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is MIT a meme?

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Can you ask that question again, but this time with out bullshit 4channel memespeak?

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no. More than 5 seconds of being alive would grant you the ability to see that lots of groundbreaking research comes out of MIT Laboratories

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I can, but I'm not on this great roleplaying website with the intention of not roleplaying

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This image just proves that AMWF is a MERIT BASED combo. Two smart af people getting together. Love it.

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My dream was to go to Harvard/MIT/Princeton for Math then do a PhD. But instead I got an econ degree from a second-tier school and now I run my own business. Not too shabby.

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>my dream was to do cutting-edge research but then I fell into the Capitalist arena
Living the dream anon

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Well seeing as I hire software engineers and researchers from those schools (and also building those 'cutting-edge systems') I'd say I'm doing alright.

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Tbh you probably wold have has your expectations dashed. The culture at top schools is pretty garbage by and large, the % of the student population that are real human beings with a single original thought in their head is probably sub 5% in my exp. The balance are diversity admissions and ultra try hards with helicopter parents.

t. went to columbia

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Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Stanford are better. West Coast > East Coast

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MIT has the best culture out of all these schools. Caltech is the pinnacle of pretension, Stanford's alright.

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Stanford and Berkeley kids are a lot more entrepreneurial imo. Who cares though, I got rejected by all of them and I couldn't be happier.

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>is MIT a meme?
For undergraduate, yes. Thanks to having a curriculum dumbed down enough for legacy admissions, diversity quotas, grade inflation, and student athletes to all pass, almost all undergraduate programs in the US are memes. Consider celebrities willing to pay huge bribes to get their dumb kids admitted. If academic rigor were a thing, this would be pointless as the kid wouldn't have the chops and would flunk out. The US reputation in higher education rests solely on the quality of the graduate programs where all those special admission students aren't much of a thing. You either pass the GRE or you don't.

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B-but I want to work for Google or Goldman Sachs. How can I if I don't go to Harvard?

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what about harvard, princeton, IAS, penn, columbia, duke, cornell, stony brook, yale, brown, dartmouth, stevens, NYU, etc etc

there is no comparison. californians are delusional

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Just go to Harvard. But know you're in for a much easier time than you think.

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Only Harvard/Princeton/Yale and Stony Brook are good on that list.

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>Just go to Harvard bro
Sorry but my mom is not Lori Loughlin

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Caltech is the only exception to this as far as I know. Anyway, better doing undergrad in Europe instead of the US scamming shithole.

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what about doing phd in europe? better than in burgerland?

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>go to MIT for 50k a year
>Get an engineering job starting at 70k a year
>Go to state uni for 10k a year
>Get a local job starting at 60k a year

If your just going there to get an undergrad degree I don't really see the point desu

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You realize legacy, diversity admits, and student athletes that go there are still the best of the best, right?

T. Student athlete recruit who was 3rd in their class with a 4.3 gpa, 6 5's on AP tests, 1510/1600 SAT, and had research extracurriculars. And got rejected.

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MIT is like 10k a year or free for people who are middle class or below. Shitloads of financial aid at those top schools, for those that can make it.

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>cutting edge research
top kek

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>what about doing phd in europe? better than in burgerland?

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>get machine learning job at Silicon Valley because people think you're smart for going to MIT
>make 150k base out of undergrad

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Let's see those earnings spreadsheets you dropshipping, drooling failure

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berkeley has a way better culture than mit. berkeley is based and mit is reddit as fuck

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MIT is a meme for undergrad, but not as much of a meme as most Ivies. For grad and research it's not a meme.

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seething zoomer

math PhDs come up with algos

this but fk schools in general

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Stanford definitely has a better culture than MIT. You're right about caltech. Berkeley is hit or miss, depending on your personality.

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Caltech is by far the most 'rigorous' school (other than maybe Math 55 at Harvard or Cambridge Math). And it's small and lean. I'd go there if you can get in.

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What sport did you play? MIT isn't even that good in most of them.

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Having good grades and extracurriculars is so plain and boring. They want innovative minds. What have you done to show them that you're unique and special?

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cost of living?

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Oh, by 'Silicon Valley' I just meant top-tier tech job. I live at home in Irvine.

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I know, that's why I knew it was a long shot to get in even with athletic recruitment. Unfortunately, bioscience is so expensive that it's hard to be innovative in it without being in a lab, something high schoolers without connections have a very hard time of doing. Of course I could have done more, but you can always do more.
Track and field. It isn't that hard to make the qualifying standards, you just have to be in the top 10% of high school athletes or so. But you have to do that and demonstrate an academic background as vigorous as the average MIT student.

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>berkeley has a way better culture

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part of having a good culture involves btfoing conservashits
just joking around, even though you wouldn't be able to tell. in reality, berkeley is far far less intense than what is portrayed in media. there are rare isolated incidents which rarely involve students.

