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if i cover my windows in tinfoil, will it send the sun back and keep my room cool??
what are ways to cool your apartement that actually work??

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Buy an air conditioner retard

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I went to the local hardware store and bought a wooden plate for like 13 Euros. Then I told them to cut it into two pieces the size of my windows (obviously took measurements before).

Now in my bedroom, which gets the most sun over the day, there are two wooden plates that cover the windows completely - they just stand on the ledges and lean against the window frames.

Best purchase of my life.

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AC isn't common in much of Europe. few people have one at home and AFAIK you have windows made so that you can put AC in them, nothing like that exists here.

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It will. Better than tinfoil, you can get those cosmonaut blanket thingy, they reflect very well.

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French here who had to survive last year heat wave in a full-south room:
You can get a plastic curtain with scratch that will fit on your regular window and let you pass the AC tube through it.

I'd advise doing so, especially if your room has a small volume. That AC saved my life.

You can try those fans that project water too, a friend of mine has it and he says it's pretty cool. It's certainly less noisy than an AC and doesn't use as much power.

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>if i cover my windows in tinfoil, will it send the sun back and keep my room cool??
Why don't you try it and find out?

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if i cover my head in tinfoil, will it send the mind control rays back and keep me sane??

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>just drill airduct holes everywhere bruh and prepare to be assraped by the electricity bill

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Global warming doesn't exist. It's all in your head mate

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Non-whites pay those electricity bills every summer in their countries. You have no right to cry.

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Is there any weather phenomenon you faggots WON'T try to blame on a possible 0.2 degrees celsius of global warming?

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Use a spray bottle throughout the day.
t.south indian farmer

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just buy an air conditioner. I'm afraid that tinfoil won't help much since much of the heat transfer will be due to convection

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I was being sarcastic dude. I was making fun of deniers

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get 3-4 bottles of water, freeze them , put them in your room when its hot, melt them
and rinse and repeat, you can even calculate how much water you need to freeze to cool a room by 5-10 degrees quite easily

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A moistened towel draped over a fan will have some cooling effect, not as much as an air conditioner but it works.

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Useless, the fridge will heat the room more than the ice.
Thisis the worst thing you can do, humidity makes it worse, not better. It's pouring right now and the forecast says the heat is supposed to get back starting tomorrow. I can't imagine 36°+ of humid heat...

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Yes, it will.

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The worst thing about the UK is that it's so humid in Summer, rarely much more than 20-21c but fucking hell do you sweat like a pig

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except they have it cheaper

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>humidity makes it worse,
True but I think it wouldn't work if it was too humid outside. But if not and your room is well ventilated it would work.

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you god damn moron. you freeze the water , but not in your room

you melt it in your room, and refreeze it outside

go fuck yourself you god damn idiot

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buy that plastic that look like tinfoil that people put inside cars. Same shit.

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Blocking direct sunlight is important, but do not forget you also need to have proper ventilation, both inside your apartment and in/out transfer. I feel many people underestimate how effective proper ventilation is.

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Isnt this just going to make the humidity go down?

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Most people have their fridge in their home, moron.

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but not in the same room, stupid cunt

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As soon as the outside temp is higher than the room temp, shut windows and cover the shit out of them. At that point, opening the windows will only let hot air into your room, and letting sunlight shine in will only heat your room up more.

Get a fan for the room, attach plastic bottles with ice cubes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiI5PbsnAfs

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>I Was Only Pretending To Be Retarded

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>if i cover my windows in tinfoil, will it send the sun back and keep my room cool??
It does, but there are professional products for that, that won't look as degenerate.

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>CO2 build up
>heat transfer from you and your cohabitants’ bodies
>no means of exchanging stale air
>temperature reaches equilibrium with exterior area
Its fucking stupid

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A good a/c unit and insulated walls. Don’t buy the cheapest ones.
A free standing one like pic related is considered a little gettho in America, but since you all live in flats, it gets the job done without having to worry about window installations

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As I said, we don't have windows like that.


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I know you are regarded over there but try and think.
The point of the freestanding unit is you can just wedge the tube anywhere. You can litterlty cut a piece of cardboard, or as in this pic example, a piece of clear thin plastic cut with a exactly knife
These are not weak little units either, the 20,000cc plus ones pump out serious cold goodness, even if you stick it in a OPEN window.

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>I know you are regarded over there
What does it mean?

That looks like a total waste of energy, nobody's going to do that.

