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In this thread, discuss Robot Happening.

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no such thing
RH is just relative humidity

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is it thermodynamically favorable?

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Alright, here's a question for you: if I have an education up to calculus 3, what do I need to learn to be able to understand the math behind your paper?

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>math behind your paper

HAHA, what math?

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how about basic arithmetic?

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how about this map of Statesboro?

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All you need to understand is that infinity-hat is a made up thing to satisfy his equations which has no real-world applications.

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where do you see fucking limits or integrals of differentiation in this paper

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>dude how does the RH relate to calculus

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the whole proof is algebraic

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shut up jon
>Defn. 1: infinity is a number
fucking laughable

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>how about basic arithmetic?
Says the one that don't know how to compute simple limits...

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what the fuck

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More wtf for your enjoyment.

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I see you post this in every thread I make, and you always ignore that I computed the correct limit, and that this shortcut notation always produces the correct answer.

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I'm about to move to Statesboro, incidentally, to polish up these six As I got in six different calculus classes (how you can tell
is correct that I don't know limits) with an under grad math degree.

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look at this chungus collage

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My thing is all ready to go here. That's why statistics and computer science.

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