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What does college offer you that isn't already offered by the internet?

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the ppl who say schools like MIT are memes are the same ppl who are coping with the fact that they go to shitty state schools

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>shitty state schools
>implying private shitholes who gift everyone A+ are in any way comparable to top tier state schools like berkeley, ucla, and michigan

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but ucla and those others are not shitty state schools.

nice shitty state school reading comprehension

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yes, but i'm saying MIT undergrad is a fucking meme just like ivy undergrad and i go to a top tier state school

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>Berkeley has better culture
>riots over Milo Fagopotomus

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>not an alt-right hugbox
>apparently this is "bad culture"
read >>10727839 snowflake, and try not to get so triggered

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no, we just graduated and got jobs, and stopped being insecure undergrads

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>physical assault and destruction of property
>it’s not a problem bro they’re disagree with me politically so it’s ok
>me? no they’re the snowflakes lol

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Lrn2meme fgt pls

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physical assault and destruction of property happens on a public college campus all the time. when it's suddenly over something political, you all throw a shitfit over it because you think it reflects on the school. even though neither of the people involved in the vast majority of these incidents are even remotely connected to the school. reminder that our school is a completely open campus plop in the middle of a city which has a few active radical liberal groups, some of them with violent reputations. these are in no way associated with the school and it's students. the student body at the school is by and large fairly moderate, and i know this because i am involved with parts of our institution which ARE significantly politicized (a few student groups) and i am one of the people best fit to tell you that this is not the norm.
i don't have anything to prove, but i also think that we get a shit depiction from literally everyone on all sides and no one sees the nuance that comes with plopping a public campus in an extremely activist dense city.

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A lot of private schools do grade inflation and it pisses me off.
>at uchicago we have grade deflation

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at berkeley we have grade deflation too bro
it sucks
but in some ways it's fun because i still get great grades and i know it's deserved lmao

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The fact that they’re politically-motivated and targeting a group for their political affiliation is precisely the fucking point you dumb retard.

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Is Oxbridge/Imperial/UCL better than MIT?

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$150k a year in silicon valley, or most of CA is equivalent to flipping burgers in Alabama.
At least you can have an abortion.

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your point is moot though, since the politically motivated people are just randos who live in the surrounding areas of the campus and not the actual students
it's like, if i beat someone up on your lawn, you'd be kind of ticked off if you're neighbors all called you a hooligan. this is what we constantly deal with.

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>Implying undergrads at top Universities don't get involved in graduate level research groups.

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>be me
>go to shit CC school
>math taught like shit
>cs taught like shit
>go to MIT OCW
>Learn more and in a faster pace on those vids than I learn in a single semester
>get all As or Bs in all my classes before transfer
>get a job as a math tutor for all the math I've done

If anything MIT is the golden standard lol.

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>>10727817 was a student

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Only if they are really good and actually interested in science. A lot of the legacy folks go there simply to get that degree paper.

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dude, i go to the fucking school, i know every incident that happens here inside and out
just because fox news makes it sound like they're students doesn't mean that's true

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>MIT is better than a shitty CC
of course
we don't mean that it's shit overall
we mean that it's overrated

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of course we do, but mit is put on an undeserved pedestal. undergrads at many many universities are doing so, not just at top ones.
let's not misrespresent anything by the way, because MIT does not do legacy at all.

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Well, if we're just talking overrated, elite universities are best for their potential connections with talented peers/faculty, generous financial aid, entrepreneurial programs, research facilities, and research funding (potentially even for undergrads, like at Johns Hopkins). The curriculum and job outcomes itself is not vastly different from regular universities, but it will be slightly (about 10% higher starting salary) better on average.

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They do (but ofc you have to meet their requirements). My uncle did his CS PhD there and he knows the department well enough to get me in there but I went to another school.

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they didn't the year i applied, 2 years back. i explicitly asked a lot of people about whether they did it for my situation, and whether they did it at all. it probably wouldn't have mattered cause my situation wasn't incredibly close.

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Echoing the “meme for undergrad, not for grad” in this thread. Fortunately for me most people don’t care about the distinction.
t. went to the former but rejected from the latter

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The people I know that went to MIT for PhD tended to prefer it to European schools, especially the Oxbridge peeps. However, they nearly always ended up not doing something in the area they wanted and rather ended up doing something that MIT needed more bodies in. I know quite a lot of people that went there intending to do something in robotics, medicine, materials science etc etc and are now doing STEM education research.

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Don't forget RPI! Just kidding we're fucking garbage.

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Funny you mention MIT. I was browsing the current roster of the MIT AI labs after reading about Stallman, and I was shocked to discover it's 99% shitskins: https://www.csail.mit.edu/people?person%5B1%5D=role%3A304

Are nonwhites really the best AI grad students in the world? Or is something else at play?

