, and other prominent mathematicians dating back to Pythagoras were interested in metaphysics.
I guess it's a sort of hubris, they think that the pure logic they used in math can be applied to solve philosophy.
When people say metaphysics doesn't matter, they're thinking in terms of Alder's Razor. If we can't prove something, then why bother?

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Philosophy is just here for speculation and to ask questions at the moment. Once the sciences figure everything out we wont need it.

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>Alder's Razor
You gone too far. Although you don't believe Newton's flaming laser sword You can believe metaphysics don't matter, such as Carnap. And Nobody genuinely believes in Newton's flaming laser sword except some scientist version of Wildberger.

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>t. Doesn't know about the recent results in Formal Epistemology and Epistemic logic

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Idiot. He uses them as examples. The metaphysics is still prior to mathemathics.

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Science literally can't figure anything out because of the problem of induction.
Jeez luois people really are retarded

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>Science literally can't figure anything out because of the problem of induction.

you don't really think that do you anon?

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>uses irreducible math as an example of irreducible philosophical principles
>it's still philosophy lol!
fuck you brainlet motherfucker, your judgment is fucked up and your shits all retarded

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The fact that you're using "irreducible" when were talking about synthetic statements shows you don't have a clue what's going on.

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Charity. Literal charity. That is all I can see it as.

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I guess he never cared abut being usefull to society ,he just persuaded his passions and it made no difference for him
>something useless like metaphysics
never in history a mathematician wanted to contribute to society. Math is not about being usefull, its the physician point of view because he cares about real,material word . For
mathematician Math is like art , its beautiful and fascinating. math uses pure abstract reasoning which has nothing to do with real world and is more true than real world. Number theory was useless and laughed at by physicians and engineers until in 20 century cryptography poped up.

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>spend years of your life working on a logical foundation of all mathematics
>get provably BTFO in an instant by Godel showing your idea is impossible

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>frustrates David Hilbert and Bertrand Russell life projects

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>tfw you dedicate your whole life to the noble task of finding a finite set of axioms on which all meaningful mathematical questions can be eventually answered, only for some faggot Platonist to come and destroy the hope that we can find a systematic procedure to determine the truth or falsehood of any mathematical statement.

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but even then, we have HoTT today and it's awesome, just read my friend, Homotopy Type Theory ;D

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HoTT is for libtards believing that equality is relevant. Tell me, do cubical types enjoy choice for every homotopical level?

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>The Western tradition originated from Plato is garbage.
True. But only humanities originated from that school (and it shows)
True science goes back to Pythagoras (and later to Democritus whose books Plato directly ordered to be burnt. And that's when the Dark Ages began, long before christianity, which originates from that very Plato school)

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>humanities originated from that school

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The good one stuck with maths.

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Every other school of thought was physically destroyed.
We are even taught geometry not by Pythagoras but by Euclid, who is secretly platonist (until relatively recently there was only one Euclid, but later, probably to conceal this inconvenient fact, they were split into platonist and the geometer who haven't invented a single theorem, but gave to the existing ones other and more confusing proofs, probably to prevent public from understanding what retarded esotericists call sacred geometry)

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He ran out of ideas, but still wanted to sound "smart"

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