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Cutting a price of cardboard to fit really isn’t hard unless you are a useless human that has never used their hands.you could even spray it with a reflective paint color to make it look slightly nicer and reduce sun heat coming in. Foam edge for edge.
Or get a pro install

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It’s fine.

It does take a lot of energy

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You can get it on amazon

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I mean it wastes energy (like electricity) because the hot air keeps coming back,not that I can't figure out where to buy it, fucking retard.

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No it really doesn’t.
Are you even white? You are like another race living in what white people built, wondering why it is so hot, sitting around in your African caves sweating, without figuring out how to cool off.
And they do take electricity p, that is how
A/c works, but it does work (if you don’t get a cheap unit)

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This is with the curtain moved so you can see it, but of course you would want to close the shades after install to block sunheat

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Not all whites are americans, who are perfectly willing to blast off tons of electricity on inefficient appliances, driving oversized trucks and living in uninsulated houses.

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Not all whites are americans, who are perfectly willing to waste off tons of electricity on inefficient appliances, driving oversized trucks and living in uninsulated houses.

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What does race have to do with anything? Most people cannot afford to run AC for 4 months straight. It's very expensive.

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Also you sound like some fucking retard who doesn't get that if you stick a hose through a fucking open window, hot air is going to get back through the very same open window.

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>what are ways to cool your apartement that actually work??

Get a fucking air conditioner?

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Japan a/c. Good taste

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he spent a little too much time on /pol/, poor guy

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Well if you are white you are at a job most of the day and only need to run it at night
Look at the pic closer, it is not ampn open window. has a clear plastic airflow blocker your rags is out of place here son

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It’s only a few hundred dollars to get a stand alone unit. And yeah your bill goes up, so don’t be dirt poor, but most people can afford it

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Got a Mitsubishi unit last summer. Works like a charm. I dont even run it all the time, just blast it on full power for half an hour to cool off the room in the afternoon and before sleeping. Coupled with good outer shades on the windows, it is more than enough.

Another great thing is this, despite name works for keeping house cool, too


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>but most people can afford it

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where in europe are you op?

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Speakingnof mitshbishi, I was goggling for a/c images I posted above and now I see this ad on 4cham a little later, which I have never seen before.
Fucking hate the tracking botnet dystopia

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>not blocking ads after hiro changed the ads from local to remote

I know this isn't /g/, but seriously.

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I feel bad denying revenue because I am white. I never even used Napster or downloaded free movies

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Why aren't you using your pihole, anon..?

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Reminder that this has everything to do with global warming. Wear your tin foil hats to ward off the heat. It's actually cold but the lizards are making it feel hot.

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It'll prevent the government from spying on your thoughts

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europoor here, even I have portable ac almost constantly when I am at home, they literally sell them in a any hardware shop, not even that expensive I paid around 250 euros for mine (delivery included)

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It will help insulate against the sun if you have nothing else. Try getting some styrofoam that you can put in your window.
What you really want to do is get air moving through the place. Get two fans (box fans that fit in the window are best). Put one fan pulling air "in" from a window on the lowest northerly side of the house, and the other fan in the highest room in the house blowing out.
Get some re-usable ice packs and keep rotating them from the freezer.
Drink shitloads of water.
Get a bucket and fill it with ice water.
Stop wearing pants.
Cold showers.
Cope with the fact that summer is just starting.

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Foil heats up. Try those emergency solar blankets (aluminized mylar). For best effect you could use packing tape around the edges to strengthen it, then tack it outside your window.
Open windows at sunset, close by late morning (10-ish).
Good insulation is the best alternative to active cooling (AC).

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maybe that's why you're poor, then

>> No.10748494

not sure how being poor and having air conditioner relates

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>split shill thread spotted

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I'm from West Germany. Haven't used an AC in my entire life.
Haven't ever needed it so far. A few liters of prepared cold drinks, and closing all shutters while the sun is up, usually does the trick.
Also, working from home when it's simply way too hot helps as well.
Only go shopping at night. Thankfully supermarkets have started opening to 20:00 or even 21:00 since about the turn of the century. That helps a lot.

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>Also, working from home when it's simply way too hot helps as well.
I do the opposite. When it's going to be a super hot day, I go really early to uni and stay there all day long in the airconned buildings. That way I avoid my inferno of a room for the whole day.

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Well, if you're poor and have one, it means they're not that expensive (was able to afford it) and that it's not that costly to run it (I'm able to pay my electricity bills).
Understand now?

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