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>gay man of Jewish heritage is part of the alt-right
Your bait is on point dude

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I go to Rice, am I a meme?

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nice cope, cumskin

>> No.10730858

yes, he is. is this somehow impossible? i don't get it.
i'm not baiting at all, and the fact that you'd think so with my perfectly reasonable posts is a testament to your indoctrination.

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Honestly I'd have a more full-fledged conversation about it, but I just don't want to shit up /sci/ with stuff that really should belong on /pol/. What I would suggest you do is that you go and look into Milo's actual political positions and statements and then go and seek out people who are actually alt-right, that is to say people who would ascribe themselves to the label, and then see how different they actually are.

As someone who has followed both the individual and the group somewhat closely, I can tell you they're pretty distinct from each other and that they have different ideals, goals derived from those ideals, and different methods they would like to enact to achieve those goals.

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Tell that to the Oberlin faculty that was in protests with bullhorns yelling that a bakery was racist. You're delusional if you don't think the schools themselves encourage this shit.

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It will take years for this "college prestige" conditioning to finally go away. Hopefully as online learning becomes the norm people will realize that degrees are worthless.

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MIT is a good all round uni and is pretty competitive in a lot of STEM shit but its not the best in things like CS iirc Carnegie melon btfos both it and harvard in that field.

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Ok this thread is EXTREMELY unhelpful. As someone who actually went through a top-school program (Math & CS), here is how I would rank them.

Harvard > Caltech > MIT >= Princeton > Stanford > Berkeley

If you can't get into the above then try one of the other UCs (Irvine or LA). AMA if you want btw...

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Mostly not. It doesn't matter at all what university you're going to though. It only matters what you do with the opportunities you are given.

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t. brainlet who can't get into a good university

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No. It is one of the few remaining schools in this country that only admits based on merit and not daddy's money.

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no, it's the real deal, but a campus teeming with very smart people is probably also full of tiresome pedants like >>10725915

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University is long behind me. I have a great paying job now. Networking and scientific discourse is much more important than where you're doing it.

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I agree with Caltech and Stanford. Very good for CS. But Harvard & Princeton are basically for rich kids.

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When I went to a conference last semester, one of the grad students from Cornell told me that "Cornell weeds out big egos." I really want to go to Cornell for applied math PhD... any anons with experience from Cornell?? Pls respond

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I visited once because I had gotten accepted for undergrad. Maybe it's different for PhD, but I just got kinda turned by how boring it is. The weather is absolute crap, probably the worst for any college campus in the US, and I just didn't vibe with how boring the whole campus felt. Your choice, it all depends on what kind of experience you want

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Go to Caltech for Math/CS PhD. Harvard and Berkeley are also good.

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Yes, it is. They endorse pseudo-science and paranormal schizophrenic nonsense on their official website.

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my understanding of oxbridge is that its pretty much just a classist shithole

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>math PhDs come up with obscure shit no one will care about
fixed that for ya.

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current undergrad, as >>10731735 said def pretty boring if you're used to a big city environment. But at the same time it's super cozy (picrel) plus i've heard generally good things about the math department here

>> No.10733258

It has the same HYP culture. Cambridge is pretty good for STEM though and they are well-connected with STEM faculty here in the US. Honestly I'd say - if you're from the UK, then go to Cambridge. If you're from the US, then go to US schools.

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You're selling me on it.

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Lrn2meme fgt pls

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>this thread again
We need a /uni/ board asap

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I really don't understand how you guys manage to handle those student loans in the US, I'd be too afraid to take out a loan that massive at the age of 18, then again French unis are overcrowded dumpsters so I guess you get quality education if you pay for it

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>be me
>go to community college for 2 years (literally free after financial aid and grants)
>go to state university for another 2 years for engineering (basically 90% paid for by financial aid, grants and some scholarships)
>graduate with mechanical engineering degree (3.7 GPA and 1 internship )
>have 4.5k of student loans
>get job at SpaceX with total compensation of 105k per year
>co-workers from MIT, Standford, Caltech, and Cornell all 80k+ in debt
>literally pay my student loans off in 1 month

Ivy league schools are a meme.

>mfw they paid 20 times more for their education but we have the same jobs and salaries.

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Muh Caltech

>> No.10735565

fuck mit rejecting my ass with 1600 sat 800 m2
fuck them niggas

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>Caltech is the pinnacle of pretension
A school that rivals MIT at a fraction of the size and outperforms practically every other university in STEM. More than just pretension.

>> No.10735579

>Harvard students are smart

>> No.10736033

This. If you aren't making connections at the higher-end schools, you're likely in no better of a position than a state university graduate.

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